Too Far Down

Too Far Down

by Mary Connealy


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ISBN-13: 9780764211836
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Series: Cimarron Legacy Series , #3
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 667,330
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Mary Connealy writes "romantic comedies with cowboys" and is celebrated for her fun, zany, action-packed style. She has more than half a million books in print. She is the author of the popular series Wild at Heart, The Kincaid Brides, Trouble in Texas, Lassoed in Texas, Sophie's Daughters, and many other books. Mary lives on a ranch in eastern Nebraska with her very own romantic cowboy hero. Learn more at

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Skull Gulch, New Mexico Territory February 1881

An explosion brought Cole Boden to his feet. His chair slammed backward into the wall. Cole ran for his office door and ripped it open.

Murray Elliot, his assistant, rounded his desk in the outer office. "What happened?"

A second explosion rocked the whole building.

Cole didn't bother responding. He charged outside into the winter chill, just in time to duck flying rocks from the mountaintop. He threw himself back inside as stones blasted right over his head with the force of cannonballs.

"Murray, get down!" Cole grabbed at the man who'd responded much more cautiously and was well behind. He tackled Murray to the floor just as another explosion went off.

The log wall of the office buckled. This building was small but solid, so the rocks were coming with terrific force. Rocks sprayed in through the open door and smashed into Murray's desk.

"What is happening?"

"I don't know." Cole glared at the man. "Something blew up. We're not blasting today, are we?"

"Nope, but we just got a supply of dynamite in."

"Where is it?" Cole imagined a wagonload of dynamite, and explosion after explosion. But no, that'd be just one big explosion.

"It's stopped." Murray lifted his head.

"Is the dynamite stored in that big cave?"

"Just like always, boss."

Cole knew explosives, and he knew they brought them in by the wagonload. And they stored them in a cold cave a good distance from where anyone worked. Even if they exploded, they shouldn't have done anything but rock that cave. At the worst it might seal the mouth of it.

Three explosions and nowhere near a wagonload had blown — which meant there was plenty more to come.

"I'm heading for the big cave. You stay in here."

"No, I'm coming with you."

"You aren't." Cole heaved himself to his feet. "It's my mine and my risk."

"I'm coming, Cole." Murray was up.

A fourth explosion sent a rock the size of Cole's head slamming through the roof.

Murray fell onto his backside, then scrambled into the kneehole of his desk. He'd been hired for his brains, not his guts.

Cole was glad he'd been delayed from running outside. But he also knew he was going now, and it was most likely a blamed fool idea.

"Stay under there until we're sure the explosions have stopped." He hoped Murray stayed put under the solid oak desk. It should protect him even if the whole building collapsed.

Cole raced out the door to see the smoldering ruins of the newly opened mine only about a hundred yards from his office. The entrance was collapsed, and he knew men were trapped inside. Before he could deal with that, though, he had to make sure the dynamite was done blowing up.

He charged toward the cave.

He hoped and prayed his men inside the new mine were all right. If they'd been far enough in, around the corner from the blasts, out of the line of any flying debris, they should still be alive. The entrance had collapsed, but they'd shored the mines up with thick timbers. There was a good chance the inside of the mine was still intact.

Once he got near the cave, grit and dust filled the air. Choking, Cole jerked his kerchief out of his pocket and covered his mouth. His eyes burned, but he had to see. Cole raced faster, thinking of all that could have gone wrong, all the men who could be hurt.

He saw one still form on the ground, so covered with dust he couldn't identify the man. Yet Cole could see clearly enough to know the man was beyond help.

Running, stumbling over rocks, barely able to breathe, Cole finally reached the cave. Outside it was a burning fuse, heading for a wooden box, torn open, full of explosives.

He slid on his knees to beat the fuse from burning down. It ran shorter by the second. Cole fumbled for the knife he kept in his boot as he crawled the last foot through the rubble. He caught the fuse only inches from burning down. He slit the sparking fire with one slash.

He looked down the side of the mountain. The office of the CR Mining Company was near the top of Mount Kebbel, with only its snowcapped peak higher. The CR leased claims to many men, all spread over a hundred square miles. A few dozen of them were right here close to headquarters.

Cole's eyes swept down the long, steep slope dotted with mine entrances and saw boxes of dynamite burning at a bunch of them. Enough to account for nearly every box they had in storage. Cole could never reach them all in time.

Yards away, he saw the next fuse burning toward a wooden box. Thinking furiously, he saw this fuse was longer. Whoever'd done this wanted the explosives to go in separate blasts, and the boxes were far enough apart not to be set off by an earlier explosion. Men were deep in their mines, so they might hear the explosions, and they might not.

