The Trouble with Destiny

The Trouble with Destiny

by Lauren Morrill


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ISBN-13: 9780553497977
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 12/08/2015
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)
Lexile: 990L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Lauren Morrill is the author of MEANT TO BE, BEING SLOANE JACOBSTHE TROUBLE WITH DESTINY, and MY UNSCRIPTED LIFE. She grew up in Maryville, Tennessee, where she was a short-term Girl Scout, a (not-so) proud member of the marching band, and a troublemaking editor for the school newspaper. She lives in Macon, Georgia, with her family, and when she’s not writing, she spends a lot of hours on the track getting knocked around playing roller derby. 
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The Trouble with Destiny 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Beth_Rodgers_Author More than 1 year ago
'The Trouble with Destiny' by Lauren Morrill is a funny, endearing look at the life of a girl who just can't seem to make the pieces of her life fit together, despite all evidence to the contrary that everything was okay up till a certain point. Liza, drum major, best friend to Huck, ex-best friend to Demi, and all-around nice girl who finds herself often bearing the brunt of troubles and misunderstandings finds herself an eager, willing, and uber-competitive participant in the Destiny cruise ship's talent contest. It's not just her reputation as drum major, or her competitive spirit at stake. It's also necessary to win the $25,000 prize being given away, or else the band will lose funding and she'll be out the one group of people and the one activity that make her feel like herself. A trail of shenanigans follows Liza through her trip, right from the get-go when Russ, star of the football team and ex-best friend Demi's ex-boyfriend, finds himself on the trip as the band's errand boy thanks to a prank on his part. This doesn't sit too well with Liza, who finds Russ immature, annoying, and always in the way or doing something that she doesn't like. Add to that her in-fighting with Demi and her group of Athenas, another group from their school competing on the ship, as well as Lenny – a cute guy who Liza can't get out of her mind – and the Destiny ship quickly becomes overcrowded with more drama than Liza knows how to handle. Before too long, it begins to take a toll on her, and even though others are around to help pick up the pieces, sometimes too much is just too much, and learning how to take life as it comes seems to be in the cards for Liza, despite her insistence that she has it all together. Equal parts funny and exasperating (in a good way!), 'The Trouble with Destiny' proves that no one's future is completely written, especially when you think you have it all figured out. Beth Rodgers, Author of 'Freshman Fourteen,' A Young Adult Novel
hazelbeatrice More than 1 year ago
The Trouble With Destiny is a "very Lauren Morrill" book - funny, light and topped with the right amount of swoon. From the characters to the plot, everything in the book is what you expect from a Lauren Morrill book. I really enjoyed reading this book but I have to admit, I kind of felt like I was reading a less better version of her previous book. The same old tricks were used in the romance aspect but it still made me giddy and elated. If you need to take a break from heavy YAs or fantasies or you're just looking for a light contemporary, this is one of the books you could pick up.
_staceykym_ More than 1 year ago
ARC kindly provided by Random House Children's via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Review ‘The Trouble with Destiny’ is a novel with a blurb that sounded fun to me and a cover that looked absolutely GORGEOUS yet also exciting and intriguing. It was THE main and major reason for why I picked this novel up. I always loved – and still love - reading light-hearted novels where humour runs abound and tears and kisses are not far…but just around the corner. The blurb pretty much describes the whole book: What you see – or in this case read – is what you get! I liked the blurb a lot and the idea behind the story, so as a result I liked the novel. The story centres on Liza's need to take control of her marching band’s success and continuation in the future by participating in a competition that just might save them. But all she gets is hurt, frustration and failure. Yet cruise ships tend to bring the most unexpected surprises and Liza decides that she is ready to find LOVE. But when people play games, the results can be quite…unexpected. Liza is a girl on a roll! She has a plan for everything and when life tries to bring her down or stop her plans, she doesn't let it happen. She is naïve and enthusiastic yet also determined and serious. Yet Liza’s funniest – yet also frustrating – characteristic is her absolute CLUELESSNESS! There were many times when I wanted to shake her and rattle her until her brain set straight and she could SEE properly! (I know that sounds borderline violent and overly physical but it was EXACTLY what I wanted to do.) Sometimes I wondered about that girl… At one point during the novel, Russ says to Liza: "Open your eyes, Liza." Oh MY GOD! That is EXACTLY. Why she should do. THANK YOU, Russ. And GEEZ, Liza. Even the 'dumb' quarterback knows more than you! I was halfway through the novel when I became upset with its progress and plot. It seemed to be infinitely stuck at the beginning of the ship cruise, when Liza's band boards the ship and she encounters her nemesis/archenemy, Demi, who is the leader of the band's biggest competition: the Athenas, an all-girl choir group. At one point during the novel I wished the author could have put more competition, rivalry or flirting into the story. ANYTHING to spice it up a little! When you're halfway through the novel you expect to see a real complication set in and drama of EPIC proportions occur. But no, all I saw was poor frazzled Liza running around the ship trying to get herself and her band together in order to win the competition whilst at the same time juggling her attention with Lenny, the boy she was best friends with (and the one who gave her first kiss) who she believes is her chance at LURVE! I was banging my head against the wall, slapping my forehead, punching the bridge of my nose and sighing deeply. The characters were dynamic and well developed. They were spontaneous and sometimes erratic. Some I hated and some I loved: But that's something that should always happen when you read a GREAT novel. I really loved and absolutely enjoyed the ending! It was such a great way to end the novel, which was full of problems and mishaps for Liza. I also loved the way the author told the story: It was exuberant funny optimistic and downright gorgeous. I saw no spelling mistakes or typos and the grammar was excellent, which is always lovely to see. ... read more at ...
DownrightDystopian More than 1 year ago
**Thanks so much to Penguin Random House for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review!** I've been absolutely loving contemporaries lately and I've heard such good things about Lauren Morrill's past books, so I knew that The Trouble With Destiny was going to be a marvelous read. The story follows a girl named Liza who is going on a cruise ship with the band from her school in order to compete and win a prize of $25,000. The thing is, she's pretty much in charge of the band and knows one thing that everyone else in the band doesn't: funding may be cut so they really need to win or else the band is over forever. Liza was a great main character. I loved learning about her and I really felt for her when I found out that she was keeping all the knowledge about the band possibly being cut to herself. I also felt terrible for her because of Demi, who used to be her best friend. Demi is such a mean person now! I think that Lenny was my favorite character-he and Liza shared their first kiss when they were twelve at a summer camp, which I found super adorable. Lenny was just so sweet to Liza, which I loved. I shipped the two of them from the very beginning! (Get it? Since they're on a ship? No?) After finishing this book, I definitely know that I'm going to have to pick up Lauren's past novels. In the mean time, I think you should give this book a go!