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To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers and Liturgies for Parents

To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers and Liturgies for Parents

by Kayla Craig
To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers and Liturgies for Parents

To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers and Liturgies for Parents

by Kayla Craig


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Prayers to guide your journey of raising kids in a complicated world.
In an age of distraction and overwhelm, finding the words to meaningfully pray for our children—and for our journey as parents—can feel impossible.

Written with warmth and welcome, To Light Their Way gives voice to your prayers when words won’t come. Filled with more than 100 modern liturgies, this book guides you into an intentional conversation with God for your children and the world they live in. From everyday struggles like helping your child find friends or thrive in school to larger issues like praying for a brighter world rooted in peace and truth, these pleas and petitions act as a gentle guide, reminding us that while our words may fail, God never does.

At the core of To Light Their Way is the deepest of prayers: that our children will experience the love of God so deeply that their lives will be an outpouring of love that lights up the world.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781496454003
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 10/05/2021
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 151,027
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

A Parade of Prayers xv

A Blessing to Begin xxv

Part 1 Prayers for Family Milestones 1

A Prayer for Pregnancy 3

A Prayer for Birth 5

A Prayer for Baptism 6

A Prayer for Baby Dedication 8

A Prayer for a Child's Birthday 10

A Prayer for a Sibling Preparing for a New Baby 13

A Prayer for Adoption 14

A Prayer for When a Child Shares Good News 15

A Prayer Before Leaving on Vacation 17

A Prayer to Welcome a New Pet 19

Part 2 Prayers for Ordinary Moments 21

A Prayer for Mercy in the Mundane 23

A Prayer for Feeding a Baby 24

A Prayer for a Meal Together 26

A Prayer for a Weekend at Home 28

A Prayer for When You're Apart 29

A Prayer for When Your Child Is Sick at Home 32

A Prayer for a Stressful Morning 34

A Prayer for Playing Together 36

A Prayer for Walking Together 37

A Prayer for Reading Together 39

Part 3 Prayers for Times of Transitson 41

A Prayer for Moving 43

A Prayer for the First Day of Preschool 45

A Prayer for the First Day of School 46

A Prayer for Homeschool 48

A Prayer for a Child Leaving Home 49

A Prayer for Learning to Drive 51

A Prayer for Graduation 52

A Prayer for Letting Go 54

A Prayer for a Son or Daughter Who Is Single 55

A Prayer for the Marriage of a Son or Daughter 56

Part 4 Prayers for a Weary World 59

A Prayer for Infertility 62

A Prayer for Pregnancy Loss 64

A Prayer for the Death of a Child 65

A Prayer for the NICU 67

A Prayer for Postpartum Depression 69

A Prayer Before a Child's Hospitalization 70

A Prayer for When Your Child Receives a Diagnosis 71

A Prayer for a Child with a Disability 73

A Prayer for Divorce 76

A Prayer for Job Loss 78

A Prayer for the Death of a Loved One 79

A Prayer for the Death of a Pet 80

A Prayer After a Natural Disaster 82

A Prayer for Gun Violence in School 84

A Prayer for Talking about Racism with Children 86

A Prayer for When Your Child Sees Something Scary on the News 88

Part 5 Prayers for the Parenting Journey 89

A Prayer for Hearing God 91

A Prayer for Self-Doubt 92

A Prayer for the Overwhelmed 94

A Prayer for the Anger We Hold 95

A Prayer for When We've Gotten It Wrong 96

A Prayer for When Your Child Has Broken Trust 99

A Prayer for One Who Parents Alone 101

A Prayer for Foster Parents 103

A Prayer for When Your Child Has Been Bullied 106

A Prayer for When Your Child Bullies Another 108

Part 6 Prayers for Nurturing Faith and Character 111

A Prayer for Following the Way of Jesus 113

A Prayer for a Grateful Spirit 115

A Prayer for a Creative Spirit 117

A Prayer for Dirty Hands 118

A Prayer for a Child with Big Feelings 119

A Prayer for Consumerism 120

A Prayer for Media Consumption 123

A Prayer for Siblings 125

A Prayer for a Child's Friendship 126

A Prayer for a Daughter to Know Her Worth 127

A Prayer for a Son to Walk the Way of Jesus 130

A Prayer for Peace 133

Part 7 Prayers for Holidays and Holy Days 137

A Prayer for a New Year 139

A Prayer for Epiphany 140

A Prayer for Martin Luther King Jr. Day 141

A Prayer for St. Valentine's Day 144

A Prayer for Ash Wednesday 146

A Prayer for Lent 148

A Prayer for Palm Sunday 151

A Prayer for Maundy Thursday 152

A Prayer for Good Friday 154

A Prayer for Holy Saturday 156

A Prayer for Easter 158

A Prayer for St. Patrick's Day 160

A Prayer for the Feast Day of St. Oscar Romero 161

A Prayer for the Annunciation 163

A Prayer for Mother's Day 164

A Prayer for Pentecost 165

A Prayer for Trinity Sunday 166

A Prayer for Father's Day 167

A Prayer for the Transfiguration 168

A Prayer on the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi 170

A Prayer for All Saints' Day 172

A Prayer for Christ the King Sunday 174

A Prayer for Advent 175

A Prayer for the Feast Day of St. Nicholas 177

A Prayer for Christmas Morning 180

Part 8 Breath Prayers 183

For When You're Tired 184

For When You Need to Feel God's Love 184

For When You Need Direction 184

For When You Feel Alone 185

For When Life Feels Chaotic 185

For When You Need Peace 185

For When You're Afraid 186

For When You Need to Be Reminded of God's Character 186

For When You Feel Weak 186

For When You Need Hope 187

For When You Need to Guard Your Tongue 187

For When You Need to Remember Who's in Control 187

For When You Need Forgiveness 188

For When Your Heart Is Heavy 188