This time, with the men inside, was deliberate. Midmorning. All the miners were hard at work at this time of day and very few were outside. The explosions would bury them alive.

Fury pushed him faster. He scrambled, fell over stones, and smacked himself in the face so hard he saw stars. Then he was up again and cut the next fuse. With cold purpose he picked up a stick of dynamite, cut its fuse short, and lit it to the still-sparking fuse in his hand, then threw the stick as far as his arm could hurl it.

He watched the dynamite soar high in the air and arch down, hoping the miners farther down the slope, near the burning fuses, would hear it blow and come out to help.

His hand burned. He dropped the still-burning fuse with a desperate toss to get it away from the explosives. The stick of powder he threw detonated in midair, doing no damage but making a deafening sound.

Another fuse burned just ahead. Cole ran for it. He cut it, lit one stick, threw it, and ran on. He saw the first man poke his head out of his claim far below.

The man took in everything in a second, ran to the closest stack of explosives, and cut the fuse before it could blow. Another man emerged. These men knew dynamite, knew what that box meant. They went to work saving themselves. Cole cut another, then another, and another. He hurled a lit stick every time, trying to alert the miners.

Then he heard another explosion. Sickened at who might've been in its path, he whirled toward the sound. The remnants of the blast colored the air below. Someone had figured out what he was doing and had thrown a single stick of dynamite to warn those farther down.

More men appeared. Fuses were cut. Sticks of dynamite were set off as a warning to all.

Finally he dropped to his knees by the last one at this higher level and cut it. His gaze swept the slope below him. He didn't see a single sparking fuse.

The men waved up at him.

"I've got a broken-down mine up here," he shouted. "Men trapped. We need help." He didn't know men were trapped for a fact, but the mine closest to headquarters was big, and a lot of men labored there. He prayed the ones inside had survived. And what other madness awaited him today? Was he asking for help that might lead others to their deaths? He leapt to his feet to go free the trapped men.

The world spun around. His vision blurred and darkened. Blood dripped from his head. By sheer grit he shook off whatever weakness wanted to knock him down.

No sparks in sight. He considered the piles of explosives and, by his own judgment, thought all the dynamite was accounted for now.

He couldn't be positive, of course, as some sticks could have been unboxed and set to blow separately. But he saw no sign of them.

He trusted his instincts about the dynamite and trusted his miners to be on the lookout. Then he sprinted back toward the collapsed new mine. Several miners that he'd just saved came up behind him, took one stricken look at him, and approached him. He knew he was bleeding but didn't have time to get a bandage.

"No, I'm fine. Come back to the new mine. It's collapsed." He left them behind to do as they wished.

Murray was doctoring a man sprawled out on the ground. Murray had been here running the mine when Cole came home from living in Boston for a few years. Cole had seen how smart the man was and had given him a raise and kept him on as an assistant. Murray had his own cabin here as part of his salary, and he even had his own claim and worked it during free hours.

Other men were working on the wounded, separating them from the dead. Yet others were digging at the blocked mine entrance. More men came every minute.

His teeth clenched, Cole rushed toward the miners who were clawing at the entrance to the mine. "Is anyone in there?"

One burly youngster with a full beard stopped digging with his hands. "There are twelve or fifteen men in there, boss. A couple of the men ran to get shovels while we start the digging."

"Twelve or fifteen?" Cole looked with dismay at the wall of rubble that filled the entrance. They had at least five feet of rock to clear if they hoped to reach his men.

"Yep, maybe more. We've lost count of who's missing. The first explosion went off right by this entrance. We saw you fighting the rest of those fuses." The youngster paused and added, "Boss, you're bleedin' pretty bad. You need to let someone wrap your ... your whole head and face."

Cole saw the worry in the kid's eyes and wondered how bad he was hurt. Plenty bad, going by the loss of blood. "I'll be fine. You're bleeding, too." The kid's arms were bleeding from working with the stones with his bare hands. "Everyone is."

"Well, you're a little worse than most." But the kid turned back and attacked the wall of stones blocking the entrance. A man who let another man make his own choices. Cole respected that.

A clatter drew Cole's attention, and two miners, coated in dirt, came running with their arms full of shovels and pickaxes. Cole grabbed a shovel and attacked the cave entrance. He glanced over to see Murray carrying a man over his shoulder toward the company office.

He dug. And dug and dug. With so many of them working, they got in each other's way and had to dodge flying rocks. For all the danger, they still dug.

Hours passed, though Cole had no idea just how many, only that all this had started early in the day, and now the sun was past its peak.

