The Slip [CD/DVD]

The Slip [CD/DVD]

by Nine Inch Nails
3.9 12

CD(Special Edition / Digi-Pak / Bonus DVD)

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The Slip [CD/DVD]

Hard to believe that at one point Trent Reznor was seen as the quintessential perfectionist, squirreled away in a decaying Victorian house, sweating over each individual track he created, spending upwards of six years between albums. He's shattered that image in the new millennium, especially after his 2007 divorce from Interscope, a parting of the ways that left him free to release albums when and how he chose. Reznor immediately embraced that opportunity, releasing the instrumental double-album Ghosts I-IV without announcement in March 2008, then quickly following it two months later with The Slip, a full-fledged vocal album. Such rapid succession served notice that Reznor intended to take full advantage of his freedom, and its availability as a free lossless download prior to its physical release couldn't help but be seen as a veiled stab at Radiohead's variable pricing for In Rainbows, a move Trent called a "marketing gimmick," a charge that can't quite be leveled against Nine Inch Nails as Reznor encouraged fans to post The Slip elsewhere, to give it away to friends, to remix their tracks if they wished. Unlike Ghosts, which seemed designed with remixing and sampling in mind, The Slip doesn't cry out for recontextualization in order to make sense: it's riveting on its own terms. Mercilessly tight and efficient where Year Zero was majestic and sprawling, The Slip is the most user-friendly Nine Inch Nails album ever. At only ten tracks, there is no fat on its bones. It does not offer a slow build, it leaps into action with the lacerating "1,000,000," maintaining a blistering intensity for half the record before eventually winding its way to softer moments for the album's conclusion. There is no learning curve to The Slip, it does not require effort to decode a narrative, it does not slowly unfold its own internal logic, it comes on with a tightly controlled force that's present even in the quietest moments, as they pulsate with coiled tension. The Slip is so easy to digest because Trent Reznor is in consolidation mode, relying on his strengths instead of punishingly pushing himself forward. Such obsession with progress weighed down The Fragile and With Teeth, turning them into intricate puzzle boxes for devotees, but Reznor began to break free with the quite magnificent Year Zero, whose dense narrative likely alienated many fans. Here on The Slip, he retains the sense of urgency that flowed through Year Zero, but as it's a lean album, it's easier to appreciate his mastery of darkness and light or his ability to construct throbbing melodic hooks out of noise. Here, he's no longer a stylized, self-conscious innovator, he's a working musician enraptured by making music, and he's so invigorated by creation it's hard not to get sucked in as well.

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Release Date: 07/22/2008
Label: The Null Corporation
UPC: 0766929934627
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The Slip [CD/DVD] 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Kainless More than 1 year ago
This album actually surprised the hell out of me. It was released as a free album on NIN.COM and was given as a fan's gift for being so nice and loyal to the band over the long run of years its been since Trents first album. Now this album isn't as angry as his earlier album "the downward spiral" but what it lacks in aggressive sound it makes up in the lyrics and melody of the songs. My personal favorite song on this album is "head down". Honestly its one of those songs I could probably listen to a million times and never hear it enough. The rest of the album was designed in a very original very modern way. Honestly I DID in fact buy the album and spent the 19.99 on this cd and didn't in the slightest bit feel ripped off like so many albums that have been released this year. Like so much of Nine Inch Nails works I can say this is by far the best one I have heard to date. It must just be the times...and my own personal mind space.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ignore &amp quot Ulrich's&amp quot delusional review. THE SLIP is Trent Reznor at his masterful best. This is what NIN fans have come to know and love there is no filler on this release. Just jaw-breaking, eardrum-blowing, heart-stopping anthems of hate and despair with a few tender, spooky ambient instrumentals thrown in to balance the chaos. This pretty hate machine is as brilliant as THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL and YEAR ZERO I can't wait to see what Trent does next. The DVD is a nice companion piece, but nothing spectacular.
DEMONTHE7TH More than 1 year ago
Well, I certainly give Trent props for giving fans a free cd, but because I couldn't download it, I felt a little gypped when I payed twenty something dollars for a cd that mostly sounded like unrealeased tracks and songs that wouldn't have made it. Some of the songs actually sound like sound quality of the songs were worse than others like they were just tracks that were never meant to make it to cd. Not to mention the lyrics to the music (as one reviewer mentioned) are quite simple and forgetful compared to any of his other albums. Not to say it's a horrible cd. Just overpriced and lacking. P.S. Why does it seem like cds that are packaged with dvds ususally end up stinking? I'd like to think the extra money spent was well worth it. And I'm a huge NIN fan.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A great album from a great artist, a must have for any nin fan.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Anything NIN does is 5 stars, i would give it more if i could... great album by a great band, aug 27th izod NJ, aug 29th phil PA i will be there!!!
evilshortcake More than 1 year ago
I am a big fan of nin and was fairly dissapointed with this album. I have had it over a year and rarely listen to it. Discipline is really the only noteworthy song on the cd. The rest of it is just frantic noise and loud clanging, followed by meaningless lyrics and an oddly strained sounding Reznor.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's a shame to post such a nasty review for a band I absolutely love. Sure, the B&amp N review has great points. But what they fail to mention is... this does not sound like NIN!!! This CD is too simple. It's amazing Trent posted this CD on for free, but I think it's not worth the price to buy in stores. This CD sounds like a diluted NIN, no meandering away from simple concepts. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus chorus chorus chorus chorus. Cmon dude.. this is your name on your CDs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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