Two Like Me and You

Two Like Me and You

by Chad Alan Gibbs


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"An excellent read for fans of John Green's Paper Towns or Ally Carters Heist Society." -Reedsy Discovery

Called, "both intimate and epic," by Kirkus Reviews in a starred review, Two Like Me and You by Chad Alan Gibbs is a coming of age teen adventure full of romance and laugh out loud humor. Fans of John Green's Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska and Robyn Schneider's The Beginning of Everything will find what they're looking for in this debut young adult novel.

Edwin Green's ex-girlfriend is famous. We're talking cover-of-every-tabloid-in-the-grocery-store-line famous. She dumped Edwin one year ago on what he refers to as Black Saturday, and in hopes of winning her back, he's spent the last twelve months trying to become famous himself. It hasn't gone well.

But when a history class assignment pairs Edwin with Parker Haddaway, the mysterious new girl at school, she introduces him to Garland Lenox, the nursing-home-bound World War II veteran who will change Edwin's life forever.

The three escape to France, in search of the old man's long-lost love, and as word of their hilarious adventure spreads, they become media darlings. But when things fall apart, they also become the focus of French authorities. In a race against time, who will find love, and who will only find more heartache?

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ISBN-13: 9780985716530
Publisher: Borne Back Books
Publication date: 03/04/2019
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 362,962
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.67(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

