The Well House

The Well House

by M. S. Matassa


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Ben Carson's pregnant wife, Anne, is locked in a coma and Ben is the only person who can save her and the unborn baby … but he has no idea how to do it. Haunted by intense dreams about a small white well house and black flying creatures, Ben has a feeling the visions are important but doesn't know what they have to do with Anne. One day he meets a mysterious woman who shares information that shakes him to the core: how to free Anne from the force keeping her in the coma. It is through a mysterious well house that Ben finds passage to another dimension, where he locates the dark zone and faces the ultimate evil that holds Anne captive.

The Well House represents a classic battle between good and evil, peppered with fast-paced adventure, romance, fantasy and a dose of reality. It’s a story of redemption, spirituality … and undying love.

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ISBN-13: 9781478723356
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 02/22/2014
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

The Well House is the first novel by Michael S. Matassa, an attorney and Municipal Court Judge in Arvada, Colorado. He discovered the well house in the late summer of 1994, standing by a field of corn on a small farm just south of Brighton Colorado, where it still stands today. Mr. Matassa studied at Regis College in Denver and the University of Colorado School of law. He has also written several short stories, a screenplay and is presently working on a sequel to The Well House and a ghost story called, The Baby Carriage. He writes under the pen name of M. S. Matassa.

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The Well House 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
BabyCakesBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Summary of the book: A Man’s Incredible Journey to save his pregnant wife from the ultimate evil …. The dream is back and Ben Carson is terrified. His pregnant wife, Anne, is locked in a coma and Ben is the only person who can save her but he has no idea how to accomplish this. His dreams contain clues but they make no sense. Ben can’t figure what a small white well house and black flying creatures have to do with Anne. Then he meets a mysterious woman named Thelma Grippe. What he learns from Thelma shakes him to the core, but gives him the knowledge to free Anne from the force keeping her in the coma. Once he locates the well house, Ben finds a passage to another dimension, where he searches for Anne. After a long, arduous journey, Ben faces the ultimate evil that holds Anne captive. This book reminded me of a Steven King book. The authors writing style is so much like Steven King. It was a great book and I really enjoyed it. There is some fantasy, fiction and the faith in God in the storyline. I was very impressed with the parts about Lucifer and the way that he was described so true to the teachings of the bible. Mainly the fight between good and evil and the temptations that we face daily in life. The author describes the love that this family has for one another and it is truly hear felt all the way through the book. The main characters are Ben Carson and his son Taylor, they are trying to save Ben’s wife Anne that is pregnant and in a coma. With the help from the family dog and a psychic they fight to save Anne and to awaken her from her deep sleep. The book is in my opinion is told by a third party kind of like a narrator telling the story. I do not read too many books that are written this way anymore and it was nice for a change. The plot to me is a little fantasy with a bit of truth.
SBMorales More than 1 year ago
This book was brilliant. For me faith was the main theme of the book. Ben had to have faith in god, his family, and most of all himself. Through Matassa's wonderful writing I not only got a deep understanding of the main characters feelings and reactions, but also of other key characters in the book. I got a look at the situation through other eyes as the story went along. Matassa also gives a wonderful description of the background of the family. In the beginning it seemed slow while learning the background, but it was much appreciated once I got further into the story. It helped me to understand Ben's motives. I hope to read more from Matassa.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite Ben Carson’s recurring nightmare about a frightening winged creature tires him deeply. He also has to deal with his pregnant wife’s puzzling condition. Anne has been in a coma for two weeks at Lutheran Hospital, slipping into a deeper unconscious state each day. Anne is a psychologist who specializes in dream therapy and, without Ben’s knowledge, decided to help her patients through their dreams when she went to sleep one night. However, she encountered something that made her lose control, trapping her in a deep sleep. All her methods of dream control are ineffective, as she is not trapped in a dream but someplace sinister. The narration of The Well House is written interchangeably between the present time and the past, specifically the back story of the characters. For several chapters, I did feel that this hampers the flow of the reading at some point, but author M.S. Matassa still managed to keep the story moving at a fairly fast speed. There are some tangential details that I think could be easily left out, but these don't affect the readability of the book. This novel has a religious tone, nevertheless the battle between good and evil is a universal theme that hardly makes The Well House appear overwhelmingly preachy to me. Despite its minor imperfections, The Well House is still a taut, well-crafted chilling story by Matassa. The majority of the book is merciless and unforgiving in terms of psychological fear – it may make some readers want to have a couple of dreamless nights afterward.
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
This is the first book by this author and it is some ride into fantasy! It definitely deals with good and evil in a way that will chill you to the bone! I finished this in one day-not even my cat Baby could get me to put it down and believe me she tried! This book is definitely the stuff nightmares are made of. 5 Star from me with the hopes I never find the Well House! I am looking forward to his next book--a ghost story.
Kataman1 More than 1 year ago
I reviewed a copy provided free of charge from the author but the opinions here are strictly my own. This is a book that felt very much like a Stephen King novel as both the characters and the story itself are very much his style. Ben Carson has a recurring dream about being attacked by winged creatures while driving his car (an old red Mustang convertable) near a well house in the countryside. As the book opens, Ben is in the midst of one of these dreams. Ben's wife Anne is an expert in analyzing dreams. As part of her profession as a psychologist, she has come up with a theory that many of her patient's fears can be overcome by teaching the patients how to control their dreams. For instance if the patient had a fear of heights, she would have her patient try to create a net in their dream. So instead of waking up in the middle of a dream about falling, the patient would continue the fall and land safely into the net that their mind created. Anne reasoned that this should alleviate the patient's fear of falling from a big height. Unfortunately, many of Anne's patients start going into comas. Soon Anne herself is in a dream that she tries to manipulate and the dream overcomes her too, also placing her into a coma. The doctor's are powerless to do anything for Anne and tell Ben that if her condition doesn't improve soon, she will die. Ben starts investigating what Anne was doing just before she went into a coma and found that a woman named Thema Grippe was anxious to meet with Anne. Ben is able to locate Thelma and she is definately not what he expected. Thelma seems to know a lot of things, including all about Ben's own dream. Thelma knows what happened to Anne and lets Ben know that it is up to him to save her. However to save her may require going up against Lucifer himeself. Ben has to decide if he wants to risk all of that or let Anne go. I liked the book from start to finish and it brings in a a few more interesting characters (Ben's dog Sherman, Claude and Jack St. Louis). It is a very fast read and a very good one. I think the book could have been expanded to include more depth to Ben and Anne's relationship, before she went into a coma. Also, the way it was so "King-ish" prevented me from giving it the full five stars. I look forward to the author's next book and I hope that he can come up with a little more unique writing style.