The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

by Eve Devon


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Five years ago a madman stalked her. Kidnapped her. Tattooed her.When security expert Cameron Dexter

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ISBN-13: 9781496147479
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/27/2013
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.61(d)

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The Waiting Game 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars! This was great! Wow. The Waiting Game is a really good read. I actually didn’t expect that. The story hooked me in from the first line. I don’t really know why but I felt instantly connected to the characters. I totally liked that sexy bodyguard vibe Cameron had. Brooke had a very strong personality. Even though due to her circumstances she had every right to be, she wasn’t that helpless damsel in distress. Of course she had some major panic attacks. I am not familiar with typical victim behavior but for me the way Brooke acted was very realistic. I could so feel with her when she had to face Spinks and wanted to grab into the book and drag her out of those situations. God, I thing I would have reacted just the same. Nevertheless she always got herself together again and fought for herself and what she wanted. Also very interesting were the insights in Spinks mind. Wow. I can imagine it is tough to write about the crazy psychotic mind of a freak like Spinks. Eve Devon really delivered here. That’s probably why I freaked out just like Brooke when she was faced with him. And this a*** Steven. I didn’t like him from the start. He constantly tried to get her back into business and only thought of the money he could make with Brooke. Even though I have to reduce half a star because right from the beginning I knew/suspected what would happen in the end or rather what the twist in the story would be. This could have been a bit more tantalizing. So all in all this book was really great! I can highly recommend it.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Brooke had been a star and then she became a victim of a sick and perverted kidnapper who stole her dreams, her life and her courage. Now she is hiding out in fear, scarred physically, mentally and emotionally. Cameron was the man who was supposed to protect her, and he failed, because he got distracted, by Brooke. For five years they have not had contact, but the twisted villain is now out of prison and on the hunt again, to finish what he started with Brooke. Should Brooke face her demons or hide away? Can Cam protect her this time, purging his own demons of guilt? These two have chemistry, no denying that, but look what happened last time. Do they stand a chance against evil? Do they stand a chance with love? The Waiting Game by Eve Devon is the perfect light, yet intense read for a quiet afternoon, curled up by the pool, the beach, or in a comfy chair! The action is non-stop, tension runs high between Cam and Brooke and the enemy is closer than they knew. Eve Devon let her words create the story as it flowed smoothly along with two characters that were meant for each other, if they survive. With a few surprise twists, Ms. Devon made her mark in the Contemporary Romance genre in indelible Ink! A Review copy was provided by NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC in exchange for my honest review.
Lagalloway More than 1 year ago
Unrequited Love, Victim, Survivor, Fearful…. Those are just a few of the terms that are associated with Brooke Bennet. Famous singer of duo group Nocturne until she was kidnapped by a psychopath who stole her sense of security and passion for life and music. Five years later, in The Waiting Game, Cameron Dexter comes to Brooke’s rescue once again on the day that Spinks, her kidnapper, is released from prison. He convinces her to go into hiding with him until Spinks can be locked up for good. But Brooke is tired of being the things that make her weak. She wants to fight and the only way to do that is to draw Spinks out and make his move sooner rather than later.  Sexy bodyguard, Cam, goes out of his mind trying to protect Brooke, the woman he loves, as well as capturing Spinks. Brooke is jumping out of her skin to feel safe again and to get Cam to see her as more than just a job. With the stakes so high, time seeming so short and never-ending all at once, who will come out on top? The smart and savvy psycho? Or Brooke and Cam, the edgy duo? Giving this book 4 ½ stars, Eve Devon delivers a book that will put you on the edge of your seat, dragging you in with her believable and worthy characters. Her writing throws off the most graphic images that puts you right there within the story. (I received an ARC for my honest review and this is my honest to goodness, straight from the heart review!)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First Impressions- I kept thinking I was reading a second book in a series like I somehow missed the first book when she was kidnapped. I kept going to goodreads to be sure I wasn’t missing something. Nope, it is a debut novel.    