Tremolo: cry of the loon

Tremolo: cry of the loon

by Aaron Paul Lazar


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Tremolo: cry of the loon by Aaron Paul Lazar

Summer, 1964: Beatlemania hits the States, and the world mourns the loss of JFK. For eleven-year-old Gus LeGarde, the powerful events that rocked the nation serve as a backdrop for the most challenging summer of his life.

After Gus and his best friends capsize their boat at his grandparents' lakeside camp, they witness a drunk chasing a girl through the foggy Maine woods. She's scared. She's hurt. And she disappears.

The camp is thrown into turmoil as the frantic search for Sharon begins. Reports of stolen relics arise, including a church bell cast by Paul Revere. When Gus stumbles on a scepter that may be part of the spoils, he becomes a target for the evil lurking around the lake. Will he find Sharon before the villain does? And how can Gus--armed only with a big heart, a motorboat, and a nosy beagle--survive the menacing attacks on his life?

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ISBN-13: 9781546594826
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/09/2017
Pages: 258

About the Author

Aaron Paul Lazar is obsessed with writing. He's completed twenty-six books to date, and has earned twenty literary book awards. He writes mysteries, suspense, love stories, and more. You'll usually find him writing his heart out in the early hours of the day - preferably in the dark, quiet hours when no one else is awake in his bustling household. Visit his website at to sign up for a free book and to learn about future deals.

