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Upstaged by Aaron Paul Lazar, Kellie Dennis

When Gus LeGarde agrees to play piano for the high school drama club's production of "Spirit Me Away," a sixties-style musical he wrote in college, he doesn't expect to face a series of menacing pranks played on his fiancée Camille and the drama club. Who's sabotaging the show? And what do they have against Camille?

Is it sex-crazed Armand, the Latino teen infatuated with her? Something happened last year that Camille won't talk about, and it has to do with Armand. Gus wants to know what happened, but she's not talking.

Could it be Superintendent Marshall, whose past holds horrific secrets related to one of the worst crimes of the 20th century? And why did someone break into Camille's home to steal her intimate undergarments and her beloved mini-dachshund, Boris?

Gus must unravel the mystery before the backstage saboteur stakes his final, deadly claim.

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ISBN-13: 9781533495198
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/27/2016
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Aaron Paul Lazar is obsessed with writing. He's completed twenty-five books to date, and has earned nineteen literary book awards. He writes mysteries, suspense, love stories, and more. You'll usually find him writing his heart out in the early hours of the day - preferably in the dark, quiet hours when no one else is awake in his bustling household.

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Upstaged 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
bucmjt More than 1 year ago
Upstaged by Aaron Paul Lazar is destined to be a classic.  This is book 2 in the Gus Legarde Mystery series and it is even better than book 1.  These books are written about real people living real lives with amazing, shocking, and of course, mysterious twists and turns.  Gus is a music professor, not a detective, police officer, or other profession that you would expect in a mystery series.  These characters eat, sleep, garden, ride horses, even do dishes and laundry.  The writing style is so picturesque an real that I can even imagine how the foods taste and smell.  These are strong characters that have faced danger and tragedy together.  The invisible bonds are strong and distinguished.  This particular book is frightening and superbly emotional.  Huge tissue alert!
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you ever worked on a high school play, you will definitely feel at home in this tale of suspense as Gus LeGarde and a well drawn cast try to figure out who has a reason to stop the production. What could anyone have against a bunch of schoolkids putting on a play? Have you ever met a stage mother? Or perhaps kids whose tempers exceed their acting ability? And what of the disappointed members of the supporting cast who wanted to be stars? Add to the mix a rather different clean up crew and teaching staff and you have an interesting, fun read. Gus LeGarde and his fiance are involved in the production of the annual high school play and planning their wedding at the same time. How could they know someone wants to stop both sets of plans. How could they know death waits in the wings. Talented Aaron Paul Lazar has created a cast of lifelike characters whose doings will keep you reading as the plot unfolds. Plenty of suspense and surprises await the reader who enjoys a good mystery. Recommended as well worth the time. Enjoy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have discovered a wonderful new series by Aaron Lazar. I read the first book in the series, Double Forté, and already had three more before I finished it. The Gus LeGarde Mysteries will prove to be long-lasting, moving, memorable, and, perhaps most important of all, musical. This last part, though it may sound odd, is the most important feature of all. These books are very musical. Yes, the writing is lyrical, but I mean far beyond that the text, the story itself, is musical in every way. You can feel the swelling music of these stories infusing your soul as you read. Reading Lazar's books are like listening to a symphony. There is a gentle harmony that slowly builds, one instrument at a time, as characters and places are introduced and events unfold. Sometimes a lone instrument whispers in your ear some hidden, inner truth. Then others join in and their voices grow until a full accompaniment erupts. The rhythm increases with the pace, until the story soars aloft. This is rather fantastic to experience, like being immersed for the first time in the sea of an opera. These LeGarde mysteries have a unique inner beauty. It is hard to describe, but reading them is a very soothing experience, even though the nature of the story is a thriller. These books are simply comfortable in their own skin and very comforting to read. They are suffused with a calm, glowing quietude. Even the silences in these stories resonate. They sing of everything good in life, even in the face of adversity. They remind of the sun's warmth even in the dead of winter. They teach us to breathe deeply, relax, and remember what is good in life. This is the warm, enduring atmosphere of families and friends sharing an evening meal before a fireplace. This brings me to the characters. There is a constant but growing web of life threaded throughout the story. Community and connections are the lifeblood of this book. These characters inhabit their world fully. You live with them, breathe, eat, love, and ache alongside them. We experience their emotions, become invested in their lives, and thus part of their community. Gus LeGarde and his entourage truly do become friends and family. Aaron Paul Lazar should be proud. Though he is a first time author -- hence these novels have minor technical flaws here and there which will be smoothed out over time -- he has accomplished something many established authors can only dream of doing. He's created a dynamic story. This is a very real world inhabited by real people struggling through their real lives. But the poetry and music vibrating between every letter of this text elevates this book to a work of art. Lazar delivers a masterful display of heartfelt emotions, need, and compassion. That he wraps this present in a thrilling, mysterious package for us just makes it all the more enjoyable.