The Red Army's Do-it-Yourself, Nazi-Bashing Guerrilla Warfare Manual: The Partisan's Companion

The Red Army's Do-it-Yourself, Nazi-Bashing Guerrilla Warfare Manual: The Partisan's Companion

by Lester Grau

Paperback(Updated and Revised Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781612000091
Publisher: Casemate Publishers
Publication date: 05/28/2011
Edition description: Updated and Revised Edition
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,275,619
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Les Grau is a retired US Army officer who fought guerrillas in South Vietnam—and left on a stretcher. Consequently, his appreciation for guerrilla tactics came early in his career. The Army later taught him Russian, and his tours of duty included frequent trips to the Soviet Union and elsewhere. He has is the author of three books on the Soviet-Afghan War, including The Other Side of the Mountain: Mujahideen Tactics in the Soviet-Afghan War (with Ali Jalali). Mike (Misha) Gress grew up in the wilds of Siberia where everyone's dad, including his own, was a veteran of the fight against the Nazis. He joined the Soviet Army and served in the infantry (motorized rifle) forces, and afterward produced The Soviet-Afghan War: How a Superpower Fought and Lost with Les Grau.

Table of Contents

Foreword by David M. Glantz

XXV Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution
On Partisan Warfare by M.I. Kalinin
ORDER of the Peoples’ Commission of Defense by J. Stalin

Chapter I. Fundamental Partisan Tactics
Chapter Ii. How The Fascists Attempt To Fight The Partisans
Chapter Iii Explosives And Demolition
Chapter Iv. Combat Weapons
Chapter V. Revolver And Pistol
Chapter Vi. Be Able To Use The Enemy’s Weapons
Chapter Vii. Reconnaissance
Chapter Viii. Camouflage
Chapter Ix. How To Fight Enemy Aviation
Chapter X. Anti-Chemical Protection
Chapter Xi. Hand-To-Hand Combat
Chapter Xii. Rendering First Aid
Chapter Xiii. March And Bivouac
Chapter Xiv. How To Store Food
Chapter Xv. Life In The Snow

Chapter Notes

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