To Have and to Hold: Three Autumn Love Stories

To Have and to Hold: Three Autumn Love Stories


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ISBN-13: 9780310395935
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 08/30/2016
Series: A Year of Weddings Novella Series
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 590,420
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Betsy St. Amant lives in Louisiana and has a heart for sharing the amazing news of God's grace through her novels. A freelance journalist, Betsy is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. When she’s not reading, writing, or singing along to a Disney soundtrack with her young daughter, Betsy enjoys inspirational speaking and teaching on the craft of writing. Visit her website at Facebook: BetsySt.Amant Twitter: @betsystamant.

Becky Wade makes her home in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and three children. She's the Carol Award and Inspirational Reader's Choice Award-winning author of contemporary Christian romances My Stubborn Heart, Undeniably Yours, and Meant to Be Mine. Visit Becky online at, Facebook authorbeckywade, and Twitter: @beckywadewriter.

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To Have and to Hold: Three Autumn Love Stories 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous 26 days ago
Fast read! Never a dull moment.
Nutz2read More than 1 year ago
I was actually a little surprised at how much I enjoyed this book! I’m not typically a novella lover by any stretch, but I was looking forward to this collection after I saw it included stories by Katie Ganshert and Becky Wade (two of my very favorite authors) and can happily say that it definitely met my expectations! Plus, I discovered a new-to-me author to add to my already towering to-be-read pile. Love Takes the Cake - Betsy St. Amant I confess, I went into this story more than a little unsure. New author - would I like her writing? Hate it? What if I did? How could I review it? Fortunately, all of those questions became moot point within pages of starting this tale. I started reading and found I really enjoyed it! The characters were quirky and real: I adored Charlotte’s daughter and her partner, as well as Charlotte herself, along with Will and his best friend. So many interesting characters, set around baking and wedding planning and more than a little matchmaking. Definitely a recipe for a quick, fun read! The Perfect Arrangement - Katie Ganshert I was so excited to read this story! I’m always a huge fan of Ms. Ganshert’s writing and this story sounded like it was going to be a blast! I immediately feel in love with the quirky Amelia Woods, with her penchant for getting into trouble and spending her spare time at home with her cat. The introvert in me totally understood her quirks and wallflower habits and I so enjoyed getting to know her. I also loved the emails passed between her and Nate - they were so funny and sweet and very You’ve Got Mail. Oh, and George! I can’t forget him - he’s the grandfatherly character that shares time-learned wisdom with Amelia and reminds her of what’s truly important. Love in the Details - Becky Wade I have yet to be disappointed by any of Ms. Wade’s books and this one is certainly no exception - I just had to love it, too! As I was reading, it seemed very familiar, so I think I actually may have read this story when it released in eBook, though it was definitely worth the reread. Josh and Holly are such a cute couple and I very much enjoyed getting to know them both, along with Holly’s best friend Sam, her apartment neighbor Rob, and Josh’s best friend, Ben. Ms. Wade does such a great job of creating unique and compelling characters that have me laughing and crying right along with them. The only negative comment I have applies to a couple of the stories and it is that there were a couple issues that I thought were resolved a little too quickly, though I find that tends to be the case with many of the novellas I’ve read. But other than that minor detail, I very much enjoyed everything else about these stories. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance with unique characters that make you smile! My thanks to the publisher for my copy of this book! I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.