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Two Like Me and You 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Xkoqueen 20 days ago
Two Like Me and You is a wonderfully refreshing read. Author Chad Alan Gibbs takes his readers along for a wild adventure. The unlikely trio of a big-talking senior citizen in a nursing home and two unpopular high school students creates no end of hilarity. The odd introduction of Edwin Green provides not just his backstory, but it gives readers a real feel for this glum character. Parker Haddaway, the enigmatic new girl at school, is suspected of being an undercover cop. Naturally, that lead this reader to wondering about what sort of crazy antics she gets into. Add one WWII vet in search of his lost soulmate--Garland Lenox--and you've got the magical ingredients for a zany, madcap, YA adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Gibb's writing style. I loved all his characters. Just like Garland's "big fish" tales, there were many far-fetched scenarios; they are too much fun to care about the need for suspension of disbelief. Two Like Me and You is a tale of self-discovery and adventure. While there is a bit of puppy-love, this is not a romance novel. Teen and 'tween readers can expect so much fun and laughs that they won't even notice that Mr. Gibbs has slipped in a little history to the mix. A wonderful, chaste road trip story that is suitable for all ages. The charming, heartfelt ending might not be a typical HEA, but it is perfect.
Lisa_Loves_Literature 29 days ago
Oh my gosh, this book had me laughing constantly! From the hilarious one-line predictions for each chapter at the beginning of each chapter to the witty comments from both the elderly Garland Lenox as well as the snarky new girl, Parker Haddaway. Like chapter 60: "In which everyone's favorite bureaucratic asshat returns." Or chapter 53: "In which Garland Lenox tries to singlehandedly undo decades of Franco-American relations". Of course it begins earlier on with one like this in chapter 11, "In which our hero boasts of his excessive cautiousness, despite evidence to the contrary." It's a road trip on steroids, with the police after this World War II veteran and the two teens who may or may not have kidnapped him according to his lawyer, a lawyer that Garland claims put him in a nursing home without his permission. The romance that got them all started on the trip though is just really sweet, and the perfect story to go along with their own trip. I love when Edwin finally gets his chance to grab his ex-girlfriend Sadie's attention. I love how he handles it, and what she's done that makes it even better! The humor in this story reminded me a lot of how much I enjoyed reading Denton Little's Death Date. I pretty much laughed almost all the way through this one. Even the emotional parts had perfect humor to release the tension. Oh yeah, the main character, Edwin, says the sorting hat would send him to Hufflepuff, which is my house, so that won me over to him right away!
ReadersFavorite4 3 months ago
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite Edwin Green is trying to win back his ex-girlfriend, Sadie Evans, who is super famous. He meets Garland Lenox a year to the day he loses his girlfriend, Sadie. The new girl in his class, Parker Haddaway, introduces him to Garland who is much older to them and a World War II veteran. Parker Haddaway is strange in many ways: she never smiles, and she only speaks to people who speaks to her first, but things change when they are paired for an assignment in their history class at school. Edwin has a driving license and he is fluent in French. The adventure of their life begins when the three of them escape to France in search of Garland's long-lost love, Madeleine. How do they get separated? What happens in France and will they be able to find Garland's love? Two Like Me and You: A Novel by Chad Alan Gibbs is flighty, adventurous, and fast-paced as the author takes readers through Paris and other areas of France. It is entertaining to read how these three, Edwin, Parker, and Garland, attract the attention of the media and the French authorities. I like the way the author knits a love angle into a plot that is adventurous, intriguing, and filled with action. The author manages to keep the pace of the plot and there is not a single dull moment in this story. The detailed narration is a plus because it makes the scenes vivid and palpable to readers. All the characters are well portrayed and their contrasting personalities make them real and memorable. The story has a lot of challenges with some good emotional punches that make it an engaging read.
ReadersFavorite3 3 months ago
Reviewed by Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers' Favorite Reading Two Like Me and You by Chad Alan Gibbs will evoke a mixture of emotions in readers as Edwin Green and Parker Haddaway spring Garland Lenox to find the love of his life. Garland was shot down over France during WWII and fell in love with the resistance teenager who saved his life. Seventy years later, he realizes she could still be alive and is determined to find her, despite being illegally submitted to a nursing home. The bond between Parker and Garland is more complex as the novel unfolds. Garland can give Parker a new beginning while Parker can give Garland closure in his life. Edwin was more of an afterthought as Parker realized he also needed to escape a past that was preventing him from moving forward in life.   The events in Two Like Me and You are so crazy you just couldn’t make this stuff up. Chad Alan Gibbs is an exceptional author and takes his readers halfway around the world while keeping their problems close to home. This novel is about love lost, but also about examining your own heart about the love you think is there. Everyone gets fifteen minutes of fame would be the second theme as these fugitives attract a lot of attention and they spread the news like wildfire over the internet. Chad Alan Gibbs ends this novel beautifully. I had laughed, cried, and cheered as each of the characters got what they wanted at the end. It makes you realize you may not want what you wish for.
ReadersFavorite1 3 months ago
Reviewed by Stephen Fisher for Readers' Favorite Two Like Me and You by Chad Alan Gibbs is an amazingly hilarious adventure story that begins with Edwin Green and the new girl, Parker Haddaway, in Mr. Graham's 1866-2009 history class. The assignment was to interview veterans of WWII. When the students are told to pair up, mysterious red-haired Parker tells Edwin that she knows where to find old people. Edwin had been making videos and pining over the loss of his famous ex-girlfriend Sadie Evans since she had broken up with him a year ago. The two of them leave school early and visit a nursing home where they meet WWII veteran Garland Lenox; a fighter pilot that got shot down. With his skill as a French interpreter and a driver's license, Edwin is quickly recruited to help Garland and Parker to find his long-lost love, Madeleine, in France. She had saved his life and harbored him from Nazi soldiers. They quickly leave for the the airport and book a flight on a Boeing 727 nonstop to Paris. What follows afterward is a major international social media extravaganza. Chad Alan Gibbs tells this story through the main character, 16-year-old Edwin. Once the trio is discovered missing, the authorities quickly track them down. Chad's use of sarcastic dialog between the three fugitives had me in stitches, laughing out loud with the non-stop antics, snappy comebacks, and anecdotes. The plot and the action are fast paced with never a dull moment. The author describes in intricate detail the vivid images that allow the reader to visualize everything that transpires. The characters are as colorful as the dialog. Even when the plot builds to a crescendo, you are left wanting more. Two Like Me and You is the funniest and most enjoyable book I have ever read. When it was over, I wanted more. Bravo, Mr. Gibbs! Awesome!
ReadersFavorite 3 months ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Two Like Me and You is a young adult coming of age/adventure novel written by Chad Alan Gibbs. Edwin Green’s junior year at J.P. Hornby High School did not hold any special promise or allure for the somewhat nerdy young man. He was still reeling from Black Saturday, that momentous day a year earlier when his girlfriend, Sadie Evans, now a superstar, unceremoniously cut him off from her life. Little did he know that his junior year would be extraordinary, and in ways no one might have envisioned, except perhaps a retired World War II veteran living in the dementia ward of a nursing home . It all started with Mr. Graham’s history class. Mr. Graham had this quirk about seating students in alphabetical order. While it helped him begin to associate the names of his students with their corporeal presences, the arrangement meant that Edwin was sandwiched between the unkempt and frankly disgusting Tyler Godfrey and the formidable Parker Haddaway, the new girl who had made it quite clear that she didn’t suffer fools gladly, or for that matter at all. Then why did she suddenly decide that Edwin should be her partner in Mr. Graham’s history project? Edwin had no idea, but from that moment on his life had started changing dramatically. Two Like Me and You is one of those all-too-rare reading experiences that make you smile as you begin reading and then hold you blissfully entranced all the way through to the last page. I’ve long had an interest in the Second World War, and I loved seeing that conflict and its aftermath through Garland Lenox’s eyes. Books such as this make the reader remember, or realize, that WWII heroes and heroines can still be found in retirement villages and assisted living facilities, their stories still clear in their memories, waiting to be told. Gibbs’ plot is ingenious, skirting on the realm of the possible and skating into absurdity in some delicious and unpredictable ways. His characters are complex and quite real, and his smooth and assured style of writing makes this romp of a coming of age adventure work quite well. Two Like Me and You is most highly recommended.