The Ultimate Guide to Traditional Archery

The Ultimate Guide to Traditional Archery

by Rick Sapp

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Traditional archery is spoken in every language, in every culture. Whether you compete in Olympic venues or bowhunt for big game, you participate in a shared history, a tradition of joy and of trial. Archery embodies the philosophy that newer is not always better, that faster does not always win the race, that easier is not always in one's best interest. With the help of The Ultimate Guide to Traditional Archery, learn to rise to an ancient challenge, and with bow in hand, reconnect with the world around you.

The Ultimate Guide to Traditional Archery offers instructions on all facets of traditional archery, from gear to games, methods to masters, and competition to nostalgia. Interspersed with brief histories and tales from archers present and past, The Ultimate Guide to Traditional Archery provides detailed explanations of such subjects as building your own arrows, choosing bowstrings, aiming methods, accurate shooting, and practicing safe archery.

Traditional archery represents the passion of the simple, the elegance of the pure. The Ultimate Guide to Traditional Archery proves it is truly a sport for the ages.

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ISBN-13: 9781626365360
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 08/13/2013
Series: Ultimate Guides
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 684,335
File size: 13 MB
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About the Author

Rick Sapp began to learn about hunting and fishing at the tender age of thirty-three. He has bowhunted and fished his way across the United States and Canada, literally from the Atlantic to the Pacific, chasing whitetails, mule deer, pronghorns, caribou, black bears, and javelinas.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

What Is It about Archery? 7

Bending Spoons with Your Mind 8

Is It All Relative, Really? 11

Naked, Cloned, and Stuck in the Middle 12

Get Out of Jail Free? 14

All Kidding Aside 19

Chapter 1 Archery for the Ages 21

Maybe We're Special … Maybe We're Not 21

Cutting Out Hearts, Smashing Heads 23

Harnessing the Power of the Gods 29

It Wasn't All Fun and Games 31

You've Been Served 35

A Man Called Ishi and the Rise of Modern Bowhunting 37

Hungry Games 40

Chapter 2 Bows of the World 45

Archery Foreplay 46

Longbows-Meet the Self Bow: "Straight" but Not Simple 47

The Recurve Bow-Traditional to Modern 65

Understanding the X-Bow 78

The Compound Bow: Our Story … and We're Sticking with It 86

Chapter 3 The Traditional Arrow 93

In the Beginning, a Feather 93

Fletching 95

An Arrow Called Flu-Flu 99

Holding On 100

Getting the Shaft 102

About Port Orford Cedar 104

The Footed Shaft 105

Ain't All Just "Rubba" 106

Issue: 'Archers Paradox" 107

Issue: Forward of Center Balance 108

Carbon 109

Carbon Technical 110

About Aluminum-Arrows That Is 111

Measuring and Fitting Arrows 113

Sexy Bow Tuning-Naked Arrows 115

The Worst Subject of All 117

The Best Subject of All 119

Chapter 4 The Arrowhead 121

Early Arrowheads, Early Archers 121

Lithic Reduction: Everything Is Possible 124

The Spectacular Stones 126

About FOC 128

Practice Points 130

Blunts-Not the Cigars 131

Cutting to the Chase-Broadheads 132

Options 135

So, What Is Traditional? 137

A Straight-Shooting Note 139

Chapter 5 The Mechanics of Shooting 141

Your Dominant Eye 141

Steps in Learning to Shoot 143

Should You Use a Bow Sling? 146

Drawing the String 147

Protecting the Draw 150

Target Panic and Snap Shooting 150

The Force-Draw Curve 153

About Kinetic Energy and Momentum 155

Sights and Aiming Techniques 158

String Walking 163

Gap Shooting and Distance Estimation 164

Chapter 6 A Dozen things to Know … and Buy (or not) 167

The Quiver 167

String Silencers 171

Kisser Button 172

The Bow Case 173

Arrow Rests and Cushion Plungers 175

The Stabilizer 177

Targets 178

Chapter 7 Big Game-The Traditional Challenge 181

Your Guide, Should You Choose to Accept 183

The 15 Percent: About Tipping 186

But What If…? 187

The Biggest and Best 192

Black Bears 199

Pronghorn 201

Elk 203

Caribou 207

Other Hunting Challenges 208

Africa 210

The PH: The IUCN and You 213

Chapter 8 So, Now What? Competition 217

Archery Shooter's Association (ASA; 219

International Bowhunting Organization (IBO; 223

National Field Archery Association (NFAA; 226

A Note about the IFAA 230

Glossary 233

Index 245

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