This Life We Share: 52 Reflections on Journeying Well with God and Others

This Life We Share: 52 Reflections on Journeying Well with God and Others

This Life We Share: 52 Reflections on Journeying Well with God and Others

This Life We Share: 52 Reflections on Journeying Well with God and Others


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A 2021 ECPA Award Finalist in the New Author Category!
This Life We Share is a woman’s guide to living well—from the inner journey of dealing with anxiety and insecurity to the everyday moments of waiting and distraction to practical principles for parenting, grandparenting, and aging. Jesus once said of the woman who anointed his feet, “She did what she could” (Mark 14:8, NIV)—and that is the goal of this book: to provide insights and wisdom for walking through life with the confidence that you’re doing “what you can” to live well for God, love others, and take care of yourself.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781641580076
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 05/05/2020
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Maggie Wallem Rowe is a national speaker, dramatist, blogger, and writer. She performs original one-woman dramas and is passionate about connecting people to God and each other. Maggie lives near Asheville, NC, with her husband, Mike. The Rowes have three adult children and six grandchildren. Visit Maggie at

Table of Contents

Foreword xiii

Introduction xv

I The Inner Journey 1

Reflection 1 Too Much to Do 3

Reflection 2 Kick Anxiety to the Curb 9

Reflection 3 When You Don't Feel Good Enough 13

Reflection 4 Shedding the Shame 17

Reflection 5 Holding Peace 21

Reflection 6 When Joy Eludes You 25

Reflection 7 Coping with Criticism without Getting Burned 31

Reflection 8 Finding Peace in the Midst of Pain 37

Reflection 9 Where Do You Go to Get Warm? 43

Reflection 10 God Writes Straight by Broken Lines 47

II The Intentional Journey 51

Reflection 11 Formed and Filled 55

Reflection 12 The Focused Life 59

Reflection 13 Confidence in Your Calling 63

Reflection 14 Your Lack Does Not Define You 67

Reflection 15 Stepping In, Stooping Down, Lifting Up 71

Reflection 16 Fast Food and the Theology of Waiting 75

Reflection 17 When You Thought You Were Doing It Right 79

Reflection 18 Feeling Like a Phony 83

Reflection 19 On Being Second 87

Reflection 20 What I Saw at the Gym on Mulberry Street 91

Reflection 21 What We Can't See 95

Reflection 22 No More False Face 99

Reflection 23 Aging Gratefully 103

III The Relational Journey 109

Reflection 24 Kindred Spirits 113

Reflection 25 Maggie's Ten Commandments of Friendship 117

Reflection 26 Judging. Not. 123

Reflection 27 Prickly People (and Other Problems …) 127

Reflection 28 Friendship Fail 131

Reflection 29 Does Anyone Want to Mentor Me? 135

Reflection 30 Moving On after Moving In 139

Reflection 31 Riding Tandem 145

Reflection 32 Putting the Salsa Back in Your Marriage 149

Reflection 33 Party of One? This Way, Please! 155

Reflection 34 Cradles and the Cross 161

Reflection 35 Lord, Let My Kids Get Caught 165

Reflection 36 More Ways than One to Be a Mom 169

Reflection 37 On Parenting: Holding Them Close and Letting Them Go 173

Reflection 38 Grandparenting Is for Everyone 177

Reflection 39 What the Amish Can Teach Us about Hospitality 181

Reflection 40 Outliving Your Life 185

IV The God of Your Journey 191

Reflection 41 Hey, Tbeophilus! Becoming a Friend of God 195

Reflection 42 Sanctuary 199

Reflection 43 The Fragrance of Faith 203

Reflection 44 God So Loved the World. Do We? 207

Reflection 45 Do I Love to Tell the Story? 211

Reflection 46 The Paradox of Unanswered Prayer 217

Reflection 47 Paperwhites and Prayer 221

Reflection 48 What Was I Thinking? 225

Reflection 49 Too Good to Be True? It Just Might Be Anyway 229

Reflection 50 The Only Thing You Need to Remember Today 233

Reflection 51 From Desperate to Daughter 237

Reflection 52 And Now, a Final Word (or Five) 241

Acknowledgments 247

Notes 253

What People are Saying About This

Steve Wiens

In This Life We Share, Maggie Rowe has provided weary Christian women with rich, soul-nourishing words that sink down deep. Engaging with these brief but substantive reflections feels like going on a road trip with a best friend.

