To Win Her Love

To Win Her Love

by Mackenzie Crowne

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To Win Her Love by Mackenzie Crowne

They’ve got a house and two kids—and now they’re about to really get to know each other . . .
Sports blogger Gracie Gable is desperate for custody of her beloved twin nieces. But thanks to a bizarre legal stipulation, she has to battle against football superstar Jake Malone for custody—and now she and the sexy tight end have to live under the same roof for three months, taking care of the girls together. She just has to hope she doesn’t fall prey to his flirtatious pursuits—and that he doesn’t find out about the skeletons in her closet . . .
Neglected by his parents as a boy, Jake doesn’t believe in happily ever after. Yet living with Gracie and the twins might be enough to change his mind—and his womanizing ways. But when the press unearths a scandal from Gracie’s past, will he lose the one woman he was ready to open his heart to?

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ISBN-13: 9781616507374
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 08/04/2015
Series: Players , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 246
Sales rank: 44,282
File size: 800 KB

About the Author

Wife, mother and really young grandmother, Mackenzie Crowne shares her home with her high school sweetheart husband, a neurotic Pomeranian, and a blind cat. She calls Arizona home because the southwest feeds her soul. Her love of the romance genre has been a lifelong affair, both as a reader and a writer. A bout with breast cancer sharpened her resolve to see her stories shared with others. Today, she’s an eight-year survivor, living the dream. Her friends call her Mac. She hopes you will too. Visit her website at, find her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter at

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Like pure, walking sin, Jake Malone closed the distance in a deceptively lazy saunter. Gracie Gable fought the nearly overwhelming urge to take off running. Clenching her jaw, she lifted her chin. Without knowing her true identity, the various press publications flooding her blog's inbox with requests for interviews had been stymied in their attempts to track her down physically. How the hell had Jake?

And oh, God, why now?

A horrified groan rumbled deep in her chest. Having no idea what was in Pete's will, she couldn't afford to do anything to jeopardize her guardianship of the girls — like going toe-to-toe with the Manhattan Marauders' Outlaw Tight End right here on her brother-in-law's front lawn. She shot a worried glance down the historic farmhouse's long driveway, relieved to find it empty. With a little luck, Pete's attorney would be delayed long enough for her to deal with the famous all-pro's justified, but still overblown ego. She'd promise him anything — apologize profusely for insulting his integrity, offer him a bribe, whatever would get rid of him before Anthony Spinoza arrived.

Six foot five, with a fallen angel's face and the body of a god, Jake continued to approach. Gravel crunched beneath the heels of his boots, marking his long-legged swagger, as his thigh muscles flexed and stretched under faded blue jeans. A worn and battered leather bomber jacket rode his yard-wide shoulders. His trademark black Stetson and snakeskin boots completed the image of the Outlaw who held his own against opposing defensive lines and cast him in countless feminine fantasies. Hers included. She'd enjoyed more than her share of secret imaginings concerning the Marauders' number one tight end.

Though his nasty insults during their disastrous exchange on her blog the other day should've dealt a death blow to her foolish infatuation, the two-dimensional image she'd admired on her TV screen couldn't have prepared her for the flesh and bone temptation that was Jake Malone. Dismay crowded panic as every double X chromosome in her body quivered with giddy, XXX delight.

The X girls danced with anticipation, and the erratic thump of her heart increased with every fall of his size fifteen feet. Down, girls. He may look like every woman's deepest sexual fantasy, but those boots are more likely to stomp us into the ground than end up under our bed.

As angry as he must be to have taken the trouble to discover her true identity and find her, she could clearly imagine him grabbing her with those meat hooks he called hands and shaking her until her bones rattled.

Try it, buster. If you think the press is in a frenzy now, wait till I'm done with you.

The silent threat boosted her flagging confidence. She angled her chin a bit more defiantly. At five ten, she was used to looking most men in the eye, but despite the added height from her three-inch heels, her gaze fell even with the sharp blade of his nose. Dark stubble shadowed the solid line of his jaw and upper lip, the same blue-black as the silky locks falling below the brim of his hat to brush his collar in the shaggy hairstyle popular among the ranks of pro football these days.