queenofmyfairytale More than 1 year ago
Review: Great book!!! So full of love and romance and stories that leave you wanting more! I have never been a short story fan, I like more details! But these are amazing, I definitely wanted more from each story though!! They were so great that I would love to see where the characters end up! All of the characters are so sweet! The love stories are each unique and believable. The first story Love Takes the Cake is absolutely adorable! Charlotte’s story is a great overcoming of past mistakes and finding love in the most unexpected places! Will is the sweet overprotective brother that we all know and love. They are so perfect for each other, they had me rooting them on through the whole story! The Perfect Arrangement is such a cute story, love the characters especially George. I think that he is my favorite character! The way the author talks about the floral arrangements makes it feel real-life, up close and personal! The way that the two main characters meet is so romantic and funny! Nate is so caring and outgoing, he such a great match for the shy, loving Amelia. I love their exchanges and the hilarity that is included within each email. The way that love slowly blooms between them is inspiring and makes for a great read! Love is in the Details definitely finishes off the book without dissappointment. A long lost love returned. A love that endured a whole lot of anger, frustration and separation. The way that Holly and Josh were able to overcome so many years of misunderstandings and missing each other, it made me want to cry and scream at them at the same time. I enjoyed their journey, it was funny and beautiful. Once they both finally figured out what they wanted they went for it! They were finally happy. All of these stories have one great message, trust God. Sometimes our love lives don’t go as planned, but we need to trust in God and know he is working miracles for you! He is working out all your problems, trust him and be patient. The love between each of these characters, are inspiring and they are all awesome people that I would love to know in real life!! Such great love stories! If you are a true romanitc you will LOVE these stories!! Can’t wait to find more from each of these authors!!
VillaSyl More than 1 year ago
A great trilogy to begin your Autumn reading, a quick read to take your mind off things and get lost in the name of love. To Have and to Hold includes three short stories by three great authors. The main character in each story has some tie to the wedding market. They’ve helped orchestrate the perfect day for countless couples. Will they ever find themselves in the wedding spotlight? Check to see in the next installment of Year of Weddings novella collection. Love Takes the Cake: A September Wedding Story by Betsy St. Amant Charlotte Cantrell is always the baker never the bride. When Will, a regular at Charlotte’s bakery, catches her attention, she can only hope that he is the reliable man this single mother has always hoped to find. The problem is that he’s regularly stopping in to buy cookies for another girl. However, when Charlotte is hired to bake a host of wedding goodies for a difficult bride and finds out Will is the best man, she has the perfect opportunity to get to know him better. Very sweet story and quickly fell into place. The Perfect Arrangement: An October Wedding Story by Katie Ganshert Amelia Woods is a small-town wallflower and the proud owner of Forget-Me-Nots, a quaint flower shop. Her love life has always been a bit lackluster—until she ends up in an embarrassing fender-bender with handsome Nate Gallagher. Meanwhile, Amelia’s younger brother, William, has proposed to his girlfriend. Amelia would be excited except she has evidence that the fiancée is not who she says she is. It seems Nate is the only one available for any advice giving. The banter between the two main characters during their emails is reminiscent of the movie, You’ve Got Mail. I also love the old movie references that are used in this novella. As Amelia works to create the perfect flower arrangements for other people, she begins to wonder if real love is better than the dream. If it is, will Nate still be interested when he learns who she is? Love in the Details: A November Wedding Story by Becky Wade When Josh returns to his hometown of Martinsburg, Texas, to help his best friend get married, he did not intend to run into church wedding coordinator and ex-girlfriend, Holly. He cannot help but pine after the girl he never got over. Holly broke up with Josh years ago in an attempt to ensure his future success. However, she never got over him and still loves him now. As she helps him plan his best friend’s wedding, she longs to be with Josh but doesn’t feel worthy of his big-time lifestyle when she is more comfortable in her small town world. Will Josh and Holly be able to keep things, as they are when their true feelings threaten to surface at every turn? This story was also sweet until the end. To Have and To Hold was a lot of fun to read, short and sweet, the three stories of hope and love with inspiration to never give up. This trio of autumn love stories is the perfect book to curl up with on a crisp, fall day. While each story is unique, they all meld together perfectly to create a fun and memorable novella collection. I received a copy of the book To Have and To Hold from BookLook Bloggers for my review.
