Tide and Tempest

Tide and Tempest

by Elizabeth Ludwig


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Two years ago, her fiance perished
during their voyage to America.

Now she discovers it may have been murder...

Dreaming of a better life, Tillie McGrath leaves Ireland behind and, with her beloved fiance by her side, sets sail for America. But when illness robs her of the man she holds dear, she's left alone with only a handful of tattered memories. While forging on proves difficult, Tillie soon finds some new friends at her New York boardinghouse, and begins pursuing a new dream--to open a home for orphaned children.

Despite two years passing, Captain Keondric Morgan has never forgotten the lass who left his ship so heartbroken. When a crewman's deathbed confession reveals her fiance's demise was the result of murder, the captain knows he must try to contact her. But his attention draws the notice of others as well--dangerous men who believe Tillie has in her possession something that could expose their crimes. And to their way of thinking, the best way to prevent such an outcome is to seize the evidence and then hand Tillie the same fate as her naïve fiance.

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ISBN-13: 9780764210419
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/04/2014
Series: Edge of Freedom Series , #3
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 976,832
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Elizabeth Ludwig is an award-winning author and an accomplished speaker and teacher. She is the author of No Safe Harbor, and her novel Love Finds You in Calico, California earned four stars from RT Book Reviews. She owns and edits the popular literary blog The Borrowed Book. Along with her husband and two children, Elizabeth makes her home in Orange, Texas. Learn more at www.elizabethludwig.com.