Disturbed at how badly her fingers itched to shove the hat from his head and stroke the glossy strands, she curled her hands into fists, and met his gaze. Blatant curiosity sparkled in eyes as verdant green as the needles of the pine trees lining the drive at his back. A slow smile curved his cleanly cut lips.

Huh? A sneer or even a dismissive smirk she could understand, but a smile? Where was his anger? She blinked when, instead of snatching her up, and shaking her like a dirty rag, he spoke in an easy, Texas drawl.

"You don't look like any Anthony I've ever met."

"Excuse me?"

"Anthony Spinoza. I'm supposed to meet him here."

Meet Anthony Spinoza? Why would Jake be meeting with Pete's lawyer, and why pretend ignorance of her identity? Why the pretense? Her temper simmered as logic provided a nasty explanation. Jake Malone had powerful connections and was famous for his ability to strategize. How many times had she applauded his knack for finding his opponents' weaknesses and using them to his advantage? Somehow, he must have found out, not only who she was, but her reason for being here today. She wouldn't put it past the seasoned predator to play her, acting as if he didn't know who she was, then pouncing when she relaxed her guard.

Like hell!

She bared her teeth in a tight smile. "Do you have business with Mr. Spinoza?"

"Of a sort." He didn't expand on the cryptic comment, crossing his arms, and raising an inquisitive brow. "Are you his assistant?"

Oh, he was good. The question contained the perfect amount of curiosity to make it believable. "No, I'm not. I'm supposed to meet him as well."

"Oh, yeah?"

Speculation replaced curiosity in his dark green eyes. Starting at the top of her head and moving down with a slow thoroughness, his gaze traveled her body, pausing momentarily at her chest. Her nipples immediately pouted in response. She fought the urge to slap her palms over them and prayed her fitted winter coat provided the necessary camouflage. Biting her bottom lip, she attempted to calm the girls by picturing him a good foot shorter with scrawny arms and nerdy glasses perched on a bulbous nose.

The vision refused to form.

His steady inspection continued down over her slim skirt. Winged eyebrows lifted at her leather half boots, and his smile slid toward a smirk. He examined her calves beneath the sheer protection her panty hose provided before his gaze made the return trip to her face.

"I should have known."

She bristled at both the disdain in his eyes and his snide drawl. "What, exactly, should you have known?"

"Sorry, sweetheart. You're a looker, but you're a little young, even for an old hound dog like Pete Thompson."

Hound dog? The derogatory description made no sense when attached to the loving older man her sister, Sarah, had adored, but then the rest of his comment registered. The insinuation quieted the remnant whispers of feminine awareness. Indignation strangled thoughts of crushes, walking sin, and expediting his departure.

She matched his stance, crossing her arms. Over the years, Sarah had done her best to break Gracie of her quick temper. When her sister's efforts had failed, she'd predicted one day, the personality flaw would get Gracie into more trouble than she could handle. Today was shaping up as that day, but the possibility didn't stop her from reacting to the insult his speculation represented.

She pinned him with a narrow-eyed stare. "Pete Thompson happens to have been my sister's husband."

His dark brows shot up. "No shit?"

She cleared her throat. "No shit."

He startled as though having his words tossed back surprised him. After studying her in silence for a long moment, the legendary charm for which he was famous made an appearance. Matching dimples popped in his cheeks with his unrepentant smile. "My apologies."

Whether the apology was for his implied insult or her familial connection to Pete, she couldn't tell. Before she could ask, he stuck out a hand and doubled down on his ruse of having no clue of her identity.

"Why don't we start over? Hello, I'm Jake Malone."

She should call him out, of course, demand he tell her what he was up to, but she couldn't resist the opportunity for a little tit for tat. She unfolded her arms to place her hand in his. "Gracie Gable."

"Nice to meet you, Gracie."

Despite her supple leather gloves, the tingling warmth of his large, bare fingers reached hers. She tugged back her hand, relieved when he let go. Equilibrium shaky, she sucked in a stealthy breath, crossed her arms once more, and cocked her head to study him. She tapped a fingertip to her bottom lip in mock concentration.