Britney_Adams More than 1 year ago
Perfect for romance readers, this wonderful collection takes the cake! While unique in their settings, these three autumn love stories share a common wedding theme, which I loved. Love Takes the Cake by Betsy St. Amant- A fun story that left me wanting more! The Perfect Arrangement by Katie Ganshert- The email banter and movie references completely charmed me! Love in the Details by Becky Wade- A tender tale brimming with palpable emotions! Boasting endearing characters, engaging story lines, and wonderful humor and wit, the To Have and To Hold novellas delighted me from beginning to end! I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Fall is by far my favorite season of the year. Something changes in the air. Perhaps it is the dance of the falling leaves on the wind, the crispness to the air or maybe it's just a time for great novel about love and romance while sitting by the warm fire and drinking something hot. To Have and To Hold is that perfect blend of three great fall romance novellas by Betsy St.Amant, Katie Ganshert and Becky Wade all gathered together in one great book. Each taking a turn at creating something unforgettable and timeless in each of their respective novellas. Love Takes the Cake by Betsy St. Amant is a delightfully sweet tale of Charlotte Cantrell, owner and proprietress of The Donut Knot, a small bakery that she has always dreamed would one day provide the income a single mother like herself would need to support her young daughter Zoe. Now if she can simply put all romantic interest of out her mind and focus on working with her latest Bridezilla to determine which cake flavor she would most like for her wedding cake. Only it turns out that she is simply too stressed to make all these decisions and defaults under the suggestion of her fiancè to have the best man, Will Martin work with Charlotte to come up with the right combination for all her events leading up to the wedding. Now if she can only stick to her plan not to get involved with anyone while she dreams of what it would be like to date Will instead? The Perfect Arrangement by Katie Ganshert takes us for a reminiscent ride back through all those old black and white romance movies with Amelia Woods who simply wanted to see what her former boyfriend, Matt's wedding looks like. She wasn't 'spying' she was simply putting her past behind her with this last attempt at letting go. She just never dreamed she would run into the next love of her life, literally by rear-ending his car. Turns out that Nate Galligher might have met his match with Amelia. As the two begin corresponding through email as Amelia attempts to apologize for hitting him and then leaving so quickly, it turns out that they have more in common than they thought and that is love for old classic movies and the romance that those former days seems to allude to. But will Amelia and Nate find the lasting connection or will they simply fade away into the sunset? Love in the Details by Becky Wade wraps up the book with two former high school sweethearts, Holly and Josh, that are reunited again after 8 years to find themselves suddenly working together on a wedding. Their relationship ended with both being confused on why and thus hurt feelings materialize once again to show that those smoldering embers might just have an opportunity to fan into flames of a former love if they can simply find a way to communicate over what really happened and how a misunderstanding might just be a reason for finding forgiveness and a second chance at true happiness. I received To Have and To Hold by Betsy St.Amant, Katie Ganshert and Becky Wade compliments of Net Galley and Zondervan Publishers. The best thing about a romance book like this one is you get a little taste of romance with three very talented authors. Kinda feels like a Hallmark movie marathon and for me, my favorite had to be The Perfect Arrangement simply because I am a fan of You've Got Mail and The Shop Around the Corner. They simply don't make them like that anymore and combined with just the right blend of comedy, romance and a yearning for something more, these all feel
dhiggins4 More than 1 year ago
“To Have and To Hold” is a compilation of three novellas in one novel. Even though I am a fan of inspiration suspense, I really enjoyed all three of these stories. The first novella is “Love Takes the Cake” by Betsy St. Amant. Charlotte, a baker, has a secret crush on Will, a customer that comes in everyday and orders snickerdoodles. When Charlotte has the opportunity to cater a wedding, she finds that she is going to be working closer to Will as he is the best man in the wedding. The second novella is “The Perfect Arrangement” by Katie Ganshert. This was my favorite novella. Of course, I am very biased to Katie Ganshert’s writing. She is one of my favorite authors. This novella starts out with Amelia who owns a flower shop. Amelia ends up in a fender bender with Nate. Her and Nate start a relationship through email. I loved how Katie wrote part of the book in emails. I think this was a great and interesting touch. The third novella is “Love in the Details” by Becky Wade. This novella starts out with Holly. Holly broke up with Josh, her longtime boyfriend, years ago. However, now Josh is back in town. Holly and Josh both are finding that old feeling are still there. Yet both of them are afraid to tell the other of their feelings. I really enjoyed this novel. I like it written in novellas. It makes it easy to read one story in one sitting. I would definitely recommend this novel. I received this novel from the publisher for my honest opinion.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