At last one of the men shouted, "I'm through into the mine!" They fell to working on the tiny opening with renewed strength. It soon grew, and before it was big enough to crawl through, a voice came from behind the collapsed stones. "We're here — we can see light. We're digging from this side."

A ragged cheer went up from his men. The worst hadn't happened. The cave hadn't completely collapsed and buried all the men inside.

"Keep at it, men!" Cole plunged back into widening the opening.

By the time it was just a bit larger, an arm stuck out the hole.

"Stop, everybody! Don't cut him."

"Is that you, Cole?"

"Yep, Gully"

Gully was the real boss of the mine operation. Cole was the manager; he did paper work, along with Murray, and yes, Cole threw his back behind a pickax plenty, yet Gully had been here before Cole. The old-timer knew mining and did the lion's share of bossing on the job. Of course, Cole had been smart enough to leave him to do his job so that deserved some credit, too.

Cole hadn't even looked around. All his men out here were coated in dirt anyway, to the point of being unrecognizable. He hadn't even noticed Gully was missing.

"I think we can get a few of the scrawnier men through this opening. We've got a few hurt that'll fit through. I'll send them first."

"A few hurt bad?" Cole realized they needed more help, more skilled help. He'd been working in a headlong frenzy and had done little thinking.

Now it came to him. Heath Kincaid, his new brother-in-law, had healing skills. Heath had once saved the life of Cole's pa, Chance Boden, who was injured in an avalanche. Having ridden with the cavalry for a time, Heath worked alongside an army doctor and became skilled at meting out medicine.

Rosita, the Bodens' housekeeper, was good as well. His sister Sadie had tended sick people plenty of times herself. He wanted them all here and for good reason. He desperately needed help. And they could sure as certain use his little brother Justin's strong back and quick thinking.

He never let his family help with the mines ... until now.

"You!" He jabbed a finger at one of his men. "Get on your horse and ride for the CR. Get all the help you can and have someone there send for the doctor in Skull Gulch and more help from any neighboring ranches. Send them all running for the mines. Get the sheriff out here, too."

Disgusted that he hadn't thought of it earlier, Cole turned back to the hole in the cave. "We're ready" His throat grew tight at the thought of who all might be hurt. He hadn't looked around yet except to notice Murray tending the wounded. His stomach swooped, and he leaned against the wall of the cave, letting his belly settle and his head clear while he waited for Gully to send out the first man.

A pair of filthy hands appeared, and they were slack. Cole saw someone holding the limp arms, guiding them through the opening. Cole gathered himself and blinked until his vision cleared, then grabbed one arm and someone caught the other. The man's head appeared next, supported as if someone was guiding a thread through the eye of a needle.

"Careful with him," Gully shouted from inside the cave. "I think an arm and a leg are broke. Who knows what else."

Cole quickly shifted his grip as he realized the arm he'd reached for was bent in an ugly way that could only mean a broken bone. He exchanged a look with the man helping him. He couldn't identify him. Cole probably looked just as bad. They nodded at each other and eased the man forward, others reaching up to help. All the men who'd been digging supported the man.

It was a fight to keep the nausea down just thinking how he'd gripped that arm.

Through the tight opening, Cole wondered about broken ribs, or worse, a broken back. Praying silently, Cole did his best to be gentle. As soon as they had him all the way out, Cole looked around and saw Murray flipping his jacket over the face of the man Cole had first seen when he left his office earlier in the day.


"Murray, we need you over here."

Quieter, Cole said to the miners, "Murray's a good hand with healing. He's who we want helping with this."

He knew the men stayed back from Murray, who wrote letters and pushed numbers. True, he had his own mine, but he didn't mix with the men much. They treated Cole better because he was the boss and they probably thought they had to. But a divide existed between the men who leased their mines and those who ran them. No hostility, just no friendship.

"Bring him into the office," Murray yelled. "I'm using it as a hospital." Murray paused as he came close and looked at Cole. His eyes widened. "You may need stitches, Cole. You should come, too."

"Get back to work, Murray. No time right now for anyone to stop."

Something flashed in Murray's eyes that Cole couldn't understand. It seemed like anger or irritation of some kind. If Cole's head hadn't ached so much, he might've known what to make of it. Maybe the man was just frustrated that Cole wouldn't come along. Or maybe he'd seen too many men terribly hurt and he was just plain upset. Whatever it was, Murray would have to handle it on his own.

Four men carried the injured miner away toward the battered mine headquarters with Murray at their sides.

"Here comes the next one." Gully drew his attention back to the rescue mission.