"Jake Malone? Isn't there a semi-famous ... um, soccer player or something with the same name?"

His wry grin said he clearly recognized her slight for what it was. "Famous football player, actually. I play for the Marauders."

She repaid his slow inspection with one of her own, sliding her gaze from his dark hat to the tips of his booted feet. At two hundred forty-seven hard-muscled pounds, there was a lot of territory to cover. All of it radiated the superbly conditioned perfection of a pro athlete. Her pulse picked up a notch as her gaze roamed over powerful thighs, past trim hips, and over a flat stomach to a broad chest and impossibly wide shoulders. By the time she reached the chiseled line of his jaw, she'd forgotten how to breathe. She needed every bit of concentration to offer him a smirk instead of licking her lips.

"I should have known."

As paybacks went, repeating his insult was lame, but it was the best she could manage. He surprised her by laughing a full-throated, head thrown back, rumble of male approval. His eyes twinkled with appreciation when he lowered his head and winked. Despite the disturbing fluttering in her belly, she didn't try to disguise her satisfied smile.

"Touché, Gracie Gable." Hip cocked in a seemingly relaxed pose, he glanced away to look up at the house for the first time. "So, the old man was married?"


Rolling his shoulders, he tucked the fingers of both hands into the front pockets of his jeans and nodded. She frowned at the unmistakable tension in the tight line of his mouth. What was that about? Her future was at stake here, not his.

She followed his gaze. Steady and welcoming, the familiar weathered shingles and pitched roofs of Thompson Farm brought a pang of grief to her heart. As always, whenever she visited the Long Island home Sarah and Pete had shared, Gracie was reminded of the promise she'd given her sister before she died. A promise neither had expected to come due this soon.

"To my sister. She died three years ago." Even after three long years, the words left the foul bite of burnt ash on her tongue.

"I'm sorry." He turned, his eyes full of sober intensity.

The erratic whip of emotions, from panic at why he was here, to helpless feminine interest, and back to suspicion made her dizzy. Enough already. If he was going to cause a scene, she wanted their confrontation over and done with while they were still alone. "Why are you here?"

Thick lashes lowered at her bald demand, shuttering the green of his eyes. He shrugged. "Damned if I know."

Confused, she opened her mouth to demand a better answer when the distant crunch of gravel announced the arrival of two vehicles bumping down the drive. She stifled a self-disgusted groan. He'd managed to sidetrack her, and she was out of time.

Outmaneuvered by a pro ... with killer dimples.

A dark sedan stopped behind Jake's SUV. A sleek yellow sports car rolled to a halt several yards away. The door swung open and a petite, redheaded woman rose from the small high-performance machine. The bold, red-woolen power suit covering her curvy frame should've clashed with her mane of rusty curls, but somehow didn't. Bright and vibrant, her steady blue gaze roamed the face of the house and surrounding property before landing on Jake. She lifted a slim hand in a flirty, fingertip wave and beamed a smile.

Gracie disliked her on sight.

A thin, older man emerged from the second vehicle. Only the pale oval of his face beneath a classic fedora relieved the steady black of his heavy overcoat, conservative business suit, and wingtips. He clutched a briefcase in one gloved hand. Crossing to the woman, he greeted her in a short exchange. They turned together and headed up the walkway.

"Lawyers." Jake grumbled at Gracie's side. "They usually have a slick, plastic look. Figures this one resembles an angel of doom."

Her head whipped around at his odd comment, but his gaze was locked on the approaching couple.

She turned and eyed the woman. "The redhead doesn't resemble any lawyer I've ever seen."

He chuckled and cast her a slight smile. "I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that. Her name is Victoria Price, and she isn't a lawyer. V is my publicist."

His publicist? Am I about to be double-teamed?

She braced for disaster as Anthony Spinoza and the vivacious "V" arrived.

"Mr. Malone." The black-clad lawyer greeted Jake then smiled at Gracie. "Miss Gable, I'm Anthony Spinoza. Thank you for coming."

Gracie nodded and shook his offered hand.

