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The Small-Scale Dairy: The Complete Guide to Milk Production for the Home and Market

The Small-Scale Dairy: The Complete Guide to Milk Production for the Home and Market

by Gianaclis Caldwell
The Small-Scale Dairy: The Complete Guide to Milk Production for the Home and Market

The Small-Scale Dairy: The Complete Guide to Milk Production for the Home and Market

by Gianaclis Caldwell


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The Small-Scale Dairy includes everything you need to know in order to successfully produce nourishing, healthy, farm-fresh milk. Whether for home use, direct sale to the consumer, or sale to an artisanal cheesemaker, high-quality raw milk is a delicate, desirable product. Successful and sustainable production requires the producer to consider and tackle many details, ranging from animal care to microbiology to good hygienic practices–and, for those with commercial aspirations, business plans, market savvy, and knowledge of the regulations.

Applicable to keepers of cows, goats, or sheep, The Small-Scale Dairy offers a holistic approach that explores the relationships between careful, conscientious management and the production of safe, healthy, and delicious milk. A historical overview offers readers a balanced perspective on the current regulatory environment in which raw milk lovers find themselves.

Included are options for designing a well-functioning small dairy, choosing equipment, and understanding myriad processes—such as the use of low-temperature pasteurization where raw milk sales are prohibited. Whether you have a one-cow home dairy, a fifty-goat operation, or are simply a curious consumer, The Small-Scale Dairy is an accessible and invaluable resource for achieving your goals.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781603585002
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Publication date: 03/21/2014
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 814,653
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Gianaclis Caldwell and her family own Pholia Farm, in Oregon, where for many years they operated an off-grid, raw milk cheese dairy. She is the author of the award-winning Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking, as well as other books on cheesemaking and running a dairy. Applying a holistic, organic management approach to the health of her goats comes naturally for Gianaclis: She was raised on an organic farm; her parents were chiropractors; and she pursued a career in nursing. Her aged, raw milk cheeses have been recognized and applauded by America’s foremost authorities on cheese, and Gianaclis has traveled extensively across the country presenting workshops on cheesemaking and troubleshooting goat health problems. She continues to teach in-person cheesemaking classes on the farm.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction ix

Part I The Big Picture of the Small Dairy

1 A History of Small Dairying 1

2 Is the Small Dairy Right for You? 15

3 The Business of Making Milk 30

Part II The Philosophy, Science, and Art of the Small Dairy

4 Microbiology and Milk: Understanding the Basics 47

5 Udder Understanding 59

6 Farm Management for Superior Milk 76

Part III Designing and Furbishing the Model Dairy

7 Housing and Habitat 95

8 The Milking Parlor 106

9 The Milk House and Bottling Room 121

10 Using and Understanding Laboratory Milk Tests 134

11 Risk Reduction Plans 151

Part IV Moving Beyond the Bottle

12 Fermented Milks: Ancient Foods for Modern Times 163

13 Heat Treatments, Canning, and Freezing 177

Afterword: Raw Milk and Food Rights 181


A Resources 183

B Sample Charts and Forms 187

C Sample Milk Purchase Agreement 191

D Sample Floor Plans 193

Glossary 197

Bibliography 203

Index 207

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"Caldwell doesn't try to convince you that dairy farming is easy (it's not), but she does give you the tools and information you need to make your hard work pay off. From choosing equipment, to caring for your cows, goats, or sheep, to making your own kefir or yogurt, Caldwell covers it all in clear, layperson's terms. An excellent companion for any new or wannabe small-scale dairy farmer."--Abigail Gehring, author of The Homesteading Handbook and The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Country Living

“Raw milk is today’s fastest growing agricultural market, a niche product poised to become mainstream. In The Small-Scale Dairy, Gianaclis Caldwell provides those wishing to meet the demand for unprocessed milk everything they need to produce safe, healthy, raw dairy products. From cow and goat care to milk sanitation and testing, Caldwell answers all your questions and provides reliable advice based on years of experience. For both producers and consumers, The Small-Scale Dairy is a must read and a valuable contribution to a growing movement.”--Sally Fallon Morell, president, The Weston A. Price Foundation, and founder, A Campaign for Real Milk

“If you’re considering taking your passion for dairying full time, this is absolutely the book for you. Gianaclis Caldwell’s The Small-Scale Dairy expertly and comprehensively guides you through the entire process of making milk products for home and market. From the science of microbiology and the function of udders, to what’s needed to create a milking parlor and even sample floor plans for dairies of all sizes and scales, everything you need to run a dairy is here.”--Ashley English, author of Home Dairy with Ashley English: All You Need to Know to Make Cheese, Yogurt, Butter & More, and Handmade Gatherings: Recipes and Crafts for Seasonal Celebrations and Potluck Parties

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