The Twilight Symbols: Motifs, Meanings, Messages

The Twilight Symbols: Motifs, Meanings, Messages

by Julie-Anne Sykley


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How well do you know the Twilight universe… really?
In her famous four-book series The Twilight Saga, author Stephenie Meyer refers to myth, music, history,
literature and more. She masks numerous symbols in her romantic vampire dreamscape. The Twilight
Symbols is a rich A to Z guide of symbols in the Twilight Saga that will lead you to discover whole new worlds, both real and mystical. It will delight and inform Twilight fans, symbol seekers, and the keenest literature detectives. From apples to zombies, from Forks to Rome, from round meadows to moonlit beaches to dark forests, this compelling and comprehensive sourcebook spotlights the symbols that hide and reside in the Twilight world.

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ISBN-13: 9781780994352
Publisher: Our Street Books
Publication date: 09/16/2012
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 478
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Dr Sykley loves adventure (both outdoors and inside the imagination). A main mission in Dr Sykley's life is to deliver positive psychological messages to as many people as possible. She lives in Darwin, Australia with a partner named Steffan, a red parrot named Ruby,and thousands of wild crocodiles. Yikes!QualificationsDR JULIE-ANNE SYKLEY is a fully qualified psychologist in Australia and a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (with Honours) and a Doctorate in Psychology, which specialized in psychological well-being. Academic AchievementsDr Sykley excelled academically. She was awarded the prestigious Australian Psychology Prize for being the top graduate student in psychology. She was the second person in her university’s history to be awarded a PhD that did not require alteration following an international assessment process. She competed worldwide and achieved a position to speak at the American Psychological Association Convention in New York.Professional ExperienceDr Sykley has more than 20 years experience working as an allied health professional in the roles of psychologist, parole officer, welfare officer, counselor, and youth worker. She has helped teenagers, families, older people, mentally ill persons, traditional Aboriginal people, and violent prisoners. She has worked in hospital, community, and prison settings as well as in remote areas and the outback. She has helped people to cope with depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviour, and self-harm. She has played a chief role assessing Violent Offenders and Sex Offenders.

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