"I see you've met Mr. Malone. Miss Price is acting as his representative this morning."

Okay, what the hell is going on?

Obviously Jake was here for some reason other than to have it out with her over their blog spat, but what the reason was, she couldn't imagine.

"Call me V, please. Everyone does. Nice to meet you, Miss Gable."

Gracie shook the publicist's hand, noting the Texas accent similar to Jake's. "Likewise."

"It appears we're all here." Anthony lifted a hand toward the front door. "Shall we proceed?"

Gracie's gaze flew from face to face, desperate to discover why Jake Malone and his publicist would be sitting in on the reading of Pete's will. No plausible explanation presented itself.

Well, crap. I've slipped down a rabbit hole.


Relief washed through Gracie when Mary Clark opened the farmhouse door. Mary's familiar gray curls, soft Irish brogue, and sympathetic, moss green eyes were a lifeline in the midst of lunacy. Tall and thin, almost to the point of frail, Pete's long-time housekeeper and cook greeted her with an enveloping hug and an encouraging smile. Anthony introduced Jake and V, then Mary led them into the formal living room. The lawyer shed his hat and heavy coat to take a seat on the long couch. Setting his briefcase on the coffee table, he pulled a thick file from inside and began shuffling papers.

Mary held out a hand toward the love seat and two wingback chairs facing the couch. V slid onto the love seat, as Mary made herself comfortable in one of the chairs. Jake refused a seat, choosing to stand behind the love seat at V's back. He shoved both hands into the front pockets of his jeans, only to yank them out again. One wide palm scraped over his jaw before he dropped his arms to his sides.

Why, he's as nervous as me. The rabbit hole deepened beneath Gracie's feet.

"Would you like to sit?" Anthony peered at Gracie from behind wire-rimmed glasses.

On shaking knees, she dipped to perch on the edge of a chair.

For the next ten minutes, she fidgeted impatiently, ready to come out of her skin. Pete's lawyer listed and explained what she considered generous but unimportant details. Several paintings in Pete's impressive collection would be donated to a local museum, a stretch of marshland adjoining the estate would be turned over to the wetland society, and several acres and the small guest cottage at the back of the property were deeded to Mary. Along with the cottage came a generous pension and the request she remain on as the farm's housekeeper, contingent upon a satisfactory guardianship agreement, of course.

At the mention of the guardianship, Gracie's heart pounded in a thundering gallop. She twisted her hands in her lap. To her right, V whipped her head around to stare up at a silent Jake. Gracie paid them little heed. She leaned forward in her chair, willing Anthony to say the words that would fulfill the promise she'd given Sarah and make the twins hers.

"I would like to say Mr. Thompson's remaining wishes are a cut and dry disbursement of his assets." Anthony picked up a new sheaf of papers. "Unfortunately, that is not the case. Because of their young age, the guardianship arrangement for his minor children was Mr. Thompson's main concern."

"Minor children?" V's breathless demand drew Gracie's attention. Turned, as V was, to stare up at her famous client, Gracie couldn't read the expression in the publicist's eyes.

Jake, on the other hand, had gone stiff, his jaw clenched as if chiseled from stone. Beneath the tight skin of his thickly muscled neck, a bulging vein stood out in stark relief. When he swallowed, the slow drag of his Adam's apple contracting appeared painful.

"As their closest relative, you are the logical choice as guardian."

Gracie forgot about Jake's odd tension. She jerked her head back around and was dismayed to find Anthony hadn't addressed her. His dark-eyed gaze held fast to Jake's. The room began to tilt. Her breath came out in a whoosh with the lawyer's next words.

"However, your father wasn't at all confident you would be interested in taking on the task of seeing to your young sisters' welfare."

"My sisters?" Jake choked.

"His father?" Gracie leapt to her feet, her manic heartbeat echoing in her ears.

Anthony slipped the glasses from his nose. His dark brows crashed together in a frown, and his confused gaze bounced between her and Jake. "I'm sorry, I assumed everyone knew the players."

She spun on Jake. "Pete Thompson was your father?"

Deep grooves bracketed his thinned lips. He jerked one shoulder in a taut shrug. "Technically, though sperm donor is a more appropriate title."


