Travels Around Sorrento: Discovering the Amalfi Coast and Capri

Travels Around Sorrento: Discovering the Amalfi Coast and Capri

by David M. Addison


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David Addison may well have been looking forward to a relaxing time on his Italian holiday, but alas it was not to be. Revisiting Pompeii, he explores Herculaneum and continues the Roman theme by visiting the Villa Jovis in Capri, from which eyrie the dissipated Tiberius ran the empire. In addition, there was Vesuvius to climb, the Amalfi coast to drive and, not least, Sorrento to shop.

Right from the start, he gets off on the wrong foot with a Mafioso maître d’ which makes mealtimes an ordeal. Not to be outdone, his wife—the formidable La Belle Sans Merci—finds her own pet hate in the form of a glamorous fellow guest.

Ubiquitous Dutchmen, dictatorial minibus drivers and a belligerent boor are just some of the many other characters who enliven this humorous look at Italian life and culture, both in the present and the past. As in "Travels Through Time in Italy", the author continues to thwart his long-suffering wife’s attempt to make him more cultured and refined... but anyone could have told her she was on a mission impossible with someone who has a dress sense like his and a close, even symbiotic, relationship with the gin bottle. If anything, he gets himself into even deeper scrapes than before and somehow manages to embarrass her even more.

But when it comes to travelling back to the ancient past and the time of the Romans, the author enters into the spirit of things by letting his fertile imagination roam.

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ISBN-13: 9780995589735
Publisher: Extremis Publishing Ltd.
Publication date: 07/16/2018
Pages: 480
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.97(d)

About the Author

A native of Banff, Scotland, David M. Addison is a graduate of Aberdeen University. In addition to essays in various publications, he has written nine books, mainly about his travels.

As well as a short spell teaching English as a foreign language in Poland when the Solidarity movement at its height, he spent a year (1978-79) as an exchange teacher in Montana.

He regards his decision to apply for the exchange as one of the best things he ever did, for not only did it give him the chance to travel extensively in the US and Canada but during the course of the year he made a number of enduring friendships. The story of his time in North America is recounted in his Innocent Abroad series, also published by Extremis Publishing.

Since taking early retirement (he is not as old as he looks), he has more time but less money to indulge his unquenchable thirst for travel (and his wife would say for Cabernet Sauvignon and malt whisky). He is doing his best to spend the children's inheritance by travelling as far and wide and as often as he can.

Table of Contents

1. Scarily to Sorrento (Page 1)

2. A Matter of Reflection (Page 9)

3. A Cry in the Night (Page 15)

4. Drinks Before Dinner (Page 21)

5. Dinner Disaster (Page 27)

6. A Little Night Music (Page 33)

7. Last Passenger to Sorrento (Page 41)

8. Shopping Opportunities in Sorrento (Page 47)

9. Introducing Mrs Scanty-Panties (Page 53)

10. Sleepy in Sorrento (Page 61)

11. Alone in Sorrento (Page 69)

12. Into the Unknown (Page 75)

13. Stranded in Sant’Agata (Page 83)

14. Another Chance Encounter (Page 89)

15. Another Sort of Stress (Page 95)

16. Setting Out for Ercolano (Page 101)

17. Trouble with a Dutchman (Page 107)

18. Vesuvius and the Mad Hatter (Page 113)

19. Introduction to Herculaneum (Page 121)

20. An Unexpected Encounter in the Baths (Page 131)

21. At Home with the Romans (Page 137)

22. Seeing Double, and Some Italian Logic (Page 149)

23. High Jinks and Lofty Thoughts (Page 157)

24. The Trouble with Figs (Page 163)

25. Full of Sound and Fury (Page 171)

26. A Little Nature Study (Page 177)

27. Making a Rash Decision, and a Find (Page 185)

28. On Being Considered a Moron (Page 191)

29. A Chapter of Accidents (Page 197)

30. Ice Cream Heaven (Page 203)

31. A Little Shopping (Page 211)

32. An Incredible Conversation (Page 217)

33. Some Unenchanted Evening (Page 223)

34. Getting Round the Bends (Page 231)

35. Models and Mules (Page 239)

36. Sounds and Sights of Positano (Page 247)

37. On Being Bullied and Being Buried (Page 255)

38. The Dictator Decrees (Page 265)

39. A Bloody Miracle (Page 271)

40. A Little Walk in Ravello (Page 279)

41. Beauty and the Beastly Duomo (Page 285)

42. A Little Bit of Scotland (Page 293)

43. Strange Encounters of the Missed Kind (Page 299)

44. A Shocking Shopping Experience (Page 307)

45. Encounters of the Embarrassing Kind (Page 313)

46. Confusion on the Way to Capri (Page 319)

47. Problems on the Way to the Villa Jovis (Page 325)

48. The Villa Jovis (Page 333)

49. Goodbye to Capri (Page 341)

50. A Close Encounter of the Horrid Kind (Page 347)

51. A Chapter of Coincidences (Page 355)

52. Some Fanciful Notions (Page 361)

53. Misreading the Signs (Page 369)

54. Late Night Horror Story (Page 379)

55. Public Toilets and Plaster Casts (Page 385)

56. Back to the Future and the Past (Page 395)

57. The Theatre and the Telamon (Page 405)

58. On Worshipping Isis (Page 411)

59. Telling and Not Telling Tales (Page 417)

60. A Hobby is Born (Page 423)

61. A Gay Farewell (Page 429)

62. The Psychic Limoncello Man (Page 435)

63. A Poolside Encounter (Page 441)

64. A Problem with the Bar Bill (Page 447)

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