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The Young Frontiersman

The Young Frontiersman

by Alan W Harris
The Young Frontiersman

The Young Frontiersman

by Alan W Harris


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William Hackett, a youth with a troubled past, is in for the adventure of his life. Along with his family, friends, and neighbors, he is a part of a group of pioneers trying to start a new life in the wilderness of Kentucky in the 1770’s. Aside from dealing with his deep emotional wounds, Will and his friends are confronted with a life of constant trial, hardship, and peril as they seek to survive the dangers of the Kentucky wilds, as well as the threat of savage enemy warriors. While the fierce War for Independence is being waged back East, treacherous British agents stir the Indian tribes to rise up and annihilate the small outpost of unsuspecting pioneers. God has put William in a unique position to help, but what can he do against a thousand bloodthirsty fighters? Full of adventure and excitement, this story demonstrates God’s faithfulness to us, whether the battles we face are against physical enemies or spiritual ones. Probing discussion questions in the appendix equip parents and teachers to challenge readers with life-changing character and spiritual lessons found in the story.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734184501
Publisher: Fruitful Tree Publishing
Publication date: 12/13/2019
Series: Flintlock Sagas , #1
Pages: 372
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.83(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Alan Harris is a practicing veterinarian living near Columbia, South Carolina, where he and Valerie, his wife of over forty years, make their home. They have six children whom they homeschooled for twenty-seven years, a growing host of beautiful grandchildren, whom they adore,...and a pug. Alan was motivated to write when he desired to share an exciting story, not just to entertain his children, but to also teach them important character and spiritual lessons. It became clear that the tale needed to be very suspenseful, and the characters had to be engaging and fun, in order to keep his children interested. The results were The Tales of Larkin series, which has five books. You can find out more about them as well as how to use them to teach at In searching for other subjects about which to write, Alan discovered a book in the public domain by Joseph Altsheller called The Young Trailer. He liked the time period, setting, and some of the concepts in the story, but it lacked a spiritual message. Basing his work on the things he liked, Alan crafted a new story, changing the plot and many of the characters, as well as giving it a biblical world view. And as in all of Harris's stories, he included plenty of adventure, lots of laugh-out loud humor, and abundant opportunities to learn character and spiritual lessons. It is Alan's prayer that his new series, The Flintlock Sagas, and this first book in that series, The Young Frontiersman, will not only entertain his readers but also help them grow in godly character and draw them closer to God the Father and His Son, King Jesus.

Table of Contents


1. An Unexpected Trial

2. Night Stalker

3. A Friend Indeed

4 Lost in the Wilderness

5 A Fiery Wall of Death

6. Terror in the Night

7. The Queen a' Sheber's Barge

8. The Call of the Forest

9. Big Bone Lick

10. A Dangerous Turkey

11. Showers of Blessing

12. Cave Dust

13. A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

14. A Faint Sound in the Darkness

15. A New Life

16. Strangers

17. The Fight for Peace

18. The Call of Duty

19. The Long Way Home

20 The Return

21. Who to Trust

22. The Siege

23. Night Attack

24. Strike the Rock

25. The Diversion

26. The Risks

27. Much Needed Help

28. Good News and Bad News

29. Trackin' Pole Cats

30. The Cry for Help

31. Desperate Measures

32. Gotcha

33. The Sacrifice

34. Too Close for Comfort

35. Aftermath


About the Author

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