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Tide and Tempest 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 61 reviews.
amberrdh More than 1 year ago
I received a free ARC from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. Overall Impression – I REALLY loved this book!!!!! I feel like it was well written and it was interesting and I didn’t want to put it down. Characters – The characters were FANTASTIC!! Sweet Tillie who carries around so much emotional baggage and tries to be so strong and brave, yet is vulnerable and in need of forgiveness and acceptance and someone to lean on. The brooding Captain Morgan who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and takes responsibility for those he loves. He’s quiet and brave, unassuming and humble. I loved him. Charming Cass who, when tested, proves his maturity, yet still manages to remain the fun-loving, charming guy that he is. Each of the main characters were well-developed in their personalities. The author did a fantastic job creating them. Plot – Very interesting book! This book quickly dove into the story and kept you interested with romance and suspense. The plot came to a wonderful climax and didn’t end too quickly. The author eased into the resolution so that you didn’t feel cheated when you got to the last page. I hate when a book reaches a climax and then is wrapped up too quickly… if you take all that time building up to it, then you need to take the time coming down from it. Elizabeth Ludwig does a great job with that in this book! I would love to read more books by this author and would absolutely recommend her to friends.
chickey More than 1 year ago
The final book in the Edge of Freedom series does not disappoint. Tillie, who we met in the previous books has grown into a beautiful and strong woman. When she discovers that the death of her fiancé two years ago was not an accident, she enters into a deadly game of cat and mouse to bring down the infamous The Celt. Keondric Morgan, captain of the ship which had brought Tillie to America, discovers that her fiancé's death was murder and vows to protect her. He keeps his love at bay as he discovers his younger brother loves Tillie. As the oldest, Keondric will do anything to make sure those he cares about are protected, even give up his heart. A wonderful historical romantic suspense that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat as the story twists and turns from the deck of a ship to the dark alleys of the city.
Blooming-with-Books More than 1 year ago
Time and Tempest Edge of Freedom Book 3 By Elizabeth Ludwig Two years have passed since Tillie McGrath lost her fiance, Braedon on the journey to America.   But the past and all its pain come back when Captain Keondric Morgan comes to the boardinghouse where she's staying.  Tillie and Morgan are in danger because of Braedon's death.  But what does Braedon's death have to do with his ties with the Fenians?  And why the danger? Keondric Morgan has just discovered the truth about the death of Braedon McKillop.  And what he has discovered concerns him, because it means Braedon's young fiance could be the next to die. For some reason Tillie has been on Morgan's mind and he can't get her out of it.  But he has responsibilities and Tillie is so much younger than him Tillie is equally drawn to Morgan, but she refuses to acknowledge it.  She doesn't deserve happiness after what she's done.  And she has an orphanage to start if she can get the money together. Keondric and Tillie's story is one of letting go of the guilt of the past and embracing the forgiveness that God so freely offers.  Both are offered second chances if they are willing to take the risk and accept what is being offered. I haven't read the first two books in this series, so I don't think one has to read them.  But the references made about other characters has made me want to read the first two books.  Time and Tempest is set at the turn of the century (19th into 20th) in New York City.  I found this to be an enjoyable and enlightening book. The history of the struggle for Irish independence and its links to America are interesting and are fodder for research into Fenians and their struggles.     I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.
SeasonsofGrace More than 1 year ago
This book is an exciting addition to the Edge of Freedom series. It is the third book in the series but can be read alone; as each book contains a main cast but focuses on a particular character.  In this particular book, all of which begin based at a boarding house in New York and mostly contain Irish/American history. Tillie, who came from Ireland quite a while back now find herself in a dangerous situation, she is quite unaware of at first. Most of the books revolve around a highly powerful character, "The Celt", and a political group known as the Fenians.  Some freedom issues from Ireland are now being fought subtly in New York.  So if you love a good historical fiction, romantic, mystery - You are sure to enjoy this book. The author does not disappoint and I can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve. Blessed to received this book from Bethany's blogger program in exchange for my honest opinion
LisetteRue More than 1 year ago
The luck of the Irish be not with Matilda “Tillie” McGrath. Tillie left Ireland without her parents’ blessing, and on her passage to America, her fiancé took ill and died. At least, that’s what she believes for two years until the captain of the Caitriona Marie, Keondric Morgan, and his younger brother, Cass, tell her a different tale. A tale of murder. Other deaths have occurred in which foul play was involved, and attempts have been made on Tillie’s life. The source seems to be from one known only as The Celt. Keondric, Cass and others are determined to keep Tillie safe and prevent her from meeting the same fate as her late and beloved fiancé. Who is The Celt? And how can they keep Tillie safe when she doesn’t usually seem concerned for her own safety? “Tide and Tempest” is the third story in Ludwig’s Edge of Freedom series. Some characters stem from the first two novels, but there was only one time when I felt lost, this being the first novel I’ve read by Ludwig. It is a novel set in New York, and while it doesn’t have the sights and sounds of NYC today, the plot certainly contains much hustle and bustle, suspense and character viewpoints to make it a fairly speedy read. I enjoyed that Ludwig created very distinct characters. It was easy to cheer for the good guys and hope the bad got their comeuppance. If your interest is piqued even in the slightest, I encourage you to let the tide sweep you in to this tale of love, suspense, hope and learning to forgive oneself for a past that cannot be undone. -- Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions are expressly my own.
booksandwindows More than 1 year ago
