Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity (Study Guide Edition)

Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity (Study Guide Edition)

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Pub. Date:
Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity (Study Guide Edition)

Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity (Study Guide Edition)

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Pearcey passionately argues that Christianity is truth about all reality, not just religious truth, and that to keep it privatized is stripping it of the power to challenge and redeem the whole of culture.

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ISBN-13: 9781433502200
Publisher: Crossway
Publication date: 02/28/2008
Edition description: Study Guide Edition
Pages: 512
Sales rank: 1,147,637
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Nancy R. Pearcey (PhD, Philadelphia Biblical University) is the editor at large of the Pearcey Report as well as scholar in residence and professor at Houston Baptist University. She is also a fellow at the Discovery Institute. She was previously the Francis A. Schaeffer Scholar at the World Journalism Institute and has also served as professor of worldview studies at Philadelphia Biblical University.

Table of Contents

Foreword   Phillip E. Johnson     11
Introduction     17
Politics Is Not Enough
Losing Our Children
Heart Versus Brain
Just a Power Grab?
Mental Maps
Not Just Academic
Worldview Training
What's in a Worldview?
Breaking Out of the Grid     31
Divided Minds
Bible School Drop-Outs
Subtle Temptation
Enlightenment Idol
Two Cities
Absolutely Divine
Aristotle's Screwdriver
Biblical Toolbox
Read the Directions
Born to Grow Up
A Personal Odyssey
Manifesto of Unbelief
Like a Swiss Farmer
God Wins
Scolds and Scalawags
In Love With Creativity
Christian Philosophers Out of the Closet
Religion: Good for Your Health
Benevolent Empire
Rediscovering Joy     63
Sealy's Secret
Capitol Hill Guilt
Becoming Bilingual
The Faith Gap
Disconnected Devotion
Christian Schizophrenia
Why Plato Matters
That Rascal Augustine
Aristotle and Aquinas
Fluffs of Grace
The Reformers Rebel
Escape from Dualism
Creation: God's Fingerprints All Over
Fall: Where to Draw the Line
Redemption: After the Great Divorce
Christianity Out of Balance
More Than Sinners
God's Offspring
Jars of Clay
A Higher Consciousness?
The Great Drama
Serving Two Masters
All Together Now
Keeping Religion in Its Place     97
Reason Unbound
Collateral Damage
Cartesian Divide
Kantian Contradiction
Intellectually Fulfilled Atheists
Secular Leap of Faith
War of Worldviews
Your Worldview Is Too Small
Conflicted on Campus
Leftovers from Liberalism
Evangelism Today
Spirit of the Age
C. S. Lewis's True Myth
The Whole Truth
Surviving the Spiritual Wasteland     123
Mystique of the Forbidden
Not a Smokescreen
Hands-On Worldview
Repairing the Ruins
Retooling the Family
For the Love of Children
Mobilizing the Trinity
The Worldview Next Door
Marx's Heresy
Rousseau and Revolution
Sanger's Religion of Sex
Buddhist in the Sky
Worldview Missionaries
Starting at the Beginning
Darwin Meets the Berenstain Bears     153
A Universal Acid
Kindergarten Naturalism
Spinmeisters in Science
Darwin's Beaks
Dysfunctional Fruit Flies
Doctored Moths
Most Famous Fake
Baloney Detectors
Punk Scientists
Birds, Bats, and Bees
Divine Foot in the Door
Evolution Gets Religion
Berkeley to the Rescue
Closed System, Closed Minds
Winning a Place at the Table
What Every Schoolchild Knows
The Science of Common Sense     179
Little Green Men
Blind Watchmaker?
Marks of Design
Roller Coaster in the Cell
Behe and the Black Box
A Universe Built for You
Cosmic Coincidences
Who Wrote the Genetic Code?
Explanatory Filter
Up from Chance
Against the Law
No Rules for Hamlet
The Medium Is Not the Message
Testing Positive
Three to Get Ready
Christian Relativists
Fairy Dust
Out of the Naturalist's Chair
Today Biology, Tomorrow the World     207
Universal Darwinism
Evolution for Everyman
Darwinian Fundamentalism on Rape
Mothers Red in Tooth and Claw
Peter Singer's Pet Theme
Darwinizing Culture
The Acid Bites Back
Telling Genes to Jump in the Lake
Mental Maps
Beware Scientists Bearing Values
Dilemma of Leo Strauss
Born-Again Darwinists