To Have and to Hold was such an enjoyable, romantic novella collection.Each of these three stories are independent of each other. They do have a couple of things in common. In each story, the season is fall and the heroine of the novella works in the bridal industry in some way. Otherwise, be prepared to be wowed by three uniquely creative love stories. In Love Takes the Cake by Betsy St. Amant, Charlotte is a single mom and bakery owner. She caters all kinds of events, including weddings. I thought that this was such a fun novella. I experienced the emotions of the two characters and I loved the way they interacted. There was a side character named Melissa whom I am really, really, really hoping gets her own novel or novella in the future. I think it would be such an amazing thing to see her find true love! In The Perfect Arrangement by Katie Ganshert, Amelia is a florist who owns her own shop. Weddings are one of the many reasons people buy flowers from her. This story is super fun and is told from Amelia’s perspective. It is also partially in the form of multiple emails that are sent back and forth between Amelia and her love interest. The banter between the two main characters during their emails is reminiscent of the movie, You’ve God Mail. I also love all of the old movie references that are used in this novella. In Love in the Details by Becky Wade, Holly is the church wedding coordinator in her small town. She is also a novelist who gave up her true love, Josh, many years before and has never fully recovered. I loved the way the author did such a good job of showing this story from both Holly and Josh’s perspectives. I felt the tension, the attraction, and the hurt as these characters experienced those emotions. I loved the similarities to the Jane Austen classic novel, Persuasion. These three stories were so enjoyable and I definitely recommend them. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
mymissdaisy More than 1 year ago
And I thought ...A lovely collection. I enjoyed each story. The stories take place in September, October, and November. Truly making this a fun Fall read. I enjoyed meeting these authors and look forward to reading more of their works. Each story is different and unique in it's own way. I took a day read the entire collection. They are fast and fun to read each feeling like a Hallmark Movie. This book was published by Zondervan and each story has a faith element but it is extremely subtle not overbearing at all. Anyone (any age) that reads Contemporary Romances would enjoy this collection. I can easily give this collection 5 Stars. I received a complimentary copy of To Have And To Hold from Book Look in exchange for my honest review.
Jaquelyn More than 1 year ago
This book was a lot of fun to read. I found it hard enough to put down that I read the whole thing in one day. To Have and to Hold includes 3 short stories by three great authors. One of the main characters in each story has some sort of tie to the wedding market. They love helping others with their big day, and wonder if it will ever be their turn. I enjoyed getting to know a little more about the background of the wedding industry. And couldn't wait to find out how they all got their happy endings. The first story is written by Betsy St. Amant. Love takes the cake follows Charlotte and Will as they find their way from being acquaintances to maybe something more. Amant had me laughing and I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. The Perfect Arrangement is written by Katie Ganshert. It follows Amelia and Nate as they get to know each other better. But when hidden things come to light, will their new relationship be enough? Ganshert kept my interest the entire time and had my dying to see them find their happy ending. Last but not least, the final story in this book is Love in the Details by Becky Wade. It follows Josh and Holly as they work together to create the best wedding possible for his best friend. And did I mention they were once in love with each other? A beautiful story of looking at what is right in front of you and letting go of the past. All three stories are amazing! I found I could relate to what the characters were going through and enjoyed seeing them fight for their happy endings. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Contemporary Fiction. I received a copy of this book from Zondervan in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are my own.