Galloping hooves told him the man he'd sent to the ranch was on his way Cole didn't have a man to spare right now, but someone had to go. He turned back to see another pair of limp hands emerging from the tight entrance they'd opened up.

With painstaking care they got four more unconscious men out. Cole swiped at the sweat on his brow and pulled his arm away to see a bright smear of blood. It startled him into jumping, and the move made his stomach dive and his head throb.


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Excerpted by permission of Baker Publishing Group.
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Too Far Down 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
rkfall More than 1 year ago
This is book three in the series and I thought an excellent conclusion. It can stand alone but is also nice if you have read the other 2, which by the way I recommend. There is love, suspense, and I find that Mary has a way of painting her characters that make them seem legit. This book involves a family legacy at stake. There are snakes around trying to move in and kill off the offspring to take over the valuable land. The parts about the gold mines really make you feel and smell and experience the mines in a believable way. The family togetherness was tender and what everyone longs for his or her family to be like, there for each other and fighting the battle shoulder to shoulder. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
BethErin More than 1 year ago
The Cimarron Legacy series conclusion is a wild ride with nuggets of humor, family, and faith along the way! When the entire Boden clan and their most trusted friends circle the wagons to root out the evildoers once and for all, the result will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone! Y'all can read this book as a stand-alone but I highly recommend snagging the whole series for maximum enjoyment!  I requested the opportunity to read this book through NetGalley and the publisher. The opinions expressed are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In the case of Too Far Down, the book blurb is not an accurate description of the novel. Sure, we don’t want any spoilers, but after reading the blurb for this book, I anticipated a historical romance. What I received, however, was a great action\mystery and family drama with a side of romance, which is a lot more intriguing to me. Like Uncle Walt says, “I’ve never been much interested in gold, but I love a mystery.” Yes, there is romance between Cole and Melanie, but the mystery of who is trying to destroy the Boden family is drives the plot. On the romance side, I enjoyed reading about Melanie and Cole. Mel engages and draws Cole out during their daily rides. Cole treats Mel as an equal and respects her choices. They have known each other since childhood, but as readers, we get to watch as they grow to love each other in adulthood. Where the romance between Cole and Melanie is a slow burn, the action of the last third of the novel really draws my attention. The cuts between scenes are well timed and kept me turning pages! These sections are a thrilling read of page after page of not knowing who would survive, and who was the behind the treachery. Of the characters in Too Far Down, the women are well developed and really shine. Mel, Sadie, Angie, and Ronnie are strong, self-rescuing, women. Just the kind of women I have a preference for in my novels. “Why is it, ” she asked the ceiling, ” when you really need a man around with some idea about how to rescue a bunch of damsels in distress, they’re nowhere to be see?” She figured she, Sadie, Angie, and Rosita would just go ahead and save themselves … Each of these women made a real impression on me, doing all they can to save themselves, their men, and the family legacy. My only grievance with Too Far Down is the sudden switches in narrators. The switches are not labelled and very distracting. Each change takes some reading to determine the specific narrator. The narration switches between Cole and Melanie, and also switches to Cole’s mother, Veronica. The sections which are narrated by Veronica are important to the plot, but at the beginning of the novel is very bewildering. By the end, I came appreciated Ronnie’s sections of the novel. Too Far Down is an excellent conclusion to the Cimarron Legacy books. And I’m disappointed in myself for not having read the others books in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and look forward to reading the other books in the series.
Holly More than 1 year ago
Too Far Down is the third and final book in the Cimarron Legacy series! This book literally starts off with a bang with a explosion happening at the CR Mining Company. With Cole Boden still recovering from his bullet wound from events in the last book (Long Time Gone), Cole realizes that he is gonna need more help to finish this fight of good over evil on his ranch -- and that help shows up in the form of a woman named Melanie. Everything that happens in the beginning of this book, plus what has happened in the past, leads up to an epic blazing shootout that will settle everything once and for all. The reader is left with an equally epic ending that wraps-up everything for this family who vowed to do anything and everything to save their Legacy! In all honesty, I would highly recommend reading the two prior books in this series before reading this book or you might find yourself a bit lost -- like me, but it also makes you want to read the first two books in the series. Shoot, I want to read other books by author Mary Connealy because she brings so much to the table. Every time I read a romantic historical western, it seems like it's set in Texas. Having Too Far Down set in New Mexico Territory sets apart the Cimarron Legacy series and this story from all the rest. Thank You to Mary Connealy for writing an engaging series that is set in a state that I once called home! I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from Lone Star Book Blog Tours!