Carol Kent

Maggie Rowe has written a masterpiece—her magnum opus—and will guide you through evaluating your inner journey with all its anxiety, insecurity, and pain. She’ll teach you how to live an intentional, purposeful life that’s filled with relationships that matter. The focus of this book isn’t becoming perfect—it’s being God-focused and infusing your life with transformational truth. The writing is exquisite, and each reflection will challenge you to live a life that matters. You can read this book on your own, but if you want to grow a deeper, spiritual relationship with a friend, ask her to join you on this journey.

Cynthia Fantasia

As I traveled through the pages of this book, I was enchanted by Maggie’s vivid descriptions, her honest longings to do life better, and her genuine love for all who read her words. I soon realized that Maggie’s story is my story, and most likely your story. This Life We Share is filled with time-honored truths for all generations. We, the readers, are the benefactors as Maggie shares her life, connects us with biblical stories, and points us to the one who guides our every step. This is a book to read and reread, and most definitely to share with others.

Carmen Joy Imes

Maggie has spent decades following Jesus—as a pastor’s wife, coworker, mother, daughter, and friend. Now she puts pen to page to share the wisdom she’s learned along the way. Maggie has a gift for seeing the world and finding meaning in ordinary days, capturing it in delightful prose. She also has the gift of insight, the ability to harness her own self-awareness for the good of others. In this book, you’ll find more than good advice; I expect you’ll find a new friend.

Dikkon Eberhart

Bravo to Maggie Wallem Rowe! Maggie is honest, vulnerable, and exhibiting of grace. She provides fifty-two reflections through which all the biggies shine—womanhood, motherhood, pastor’s-wife-hood, Scripture studenthood, and writer-/actress-hood. You will know Maggie. And that is a blessing because you may know yourself better.

Scott Sauls

This Life We Share is a wonderfully comprehensive guide for those who want to live and love well with God, people, and the world. With wisdom born from a deep faith, a broad knowledge of Scripture, and a life well lived, Maggie serves the reader as a trusted life coach in these pages. Grab a few friends and journey together as you engage her words. You’ll be glad that you did.

Lucinda Secrest McDowell

The beauty of a book written by a wise, older woman is that there is something for everyone—a lifetime of varied adventures and challenges which affirm the goodness of God. Every page of This Life We Share reminds me that life with God and others is indeed a treasure. Please savor Maggie Rowe’s words slowly, that the rich truth might sink deeply into your soul, offering strength for your own journey.

Rebecca van den Brink

This Life We Share is an encouraging read about navigating life events in light of scriptural insight. As a cherished sister in Christ, Maggie takes the reader through her own circumstances, fusing her knowledge of God’s Word alongside essential wisdom, humor, and truth. Here, Maggie has created a work that is both challenging to the reader and reassuring—ever pointing toward Christ, who has gone before us.

Gail MacDonald

Only a sensitive observer could have written this book. I have enjoyed Maggie’s deep insights and ability to synthesize life’s challenges and joys for over thirty years. She is a student of people, Scripture, biography, herself, and those she loves, and an eager friend. In short, wherever she is, Maggie is all there. It would be difficult to name a subject women might face that this book doesn’t describe and handle with vulnerability, honesty, humor, and understanding. I can imagine a small group of women bonding very easily as they glean more about life from Maggie’s wisdom and decades of experience. Hard questions? Bring them on!

Hugh Hewitt

Maggie Rowe has never steered me wrong, and her insights and great humor as well as spiritual compass on true north has always informed all her advice. As it does this book. Take it from me—follow Maggie’s direction, as it is based on Christ’s. Read this book.

Sandra Richter

The first time I met Maggie Rowe, I knew she was special. A woman of deep wisdom, unending kindness, seemingly effortless generosity, and a ten-mile-deep love for God and others. In this memoir of her spiritual journey, Maggie transforms her own life-lived-well into a map for the rest of us. Here are fifty-two devotional reflections filled with kindness, generosity, and the sort of wisdom that can transform you from your “everyday” self into the person you actually want to be. Buy this book, read it, and find in it some quiet space for your heart to soar.

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