GailHollingsworth More than 1 year ago
To Have and to Hold contains three novellas by three top notch authors. The cover caught my eye right off. I love the color combinations. In common with the three stories is the fact that each story has romance but the main characters are not the ones the weddings are centered around. There's also a fair amount of guilt, and hurts from the past to deal with. In Love Takes the Cake by Betsy St Amant, Charlotte owns a bakery called the Dough Knott. She has a young daughter that she is raising alone and because of past hurts her favorite saying is "The eyes don't lie". She can look in someone's eyes and tell if they are being truthful or lying. Will comes in every week on the same day at the same time to order the same cookies. Charlotte can almost set her watch by this particular customer. When Charlotte finds out that he buys the cookies for someone named Melissa she curtails her interest in Will. Will then gets roped into planning the desserts for a couples wedding and has to work closely with Charlotte in choosing what she will make that will please the bride. The Perfect Arrangement by Katie Ganshert centers around Amelia who owns the Forget Me Not Flower Shop. Her Ex from college is getting married so she slowly drives by the church on that day out of curiosity. Not paying attention to her driving she runs into the back of a stranger's car right close to the church. Trying to not be noticed she's in a hurry to get out of there and hands Nate her business card to contact her about insurance to repair his bumper. They begin a fun email correspondence. I loved George, one of Amelia's favorite customers. He's 90 years old and comes by every Monday to buy a bouquet for his wife. Love in the Details is about Holly who writes novels and lives in the same small town she grew up in. She helps with weddings in her church. Her boyfriend that she loved in high school comes back to help with his best friend's wedding. Holly broke up with Josh right before college at his mother's request. Lots of hurt was involved there but Josh went on to do very well in spite of his heartbreak. He now owns a computer company and lives in Paris. He still does not know the real reason Holly broke up with him eight years ago but enlists her help in finding an after wedding rehearsal dinner venue. Each of these stories had very lovable characters that I couldn't help but get invested in what would happen in their lives. I was fully drawn in to each story that had things in common but also were so different. And God was there to work in each and every character's lives. I was given an ebook copy through Net Galley to read and give my honest review, which I have done.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful collection of 3 novellas!!! Zondervan had released a fall collection of love stories that each easily wove their way into my heart. I met some unforgettable characters. Each were artistic and dedicated to their own profession. I think one of the greatest common denominators among the characters was not only their ability to put on smile on someone's face, but also that they focused on each client as though they were the only client. Each have a dream they are trying to fulfill, but at the same time hoping they would get a chance at romance and love. In the first story we meet Charlotte Cantrell who is the baker and owner of The Doughknot. She is a single mom who doesn't want to let anyone close enough to hurt her again, but her attraction to a man who came every Tuesday evening might just leave her in knots before it's over. In the second story we meet Amelia Woods the owner and designer of Forget-Me-Not Flower Shop. Life had not turned out as she had expected. This is almost like a Cinderella story. Amelia's mother owned a flower shop where Amelia had helped and learned the art of the trade. With her mother's death she thought the shop was all but lost to her, until she was able to buy it. It's success was her greatest desire. A happenstance meeting with a stranger involving a car wreck and the exchange of emails has Amelia looking for love in all the wrong places. Last we meet Holly and Josh, who were high school sweethearts looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. Holly makes a decision that will break both their hearts. Now with Josh back in town to fulfill an obligation as best man and Holly the church wedding coordinator will they get another chance at love or will the past be too much to overcome? These are three sweet romances that quickly pulled me in and kept me turning the pages. Each plot is well thought and the characters are easy to love. This is a book I would recommend to anyone who loves a good, clean love story. *I received this book from the author in exchange for a honest review without bias or outside influence.
