Undead Ultra

Undead Ultra

by Camille Picott


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Undead: a reanimated corpse with a craving for human flesh.Ultramarathon: any footrace longer than a traditional marathon (26.2 miles).For ultrarunners Kate and Frederico, a typical Saturday morning is spent pounding out a twenty- to thirty-mile "fun run." It's during one of their runs that an insidious illness descends upon northern California, turning humans into flesh-shredding zombies. When Kate receives a desperate call from her son, Carter, she and Frederico flee their hometown and set out to help him. The only problem? Carter attends college over two hundred miles away and the freeways-clogged with car wrecks, zombies, and government blockades-are impassable. Running back roads and railroad tracks becomes their only means of travel, but neither of them has ever run so far before. As pain, injuries, hunger, and fatigue plague them, getting to Carter and staying alive seem impossible. It's either outrun the undead or become one of them, and for Kate, death is not an option.

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ISBN-13: 9781530675081
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/26/2016
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.85(d)

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Undead Ultra 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
hpgirl2008 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I started off not knowing what "Ultra" meant but quickly learned that it is about people who run what are called "Ultramarathons" which can be 35 miles or hundreds of miles. Something I had not heard of. So we meet Kate and Frederico, 2 running friends who both have older children. Kate's spouse Kyle has passed away and she is a single mom and her son Carter is now in college. Frederico's daughter Aleisha is working in a restaurant/bar. Upon a normal days run Kate begins to get a lot of texts and voice mails from Carter telling her to stay inside, bar the doors and take all precautions. She cannot figure out why he is saying this, but as she and Frederico are making their way back to the city they begin to notice very strange things happening, like everyone is on drugs. Soon they realize though that they aren't on drugs - they see a man bite a woman - and although are hesitant to say the "z word", they finally admit what they are dealing with are zombies. Both worried about their children, they decide to make the 200 mile run to save their children. Neither have the supplies to do it. Being told by her son to stay away from cars and that the zombies are blind, they do their best to run quietly and make sure they make as little noise as possible. Because there were only really 2 main characters in this book it was a series of what was happening to them now and a series of flashbacks that Kate would have about her, her late husband and her friend. The flashbacks give the reader a lot of great memories and views into Kate's mind and introduce us to her late husband and son. Frederico and Kate are both very complex characters and very well-written. It was very realistic even being in a surreal environment because it showed the reality of ultramarathons and the courage to go on even when you don't think you can. I read this book in one night it was so good I could not put it down! Definitely one to check out if you love zombie novels :) I received a complimentary ebook in exchange for my honest review.
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
I’ve read plenty of zombie apocalypse stories with lots of different scenarios, but this is something new. Kate and Frederico are Ultramarathon runners. That’s any race longer than a little over 26 miles, all on foot, no bikes or swimming. Wouldn’t you know it. While out on a run, the apocalypse happens. Now Kate and Frederico must run all the way to where Kate’s son, Carter, is trapped at his college. That’s over 200 miles away. You can imagine all of the snags they run into. Aside from the zombies, which are everywhere and very hungry, there’s the people to worry about too. Frederico would be excess baggage to those wanting to snag themselves a woman to snuggle up with in the end times. Injuries could mean their death. And finding food and water will slow them down as they can’t carry it while running. I thought this was very believable. If you were a seasoned runner and without injuries, you could run the 200+ miles. It’s all the things that could go wrong that would prevent you from succeeding. You can’t help but cheer these two on as they race to the rescue. Their run gets your own endorphins pumping. The dangers they encounter on the way keep the suspense levels high. And you remain hopeful they’ll get where they’re going, rescue Kate’s son, and somehow survive. Strong writing and well developed characters make this one I recommend to all zombie lovers. And you runners might get a kick out of it too.