Up from the Sea: A Whose Waves These Are Novella

Up from the Sea: A Whose Waves These Are Novella

by Amanda Dykes

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Deep in a New England forest, an ancient tree stands at the center of a tale passed down through the generations. So much so, that the residents of Ansel-by-the-Sea, Maine, no longer know what is truth and what is fable. A woman fleeing in the night, rumors of treason, revolution, retribution . . .

When Savannah Mae Thorpe, born and raised near the golden sands of the South, arrives with a version of the story unlike any heard before, she finds herself the unlikely leader of an expedition into the woods to discover the truth. With help from local lumberjack Alastair Bliss, who holds a shadowed past of his own, her search to discover the truth of the Atonement Tree may have unexpected ramifications on her life--and the lives of those around her.

A tale of origins, this novella is a story complete on its own but also an invitation to discover the legacy that came before the story of Robert Bliss, the fisherman-poet who changed the tide of a nation with his unsuspecting words in Amanda's full-length novel, Whose Waves These Are.

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ISBN-13: 9781493416646
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/02/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 96
Sales rank: 9,634
File size: 9 MB

About the Author

Amanda Dykes, a former English teacher, is a drinker of tea, dweller of redemption, and spinner of hope-filled tales. Her novella, Bespoke: A Tiny Christmas Tale, released to critical acclaim from Publishers Weekly, Readers' Favorite, and more. Whose Waves These Are is her debut novel. Find her online at www.amandadykes.com.
Amanda Dykes (www.amandadykes.com) is a drinker of tea, dweller of redemption, and spinner of hope-filled tales who spends most days chasing wonder and words with her family. Give her a rainy day, a candle to read by, an obscure corner of history to dig in, and she'll be happy for hours. She's a former English teacher, and her novella, Bespoke: A Tiny Christmas Tale, was met with critical acclaim from Publishers Weekly, Readers' Favorite, and more. She is also the author of a novella in The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection. Whose Waves These Are is her debut novel.

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Up from the Sea: A Whose Waves These Are Novella 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
LucyMR1 6 days ago
What a wonderful combination of folklore mixed in with fact to take you on a journey that sets up the novel, Whose Waves These Are. I was intrigued from the get go and had to read all in one setting. The written word makes me want to visit that cabin and touch the hand stitched pieces. Beautifully done.
BrittanyMc 27 days ago
Up from the Sea is a fascinating prequel novella that introduces the reader to the setting and some background history for the full length novel, Whose Waves These Are. I was absolutely captivated by the beautiful storytelling style of the author. Savannah and Alistair were characters that I liked immediately and I loved the journey of discovery that they went on to unearth what was true and what was myth. I’m looking forward to reading Whose Waves These Are soon! (4.5 stars)
Anonymous 3 months ago
This story was well written, full of intringue and adventure. Was a fun read.
KaileyBechtel 3 months ago
I absolutely loved this novella! I can’t wait to read Whose Waves These Are! I was blown away by Amanda Dykes’s writing!
MissKnu 4 months ago
Amanda Dykes' novella Up from the Sea is caught me up in it's fairytale feel and gorgeous language, as Savannah Mae Thorpe and the man her cousin describes as "our lumberjack," Alastair Bliss, climb up from an island into the lush forests of a mountain in Maine searching for proof of a fable. To save her land from being sold by her uncle/guardian, Savannah must find something of value on the mountain. As she and Alastair, in 1925, search for a place of local legend her mother wove stories about, there are parallels between their tale and that of the King's Trees in the time of the American Revolution. As a prequel novella, Up from the Sea certainly does it's job in drawing the reader into a world and planting anticipation of the coming novel. But it is also a complete experience in itself, leaving the reader blissfully satisfied.
Mama_Cat 4 months ago
Up from the Sea is a wonderful prequel to Whose Waves These Are, the author’s debut novel. Her writing style and amazing descriptions show Amanda Dykes’ gift as a storyteller and enable the reader to “see” the people and places in Ansel-by-the-Sea in Maine. The characters could come to life at any second, the tale of the girl in the forest is intriguing, and what Savannah, Alistair, and her cousins find is stunning. If Whose Waves are These is even half this good, it will be fabulous! The year is 1925. Both of her parents have passed, and Savannah leaves Georgia for her uncle and aunt’s home in Maine. She inherits all that had belonged to her mother on the property, including the huge home her relatives now allow her to live in with them, an impressive expanse of forest, and tales her mother told her when a child. This includes a map that should lead to a castle and a special old tree in the forest where a young woman hid a treasure 151 years earlier. The folks in this part of Maine are mostly city people who amassed funds to build summer mansions. When Savannah abandons a dance at the club to go to the forest, she meets Alistair Bliss, a lumberjack who prefers living in the forest to being around the beautiful people. When her cousins come to take her back, Alistair finds it hard to forget her. She relates the story she learned about the long-ago young woman, who with a prayer buried the treasure box, and it is a different version than what anyone here has heard before. Her cousins, somewhat bored and adventurous, put together a hike to the mountain and look for what is known as the Atonement Tree. Savannah wanted to look for the castle and tree, but not with this group. The land would be hers in two years when she was of age, and she had plenty of time to explore on her own. As the cousins prepare to leave, her uncle tells Savannah that he has investigated doing with her inheritance what his wife, Savannah’s mother’s sister, did with her portion of the inheritance. He has legal right to oversee it as he sees fit until she is of age, and he wants to sell it to purchase stock on margin. He sends her with her cousins, telling her that if she finds one good monetary reason to keep it, he will not sell her land. Savannah hires Alistair to lead the group. They might not find what they expect, but they will discover all that the Lord wants them to – beyond what they might imagine! I highly recommend it to those who appreciate adventure, intrigue, and US history.