For When You Don't Know What to Do 188

For When You Are Waiting on Cod 189

For When You Feel Burned Out 189

For When You Are Weary 189

For When You Are Worried 190

For When You Feel like You Can't Go On 190

For When Your Mind Is Swirling 190

For When You Are Ready to Give Up 191

For When You Want to Praise 191

For When You Need a Reminder of Your Identity 192

For When You're on Overdrive 192

For When You Need to Be Reminded of God's Presence 192

For When You Face Injustice 193

For When You Need Perspective 193

For When You Feel Anxious 193

For When You Are Discouraged 194

For When You Need Proof of God's Goodness 194

For When You Walk through Complicated Times 194

For When You Are Down 195

For When You Are Distracted 195

For an Ordinary Day 195

For a Busy Day 196

For a Monday Morning 196

For the Beginning of the Week 196

For the Middle of the Week 197

For When You Wake Up in the Morning 197

For the End of the Day 197

For Going to Sleep or Waking Up 198

A Benediction 199

Acknowledgment 201

Appendix: Liturgical Calendar 205

Notes 207

Index 209

About the Author 213

What People are Saying About This

Morgan Harper Nichols

To Light Their Way is a beautiful invitation to pause and draw near to God, no matter the circumstance. For parents, this collection is a grace-filled place to turn when seeking language, hope, and peace.

Laura Kelly Fanucci

To Light Their Way is a trusted companion for every parent’s journey, honoring the bright and dark places along the way. Kayla Craig has given us a rich collection of liturgies to pray in quiet or proclaim together in chaos, a book for the joys and sorrows of raising children through milestone moments and mundane days. Kayla has a heart for justice, an ear for poetry, and clear eyes to see the world through grit and glory. Her prayers offer a deep breath and a drink of grace when we need it most. At the heart of each liturgy is gratitude for the goodness of family love, even when it is complicated or challenging. To Light Their Way is the prayer book so many of us have been searching for—strong in faith, wide in reach, and stubborn in hope.

Cole Arthur Riley

These liturgies awaken us to the glory of children again and again. Kayla has curated a collection that is honest about every flawed and aching aspect of parenthood, yet her words are grounded in a deep gratitude for her role as keeper, protector, and lover of the little ones she calls her own. I suspect these prayers will be shared, remembered, and held close for many years to come.

Diana K. Oestreich

Breathtaking and transformational. This book takes us by the hand and shows us how to pray for our children through heartbreak and with a howl of hope in our chests. Don’t miss this chance to light up milestones and meltdowns and everything in between with unflinching prayers of joy and generosity. We need more guides like Kayla in the world and on the bookshelf!

Manda Carpenter

As a mom to many foster children and one newborn baby, I have experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows in my parenting journey. Moments with God are harder to come by when you have children whose needs demand all your time and attention. Time with God is essential for myself and my family. When I have time, I am often depleted and lacking the words to pray. Thankfully, Kayla Craig has provided this book full of beautifully woven prayers and liturgies for parents just like me. This is the book I didn’t know I so desperately needed.

Justin McRoberts

Few voices I’ve come across do the work of demystifying not only spiritual matters but also the sometimes overwhelming world of parenting. This book, like so much of Kayla’s work, meets me in both places, providing pathways of language and imagery that help place me in my own secret and everyday life.

James Martin

Inspired, beautiful, heartfelt, compassionate, and real, these prayers will help you enter into a deeper relationship with God in almost every part of your life as a believer.

Aundi Kolber

Now more than ever, many of us are overwhelmed with the demands of parenting in such a loud world. With compassion, curiosity, and tenderness, Kayla Craig offers us sacred prayers and space for the complexity of parenthood. To Light Their Way is a gift to all of us who are seeking to stay rooted in faith as we navigate the beautiful and difficult terrain of raising kids.

Ashlee Gadd

Nothing brings you to your knees in prayer quite like becoming a parent. To Light Their Way is just that—a candle in the dark, a hand to hold, words to guide you when you have none. Kayla’s warm, compassionate voice is a balm to weary parents everywhere, offering the perfect language to pray over a multitude of circumstances. This book has earned a permanent spot on my nightstand. I will be turning to these love-soaked prayers again and again as I raise my three children.

Shannan Martin

To live fully is to embrace the wonder of the ordinary and the mystery of God with us. These simple, meaningful prayers are a night-light, reminding us we are not alone. I will keep this beautiful book close at hand and reach for it again and again.

Shannon K. Evans

Every parent or caregiver knows what it’s like to stare down the hopes, fears, joys, and griefs of childrearing and struggle to find words to say, much less words to pray. This book is an expansive offering of grace, generously providing the language we all need to lift our children to the One who knit each and every one of them together in love.

Jonathan "Pastah J" Brooks

To Light Their Way is such an inspiring collection of liturgies and prayers that help families discuss and discern the themes of justice we want to see in our world. Kayla thoughtfully leads parents, children, and extended family down the path of truly living out Jesus’ hope of seeing God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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