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Untimed by Andy Gavin

Charlie's the kind of boy that no one notices. Hell, his own mother can't remember his name. So when a mysterious clockwork man tries to kill him in modern day Philadelphia, and they tumble through a hole into 1725 London, Charlie realizes even the laws of time don't take him seriously. Still, this isn't all bad. Who needs school when you can learn about history first hand, like from Ben Franklin himself. And there's this girl... Yvaine... another time traveler. All good. Except for the rules: boys only travel into the past and girls only into the future. And the baggage: Yvaine's got a baby boy and more than her share of ex-boyfriends. Still, even if they screw up history - like accidentally let the founding father be killed - they can just time travel and fix it, right? But the future they return to is nothing like Charlie remembers. To set things right, he and his scrappy new girlfriend will have to race across the centuries, battling murderous machines from the future, jealous lovers, reluctant parents, and time itself.

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ISBN-13: 9781937945046
Publisher: Mascherato, LLC
Publication date: 01/02/2013
Pages: 342
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

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Untimed 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 57 reviews.
skstiles612 More than 1 year ago
First I need to say that I am a real fan of time travel books.  I’ve not read one in a long time.  This was an awesome book with great characters.  You meet Charlie who is ignored by everyone but his aunt and father.  No one else seems to see him or remember his name.  One problem here is that he only sees his aunt and uncle a couple of times a year because they are also time travelers.  He sees a “tick-tock”and follows him into a hole that sends him into 1725 London.  This is where we meet the next major character, Yvaine.  She is a street smart girl with a baby.  She is also a time traveler.  She explains to Charlie that boys can only travel into the past and girls can only travel into the future.  Together, as they try to avoid being killed, they begin a relationship and learn the consequences of creating timequakes.  I could tell you so much more but that would just spoil it for you.  What’s that you say?  You don’t understand what a “tick-tock” is and what a timequake is?  You’ll have to read the book to find out.  This book has something for everyone.  It is a combination of Science Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Adventure all rolled into one.Warning! This book is definitely not for my middle school students.  I am glad I read it first.  There is violence, language and sexual content that make me say it would be best  suited for someone who is age 15/16 or above.  The illustrations are wonderful.  This is just the first book in the series.  It will be difficult to wait for the next one, but wait I will. I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
Mclovinn More than 1 year ago
The excitement of reading this book is comparable to the feeling of eating BIG MAC the second you take your first bite it keeps you hooked with each bite containing a new flavorful experience until the very end craving more until your mentally refreshed  I would also recommend the book The Darkening Dream another amazing adventure story packed with action
AdriLisa More than 1 year ago
Charlie's adventures - not only for YA - Fast paced as it may be, I was able to read through it while feeling all the emotions the other "interesting" characters were putting Charlie through - especially Yvaine, another time traveller - someone who had struggle to survive - Charlie must undo a mistake and will he succeed? It seems that Yvaine and Charlie managed to jump through time but leaving an important passage in history behind, dying - this will affect everyone in the future - I'll say it is well written, comical, suspense, entertaining and the setting is just right. I truly recommend this book to everyone as the illustrations in this novel are quite amazingly unique and completes the novel quite nicely. I loved it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! This is definitely for the "sophisticated" young reader, ages 10 and up. I'm significantly older than ten, and the first chapter had my heart pumping. Highly recommended,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am speechless
DarkAngelCT More than 1 year ago
Charlie spends most of his time being invisible no one seems to remember his name. His dad and Aunt pop in and out of his life at the weirdest times. When a man who appears and looks like a clock with gizmos and gadgets where his stomach should be Charlie follows the man into a mysterious hole and all I can think of is the Rabbit Hole from Alice in Wonderland. Charlie finds himself in old times, his iphone is now a notepad with pictures and information. There he meets Yvaine a women who's in 1700 England with a bunch of rag tag thieves reminds me of Oliver Twist. There Charlie learns that girls who time travel move forward in time and boys go back in time. I also loved the illustrations in this book so beautifully drawn! This book was incredible with the adventure and sticky situations Charlie gets into definitely a great time travel adventure book. One that I'm sure many will come to love!