LizzyB27 More than 1 year ago
The Bodens are back with the latest tale of adventure trying to save the Cimarron Legacy. We open in the gold mines on the Cimarron Ranch, where an explosion has trapped some of the miners, and have killed others. Obviously, this was a planned explosion. But who? Why? As we go through the story of figuring out this puzzle, we watch the oldest Boden son, Cole, fall in love with lifelong friend, Mel Blake. Mel is trying to help Cole solve the mine issues, and she lives on the neighboring ranch. Cole's biological mother dies when he was little, and her parents were rich, lavishing it upon him, spoiling him, trying to control him. These grandparents set a dangerous plan in motion for someone else to take the Cimarron Ranch from the Bodens, Hattie June. Hattie was an actress who married another bad person, who is now dead, and she wants this ranch. While attacking Hattie June and her group of bandits are attacking the ranch house with the Boden women inside, Sadie Boden's husband's brother shows up and suggests burning the house down! The Boden men are trapped in the mine and unable to help...
RuthieJonesTX More than 1 year ago
Too Far Down is a thrilling ride into the gold mines of New Mexico Territory, filled with greed, murder, and romance. While Too Far Down does reference previous events and people from the first two books in the Cimarron Legacy series, this third book can be enjoyed as a standalone. Too Far Down starts off explosively, literally, and never stops for a single breath. Cole Boden and his siblings as well as close friends from a neighboring ranch race against the clock to find out who is behind such deadly destruction and why, but every turn produces more questions, every person appears more sinister, and every heart-pounding moment pushes them deeper into the mystery. And what a mystery it is, chock full of cryptic messages, piles of gold, secret passageways, wanted posters, impostors, relentless villains, betrayal, revenge constant danger, and a Wild West shootout that rivals any Hollywood production. Add in a hefty dose of romance and an adorable little Irish boy named Finn, and you have yourself one entertaining story that won’t relinquish its hold on you until the very last page. The overall plot in Too Far Down is delightfully intricate and full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I will admit that I yelled “Hurry up!” and “Uh oh!” during the climactic scenes, obviously proving that I really was on the edge of my seat as I raced through the chapters. Well done!
JustCommonly More than 1 year ago
". . . it was just plain entertaining to watch Cole nearly choke." (49) The Cimarron Legacy is good old western romance filled with cowboys, horse riding, lassoing, adventure and some not your typical damsels. The last novel in the series by Mary Connealy, Too Far Down explodes (and I mean that quite literally) with everything you expect from the author. "Why is it. . . when you really need a man around with some idea about how to rescue a bunch of damsels in distress, they are no where to be seen?" (273) Too Far Down has humor and lovely banter. To be honest, Cole was the last of the Boden boys that I never felt too connected, despite having had quite the presence in the previous novels. And Melanie, well, I can say the same for her too. And to start off, Cole seems very "stick-in-the-mud" type and Melanie was way tomboyish than I'd like in my heroines. YET, those two just hits it off with flying colors in this story that provides so much more depth in their characters and development. Then we hit the mark with the plot lines. Goodness! When you think of the good old John Wayne westerns with all the gun fighting and adventure, well, you'll love how the series' mystery thread unfolds. Those scenes were heart-stopping! As the final installment of the series, Too Far Down gave readers a solid and satisfying conclusion, while maintaining its distinct voice as a single novel. It would be preferable to read the series in succession even though each can be read as a standalone. The author did a great job in weaving in the backstory of each of the characters from other novels. In all, Mary Connealy sure knows how to write Westerns filled with witty humor, fast-paced adventure and suspenseful scenes from the very first page! Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.
Digging4Pearls More than 1 year ago
Cole Boden is tied between staying in New Mexico Territory and managing the mine his family owns or eventually returning to the city that he loves. Problem is, he's bound to his family's ranch for at least a year because of a stipulation in his pa's will. What he doesn't plan to do is put down roots in the west. Melanie Blake has known Cole her entire life. With growing up on the ranch that borders the Boden claim, she has had no interest other than roping and riding. But ever since Cole was injured, she finds herself beginning to care about the man. Will she ever be able to convince him to stay instead of returning to the east? Too Far Down is a delightful end to the Cimarron Legacy trilogy and ties together some of Mary Connealy's other books. I found it to be a fun read. This review is my own opinion and I was not in any way obligated to provide a favorable review in exchange for a free book. - 2017
NDowning More than 1 year ago