Excerpted from "To Win Her Love"
by .
Copyright © 2015 Mackenzie Crowne.
Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
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To Win Her Love 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Blsfan68 More than 1 year ago
I loved this story! This a heart-warming novel that is full of fun, laughter and tears. Once I started this book, I couldn't put it down. It is wonderfully written with emotion that just won't let go. The build up between Gracie and Jake is fun and intense. The secondary characters (and Murphy) add humor and dimension to the story as well as dimension to Gracie and Jake's personalities. And, the ending will leave you in tears of happiness. I loved Tuck and Max. They are the kind of friends everyone wishes for. I can't wait to read more books in this series! ARC received from Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Gracie is a successful football blogger who is unafraid players out, and Jake is a player on the local football team. They have become rivals on her blog when she calls Jake out for a hit during a game. They spar and all is forgotten until Jake and Gracie meet when they forced to live together and share custody for 3 months of 6 year old twin girls. The girls Charlie and Angel are Gracie's nieces and Jake's half sisters. The girls will decide who they would like to live with at the end of the trial period. The will also instates a curfew and requires both guardians to live with the girls, if either doesn't meet the requirements they will lose custody of the girls.Jake reluctantly agrees to move to his fathers' house and begins to get to know both his half sisters and Gracie. They are attracted to each other, but resist because of the twins and other secrets that the other doesn't know. Will Gracie and Jake be able overcome their history and build a future together as a happy family? To Win Her Love a cute story that combined a sports theme, with cute twins and a awesome head butting dog that targets men's groins! I must confess that the dog was my favorite character. I would recommend this book to fans of sports and contemporary romance. I was given a free copy for an honest review by
MorgansMusings More than 1 year ago
It's a TOUCHDOWN plus extra points for Mackenzie Crowne. I loved this sweet contemporary romance. The story, the characters, the writing were all fantastic. This story has it all – romance, sex, disappointment, sadness, and just the right amount of humor. It's the GRIDIRON GIRL against the OUTLAW sports hero. Gracie Gable known as the Gridiron Girl blogger is a spunky, independent woman who has had a tough life. Raised by her sister when her mother passed. Never knowing her father. Her dream has always been to have a family. Now she is trying to keep a promise she made to her sister, Sarah when she passed. To raise her twin daughters. But unknown to Gracie, the girls have a brother and according to her brother-in-law's will, she must live with him and the girls for a specified time period and at the end of the time period, the girls will decide who they want as their guardian. In steps the OUTLAW. Outlaw, Jake Malone, is the sexy tight end sports Casanova, but also the girls brother. News that shocks him to the core because to him his father was nothing but a man who wanted nothing to do with him or his mother. And how is he going to live in the same house with Gracie when he finds out she is the Gridiron Girl that just got him fined $25,000 and in hot water with his boss. Grab on to you seat for a wild ride. The chemistry between Gracie and Jake is constants sparks and fire. Throw in good friends and some entertaining highlights brought to you by Murphy, the ball busting dog and you will be turning page after page until the end. Ms. Crowne has woven the past into the present with an easy read that has an ending you won't want to miss. Highly recommend. Received a copy from NetGalley and the author for an honest review.
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
I haven't stayed up until 4:00 in the morning on a work day because I couldn't put a book down in a long time, but that is just what happened once I started TO WIN HER LOVE by Mackenzie Crowne. I Could. Not. Stop. Reading!! What makes it even better is it is the first book I've read from Ms Crowne and I just love being so delighted by new-to-me authors. Another thing To Win Her Love managed was a twist at the end I didn't see coming. Also a rare occurrence. Do I recommend this book? 100% without hesitation. This story was romantic, humorous, filled with some of the funniest banter / dialogue I've read in some time and it was practically non-stop. LOVED the sassy Miss Gracie Gable aka Gridiron Girl. She was one tough cookie with a heart of gold who was ready to take on the larger-than-life football star and all his flirty friends to make sure she would be the one to raise her beloved nieces. I just love when the sexy "players" fall hard before they even realize what's happening to them! And Jake Malone fell not just for Gracie, but also for his sweet little sisters. He never stood a chance! Great heart-warming story that kept me turning the pages with a smile on my face! 4.5 stars
