The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Law

The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Law


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ISBN-13: 9780199673605
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 09/21/2016
Series: Oxford Handbooks Series
Pages: 1200
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.70(h) x 1.90(d)

About the Author

Markus D Dubber, Professor of Law, University of Toronto,Tatjana Hornle, Professor of Criminal Law, Comparative Criminal Law, and Penal Philosophy, Humboldt University

Markus D. Dubber is Professor of Law at the University of Toronto.

Tatjana Hornle is Professor of Criminal Law, Comparative Criminal Law, and Penal Philosophy, Humboldt University of Berlin.

Table of Contents

I. Approaches & Methods
1. Criminology, Mariana Valverde and Pat O'Malley
2. Critical Race Theory, Bennett Capers
3. Economics, Talia Fisher
4. Feminist Studies, Prabha Kotiswaran
5. History, James Whitman
6. Literature, Simon Stern
7. Philosophy, Leo Zaibert
8. Sociology, Shai Lavi and Galia Schneebaum
9. Technology, Mireille Hildebrandt
II. Systems & Models
10. Canon Law, Heikki Pihlajamaki and Mia Korpiola
11. Indigenous Law, Val Napoleon and Hadley Friedland
12. Islamic Law, Sylvia Tellenbach
13. Jewish Law, Arnold Enker
14. Marxist & Soviet Law, Stephen Thaman
15. Military Law, Rain Liivoja
III. Aspects & Issues
A. Foundations
16. Theories of Crime and Punishment, Emmanuel Melissaris
17. Codification, Lindsay Farmer
18. Jurisdiction, Alejandro Chehtman
19. Constitutional Principles, Benjamin Berger
B. Substantive Criminal Law
(i) General Part
20. Actus Reus, Vincent Chiao
21. Causation, Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg
22. Mens Rea, Thomas Weigend
23. Inchoate Offenses, Michael Cahill
24. Complicity, James Stewart
25. Corporate Criminal Liability, Susanne Beck
26. Necessity and Duress, Ulf Neumann
27. Self-Defense, Victoria Nourse
28. Consent, Vera Bergelson
29. Insanity and Intoxication, Christoph Safferling
(ii) Special Part
30. Rechtsgut and the Harm Principle, Tatjana Hornle
31. Offenses Against the Person: Homicide, Guyora Binder
32. Offenses Against the Person: Assault, James Chalmers
33. Offenses Against Sexual Autonomy, Vanessa Munro
34. Offenses Against Property, Stuart Green
35. Drug Offenses, Beatrice Brunhober
36. Terrorism, Kent Roach
37. 'White Collar' Crimes, Sam Buell
38. Public Welfare Offenses, Darryl Brown
C. Criminal Process
39. Models of the Criminal Process, Maximo Langer
40. Discretion, Frank Meyer
D. Criminal Sanctions
41. Types of Punishment, Nora Demleitner
42. Sentencing, Erik Luna
43. Prison Law, Dirk van Zyl Smit
IV. Contexts & Comparisons
A. Province of Criminal Law
44. Paradigms of Penal Law, Markus D Dubber
45. Public Law and Private Law, Alon Harel
46. Regulatory Offenses and Administrative Sanctions, Daniel Ohana
B. Beyond Domestic Criminal Law
47. Comparative Criminal Law, Luis Chiesa
48. European Criminal Law, Kimmo Nuotio
49. International Criminal Law, Elies van Sliedregt

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