I have been reading a lot of new adult books lately and realized that I enjoy adult books a little better. The F word isn’t plastered everywhere. Just sayin... We start off 5 years after Brooke Bennett’s kidnapping and torture. Her kidnapper has just been released from prison early for being a model prisoner so he could get out early and finish what he started. Her kidnapper, Spinks, is a narcissist, and wants Brooke as his living art work. He is Sick, Sick, Sick!!! Did I tell you he was Sick? Well, he is. We don’t see a lot of him. We just get bits and pieces of his whereabouts and thoughts. But something else doesn’t add up in this story. I figured out part of it early on. But that’s all I can say about that. This book is called The Waiting Game for a reason. Because for most of the book, we are all waiting. Waiting for him to make a move. Waiting for it to be over. Waiting for something to happen. Waiting for Brooke to run when she needs to. Waiting for the guilt to go away. Waiting for her life to come back and to live it. That gives it a lot of suspense and I liked it. Brooke is only living to eat and breathe, which isn’t really living. She is broken. She used to be a famous singer and composer. She doesn’t even write anymore. She can’t. She is in France living a solitude life with only her former manager knowing where she is. Or so we thought since Cameron (her former bodyguard) just shows up at her door to wisk her away because she is no longer safe alone. There is some chemistry between the two but Cameron makes it appear to Brooke that he is only doing his job. He feels guilt at her being caught under his guard before and he won’t, no- can’t, let that happen again. He tries to keep her at a distance but it is just too hard for both of them. Every time you think they will get past his guilt and her humiliation at being scarred and marked, he pushes her away. He thinks that she can’t choose him (whatever that means) until she is free of him forever. She just gets to the point where she just wants him and she falls in love with him. He remains with guilt for, uh, well I guess you have to read it to find out how long that happens. I loved watching both of them grow and learn and move past obstacles. Brooke has moments of flashbacks and panic attacks. Brooke didn’t know whether she was a survivor or a victim. She wanted to be a survivor. She wanted to run away often from everything. She knew that several times she was in a fight or flight situation and for most of them, she just froze, even though she knew she needed to run. I don’t know what I would have done in her shoes. I probably would have shriveled into nothing of a human being! She really was a survivor to me Her manager, Steven, is a lowlife, a pathetic thing for a human being!! I didn’t care for him at all. Her friend, Megan, was a gem. I only wish we could have seen more of her. Cam’s other security personnel were dedicated to their job and loyal to Cam There is a lot of suspense, action and a mystery to be solved as well. In the end, you get that happily ever after and I get that sigh of reading a good book.
HollyBerry44 More than 1 year ago
The premise of this book as far as how Brooke had been tortured, and the theory of why the psycho needed to do it was something I had never heard of or read about before, it is very original. Also there are a few scenes in the book that come from his point of view, and I have to say Eve Devon wrote them very well as I was thoroughly creeped out, well done! I loved all of the characters in this book, my favourite was Brooke as I felt I could relate to her best. Cameron is also fantastic, and it was nice to see him grow through the book and finally allow himself to give in to the one thing that he wanted most, but felt he did not deserve to have. Stephen gave me the willies from when he is first introduced, I kept feeling like he was after something or trying way too hard to put Brooke back out there, and was not listening to what she really needed as he thought he knew best as her Manager. Just when I thought I would have something figured out, Eve would throw me for a loop, and put another plot twist in, it was great! Even when I thought the book was over, and everything would get tied up nicely, oh no, she has more in store for us. Also the way she is able to write in the flashbacks that Brooke is having is brilliant, as I felt like I was right there with her feeling everything that she was. This is the first book that I have read by this author, but it sure will not be my last! Thoroughly enjoyed this story, and suggest it for anyone looking for a mixture of suspense, with a sprinkle of romance mixed in, I give this a 4/5.
Whitnage More than 1 year ago
The Waiting Game is the story of damaged musician, Brooke Bennett who survived the unimaginable five years prior to the story. Stalked, kidnapped, & tattooed Brooke was rescued by her bodyguard, Cameron Dexter. But the damage was done. Now the man behind the crime is out on parole and Cameron knows it's only a matter of time before Brooke is drawn back into his dangerous game, but this time he's determined to protect the woman he loves.  The Waiting Game was a good book, it hit all the right notes. Sympathetic hero & heroine? Check. Wicked villain? Check. Nice romance? Check. All of this would normally equal a win for me, but for some reason I had trouble getting into the story. I also think that the way the climax of the book was presented felt too quick and anticlimactic. But overall it was a nice read 3/5 Stars
Bear1009 More than 1 year ago
Should you really play the waiting game with a psychopath or should you fight for your freedom to finally be able to live your life, to fall in love to be you. This is what Brooke decided to do she was tired of the psychopath winning it was time to regain her life. Brooke Bennett was a singer for a duo group “Nocturne” and was also the song writer. They were a very popular group but something happened one day when she decided to go against her bodyguard demands. She liked defying him, she liked to flirt with him but he would not listen to her or he would tell her no. Brooke was tired of being stuck in the hotel room she wanted to do some shopping but he would not let her go. Only after he left she defied him and left to do her shopping. She hit some shops but on her way to the hotel room she was kidnapped. Cameron “Cam” Dexter had been hired to protect Brooke after being alerted that she had a stalker. She had received some pictures and they were escalating into something worse. He had a hard time thinking around her he knew he was attracted to her but he had a job to