beckvalleybooks More than 1 year ago
I know that your not supposed to judge a book by it's cover but how could you not, it's absolutely gorgeous and draws you in instantly to want to read on. I couldn't wait to start reading the book as soon as it arrived and with the added addition of twenty-one black and white illustrations throughout the book, I think this would be a great book for any young adult or older reader to enjoy. The author has wrote a highly creative, fast paced and at times humorous time travel fantasy that has so many twists and turns it literally keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to read on and on. I even found myself going back a few pages a couple of times just to catch up. As you follow the main characters of Charlie and Yvaine traveling through time on their many close to the edge adventures with their time war enemies, the clockwork tocks, the story cleverly wraps itself around history such as Ben Franklin, clockmaker/inventor Bréguet, Napoleonic war as well as 18th - 21st century living. The story comes alive and you are simply hooked, especially the second half of the book. Charlie is an overlooked teenage boy who has absolutely no idea that he is a time traveller and is on the brink of learning why his dad and aunt disappear for months on. On a school trip Charlie spots the policeman who was searching for his dad and decides to follow him. Even when he realises that the policeman is a ivory faced clockwork man that disappears into the ground, Charlie can't stop himself and jumps into the ground after him. This is when 2011 Philadelphia becomes 1725 London Dickens times and Charlie meets the love of his life, fellow time traveller Yvaine. Yvaine is a independant, very blunt and sassy pickpocketer who has her own unique use of the english language. She is owned, used and abused by a Fagan like character called Donnie. Not only that, Yvaine has a son by Ben Franklin but Donnie takes him away from her as blackmail until she helps in destroying the future. Being a time traveller isn't easy, girls from the past go into the future and boys from the future go into the past, changing history can have repercussions and timequakes happen when history is changed, downtime is needed after every trip and not only all that tocks don't like time travellers and kill on sight so listen out for the CHIME! Luckily the original time traveller, the regulator, engraved brass pages that can't be deleted by time to help future travellers but will they find what they need and just when you think everything is back to how it originally was, think again !! My favourite part of the book was when they traveled uptime into the ticktock future, everything had changed with a familiar large metal clock tower shadowing over the town, horse and carts, pedalled clockwork bikes, clockwork bugs and more, I really enjoyed it and wanted to read more. I would recommend this to any time travel fan from the age of 15/16 and above due to some 'romantic' (let's say) and other small parts of the storyline.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book Review: This book was very intriguing almost from the very beginning- a main character whom no one remembers, not even his mother? Untimed is a very fun YA time-travel novel. I already love this book the time I heard that it's all about time travel- because that is what I dream of , traveling back to the past then to the future. . . Time won't be a big deal for all  of us if we can have that Time Travel - but being UNTIMED ? sounds skeptical though interesting story!  This is a very creative book full of wild imaginations of the author. As I read it's pages , being together with Charlie feels fun. I think of myself as one of the characters in the story as I read books, well this time! it's adventure :) A time travel with Charlie! I am not fond of reading history books and Charlie  is my opposite , here - Where Charlie’s fascination with history not only inform but aid in finding answers to all of his non-ending mysterious assumptions. I also like the twist that a time traveler of the past was linked to a time traveler of the future! How can that be possible? When they were both travelling in a different direction, will they still meet each other? those were just some questions that will pop up to your minds. It will really bring out one's curiosity :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In this epic adventure, Charlie meets a young woman and falls in love, all while traveling through time. He battles tocks, fixes history, saves Ben Franklin, joins thives and more! This is by far the best book i have ever read. This book has some sexual activity and underage drinking. Andy Gavin did a fantastic job on this one. I wolud love to have read more on these charcters. It is amazing how easy it is to connect with these charcters. Over all, i loved this book.
dedaDL More than 1 year ago
Step into Untimed and find out what the Hanna-Barbera Hole has in the future for Charlie! Join Charlie in his adventures and mysteries the future will bring! Or is it the past? You tell me? Charlie learns that life is about who you are with - more than where or when you are there.  Isa and I both enjoyed Charlie's adventures.  A great book for anyone that likes a great adventure. Isa is 9 and a excellent reader. A good read.
