Unfinished Work

Unfinished Work

by Kevin Max
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MiniZSirC More than 1 year ago
This book is a great autobiography from Kevin Max. It's about a man who is watched constantly to be seen fall, and this is mainly because he is different. He does not play by the rules he does not fit in but he still lives through God in it all. He is an outspoken Christian and a former member of DC Talk. This book not only tells about his life but also goes in depth and explains the background to every song on his "Stereotype Be" album.

I liked the whole thought of this book not only because he's honest but because it can also apply to me. I am definitely discriminated in school for being as strong a Christian as I am. Even close friends watch me just trying to see me fall. And this book can show you how to deal with it. Kevin could make a good role model because he has had his experiences where he has not honored the Lord in it all, but he also repents from those ways and now does his best to better his walk with God.

I can't say that the way the book was set up was the most interesting way. I read Jesus Freak and thought it to be a great and interesting book. This book had its moments but overall seemed to me rather dull for a reader. I can tell that he was expressing how he felt on many subjects and if I listened to solely him as a solo artist might have been more fascinated with it but I chose out of the three to follow tobyMac and therefore cannot relate to his songs and lyrics. I would definitely suggest this if you listen to his music and enjoy his music. If you are just looking for a read however I cannot promise you will like it, but I am also not saying you won't.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Unfinished Work' is one of the best books I've read. It described Kevin Max's perspective of his life and what it's like to be the black duck in a crowd. It gives a nice, thought out, meaning to each song on his album 'Stereotype Be.' He also gives his mind about situations that have happened with DC Talk and how he has seeked council to make the right decisions. Kevin Max is also trying to tell everyone that he did not mean to give himself a bad image. This book is written completely from his heart.