This book was one of the best I have ever read from Mary Connealy. And that is high praise considering I like almost everything she has written! You can’t go wrong with this book. This is the third book in the series The Cimarron Legacy. It would probably be helpful to read the first two books before this one just to get all the background (plus, they are good books as well and you want the whole story!) Mary had just the right combination of suspense, humor, and romance to make this an excellent read. One of my favorite quotes from the book: “I will admit that when we’re alone, I have a few notions that’d cause your Uncle Walt to shoot me dead.” “I don’t think Uncle Walt would shoot you dead. He’d probably just wing you.” I was entertained the whole way thorough, and quite literally did not want to put the book down. Bethany House Publishers gave me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
VJoyPalmer More than 1 year ago
The story of the couple we've known should be together all along has arrived! Join the Boden clan as they put the mystery at who is behind the attacks on their family and property to rest for once and for all! And boy, did Mary Connealy put us through the wringer with such a layered mystery! Also, I really enjoyed the look into what it was like to mine for gold in the Old West. How fun! Cole is charming and far more stubborn than a pickle jar. Melanie is a strong, spunky girl-next-door, someone who's always been there for Cole. Waiting for them to finally profess their undying love for each other resembles a five-year-old waiting for Christmas morning. However, that "Christmas morning" moment is just as sweet.
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
TOO FAR DOWN is the third book in Ms. Connealy's The Cimarron Legacy. This book does stand alone, but to keep up with the family history and their trials and tribulations and romances fans will want to read No Way Up and Long Time Gone to find out the rest of the story. TOO FAR DOWN starts out with a literal explosion--classic Mary Connealy--blasting the readers into the action immediately on page one. And it doesn't let up. In fact it seems iffy that the hero will even survive the first chapter with dynamite going off here, there and everywhere and the mountain literally raining down on their heads. Who is behind the attack, and is it as Cole and his family fears, that someone wants the ranch, wants the gold mines, and somehow knows the terms of the patriarch's will? Who? This is a historical, a western, a romance, and a suspense all rolled into one. Fans of any and all of these genres will love TOO FAR DOWN. Plus Ms. Connealy add's lots of humor, guaranteed to get a laugh or more from the story. For the screamish, there are some bodies. Lots of blood and gore. But nothing creepy or chilling or disturbing. This book might keep you up at night trying to figure out who-dun-it and why, but it won't give you nightmares. I was given a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
I've been a huge fan of westerns since high school. There is just something about the rugged old west, handsome cowboys and the constant struggle against the good and the bad. Mary Connealy is just the right Christian author that fans of westerns will LOVE. Her series, the Cimarron Legacy is filled with intrigue, non stop action, and of course romance! Her latest novel in the series, Too Far Down which is the third book, picks up with Cole Boden, who is now running a mining operation in Skull Gulch, in the New Mexico Territory in 1881. Just as it seems that things have been settling down, a series of explosions begin to rock his office raining down boulders and rocks. As he leaves to investigate, he discovers that dynamite has been lit in various lengths to allow them to go off one at a time at each of the mines that have covered the hillside. What is more evident is that this is a planned operation, that someone has deliberately set these to prevent anyone from stopping them and even more to prevent anyone from continuing to mine. Cole discovers it at his mine first and is able to warn other miners in time to cut the fuses before the entire mountain comes down. However, the damage has been done to his own mine. Buried beneath the rubble, lie his own men trapped beneath the mountain and as he gathers together people to help dig them out, not all of them will survive. When his brothers arrive from the Cimarron Ranch, they begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together that once more this has gotten personal and someone is out to ensure that one by one, the Boden men and their families are put to rest so that their land and ranch holdings can be sold and the Boden legacy dissolved. Now they have to put together a plan to figure out just who is up to no good and put a stop to them before anymore lives are lost. He just doesn't expect Melanie, who goes by Mel to offer to help and no matter how much he tries to reason with her, he know she is just about as good as any of the men who have been asked to help. Perhaps with the help of a beautiful young woman, he might just be able to convince others to open up and discover the truth, quicker than if he or his brothers question them. But what is he willing to risk by putting Mel in possible danger? I received Too Far Down by Mary Connealy compliments of Baker Publishing Group and NetGalley. While I have not read the previous two novels in this series, I hope to rectify that very soon. It seems that the previous novels give more insight into the grudge against the Boden family as well as the relationships and marriages between Heath and Justin are explored in each of them while this novel focuses on Cole and Melanie. For those that love non stop action, dangerous situations, and strong and determined female characters, readers will LOVE this series. I easily give this a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.
joyful334209 More than 1 year ago