JenZuna More than 1 year ago
This was an amazing adventure! The first thing I noticed was the cover of course. I didn't even read the blurb before deciding I had to read this book, the cover is out of this world! I was drawn in immediately by the storyline. There's a mixture of history and future in Untimed. The characters are fascinating and you will quickly have your favorites picked out. I was really rooting for Charlie and Yvaine throughout the whole book. There is no down time in this book, it's one sticky situation after the next happening at break neck speed. You will find yourself reading late and waking up early to find out what happens next. The pictures in the book added so much to this story and really helped put vivid images in my head as I was reading. This author is the creator of the Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter video games, of which my boys have several in their collection. As I was reading this I could absolutely see this as a great new video game! Or even better, a movie. One thing I would note is that this book states the reader age at 10+. Honestly I would put this book more at a 15-16 year old reader age. There are some pretty strong emotional situations in the story. But that's just me, i'm kind of an overprotective mom lol.
CC_Graziano More than 1 year ago
A review copy was provided for an honest review. Untimed is extremely and wildly different from anything I've ever read. That being said I absolutely enjoyed it for its purely imaginative creativeness. The concept isn't anything new but it is well orchestrated—reading about time travel never felt more fun! Everything about this book is unexpected, strange, and completely fascinating. Although the demographic is for young adults I can most certainly guarantee it isn't for anyone under the ages of 16. It has quite a bit of explicit language, some violence, and sexual content. Anyone who loves history and steampunk will love this interwoven action-packed novel! Charlie's been overlooked most of his life—nearly invisible—but that all changes when he goes on a school trip. It all starts when he gets attacked by a strange man and he follows him down a hole that opens up in the ground. From modern day Philadelphia he finds himself stranded in London—the year—1725. Clueless as to the events and the situation he finds himself in he fatefully meets a girl who can also time travel. Always being invisible to everyone around him he finds solace with Yvaine and she even remembers his name—that's more than he can say about anyone else he's ever encountered in life. But as Charlie starts finding answers he also is left with even more questions. Together these two time travelers go on an unforgettably dangerous adventure that could change the world. Time's a fickle thing when you can potentially change it for better or for worse. Especially when the clock is ticking and there's machine-like people after you.This steampunk historical takes you through time on an action-filled adventure full of many twists and turns. Having read one other book of Andy Gavin's it's clear he has exceptional writing skills. Untimed is excellently researched, with realistic characters, and a highly entertaining plot. I really liked the history that's intertwined and the inventive story that's presented. Every other chapter includes beautiful illustrations that further enhances your reading visuals. Although reminiscent of middle-grade format its writing is for more mature readers. The main characters are well developed—Yvaine is my favorite—tough, wise, and not one to hold back on speaking her mind. I also really liked Charlie who learns quickly how to adapt to different circumstances, and his clever resourcefulness. Untimed ends with most of its loose ends tied but leaves the story open for more books to follow it. Overall Untimed is greatly enjoyable and most engrossing—I look forward to the next book Andy Gavin will write!
