The Thing About Love

The Thing About Love

by Kim Karr


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ISBN-13: 9781979372251
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/30/2017
Pages: 326
Sales rank: 1,002,926
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.80(d)

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The Thing About Love 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Every book by Kim is better than the next. Can’t wait to read the next one!
BeckyRendon More than 1 year ago
paging Dr.Kiss... paging Dr. Kiss... If I were a lusty person, the thoughts of a hot single doctor giving me unlimited orgasms might make me drool. (I was total a pile of drool.) If I were shallow and all about insignificant things, I would make him play doctor with me. (You know you thought it too.) But Jake is more than the first impression you get. More than Jules first impulsive reaction...but what a first impression. The Thing About Love is cute, sexy, and sweet. It has some intense history and just enough mystery to keep you twisting for answers.
Eileen_R More than 1 year ago
Bangor Belle Book Besties I absolutely loved this story and everything about it. Jules is a wedding planner, Jake or as he is also known Dr Kiss, is the arrogant, egotistical brother of the bride to be. Unfortunately Jules first meeting with him is a complete disaster and to make matters worse she’s thrown into a situation where she has to work closely with him and his family, including a failing beloved grandmother. And the fun begins. Told in dual perspectives it’s a totally captivating read. Right from the start, i knew i would love this book. The chemistry between this couple was shooting of the page. Even though they both had other plans with their life and both knew there would be no commitments, they still couldn’t ignore the attraction between them. Their relationship was hot, steamy and full of laughs. I just felt that this could be any young couple in love. With giggles galore in and out of the bedroom, yet the issues were serious. The emotions hit you right in the gut, tears and smiles flow because it’s so beautifully written you just forget your inside a book and feel your with this couple and family, seeing them through some of their best and worst times. Yes Dr Kiss and Jules have definitely found their way into my heart !!!
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
THE THING ABOUT LOVE by Kim Karr is a contemporary, adult, erotic, stand-alone, romance story line focusing on Dr. Jake Kissinger, and wedding planner Juliette Easton. Told from dual first person perspectives (Jake and Juliette) THE THING ABOUT LOVE follows the building romance between ER physician Jake Kissinger, and wedding planner Juliette Easton. A case of mistaken identity finds our heroine smashing a piece of cake into Jake Kissinger’s face, only to realize her mistake may have cost her the biggest socialite wedding of the year. With the family owned Easton Design and Weddings of Atlanta on the verge of bankruptcy Juliette struggles to remain professional in the face of her attraction to the bride’s brother, and the potential for everything to fall apart. What ensues is the building relationship between Jake and Juliette when they are forced to work together to bring about the wedding of the year; and the potential fall out when love isn’t enough between our leading couple. Jake Kissinger doesn’t do relationships. He is a man on a mission to get in, and get out, in the hopes of heading to New York to work for the same hospital where his father worked years before. Falling in love was never on the agenda but meeting Juliette Easton finds our hero caught between the woman he loves and the future he is determined to unfold. Juliette Easton is a bit of a mess; an impulsive young woman who finds herself in trouble when her business decisions threaten the livelihood of the family owned East Design and Weddings. Winning the contract to plan one of Atlanta’s biggest weddings is sure to bring some life back into the business but a series of mishaps all but threatens to close down the thirty-five year old company. The relationship between Juliette and Jake begins acrimoniously when Juliette mistakes Jake for the bride’s flirting fiancé. Forced to work together by the bride herself, Jake and Juliette will succumb to their attraction only to discover that love is never enough. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense but, once again, I do take issues with the use of a certain four-letter word-only used once (for shock value more than anything else)- but once is enough to push all of my buttons. There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including Jake’s sister (the bride to be) Rory Kissinger, and her fiancé Remington (Remy); their ailing grandmother Beatrice Beau Crawford Alexander; her butler and man-servant Roger; and home care aid Matthew. We are also introduced to Jake’s mentor Dr. Peter Wright; Jake’s estranged mother Monica; Juliette’s uncle Edward Easton and her cousin Finn; cake designer Montgomery and his partner Archer; and Juliette’s ex-fiance Jaxson Cassidy. I am looking forward to a happily ever after for Jaxson Cassidy. THE THING ABOUT LOVE is a sexy and sassy story of romance and love; fate and forever. The premise is engaging and intoxicating; the romance is captivating and emotional; the characters are fun and inspiring.
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
“Someday, Jake, love will find you. And when it does, you won’t have a choice but to accept it.” “Suddenly all those cliches I’d made fun of seemed so real. The earth shifted. The ground moved under my feet. I was on cloud nine.” “What was this between us? We hardly knew each other. We were both at crossroads in our life. And yet, knowing that didn’t seem to change this chemical reaction between us. It should have. It should have been a warning. I didn’t understand it. All I did know was that I wanted to be with him as well. I wanted to touch him. To feel him. Every beautiful inch of him. For as long as I could.” When I think of romance, this is exactly what I want. I want a story that makes me feel. A story that makes me swoon. A story that pulls emotions out of me and turns my world upside down. And for me, The Thing About Love was exactly what my heart was looking for. This book…It just consumed me from the moment I picked it. From the moment I started reading this book, I just had a feeling it was going to be a special and unique read…And boy was I ever right! The Thing About Love is a beautiful and expected read. I had no idea what my heart would be in store for when I picked up this book and I’ll be the first to tell you, there is nothing I loved more than when a book surprises me. And let me tell you, this book surprised me in the best, best way. From the moment I met Jules and Jake, I was hooked. The banter and chemistry between the two of them was just explosive. Jake is the sexy, broody, successful doctor. He’s been dealt some pretty tough cards in his life, but nothing means more to him than family. So, when his sister is determined to make him a part of her wedding planning, he’ll do anything to make her happy….And that’s where Jules comes in to play. There is nothing more that Jules loves than planning peoples special days. She is the kind of girl that you just can’t help but fall in love with. She’s smart, beautiful, kind, a bit clumsy, but has a huge heart. She loves love, but sucks when it comes to her own relationships. The last thing Jules ever planned on was Jake. Like I said, their chemistry is explosive and just oozes off the pages. They challenge and push one another. You could tell that these two were meant to be; that fate had brought them together. But, that their course must play out and that they must find their way in order to be happy… The Thing About Love is a beautiful, honest and heartwarming love story that just captured my heart. From entertaining banter and delicious humor. To sexy good times and swoon worthy moments. To moments that just pulled at your heart and put tears in your eyes. This book hit all the marks for me. The characters are real, raw and easy to connect with. Their story is beautiful and intense at the same time. You will be glued to the pages and hit with a ton of emotions just as I was. The Thing About Love is so much more than a love story. It is a story of family. A story of hope. It is a story of loss and letting go of the guilt that consumes you. It is a story of finding peace and living. But, most of all, it is a story about taking chances and holding on to love with everything you’ve got. This series is off to one heck of a start and I can not wait to see where this series is going to go next.