WildHeartReviews More than 1 year ago
To Win her Love jumped out at me, mostly because of the cover. Then I went and read the synopsis of it and thought to myself, that might be different. So I jumped in with both feet, went on one heck of a journey with Gracie and Jake, before coming out on the other side with the biggest cheesy smile on my face. Hands down, I loved this book! Gracie is full of spunk, light and love. She’s protective of those she cares about, knows football like the back of her hand and throws one hell of a right hook. :D No stranger to heartache, she’s been through a lot in her life to this point that has shaped the woman she is. She knows exactly who Jake Malone is, having followed football for years and being the “Gridiron Girl”. She’s popular female blogger with a horde of minions who discuss football stats, game predictions and the men -of- football. Jake is what you’d call a playboy, a self assured charming rogue with a Texas twang. He loves football, his team, his friends and what he does not like, is the Gridiron Girl. He can be a right grouch when he sets his mind to it and sometimes even when he doesn’t, but this guy has an absolute heart of gold. He’s been drug into a custody battle over his twin nieces, nieces he never even knew he had. His estranged father leaves a bombshell of a will and stipulations as to custody of the girls. “I never hid the fact that I find you attractive, and don’t bother denying you feel the same about me. I’ve held your body against mine, princess. I made you quiver.” – Jake, To Win Her Love by Mackenzie Crowne Thrown together for three months to fulfill the stipulations of his fathers will, Jake and Gracie move into the ranch. These two buttheads constantly at first, but the sexual tension underneath runs rampant. Jake is Gracie’s favorite man of football, you could even say she’s always had a “crush” on him. As for Jake, he can’t seem to keep his eyes or his mind off of Gracie’s legs, or her shoes for that matter. “Oh God. He’s a sex whisperer.” – Gracie, To Win Her Love by Mackenzie Crowne Throw in a cast of hilarious co-stars, some scandal, a rambunctious dog with a bulls-eye target zone, and two adorable little girls, and you have a book that will make you laugh out loud as well as smile. The writing is well done, the book doesn’t lag out and moves at a steady pace. Now I’m left waiting, eagerly and anticipating the other stories of the co-stars. Hopefully I can contain myself!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Awesome read! This one hit a lot of my emotional buttons! It was funny at times, sad at others, and a great story all around. I can't wait to read more from this new to me author. Great writing style and a nice pace to the story. Grace is feisty, protective, and a pretty amazing woman. She's had some rough times. She lost her sister to cancer then her brother-in-law also dies, leaving six year old twin girls in need of a family. Grace has no problem stepping up and taking care of the girls. The problem? Six foot four football superstar Jake Malone! Jake never had a relationship with his father. Now he suddenly finds himself responsible for his two younger sisters. The real kicker. He has to share that responsibility with Grace for the next three months!!! This is one I highly recommend.
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
There is so much going against Gracie and Jake - they battle online about one of his plays, only to find out that they have a battle of a different kind. Forced to live together because of a custody stipulation their attraction to each other may be more than they can resist. Except that Gracie’s secret is a doozie and could affect a lot of people Jake knows. Gracie doesn’t let Jake get away with anything, although sometimes that isn’t all that easy. There’s plenty of snark and humor, fun and flirtation, but when one of the sexiest men in football turns on the charm who wouldn’t go weak in the knees? While I really liked these two together, my favorite part has to be watching Jake fall for his sisters. He originally only agrees to be there because he knows it would be more bad press he doesn’t need, then it’s a chance to be closer to Gracie, but once he gets to know those two little girls things change … and it is so very sweet. Plus there are Jake’s teammates. I’m really hoping that Crowne has some big plans for these guys because a few of them definitely need to be brought down a peg or two and a good woman to be the one to do it :)  With hilarious dialogue, outrageous situations, touching moments, and all of the sexy you could ask for, To Win Her Love is a definite romantic touchdown. (Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this book! The characters grab your attention from the start, and draw you in as you try to figure out which side you should be rooting for. There is feisty flirting, hot romance, adorable kids and some intrigue thrown in to boot. Highly