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
Time travel sounds like fun, right? Go back in time and visit places you’ve read about that sound fascinating. Go forward in time and see what your future may hold. Well, maybe we don’t want to know too much about what lies ahead. But, you can time travel with some very interesting characters in Author Andy Gavin’s novel UNTIMED. So open a copy of UNTIMED, for YA and really readers of just about all ages, get comfortable in your favorite chair with your favorite snack, and travel on a mad, funny, scary journey with Charlie, Yvaine and a clockwork man, as well as others. You may be surprised at the people you’ll meet. An interesting question is asked in the story. Can time travel change history? Now that’s something to think about. What do you think? Each chapter gives the year and place where the characters are, which helps to follow the action and see whether the travelers’ presence in that particular place at that particular time makes a difference in the world. The reader gets a glimpse into the personal lives of the characters and may wonder why Charlie makes some of the decisions he makes, or why Yvanie does the things she does. Remember, they’re kids, doing the best they can with what life has handed them Andy Gavin keeps the action flowing, with the characters finding or making new problems for themselves with every step they take. Lovely black and white illustrations give the reader a glimpse at what some of the characters look like. I always like pictures in a book. How will it all turn out? Will our hero and heroine change history completely, or will the world go on the way history is written? UNTIMED is worth your time. Enjoy. I won a copy of UNTIMED in Good Reads First Readers Contest and am so happy I did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Untimed is a delightful novel by Andy Gavin. I will definitely seek out the next book in the series. The time traveler genre is not one I typically read, but wanted a change of pace. I could turn the pages fast enough to see what Charlie & Yvaine do next. Charlie’s Dad & Aunt and big into history and travel a lot for their research, which Charlie doesn’t totally understand. Charlie is forced by his Dad to study history also, for no apparent reason. While his Dad is home, the police knock on the door looking for his Dad. His Dad & Aunt disappear and Charlie is left wondering. Charlie is on a school field trip and is confronted by one of the policeman that was at his house. The policeman turns out to be a mechanical robot. Charlie observes the robot turning dials on his chest and a hole opens in the ground. The robot jumps into the hole and Charlie being a teenager decides to follow and travels back in time to the 1700’s… Andy’s novel is fast paced and keeps you guessing on Charlie’s adventure traveling back and forth through time. The novel is well worth a read, to get away from this world we live in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An enjoyable read. I look forward to time travel stories, and it delivered. Too bad it was only a few hours read, as I could have stayed in their company longer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book! Time travel, teenage licentiousness, and pure fun are the main ingedients of this harrowing, comical, irrresistible force of a book! More fun than flying a kite in a thunderstorm. Can i travel forward in time to read part 2 early?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought the book was great! But i would not let ANY of my grandchildren read it and several of them are 10 and 11. I would say this book is more for 15-16 year olds.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was a fresh and interesting take on the time travel genre. It was much more clever and witty than I had expected it to be. I hope the next book in the series is as good as this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm reading this is a Young Adult read. Well, I'm not so young(a child of the 60's) and enjoyed this very much. I was looking for a time travel read and came upon "Untimed" and really glad I gave it a go.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
UNTIMED by Andy Gavin is an interesting Young Adult Time Travel/ Adventure. Fast paced and filled with action and adventure,a bit of danger,and a bit of love along the way. Charles goes from 2011 Philadelphia to 1725 London when a clockwork man tries to kill him. He finds himself in a different world,with different dangers and problems. He also meets young,feisty Yvaine,a time traveler as well,who has baggage and troubles of her own. With charming characters, and intriguing plot, and an interesting story as well, Young Adult readers are sure to enjoy "Untimed",especially, readers 15 and older. "Untimed" reminds me of the Steampunk genre. Where they meet famous people as well as not so famous people along the way. But can time travel change the past as well as the future? Don't let the cover fool you,it is not scary at all,just a great read. You are left with a few unanswered questions, I see a sequel in the making or hope so anyway. If you enjoy YA,time travel, and adventure you will enjoy "Untimed". Received for an honest review from the publicist/author. RATING: 4 HEAT RATING: NONE REVIEWED BY: AprilR,Review courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