BethErin More than 1 year ago
Love Takes the Cake had me seriously craving sweets (more than usual, which is a lot), especially snickerdoodles!!! This is the first Betsy St. Amant title I’ve read so I’ll be hunting down more of her work for future reads! The Perfect Arrangement features Amelia and Nate who meet in a fender bender then get to know one another via email. I definitely feel a kinship with Amelia, she’s a bit awkward in social situations and prefers communicating from the safety of a computer! Katie Ganshert, you are on my list! Love in the Details takes us to small-town Texas where estranged loves Josh and Holly meet face-to-face for the first time in the years since their long-distance breakup. I love Holly! She is compassionate and self-sacrificing. Becky Wade, you already know I love you! I requested the opportunity to read and review this title through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
Amigagal More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the 3 stories in this novella. Each one featured a woman who had a particular part in planning a wedding - a florist, a baker and a wedding planner. All the stories had some humor in them and were different from each other. I loved each one for different reasons! It's so fun to read novellas because you can read them quickly but still have great characters and a great story. The men were also fun to get to know in these books. I've read these authors before and really enjoyed them but reading these novellas where a wedding was the main focus was a fun change of pace. The weddings were not the characters' weddings but other characters in the stories so it was especially fun to see the ups and downs everyone went through on the way to THEIR Happily Ever After!!!! I recommend this book!
Becky_B More than 1 year ago
To Have and to Hold: Three Autumn Love Stories (A Year of Weddings Novella) LOVE!! What a wonderful read. I just finished all three stories and enjoyed each one. I am not sure I could choose my favorite even if pressed. Here are my highlights! The first one Love Takes the Cake: A September Wedding Story by Betsy St. Amant is a story about a single mom who is a baker. She is looking for a steady "boring" man and ends up finding someone a little different. The Perfect Arrangement: An October Wedding Story by Katie Ganshert. This sweet story alternates between the couples e-mail exchanges and the main character Amelia's world at her flower shop. With a few twists and turns this story held my attention till the end. Love in the Details: A November Wedding Story by Becky Wade. Loved this story about Holly and Josh who were high school sweethearts who run into each other years later. Holly and Josh walk through misunderstandings, forgiveness, and have a chance to build a new future. I was rooting for them the entire story. Three wonderful stories that you will want to read and revisit, and a great way to usher in Fall. I highly recommend this book. I was given a copy of this book by the publisher.
LizD1 More than 1 year ago
To Have and to Hold By: Betsy St Amant , Katie Ganshert , and Becky Wade Three summer time love heartwarming romance collection by three wonderful authors that will keep you reading and wanting more. Loves Takes The Cake By: Betsy St Amant I really loved this sweet romance story. Charlotte is a single mom and runs a bakery . She has been done wrong in the pass and afraid to trust again. Nate , a guy that is a regular customer every week and buys cookies for Melissa . Who is this Melissa? He really likes Charlotte , but she thinks he is cheating and wants nothing to do with him. Nate also has a guilt he cannot get over. Both are afraid to trust . The Perfect Arrangement By: Katie Ganshert This is a very sweet story . Amelia owns a flower shop. Her ex boyfriend is marrying someone else. While she is snooping she has a fender bender with a super sweet guy, Nate. He is nice about it all . They text back and forth and he gives her some advice on her problem . Amelia is beginning to think life might be better after all. What about Nate? How does he feel? Love In The Detail By: Becky Wade I really loved this short story where two old friends meet back up. Josh is back in his home town to help his best friend with his wedding. Holly broke up with josh before he left for college. He never really knew why. Holly and Josh both are helping with the wedding and they get together to try and get some things arranged. They both still have feeling for each other. Holly is keeping a secret she has never told Josh. What will happen if he finds out? I was given a copy of this book by the author and NetGalley for my honest review.
VJoyPalmer More than 1 year ago
I love this novella collection! Sweet! Sassy! Romantic! Bliss. Love Takes the Cake ~ Such a sweet story. I love Betsy St. Amant's wit! Some people might feel like Charlotte and Will fall into the cliché of just needing to talk. Yeah, there are some misunderstandings, but I felt like they were pretty believable. Charlotte acted out of a place of deep hurt and because she had her daughter to protect. And Will. What a guy! He was well developed for such a short story. The Perfect Arrangement ~ LOVE THIS STORY! Ok, first, this story is written in first person from Amelia's perspective - my favorite thing in the world! She's so much fun! And Nate. Sigh. He quotes Mr. Darcy and knows old Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart movies. Need I say more? Love in the Details ~ Such a sweet story! Josh is a handsome nerd and Holly is a YA writer - I loved that! Becky Wade paints such lovely word pictures. And I love stories of unrequited love and second chances.
