Up from Conservatism

Up from Conservatism

by Michael Lind, Micheal Lind
2.5 2


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Up from Conservatism 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
American citizens need to stop allowing the racial, and political division of our country to succed in pitting us against each other.Take notice of the issues and people you vote for, try to be objective, and hold them to account instead of making excuses for them or blaming someone else. Get over the unfounded propaganda that paints the people who attend tea party rallies with a prejudiced broad brush and listen to reasonable people with knoledge and differing perspectives, then make up your own mind.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I make it a point to read non-fiction books that encapsulate a perspective that will unsettle me more than non-fiction in any category could ever hope to. Specifically on matters that cut to the quick of what it is to be human in our time: psychology, religious and cultural origins, and controversial views on politics. I can think of only four or five books out of the hundreds I have reviewed and read on ANY subject, that have made me as queasy and exhilarated simultaneously as Michael Lind's UP FROM CONSERVATISM. [paragraph]... Michael Lind's detailed analysis of the modern day conservative movement is frighteningly astute. He says that the Conservative movement, dead from betraying its own doctrines for Machiavellian scheming, is built on the inevitable flight of the Catholic coalitions, the New Deal labor force of FDR and the Southern white Dixiecrats from the identity politics of the Democratic Left after the Civil Rights Movement. He examines the movement's origins as its ideals became codified not with William F. Buckley's GOD AND MAN AT YALE, but with three forces: 1)the ideology and political practices of Communist hunter Joseph McCarthy (a close friend and trusted mentor of Buckley in his youth), 2) the culture of the inherited-riches elite, and 3)the Plantation economy mentality of the Confederate south. What Alice Miller is to psychology, Michael Lind has become to American Politics. Gore Vidal's comparisons of him to both Voltaire and deToqueville are, astonishingly enough, understatements. "The danger is not that conservative policies will succeed....The danger is that when the inevitable failure of conservative governance occurs, an angry populace will conclude that mainstream conservatism as well as liberalism has been discredited--and that the extremists of the populist and fundamentalist right will be well placed to take advantage of popular alienation and wrath.... Make no mistake, the present Republican spree on behalf of the corporate elite will sooner or later provoke a backlash...Though they claim to be students of the French and Russian revolutions, all too many of the thinkers and strategists of the conservative movement appear to have forgotten that those who begin revolutions are seldom the ones who finsh them. Indeed, they are often among the first victims of the brutal forces they unleash upon the world." [paragraph]... From the Introduction [paragraph]... It doesn't get any more real than this. Read this now before history cries HAVOC, and lets loose the dogs of war.