andid13 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Describing this book is difficult. If a sci-fi novel met and married a historical one, their child would be a steampunk-romantic-dystopian young adult with mature content, and as crazy as that sounds, it absolutely works! Sci-fi and historical are my two favorite genres, so when I read the summary, I was immediately intrigued, but I was a little apprehensive about the time travel part because that stuff can become confusing quickly! In fact, I don’t even like to watch movies like Back to the Future (which is referenced in this novel by the way) because I get so frustrated. However, Gavin does a fantastic job of helping the reader learn the traveler rules right along with Charlie, and it doesn’t matter anyway because not even Charlie’s dad, Fink, who is the “expert” knows everything—which brings up another point. This is SCIENCE FICTION; everything doesn’t have to be explained, and Gavin doesn’t try to cram a lot of metaphysics and real science mumbo jumbo down your throat. He focuses on history and the relationship between Charlie and Yvaine, and that’s where the mature content comes into play. I was a bit surprised by the level of intimacy and the number of times you see it, but Gavin doesn’t go into a great deal of description, and Charlie’s feelings for Yvaine are so strong that these scenes come across as quite tender. The descriptions and figurative language are fantastic. The drawings are a unique idea not often seen in YA literature. I found myself hoping for a drawing with each page turn. My only issue was with some of the “timely” (pun intended) references, meaning Gavin’s allusions to current events or pop culture. When an author chooses to make references, he/she runs the risk of becoming outdated. I noted several times when Charlie references things many teen readers wouldn’t understand. Charlie is very intelligent, and there is nothing wrong with challenging a YA reader’s mind, make them actually look something up, but some of Charlie’s would probably be too obscure for teens. He makes references to Hanna-Barbera and Technicolor. Some of my ninth graders can’t even tell you their street address; I seriously doubt they would understand these terms, and while, like Charlie, I love The Princess Bride, I can tell you from first-hand experience most have never seen it. An enthusiastic 4.5 stars
Dia_Pelaez More than 1 year ago
Are you looking for adventure? Pick this one up! Whoever said that indie-published books aren't well-packaged, well-written and well-made probably hasn't read and seen the details inside the pages of Andy Gavin's Untimed. First off, let's take a second to admire the beautiful cover. Hee. It was photoshopped by the Author himself, mind you. I read it on the very last page of the book, on the Author's Acknowledgements. And yes, just to set the record straight, I read about Authors, too. It helps in understanding how the book and story came to life. Second, I love the illustrations that were painstakingly arranged inside the pages of the book! It's perfect for young readers, and it really shows just how much work was put into this book. Third, awesome adventure for the storyline. I love time-traveling stories, especially ones which take the reader on a whirlwind of situations that test the character's courage and wit. With that said, I really liked Charlie as a protagonist. He's resourceful and a bit naive, but he's also smart and quick on his feet. I also love how the Tocks were designed! And the plot-device where they cannot change the status of things such as moving a door or something was really creative. It was one of the things that gave Charlie an advantage. The premise and the way the story was delivered was also fascinating. When I was reading, I felt like I was in the middle of a history lesson with a few twists that made everything a bit more interesting. It was fun reading about Benjamin Franklin, too! The only thing that I didn't approve of in this book is the part about Yvaine. True, her personality and background was well-suited for a flawed but believable and interesting character, but I don't really approve her relationship with Charlie. At fifteen years old, I think Charlie is just deeply infatuated with her. And the parts where they were behaving intimately was a little uncomfortable for me. (Yes, I am a little conservative.) All in all, this book is a solid adventure packed in 385 pages! Perfect for people looking for engrossing reads and very interesting characters!
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Ever thought about being able to travel through time? What if you 'stumbled' upon being able to travel back in time? That's exactly what happened to Charlie, our unlikely hero in Untimed. In the 21st century, Charlie seems to be easily overlooked, almost non-existent, even his mother needs to keep post-its around with his name on them. And his father? he's always 'away' on trips with his aunt. The day Charlie finds out why and where his father goes, is a day that will change his life forever! Seems Charlie has inherited the time travel ability himself! He travels back to the early 1700's and meets Ben Franklin, long before Ben does the kite and key thing or signs the Declaration of Independence. Charlie also meets a young teen mother, Yvaine, who can also travel through time. Important Note: males can only travel BACK in time, females can only travel FORWARD. But, conveniently, author Andy Gavin has provided a way around that, as well as a plethora of ways that charlie and Yvaine can cause havoc in history's timeline! Let's just say that Charlie is no longer "unmemorable." Untimed is a fun, fast-paced fantasy with a taste of steampunkishness and a little romance, designed to raise a few questions about the 'what ifs' of time travel! Will history be changed? Will the future be different? There isn't a character I didn't like, they were all so well-thought out with real personalities, often quirky, but full of color and flair! I had fun with this novel, and I admit, my imagination was dancing with glee! A review copy was provided by NetGalley and Mascherato Publishing in exchange for my honest review.