Travel Advisory: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams

Travel Advisory: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams

by Bambi Vincent

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Travel Advisory: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams by Bambi Vincent, Bob Arno

"This book is simply amazing in providing what many books on the subject do not and cannot, because most writers do not have the depth and breadth of personal knowledge required. Bambi Vincent & Bob Arno have done an extraordinary amount of research, covering many countries over many years. The wealth of details gives the reader what are possibly the best weapons against the many cons covered in this extensive advisory - education and awareness."—George H. Sutherland.

"Bob and Bambi masterfully lay out the world of professional cons, rip-off artists, and the pejorative and prolific street thief. In incident after incident they show the mind of you, the unsuspecting victim and more importantly, the mind of the thief. Read "Travel Advisory" and you will soon understand the techniques of thieves, their M.O. and why you, looking like a tourist, acting like a tourist, are like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming Peterbuilt."—Allan M. Gathercoal.

Don't become a victim! Next time you a plan a trip, arm yourself with the most comprehensive travel safety guide on the market. Renowned travel experts Bambi Vincent and Bob Arno give you the inside look at today's con games, credit card scams, distraction schemes, and identity thefts plaguing unaware travelers everywhere. Know what a thief looks like? This book has 60 photos of them, from grandfathers, to children, to men who look like your brother. Chapters focus on researching your trip, traveling there, hotel risks, opportunist thieves, strategist thieves, con artists, and identity thieves. Each ends with a bullet-list of hot tips and myth-busting advice.

In the places people love to visit most, the authors find, follow, film, and interview the thieves who target travelers. Why do the criminals spill their guts? What do they say? And how can we avoid their trickery? Based on ten years of trekking through paradise with hidden cameras, this book explores the risks, exposes the methods and motivations of the perpetrators, and teaches travelers how to avoid becoming a victim.

"Each chapter of this book, standing alone, would be worth the price of the book. The photographs, alone, would be worth the price of the book. Where else could you find so many photographs of pickpockets and street scam artists in action? Do not let the word "Travel" in the title fool you. This is a must-read for anyone who goes out in crowds, even in their own home town. Pickpockets work at sporting events, concerts, shopping centers or anywhere they can blend in anonymously with the crowd. Help put pickpockets, hotel thieves and street scam artists out of business. Buy this book."—Carolyn Randall.

"The bad guys are very, very good. This book shows how to make sure that they practice their arts on some other poor sucker, and not you."—D. D. LeDu "Wanderer"

"This book is a must-read for anyone travelling further than their front door.…Moreover, it's also highly entertaining, and in places, very funny indeed."—The Vampire Parrot.

"So, do yourself a favor before you travel: get a copy of Travel Advisory. When you consider the cost and stress and inconvenience of a stolen bag, it could easily be the best few bucks you spend."

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Publisher: Bambi Vincent
Publication date: 09/24/2011
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About the Author

Bambi Vincent bio

Bambi Vincent's thiefhunting takes her all over the world. Married to a professional pickpocket, together they track down criminals and get them to talk. Her husband, Bob Arno, is a stage pickpocket, who has stealthy skills that convince criminals to give up their secrets. With face-to-face access, Bambi interrogates, social engineers, and evaluates thieves, thugs, gangsters, and their goons.

These up-close criminal investigations subject Bambi to unknown and dangerous situations. She is neither fearless, nor a daredevil, but a plucky knowledge-seeker. Despite the risk in consorting with mobsters, she packs a variety of video cameras, some ingeniously hidden, in order to film the thieves' activities and document her thiefhunting pursuits.

After years of practice, she has a fine-honed ability to spot crooks before they strike, move into position, and expertly shoot with specialized video cameras. She uses her film and accumulated knowledge to teach the public how to avoid becoming victims, and train law enforcement to spot thieves.

Bambi writes about pickpockets, con artists, and security issues from a back-door perspective. But close encounters with thieves presents her with an odd and uncomfortable conundrum. Her subjects are often likable on a human level. Having knowledge of their deplorable profession, she struggles to find a balance in her association with them.

She studied art at San Jose State University, law at Santa Clara University, and crime on the streets of the world's favorite cities. She and Bob Arno met in 1984 on a bus in Mexico. They married the next year while living in the Bahamas and spend most of each year roaming the world. Together they savor the natural and cultural differences that make each place unique. Bambi writes the travel and thievery blog called Thiefhunters in Paradise at

Bob Arno, a criminologist and stage pickpocket, recently matched his thievery skills against his criminal cohorts in Naples, Italy. National Geographic was there to film it all, resulting in the documentary "Pickpocket King," broadcast in late 2011.

While not studying the behavior of thieves in the streets, Bob can be seen picking pockets on the world's finest stages. As a criminologist, he appears frequently on television news and magazine shows to share his expertise. He gives presentations to police departments in America and abroad, and lect

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