The Kitchen As Classroom
Darwins of the Mind     227
Holmes Loses His Faith
Darwin's New Logic
Cash Value of an Idea
What's Religion Worth to You?
Tough Versus Tender
Disciples of Darwin
Transforming America
Let God Evolve
Why Judges Make Law
Dewey's Dilemmas
Hamstrung Teachers
Inventing Your Own Reality
"Keeping Faith" with Darwin
Tom Wolfe and Darwin's Doubt
Truth from the Barrel of a Gun
He Is There and He Is Not Silent
The Cognitive War
How We Lost Our Minds
What's So Good About Evangelicalism?     251
Denzel Asked the Deacon
Forward to the Past
Identity Check
And the Winner Is
When Government Help Hurts
Wild West Religion
Riders in the Storm
Frontier Fallout
Whitefield Across America
Heart Versus Head
Defiant Individualism
When America Met Christianity - Guess Who Won?     273
Democracy Comes to Church
A Politician for a Priest
Fetters for Our Children?
Half American
Salvation on the Spot
America the Natural
Leapfrogging 1,800 Years
Christians for Jefferson
No Traffic Cop
Self-Made People
Preacher, Performer, Storyteller
Celebrity Style
In PR We Trust
Pulling Strings
Not a Rogues' Gallery
Rise of the Sovereign Self
Evangelicals' Two-Story Truth     295
Scotch Tip
The Science of Scripture
Campbell's Rationalist Soup
Old Books for Modern Man
Sola Scriptura?
The View from Nowhere
Becoming Double-Minded
A Science of Duty
Celestial Mathematician
Blinded by Bacon
Religion on the Side
Making Sense of Common Sense
Reid Romans 1
Colors and Shapes
Just a Habit?
Are You Nobody?
Mere Chemistry?
Disinformation Minister
Philosophical "Cheating"
Signs of Intelligent Life
Boxed-In Believers
How Women Started the Culture War     325
Women and the Awakening
Households At Work
Communal Manhood
Home as Haven
Why Men Left Home
The Passionate Male
Taming Men
Feminizing the Church
Morals and Mercy
Female Standards, Male Resentment
Manly Men
Romper Room Dads
Feminist Fury
What Hath Woman Lost?
Remoralizing America
No Double Standard
Reconstituting the Home
Private and Personal
Blueprint for Living
What Next? Living It Out
True Spirituality and Christian Worldview     351
Wurmbrand's Freedom
Schaeffer's Crisis
Idols of the Heart
Theology of the Cross
Rejected, Slain, Raised
Life-Producing Machines
His Work, His Way
Gold, Silver, Precious Stones
Results Guaranteed
Marketing the Message
More Money, More Ministry
Operating Instructions
From Good to Great
Loving Enough to Confront
No Little People
Real Leaders Serve
Getting It Right by Doing It "Wrong"
True Spirituality
How American Politics Became Secularized     381
Modern Islam and the New Age Movement     385
The Long War Between Materialism and Christianity     389
Isms on the Run: Practical Apologetics at L'Abri     393
Notes     397
Recommended Reading     451
Index     467
Study Guide     481

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

On one level, this book is a lucid, easy-to-understand manual for worldview thinking. But it also breaks new ground in worldview analysis."
—World MagazineWorld Magazine

"Pearcey is an outstanding writer with the ability not only to express deep thoughts in a very readable way, but one who also understands a biblically reformed world and life view. If you buy only one book this year, this would be at the top of the list."
—Equip For MinistryEquip For Ministry

"Pearcey helps readers see how many modern Christians unwittingly accept a sacred/secular split, which allows them to relegate faith to the private sphere of life. She then clearly puts forth a Scriptural picture of integrating all of life under the liberating Lordship of Christ and shows what that truth means for the areas of public policy, family life, science, business, law, education, and more."
—Covenant MagazineCovenant Magazine

Total Truth questions the modern American cultural attitude of keeping religion a private matter, claiming that Christianity's truth is best served by being brought into the public sphere to maximize its influence."
—Midwest Book Review

"Thoroughly researched, well-written and well-argued, Total Truth will prove to be a useful and easily accessible guidebook for many who seek to develop a comprehensive biblical worldview that affects not only beliefs but actions."

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