The Trail Running Guidebook: For all trail runners who want to Perform Wilder

The Trail Running Guidebook: For all trail runners who want to Perform Wilder

by Hanny Allston


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ISBN-13: 9780648392903
Publisher: Find Your Feet Australia
Publication date: 10/18/2018
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.35(d)

Table of Contents


Reactions to The Trail Running Guidebook—iii

Foreword xi

1. Perform Wilder 1

Be Wilder, Play Wilder and Perform Wilder—2

The three secrets to success—4

The common approaches—5

2. Stress, stressors and smart training 7

Stress: The fight-or-flight response—8

Hormones and stress: A tight link—9

Living with chronic stress—12

3. Building your foundations 14

Start with base training—15

Use hill training to develop strength and fitness—18

Speed training comes last—21

4. Wave Training: Train smarter 24

Training terminology —28

Day-to-day in Moderate and Hard Weeks—34

Day-to-day in Rest Weeks—34

Missions —36

Wave Training Theory in action—37

5. The Find Your Feet Training Tool 40


Further tips—46

Adding races—48

6. Running technique 50

Energy sources—51

Flat running—51

Uphill running—53


Trail running—58


7. Training for hills without hills 64

Run on trails—64

‘Heavy’ fastpacking—65

Uphill treadmill running—65

Flat treadmill running for downhill—65

Get out of the saddle—66

Go for a wander—66

Take a pilgrimage—66

Small can be beautiful—67

Get strong—67

Get sandy—67

8. Racing 69

The psychology of racing—69


The mental rut—72

9. Tapering for races 78

10. Travelling to races 83

11. Overtraining 86

Avoiding overtraining syndrome—88

Recovery activities—90

Identifying overtraining and finding support—90

Taking time out is not a selfish act—92

12. Common injuries 94

ITB Syndrome: Knee pain—94

Achilles tendonitis—96

13. Older athletes 103

14. Nutrition for endurance performance 107

Three classifications of athletes—109

Race refuelling is about fuelling your brain, not your body—111

Glucose absorption requires sodium—112

Your athlete classification explained—114

Hydration for endurance performance—115

How much should I drink?—119

Hydration: Important considerations—121

15. Mandatory gear 126

Key items for trail running—126

Vest packs—127

Rain jacket—129


Head torches—135

16. What to do next 137

About Hanny Allston—138

About Find Your Feet—140

Find Your Feet Trail Running Tours—141

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