Too far down is a dynamic blowing you a way – figuratively and literally – mysterious, addictive, adventurous, alarming, bewildering, romance thing, Caverness, dangerous, devoted, emancipating, exhilarating, fallacious, frightening and handsome story for you -phew- was that a mouth or let's say eyefull . This poor family cannot catch a break – when you start the book off with a big boom and then things get worse from there for the family the big brother has to find who the Cole is and take care of them once and for all and decide where he wants to be once and for all and now he has to include this Melanie in his decision-making this book is a fast read and one that you'll totally enjoy. I received a copy of this book from the Publisher and Netgalley; all the opinions expressed in this review are all my own.
LisetteRue More than 1 year ago
There may be more danger. Cole Boden, who’s both of the western life and of the city, has to deal with an explosion at the mines he oversees. People die, and for most of them, their injuries are too consistent to be just an accident. Together with his brother Justin, brother-in-law Heath, Melanie ‘Mel’ Blake and her Uncle Walt, they discover a series of tunnels connecting a series of mines, including those belonging to the deceased. The Boden parents are still in Denver, and they aren’t free of danger, either. The entire family is determined to put an end to those who threaten them, the CR Mining Company and those that work with them before anyone else is put in harm’s way. This includes Mel Blake. A cowgirl who’s a regular tomboy, Mel’s a tough young woman who’s comfortable in her own skin. As long as her own skin is around horses or cattle in the outdoors and not stuffed inside a kitchen or sewing room. She’s great with a lasso and an even better shot. Despite thinking that Cole is a well-studied worm, she still wants to help the Boden family. But will helping them mean putting herself in direct danger? I have read all three books in this trilogy, and I have enjoyed every one. ‘Too Far Down’ is steeped in fast-paced adventure and set in a West that is more wild than tame. Although the Boden siblings have spats like any other siblings, I appreciate the bonds of this family, because their bond goes beyond just their family unit; it extends to the boundaries of the Cimarron Ranch, all who work with them and their neighbors beyond. For anyone who likes stories with a dash of romance and plenty of daring, while sporting a historical setting and a western feature, I recommend this trilogy from start to finish! -- Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions are expressly my own.
kp68 More than 1 year ago
Too Far Down, the latest from Mary Connealy, brings her Cimarron Legacy series to an end. With bullets being fired every time any member of the Boden family turns around, you do not know who will be safe! Cole Boden is now trying to get to the bottom of who is behind the explosions at his mines. You cannot figure out who can be trusted in this world of the wild, wild west! You will watch as a relationship begins to grow between Cole and his neighbor Melanie Blake, as she helps him try to solve this mystery! Do not be surprised when a character from one of Mary Connealy's previous series shows up before the final pages of this tale!
GrandaddyA More than 1 year ago
New Mexico Territory was a dangerous place in 1881 in the best of times but life was becoming increasingly dangerous for the Boden family. Chance and Veronica Boden were still in Denver where Chance had been taken in the first book of the series after a rock slide had almost resulted in the loss of his leg. The family seemed to deal with one attack after another in the first two books with the focal point being the Cimarron Ranch and certain family members. In the third book, the attention turns to the gold mines of the CR Mining Company. The book opens with a big bang as an explosion rips the air. Somehow, the reader does not get the impression that this has anything to do with the “Big Bang Theory”. Several more explosions occur before Cole Boden can gather his wits and move into action. The action and drama keep the reader turning the pages. The Bodens quickly realize that the nature of the attacks on their family has taken a new twist. With the assistance of Mel Blake and her Uncle Walt, as well as a few others from the Blake Ranch, they set about trying to find who was behind the explosions at the mines and what the varmints hope to accomplish. Woven through the story are some near explosions between Cole Boden, a Harvard graduate, and Mel Blake, who loves the life of a cowgirl. Can they all figure out what is going on before it is too late to save their legacy in the Cimarron Ranch? What is it going to take to keep Cole from returning to Boston where his grandparents had left their massive empire to him when they died? The suspense and romance combined with faith and love for family make for an enjoyable read.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
Too Far Down was a good, solid ending to the Cimarron Legacy series. The author did include information in this story to try to catch readers up who hadn’t read the other books, but in my opinion, the other stories were integral to understanding the huge threat to this family and I would recommend reading the books in this series in order, including the free prequel novella. I was happy to see how things turned out for the Boden family, including catching up with the couples who were the main characters in the previous books. All of the couples appeared in Too Far Down and played important roles. After not enjoying book two in this series very much, I was happy to find that book three was one that I did like a lot. The author wrapped up everything very nicely in this novel and I really liked Cole and Mel’s story. There was some fun humor (which was not overdone), lots of danger, and some very good romantic tension. This was a good series conclusion. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
Jaquelyn More than 1 year ago