recommend! Jake Malone, professional football tight end extraordinaire, is summoned to his estranged father's house for the reading of his will. He has never been in his father's life and is irritated to even be there. His irritation turns to shock when he learns he has twin 6 year old half-sisters that he is being tasked with getting to know and take care of while living in the house for a specified 3 month term. He won't be alone though. Sports blogger, Gracie Gable, will be right there beside him for the entire 3 months. Gracie adores her nieces, and wants to be the one that gets custody of her late sister's girls when all is said and done. Sparks fly when Jake and Gracie meet, until he realizes she's Gridiron Girl, the sports blogger that he had it out with online over a controversial play a few days earlier that instigated a hefty fine from the league and a media storm that he is still trying to dig himself out of. They each apologize and agree to try to get along as they introduce Jake into the girls lives. As they play house over the next several weeks, they grow closer and eventually can't resist the temptation of each other for another second, and start a hot affair. Will there be a happily ever after in the end or will they part ways with one taking custody of Angel and Charlie? Will the huge secret that Gracie is keeping unravel their relationship when it hits the media? Will either of them wind up with the family that they've always wanted?
DixieLeeBrown More than 1 year ago
I fell head over heels for Gracie and Jake! I love these characters! They were both larger than life. They made me laugh out loud many times with some twist of dialogue. And the dog! Loved, loved, loved Murphy! This romance has it all, folks. You won't want to miss it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Great character development and storyline
Pure_Jonel More than 1 year ago
This was definitely a one of a kind story backed up by an intimate writing style. I enjoyed how Crowne balanced the various aspects of the plot, never allowing any one aspect to completely overshadow the other components. I was definitely curious to see how it all turned out, leading up to Crowne’s satisfying conclusion. Being the first novel in the series, I was ok with the slow development at the beginning as we get to know the setting and the players. Crowne has me intrigued enough with her writing that I’ll definitely be checking out the 2nd novel. The way that the main characters in this novel perpetually bumped heads as their personalities clashed was funny, for the most part. There were a couple of times where I found that it got out of hand, but that also served to highlight their personalities. The way that family secrets keep coming out kept me on my toes, throwing a great many plot twists at readers. This was an enjoyable and satisfying start to Crowne’s series. It was a unique introduction into this author’s writing. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mackenzie Crowne has done it again by weaving another wonderful story. This story is about Gracie, who hopes to gain custody of her two nieces, her sisters children. There's only two things standing in her way, the gorgeous Marauder's Tight End and the secret she's been hiding for years.
ShakBlak More than 1 year ago
At the reading the will for Pete, you meet Gracie, his sister in law, and Jake, his estranged son. Sparks fly between the two as the identity of each other causes the other quite a stir. She is a football blogger and he is a professional football player. They were in a war of words via her blog, so her identity threw him for a loop. In Pete’s will, there is a clause for custody of his 6 year old twin daughters, Angel and Charlie. The problem… Jake didn’t know he even had siblings. (So much for being the only child!) The stipulation, Gracie and Jake must live on the farm with the girls and get to know them. If they both manage to stay, the girls pick who will be their guardian. Sounds simple enough… one would think… Gracie is harboring a secret that could potential destroy Jake’s career. She’s has some daddy issues… for instance, she’s never met him but she knows of him. The issue isn’t her not knowing her dad… it’s who her dad is. If Gracie thought the media was having a field day with her argument with Jake via her website… she knows the dire consequences if her secret is revealed. The banter between Gracie and Jake is great. His arrogance and her bull-headedness (is that even a word?!) makes them a perfect match. They had some really great moments when they let their guards down and truly got to know each other and Jake getting to know his sisters. It was well written. Add in the supporting characters, such as V, Jake’s publicist… Tuck, Jake’s team mate, Max, Gracie’s best friend, and Murphy, Gracie’s dog… good times to be had.
Nicalaine More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book! Romance! Some suspense. Great writing! Funny! Sad.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love you babe so we going to hear your friend james play a song with his band