US Army Ranger 1983-2002: Sua Sponte - Of Their Own Accord

US Army Ranger 1983-2002: Sua Sponte - Of Their Own Accord

by Mir Bahmanyar, Michael Welply

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This study of the US Army Ranger takes the reader through the distinct stages of training and acceptance, including the Ranger Indoctrination Program and Ranger Battalion training, and details the developments in Ranger weaponry, equipment and clothing since the early 1980s. Using first hand accounts, it shows what it was like to fight in Panama in 1989, in raid missions in Iraq in 1991 and Somalia in 1993, and brings the unit up to date with the 3rd Battalion's deployment to Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom. It also covers the culture of the Rangers, from their special language and terminology, to the rites of passage that lie behind the formal training program.

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ISBN-13: 9781780966496
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Publication date: 04/20/2012
Series: Warrior , #65
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 64
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About the Author

Mir Bahmanyar served in the US Army from 1986-89, and currently is an independent film producer and writer. He received a BA in history from the University of California, Berkeley, and specializes in US Army Ranger history. Along with fellow ex-servicemen has set up, a site dedicated to the history of the Rangers. Mir lives in Los Angeles, California, with his Pitbull and Akita dogs.

Michael Welply was born in London in 1948 and moved to Winnipeg, Canada in 1950. In 1981 he moved with his family to central France, where he still lives. Having studied art first in Winnipeg and then in Paris, Michael began his illustrating career in 1977 and has worked for many publishers in Europe and the United States. He has illustrated over 50 books, ranging from historical work to fantasy and fairy tales.
Mir Bahmanyar served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He was on the Board of Directors of
the 75th Ranger Regiment Association and created – A History of American
Rangers. Mir has authored nine non-fiction books. Some are on the reading lists of:
The U.S. Marine Corps Forces
Central Command
The Command and General Staff College Deputy Commandant's Deploying Officer
The U.S. Joint Forces Command's Pre-Deployment Afghanistan
Mir was interviewed by the National Review. He co-wrote and produced the awardwinning
motion picture Soldier of God. He was a German language coach and military technical
advisor to George Clooney in the motion picture The Good German. Mir was invited to speak at
the Malaga Film Commission's annual Cine y Turismo (Cinema and Tourism) seminar featuring
filmmakers and business leaders from around the world.

Table of Contents

Introduction · Chronology · Volunteering · Basic and Airborne training · Ranger Indoctrination Program · Ranger Battalion training · Ranger School · Specialty Schools · Appearance and equipment · Experience of battle · Fighting in the jungle: Grenada and Panama · Fighting in the desert: Iraq · Fighting in built-up areas: Somalia · Mountain warfare: Afghanistan · Colour plate commentary · Museums · Collecting · Re-enactment · Glossary · Index

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