DaphSelf More than 1 year ago
To Have and to Hold held promise. I was captivated by the blurb on the back, the cover seemed romantic, and the three authors were ones whom I have never read before. There are pros and cons to the book. Firstly, I will start with the cons. In story one: Love Takes the Cake, repetition of Melissa's accident became a burden to read. Will seemed too preoccupied with her accident and his personality did not seem to mesh well with him being a soldier. Charlotte seemed two dimensional and never seemed to have actually grown as a woman. She seemed stuck as that college kid who made a mistake. To me, if you own a bakery, then you have already moved past the past. If a reader is expecting a Christian romance, then she/he would be disappointed. In story two: The Perfect Arrangement, I found myself having trouble really delving into the story since most of the story is comprised of emails between three individuals. Amelia seemed too flighty. The fender bender seemed contrived in order to have a plot to the story. This was not a Christian romance, per se. No talk of Jesus or of faith. In story three: Love in the Details, I found myself with another tired plot, billionaire boyfriend. Although not as repetitious as the others, I did see a couple of things that some more conservative readers would balk at. Coming from Zondervan most readers would not expect borderline phrases that take God's name in vain. The faith portrayed was at best minimal and surface faith only. The pros for these stories: Each was a clean read. All had a sweet romance air to the story and the happily ever afters that readers would enjoy to read. The writing, although the repetition could have been deleted and more character development portrayed, was captivating. This is a book that can be enjoyed by a variety of readers from a broad age group. ***I received this book through BookLook Bloggers at Thomas Nelson in exchange of an honest review***
swimreadbreathe4JC More than 1 year ago
   To Have and to Hold is a collection of three novellas in the "Year of Weddings" series, this being the autumn addition.  The first, "Love Takes the Cake: A September Wedding Story", is by Betsy St. Amant, the second, "The Perfect Arrangement: An October Wedding Story", is by Katie Ganshert, and the third, "Love in the Details: A November Wedding Story" is by Becky Wade.      Personally, I requested to review this book for the sole purpose of being able to read Becky Wade's addition, but I made the mistake of not reading the description of the book in my excitement, and was disappointed to see that it was the same novella that was released last year by her.  Oh well, I thought to myself,  I guess I'll just read the other ones.  Boy, am I glad I did! Both were cute, fun stories, and one was even a spin-off of Pride and Prejudice, which completely and totally made up for my mistake--I let out a giddy squeal as soon as I read the first line!  None of the stories are boring or rushed, as novellas in collections can tend to be; all were fresh, original, and adorable.  I would totally recommend this to anyone looking to get a quick read in amidst all of the back-to-school busyness.      Thank you so much to Thomas Nelson and their Book Look Bloggers program for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review.  All opinions are my own and were not required to be positive. *Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention/review it on my blog. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.*
WildflowerMom More than 1 year ago
An enjoyable trio of fall romances involving the hardworking women behind the wedding scene: a baker, florist and wedding coordinator find their own happy endings. These were all unique in settings, but shared similar themes. The heroines struggle with self-doubt, having a hard time forgiving their own past mistakes and hurt, which clouds their present perspective. Faith and friendship help them move on and trust again. My favorite was the last one, with the writer who finds herself helping out as a wedding coordinator, working alongside her long lost love. Some funny and sweet moments, plus a good example of waiting for and trusting God's timing in this one. The second story was clever, told from the woman's point of view and partially through emails. A bit of kismet and a touch of a cinderella story added a little extra sparkle. The first one had a lot of romantic tension, and the couple had difficulty letting go of their past mistakes, but when they did, boy, did their romance sizzle. Who can resist cupcakes, cookies and a cute little girl? Recommend for readers who enjoy clean contemporary romances, with a little faith. 4.5 stars (Book provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.)