do. Cam needed to keep his head straight and not think about her sexy body. Then the day that he left her and told her to stay in the hotel room she left but the worst part was that she had been kidnapped. He did everything he could to find her he thought she was dead only she wasn’t. He finally found her but he feared the worst. She was strapped to a gurney, with glassy eyes and blood covering her body. Cam saw the shame in her eyes when be looked at her so he did his best to cover her. He vowed to protect her, the psychopath was in prison. Brooke was content in France only she lived in fear but at least she was living and Spinks was in jail where he belonged. She still had panic attacks but with her yoga and her method of counting in her head she was coping. Only she was no longer able to sing and also write. She was done with the music industry she just wanted to forget only that someone has come back into her life again. Cam needed to go to Brooke Spinks had been released from jail apparently on good behavior. He knew that he needed to protect her and he knew that he needed to get her out of France because Spinks was going to find her again. Only that deep down inside he knew that he needed to see her he needed her, but that needed to wait. Once back home in London they needed to draw Spinks out and that means that they have to put Brooke out there, only he couldn’t do it. Only her ex-manager/ friend Steven seemed a little to eager to have Brooke back in the spot light. There was something about him I just didn’t like he just seemed to slimy. Brooke wants to be part of the planning wants to know what is going on in the investigation and Cam sees she is trying to be brave. Brooke is trying to following his rules she is trying to following his directions but at times she just wants to argue with him. When it was ready for them to make their move to bring out Spinks, everything was going great at the club only Brooke had a panic attack and then the second in command to Cam was hurt. Just as they are leaving the club, Spinks appears and stops her from falling. Brooke is frozen in place, he is right in front of her and she can’t move, she can’t scream, she can’t fight. Ms. Devon I so applaud you for this amazing, suspenseful read that had me enthralled from the beginning to the very end. I am a sucker for bodyguards that act all alpha male but underneath everything they show so many emotions. Now as for Brooke, I loved how determined she was, how brave but most of all I love how she did not back down on what she felt for Cam. I loved how she was done waiting she was done being a victim she wanted to be free. Now as for Spinks I could not believe how his mind worked how he rationalized his obsession with Brooke, his obsession with her being his muse. In some of Brooke’s telling of what happened to her I felt sick for what she went through the torture the thought of never being able to be free. The characters in this story were well developed. The chemistry between Cam and Brooke is hot, steamy when Cam finally touches her it’s with so much care so erotic so sizzling. This is my first read by Ms. Devon and I have to say it will not be my last, her writing style is perfect, to the point and the pace is perfect. If you like a romance with a suspenseful twist The Waiting Game is for you. Read the journey that Brooke goes through in order to have her freedom to love someone and finally feel safe.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Must-read sexy romantic suspense Rock star Brooke Bennett had it all—a successful musical career and a glamorous life—until Andre Spinks took it all away and left her, his "masterpiece," physically and emotionally scarred. Brooke's former bodyguard, Cameron has been beating himself up for years for letting Spinks get to her. When Spinks is unexpectedly released from prison, Cameron vows not to fail Brooke a second time. This was a terrific romantic suspense—fast-paced and sexy. Brooke was a great, take-charge female character. She doesn't, despite the title, sit back and wait for Spinks to come find her. At the same time, she has to learn to trust Cameron and put her safety fully in his charge. I loved this book. It kept me up late turning the pages—and I will definitely look for other books by the author.
LeKeishaT More than 1 year ago
A romantic suspense that will keep you wondering what will happen next. I found it hard to put down and absolutely loved the characters. Brooke Bennett, one half of a musical duo, has spent the last five years trying to get passed the trauma of being kidnapped and tortured by a stalker. She held up in France to avoid the media, music, and all things in between. Even friends. When her narcissistic stalker is somehow released from prison, her former bodyguard Cameron shows up on her doorstep. Cameron, filled with guilt, is determined to protect her this time. Something he failed to do the first time. Having always been attracted to her, he is dead set on keeping it professional and not let his heart get in the way of her safety. If he can keep her away from her former manager, Steven, he can maintain control. Steven is all about the money and the spotlight. With Brooke and her friend Meghan being his biggest money makers before her ordeal, he figures he can get her back in the game to fill his pockets. He will stop at nothing. I really enjoyed reading this book. Although it's called The Waiting Game, it's very fast paced. At first, I was frustrated with the characters. Then I realized the totality of the situation, and it flowed perfectly from there. Great character development without the unnecessary infodumps. Suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. And the right touch of romance. I would definitely recommend this for any lovers of Romantic Suspense. This book was given to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Actual rating, 4.5 stars