This book was a blast. From the very first page I was hooked. Too Far Down is the third book in the Cimarron Legacy series. I have read the first two and loved them both as well. I couldn't wait to read Cole’s story and find out what was going to happen next. This book is also a great stand alone novel. Connealy drops enough hints in case you haven't read the first two books, so you'll know what's been going on. That being said I would recommend you read the others because they were a lot of fun as well. The Cimarron Legacy is a place where the land was paid for with a steep price. The land is only a part of the legacy though. Family and love are the most important things to the Boden clan. When someone keeps coming after them their loyalties will be tested. Cole has always been different than his brother and sister. Being the oldest was never easy, and spending time in the city with his grandparents has changed him. Torn between his love for his family and city life, Cole knows he'll have to make a decision soon. One thing he knows with out a doubt is that he's not going anywhere while his loved ones are in danger. When his mines become the next target Cole is furious. Knowing the explosion was no accident his family puts plans into motion to find the culprit. In the midst of all the trouble Cole finds himself drawn to Mel. Knowing now is not the time for romance Cole worries for her safety and his sanity. Can they catch the criminal before it's too late? I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Fiction. It is set in the Historical category, but I really think anyone will enjoy this book. I loved the amount of suspense mixed in with the romance. The family dynamic cracked me up, and I loved seeing them interact. The characters relied on their faith in a real way through out the entire story. I loved the strong female characters and couldn't get enough of their feistiness. I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers and was in no way obligated to post a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
Too Far Down by Mary Connealy The Cimarron Legacy Series Book Three Cole Boden was a man torn between two worlds. His father had forced him to choose one of those worlds—for the next year at least. If Cole and his siblings didn't stay on the Cimarron each night for the next year, the ranch would go to some blasted, worthless relatives if their dad died. Melanie Blake loved the land on the JB Ranch. She was more wrangler than lady. Opposite of Cole who preferred to wear fancy suits and ties. He'd been in Boston for ten years without returning home once. So Melanie knew to hold onto her heart around him As the trouble continues to chase the Bodens—it's now moved to the mine that Cole has been managing for the family. When they find there may be more behind the problems at the mine then explosions...Melanie joins in to help out. As always, there is humor and fantastic characters. I've enjoyed every book by this author. They are always page turners. **Received through Bethany House for an honest review
lsnlj More than 1 year ago
This is book three (four if you count the prequel) in the Cimarron Legacy series. I have only read book two and now three and had no problem keeping up with what was going on, however I do believe I missed out on a lot of history and some good reading. Even though it is a stand alone book, Connealy gives you a lot of history in review so you do not necessarily need to read all the books to keep up, I think you will enjoy them all. This book focuses on Cole Boden, the eldest of the Boden children. When the mines are in trouble and someone is killing, they must band together and find the killer or killers before one of them is next. Mary Connealy has a fun, spunky way of writing. You really get to know her characters and what they are thinking. She weaves laughter, mystery, suspense and so much more into her novels. If you enjoy reading about good looking cowboys, romance, humor and action you will enjoy this novel.
mustlovetoread More than 1 year ago
Too Far Down is the third book in The Cimarron Legacy series. It starts off with an explosion and doesn’t let up. If you enjoy inspirational westerns, you’ll love this story. Mary Connealy’s blend of faith, humor, and romance will draw you into her cowboy stories. Cole Boden has been to Harvard, but his father’s last will and testament states he must live at the ranch for a full year or forfeit it. He’s now running his family’s mine operation. Until trouble finds his family again. Someone aims to take control of their vast land grant near the Cimarron River. With these explosions he wants to stay in one of the cabins at the mine, but can’t since that’s not on the ranch. Melanie Blake, a close family friend and in line to inherit her father’s ranch, volunteers to stay in one of the cabins at the mine. Can he let her do that? Will she be safe? What if she’s put in harm’s way when his family is attacked again? Cole has to come to terms with living back east or staying in the west. What will he decide? If he decides back east, Mel won’t go back with him. She loves ranching. While trying to figure out who is targeting his family, will he figure out where his heart wants to be? Too Far Down is full of romantic comedy, suspense, and the pull of legacy, love, and family. If you haven’t read the other books in the series, this story can be read as a stand-alone. But you’ll want to read the others to see what’s happened. I love the cover for this story as it is a mix of what happens in the story. The characters drew me into the story. Their imperfections and Cole’s attitude of not being quite sure what God would have him do made them realistic. Her descriptions of the mining accident and the landscape made me feel like I was right there. I received a free copy from Net Galley in the hope that I would mention/review it on my blog. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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