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Tremolo: Cry of the Loon 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿In this coming-of-age mystery set in the Belgrade Lakes region of Main, young Gus LeGarde witnesses a girl being chased through the foggy Maine woods. She¿s scared. She¿s hurt. And she disappears. ¿ This story brought back happy memories of childhood fun. Gus is a typical preteen, but also selfless and brave. As a prequel to the LeGarde Mysteries it sets the scene for the future, and Gus¿s foray into the world of solving mysteries. It was a fun and yet scary romp back to a time many will relate to. It took me back to my favorite series, the Nancy Drew mysteries and a time in life that was both exciting and world changing. This is a nostalgic and entertaining read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the Gus LeGarde series of mystery novels. Unlike the other books, it takes place when Gus was a boy of eleven and he and the twins, Elsbeth and Siegfried Marggrander, vacation at a Maine resort run by Gus¿s grandparents. Lazar has drawn heavily on this material in his other books and in this one he proves what a rich source it is. As Gus and the twins return home from a boating accident, they encounter a young girl, bleeding from a blow to her mouth, and pursued by a drunken man whom they assume to be her father. The search for the missing girl, Sharon Adamski, runs through the story, in some ways its dominant thread but not the one that most occupies the reader. The real attraction of the book is ¿ and this quality it shares with the other Gus LeGarde books ¿ the charm of the author and the opportunity for the reader to share in a gracious life built on warm relations with family and friends. The joys of the table and the love of music and the appreciation of the quiet joys of reading embrace an ideal but not impossible world. Lazar has added other strains to this medley. An occupant of one cabin is the mysterious Miss Jones, seeking a quiet retreat where she can mourn the death of her son. She and young Gus become friends and it is he who rescues her cat Ivanhoe, frightened by a burglar. It is no accident that the villains in Lazar¿s books are villains without redemption. Like a figure from Elizabethan drama or opera they will not only stop at nothing, they will joyfully add gratuitous evil deeds beyond what any reader could expect. It is as if the existence of unqualified malevolence in others is the cost of Gus¿s idyllic world, a kind of restoration of balances. Brigit Marggrander, mother of the twins, was the victim of the camps in Germany during World War II. This is another strong statement of the evil that exists in the outer world beyond the charmed circle of the LeGarde family and friends. Lazar cleverly involves the story with To Kill a Mockingbird, a movie that Gus sees with his parents and which they all find overwhelming. It is a brilliant choice for it is a parallel with the LeGarde circle and the circumstances of Tremolo. This ¿ if the world is at all just ¿ should be the break-through book for Aaron Paul Lazar. He has served his apprenticeship with two excellent works, but Tremolo reaches far beyond these and is a monument to the enduring values of love, integrity and bravery. Experimental writing is fun but charm and honesty and high ideals have staying power. Tremolo has all the signs of persistent endurance.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Open the pages of this great story and you'll find yourself stepping back in time to the childhood of the hero of the LeGarde mysteries by the very talented author Aaron Pau Lazar. The setting has all the earmarks of being real and pulls the reader nostalgically back to their own childhood with its warmth and laughter. Three children, Gustave, Seigfried, and Elsbeth are set to enjoy another summer on the lake, but a series of events sends them off in a different direction, tinging the peaceful lakeside atmosphere with fear and mystery. A missing girl, a mysterious visitor the children are forbidden to bother, the attempted murder of Gustave and other events keep this story moving with a sense of tension that will have any reader looking over their shoulder at strange sounds after dark. Join Gustave and his friends in their attempts to find the missing girl, and find where their conviction they've found her leads. A tightly-written tale with loads of action and adventure to keep you reading by a superb story-teller whose characters live and breathe. A fun read with plenty of mystery and intrigue as seen through the eyes of a boy well on his way to becoming a man. If you are familiar with the adult LeGarde, you will recognize the seeds of his personality as sown here. Enjoy. I certainly did and I highly recommend this and all other books by Aaron Paul Lazar to any reader.
Jani417 More than 1 year ago
For readers who remember 1964, this will be a delightfully evocative sentimental journey back to a simpler time.  Younger readers will get an authentic, up close revelation of what elders refer to as “The good old days.”  Young Gus LeGarde, future music professor and hero of Aaron Paul Lazar’s popular mystery series, is eleven years old in 1964, spending an unexpectedly adventurous summer at his grandparents’ resort camp. At a time when society’s innocence is ending, Gus and his friends experience danger and revelations about life that will lead to maturity. Young Gus accompanies his parents to see the movie “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and is profoundly affected by the injustice portrayed.  The events of the summer reflect the lessons in the movie.  Gus’ own near drowning experience brings to mind the memorable line from that movie: “Let the dead bury the dead.” Lazar’s unique ability to involve the reader in the action of the story will deliver charming childhood memories for older readers.  Descriptions of the simple pleasures of youth in the sixties produce sighs of nostalgia.  This flashback to Gus’ childhood helps readers better understand how the characters became who they are as adults.  All readers will enjoy investigating events, untangling clues and solving the mystery.  
bucmjt More than 1 year ago
Tremolo:  Cry of the Loon by Aaron Paul Lazar is simply genius!  Usually I wait a bit after finishing a book to formulate ideas before writing a review, but Tremolo took me away..and I may not come back any time soon.  The third book in the LeGarde mystery series, this book actually takes a look back at the characters with a more in depth view of events that were referenced in the previous books.  I was enthralled with the details, as always. Lazar never lets us get lost in surroundings or events by painting perfect pictures of places and events.  This particular story is tragic in so many ways, yet uplifting and full of promise for the future of the characters.  These events have shaped the characters into the adults that they become.  Perfectly planned, perfectly written.  I thought chapter 47 was going to end me, but I finished the book with a smile.  This is absolutely a MUST read, just remember to bring tissues!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Set in 1964, in the Belgrade Lakes of Maine, Aaron Paul Lazar¿s novel ¿Tremolo, Cry of the Loon¿ presented one mystery after another begging to be solved and kept me turning pages to the very end to see who the guilty person or persons were. At the tender age of eleven, Gus LeGarde has a lot to deal with. First, when Gus and his friends, Elsbeth and Siegfried, wreck their small boat, they manage to swim to shore, but as they make their way through the trees to Gus¿s grandparents¿ fishing camp where Gus and his family are spending the summer, they almost collide with a young girl. She¿s bleeding and frightened and running from a drunken man. Who is the girl the man calls Sharon? Why is he after her? Gus worries about Sharon and wants to help her, so he tells the authorities, but they give little credit to the young boy. Second, who is the mysterious woman staying in Cabin Fifteen? Everyone is hush, hush about her, and all Gus knows is that she is old, has a cat, and recently lost a family member. She also has ¿guardians¿ who live in the cabin next to her, which means she¿s probably someone important. Third, while authorities search for Sharon, valuable religious artifacts are stolen: a bell cast by Paul Revere and a rare marble statue of the Virgin Mary, along with other priceless objects. Is there a connection between Sharon¿s disappearance and the theft of the artifacts? When Gus and his friends get too close to the truth, their lives become endangered. Will they rescue the missing girl, or will their fate be the same as hers, whatever that might be? If you¿re a child of the ¿60s, you¿ll remember the thirty-three rpm records, the movie ¿To Kill a Mockingbird,¿ the Beatles, and five-cent sodas. If you¿re not a child of the ¿60s, you¿ll enjoy the twists and turns and surprises in this breathtaking mystery. Beautiful imagery and touches of nostalgia make this a must read for all ages. You¿ll be glad you read it.