Transforming Discipleship

Transforming Discipleship

by Greg Ogden

NOOK BookRevised and Expanded (eBook - Revised and Expanded)

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Many church leaders, yearning for church growth, look to the latest evangelistic strategies or seeker-targeted worship services. But lack of growth might not be due to lack of concern for new people—it may be because we are not effectively discipling the people we already have. Greg Ogden address the need for discipleship in the local church and recovers Jesus' method of accomplishing life change by investing in just a few people at a time. Ogden sets forth his vision for transforming both the individual disciple and discipleship itself, showing how discipleship can become a self-replicating process with ongoing impact from generation to generation. This revised and updated edition includes a new chapter on discipleship and preaching.

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ISBN-13: 9780830893416
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Publication date: 09/02/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Unfinished Business, Discipleship Essentials, Transforming Discipleship, Leadership Essentials(with coauthor Daniel Meyer), and The Essential Commandment. He is a partner in the Global Discipleship Initiative (GDI), which trains, coaches, and inspires pastors and Christian leaders to establish indigenous, multiplying, disciplemaking networks, both nationally and internationally. Greg and his wife, Lily, have been married more than forty-five years and have one adult daughter and two grandchildren.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Story of Transformation

What People are Saying About This

Daniel Meyer

"No one gets the why and how of transforming ordinary people into extraordinary disciples like Greg Ogden does. As someone who worked alongside of him for ten years, I know that disciple making isn't a theory for Greg, but a way of life. In this revised edition of his landmark book, Greg offers individuals and churches an invaluable manual for shaping circles and cultures that are truly transformative in the way that Jesus and Paul originally had in mind."

Pradeep Jha

"Transforming Discipleship is truly transforming. This book brings out the importance of discipleship and illustrates the processes of healthy, reproducible methods of disciple making. Deep biblical insight compels and challenges us to go back to the practice Jesus established."

Christopher Moody

"Greg Ogden nails it again. This revised and expanded version of his how-to and why-to disciple-making manifesto will continue to be a real asset to the modern church. The lost art of disciple making requires this fresh appraisal and application for the current generation in light of the extensive popularity of program-driven growth strategies. Greg's book is a well-balanced, timely, and practical tool for pastors and lay leaders alike who want to embrace both the message and the method of Jesus Christ for reaching the world through intentional multiplication."

Ben Sobels

"Greg's genius in Transforming Discipleship is that he calls the church back to making disciples a few at a time. Jesus chose twelve men to disciple—three in particular. Why, then, don't we see discipleship groups of three and four filling our churches and serving in our communities? Greg addresses this problem and lays out a brilliantly biblical solution: start making disciples a few at a time! It's a must-read for every pastor—indeed for all followers of Christ. The revised and expanded edition is fantastic—especially chapter ten, in which Greg emphasizes the importance of proclaiming a gospel that leads to discipleship."

Ralph Rittenhouse

"This book launched a transformational revitalization of our church. As scores of our people began to join quads and triads focused on becoming more like Jesus and learning how to follow Christ's last command, we found a new, deep satisfaction. We had discovered Christ's real intention for his followers. We had spent more than twenty-five years trying to build a successful church. But Jesus never told us to go into all the world and build churches. He told us to go and make disciples and that he would build his church. This is a dangerous book. It may require you to change how you do church."

Darrell W. Johnson

"Greg has relentlessly grappled with what it means to be Jesus' disciple and what it means to obey Jesus' command to 'make disciples of all nations.' This book is the fruit of that grappling. And, oh, what delicious fruit it is! What Greg writes is simultaneously convicting (the fact is, we are not doing the work) and encouraging (actually, if we just follow the Master's method, we can do the work!). The unique contribution Greg makes, besides his thorough reading of Scripture and other committed disciple makers, is that he has actually practiced what he is preaching! Countless people—many of whom he has never met—have been transformed into authentic followers of Jesus through implementing the vision Greg has lived and lays before us. If the rest of us would-be disciple makers will join Greg . . . look out, world!"

Robby Gallaty

"No book has influenced my understanding of discipleship group dynamics and multiplication more than Transforming Discipleship. Through years of research, field-testing, group implementation, and individual feedback, Greg offers a proven, timeless method for making disciples who will make even more disciples. Every pastor, church leader, and follower of Christ should read this book and apply the principles it teaches."

E. Stanley Ott

"Greg Ogden's lifelong passion for growing true disciples culminates in his outstanding Transforming Discipleship. In our day, in which congregations know their church programs are no longer as fruitful in growing disciples, Greg gives a solid foundation for developing discipleship based on the ministry of Jesus. He offers wonderful counsel in the use of what he calls 'microgroups,' a church-based strategy for making disciples. I can't wait to put this book into the hands of countless pastors and congregations looking for biblically grounded practices that actually grow disciples."

Monte Starkes

"This is one of the foremost books written on biblical discipleship (practically, philosophically, and theologically) in the last fifty years! Why? It is founded on God's Word, with a extensive focus on how Jesus, the ultimate disciple maker, equipped his apostles to multiply and change the world! Greg writes brilliantly and clearly and also shares from his own experiences in pouring his life into a few. If you are curious or have a passion to impact others for God's glory by following Jesus' method of investing in a few, read this book."

Mary Schaller

"Not only inspiring but compelling for all Christian leaders who are desperately searching for answers to the urgent question of how we can create a reproducible hothouse for discipleship and genuine spiritual transformation. If I could only have room for a handful of discipleship books on my shelf, this would definitely be one of them! It's a book I will keep reading over and over to mine its contents fully. Kudos to you, Greg, for writing an even deeper and richer next edition!"

Craig Brubaker

"I found Greg Ogden when I was searching for what God wanted me to do to follow his call to raise up disciples in a maximum security prison. His book Transforming Discipleship has been our guidebook as God has created 'hot houses of the Holy Spirit' throughout our prison. Hundreds of men's lives have been and continue to be changed through the path shown in this book."

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