Murder, suspicion, and danger fill the pages of Elizabeth Ludwig’s final installment to her Edge of Freedom series. Tillie lives with the guilt and grief of her loss. Her fiancé died on the journey to America, but she soon discovers that his death may not have been an accident. And information she possesses threatens to put her life in danger, too. Captain Morgan, who led the trip that brought Tillie to America, feels a responsibility to protect Tillie from the danger he suspects. Mystery surrounds Tillie and her deceased fiancé, but will they ever discover the man who is behind this treachery? I admit I had a difficult time getting into this book. About one hundred pages in, I did start to like it, and from there, the pace picked up and I was intrigued. I think my difficulty with this book has to do with the writing style. It took me quite some time to connect with the style and flow of this book. It just didn’t sit well with me for a long while. However, once I was able to get past that, I did feel invested in the story and interested to see how events would unfold. At one point, I thought a crucial character had died, and I was shocked. Luckily, my thoughts that a wonderful character had died were quickly assuaged when I learned that this character did not meet his demise as I was led to believe! There are many twists and turns, which makes for an exciting read. Add in a bit of romance, and this book is a winner.  I was provided a free e-copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Elizabeth has written another page turner. It was nice to catch up with some familiar characters. But, have no fear, even though this is the third book in a series if you haven’t read the first two you won’t be lost. Actually, I have read the second one and I found myself wasting time trying to remember what happened so I could make the connections. But I don’t really think any connections needed to be made. You could easily pick of this book and fully enjoy it. And there is a lot to enjoy. I love good Irish characters and I couldn’t help but think that handsome Irishman (Captain Morgan) on the front cover reminded me of my Irish husband. Elizabeth has weaved together a layered story full of romance and suspense. There’s even a bit of jealousy between two brothers who are looking out for Tillie (our heroine). I loved that tension. But Tillie was definitely drawn more to the more solemn, serious brother, Captain Morgan. I so identified with Tillie being unable to forgive herself for her past. She has made mistakes like so many of us and wonders how any good man could ever love her as tainted as she is and if God can truly forgive her for what she has done? Then there’s all the suspense. Who can Tillie really trust, who will die next? Why are people dyeing in the first place? So many questions and the only way you will find the answers is by reading the book. This is the perfect marriage of historical romance and suspense all in one book. A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher through the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance in exchange for an honest review.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
I am going to start by saying that this is one of the best covers I have seen this year. The scene on the cover and the colors are beautiful. The picture of the hero is also accurate and fits the description that is in the novel. Next, I would like to add that I have not read the other books in this Edge of Freedom series, yet I had absolutely no problem following the storyline. In fact, this book has now opened my eyes to a new author and I plan to go read her other books as well. I love it when that happens! Tide and Tempest is a fascinating story. It is full of very interesting characters, some of whom find themselves in imminent danger. The plot of the story hinges on these characters trying to discover why they are in harm’s way, who is trying to kill them and what they should do to try to stay alive. It is all very exciting. But not to be outdone, the romance is equally as satisfying in Tide and Tempest. I loved watching the feelings develop between the characters and how they dealt with these emotions. The heroine, Tillie, carries quite a bit of guilt and has trouble believing that she could be deserving of anyone’s love. Captain Morgan and his younger brother, Cass, also have developing feelings toward Tillie. This is quite the enthralling love triangle. I also loved the fact that this book is filled with men and women who have come over from Ireland. The author does a wonderful job of writing in that special Irish accent, without it being overdone. It is just enough that I could hear their Irish brogue but not be distracted by it. This was such a well-written book and I could tell that I was really going to enjoy the author’s writing style even as early as twenty-five pages into the story. I recommend this book to those who love historical fiction, romance and suspense. I received a complimentary copy of Tide and Tempest from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review, which I have given. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
Nutz2read More than 1 year ago
Excellent end to a series - 4 ½ stars Tide and Tempest is the final book in Elizabeth Ludwig’s Edge of Freedom series and I’m sorry to see it end! I loved Roarke, Cara, Eoghan, Ana, Tillie, and now Keondric! I became so attached to them! They were like great friends! But, the wonderful thing about books is that I can go back and “visit” them again. I had loved Tillie’s character since the beginning and couldn’t wait to see where Elizabeth would take her story. I’m very happy to say that it was even better than I had imagined. The new members of the cast were interesting and everyone was well rounded. I hope Cass one day receives his own story! I loved him! (sorry if that is a spoiler) Keondric may have been my favorite hero, I’m not sure. Though I did love Roarke and Eoghan, too. He was the prefect match for Tillie and brought out the best in her, which was fun to see, since she was rather quiet in the other books. This is a book about forgiveness and surrendering our plans to God. Tillie had spent the last 10 months of her life feeling guilty and believing God would punish her for her past, or that she must pay penance for her sins. She had to learn that when God forgives, it is gone. He washes the sin away, never to be thought of again. She also had to learn how to forgive herself. I enjoyed watching her thoughts and actions go through a transformation as this knowledge finally sunk in. She was finally free of her past, free to dream of a future. Keondric had to learn to surrender to God. He tried so hard to make everything work and to be responsible for everyone, but it wasn’t working. Only God can take a mess and untangle it. He alone knows the future and how everything will play out. Seeing Keondric finally surrender his control was fantastic! I loved the strong spiritual themes. These are things so many of us need to learn, or perhaps simply remember. Elizabeth’s writing was superb! The descriptions were so real, that I often felt as though I was actually there, running through the streets with them, or peering over someone’s shoulder as I add my two cents to the plan! My only complaint is that the story seemed a bit slow at first, as I tried to keep up with shifting view points and directions changing as she sculpted the story. Though, after a couple chapters it began making more sense, as I caught up and I was quickly absorbed in it! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical romance and suspense! Though, I would suggest reading the others in the series first. I received this book from the author for my honest review, which I have given. I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in anyway. All opinions expressed are my own.
sewdabee More than 1 year ago
I loved this final book of the Edge of Freedom series! Not only does Elizabeth Ludwig wrap up the saga of the Celt, but we also see sweet Tillie, who has grown so much in strength through the past two books, finally find the forgiveness she has so desperately needed. The interplay between Tillie and Keondric, with neither one of they fully trusting in either their own emotions, let alone believing the other could love them, was very well-played. That particular plot device can become tedious in some stories, but Ludwig has done very well with it. I heartily recommend reading the whole series in order, but each individual book is a complete story in itself.
Jaquelyn More than 1 year ago
Such an awesome book!  Elizabeth Ludwig¿ has earned a fan for life!  A must read if you like Christian Fiction.  Has suspense and mystery with romance mixed in. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story was as engaging as any present-day thriller.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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