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Upstaged, the second in the LeGarde Mystery series, launches the reader into the backstage whirlwind of high school musicals. Camille, Gus¿s betrothed, has enlisted Gus to help with the production of the musical, Spirit Me Away, which Gus wrote decades ago. Before the cast list is posted, a saboteur strikes and then slinks into the shadows. Accidents happen with increasing ferocity and frequency as rehearsals accelerate until one ¿accident¿ ends in death. When opening night arrives, Gus, with the help of his friends on the police force, race to figure out who is behind the incidents before more lives are lost. The roller coaster of high school is fraught with love and jealousy, joy and pain. Lazar wraps us into this convoluted world and gives us an honest, open glimpse into the relationships of the cast members. In addition to the teenagers in the musical, the reader is introduced to childlike Ethel, gruff Frank, and eccentric Jonesy, the school janitors, who volunteer to help with the production, as well as the stage-parents of Lisa Bigelow and Molly Frost, two of the girls competing for the lead. Lazar has a knack for humanizing his characters that makes the reader beg to know more about them. Intertwined with the action, both on and off the set, are charming scenes with Gus¿s growing family. The reader is drawn deeper into the lives of the LeGardes. We reunite with Gus¿s daughter, Freddie, his grandson, Johnny, his brother-in-law, Siegfried, and the housekeeper, Mrs. Pierce, along with all the friends and furry creatures that add spice to the story. As with Double Forte, we are invited to large family feasts at the LeGarde home and intimate getaways to the Finger Lakes wineries. Nothing can upstage Upstaged, unless it¿s another exciting mystery in the LeGarde Mystery series!
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
I’m so glad these first two books of Aaron Paul Lazar’s Gus LeGarde mysteries have been republished. I somehow missed reading them first time around and picked up the series later on. Now I’m learning the pasts of much-beloved characters, seeing events of other books through different eyes, and thoroughly enjoying myself. It’s a wonderful series, filled with the sort of people you’d love to meet, meals you’d love to eat, and scenery you’d love to wander in – plus the occasional touch of murder and mystery. In Upstaged, musician LeGarde and his fiancée are staging a high school production of LeGarde’s own musical (based on events told in Spirit Me Away). High school dialog and atmosphere feel spot on; a blinding eagerness to get the part; magical joy of dance; rising excitement as the date of the show approaches. But behind the scenes there are evil deeds afoot and no-one knows if the attacker is aiming for the people, the school, or both. Will the show go on, or will it be upstaged by danger and deceit? The author has a wonderful touch with natural everyday people and things. Food, yardwork, cooking and family celebrations all take their place, with a warmly believable Thanksgiving scene where I can almost smell the turkey and drool over dressing. Kindness is nicely juxtaposed with evil, generous risk-taking with threatening behavior, and hope with despair. The musical lyrics sing as they’re presented on the page. Meals scent the air. Danger quickens the heartbeat... Okay; I love the series, and therefore I’m bound to love this book. But there’s an extra at the end which any writer or lover of writers will enjoy, where the author describes the changes made in this second edition, and gives his reasoning why. It makes a great bonus to a thoroughly enjoyable, family-oriented, nature-scented, cozy mystery. Disclosure: I think it was a gift but I can’t remember.
Jani417 More than 1 year ago
If there is anything more exciting than discovering a great book by a newfound author, it is learning that the book is part of a series.  After reading Upstaged, readers will want to grab the whole Gus LeGarde series and become part of the family. Upstaged is a mystery that is well told, with subtle clues, red herrings and lots of surprises.  Mystery fans will appreciate the challenge and all readers will want to become part of LeGarde’s extended family.  Gus LeGarde is a music professor who is blessed with many good friends and a loving family.  The characters are unique, diverse, quirky, friendly, funny and memorable. Narrated in first person, the story allows readers open access to LeGarde’s thoughts and emotions.  Readers will be swept into the mystery right along with LeGarde, observing and puzzling out clues together.  The scenes and action are so well described that one can almost hear the music of the stage show and see the actors performing.  There are many characters with motives, so readers will be kept guessing and even the most experienced mystery buffs will be challenged to sort through them to find the facts. The best measure of a truly entertaining novel is a reader’s reluctance to finish the book and lose his new friends.  In this case, however, there are more adventures to come in the rest of the series, so join the gang and move on to the next mystery!