Velvet Moon Chronicles: The Leveling

Velvet Moon Chronicles: The Leveling

by Shannon Denise Evans, Michael Mendiola

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Darkness shall light the way…

Secretive and satiated by a life that others would consider taboo, Zoë Hall has architected her existence. After petrifying nightmares begin infiltrating her tightly controlled waking life, she inadvertently awakens a preternatural presence that casts darkness into her psyche and draws her deeper into the embattled realms of her dreams. 

Part psychological thriller, part surrealistic fantasy, The Leveling explores consciousness and reality, grief and loss, and fearlessly delves into the existential. Pulled between present-day Manhattan and the forested realms of her dreams, Zoë finds herself wedged between the very pillars of light and dark as she comes face-to-face with the most formidable force she’s ever encountered: her own mind.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999535158
Publisher: Lamplighter Publishing House LLC
Publication date: 03/09/2020
Series: Velvet Moon Chronicles , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 482
File size: 9 MB

About the Author

Shannon Denise Evans's creative career spans a number of disciplines: artist, vocalist, songwriter/composer, playwright and novelist. At her core, however, she is simply, formidably-a storyteller.

Weaving a narrative throughout all of her artistic disciplines, Shannon's gift for storytelling is the thread that runs through everything she does. Writing, in all its forms, is an alchemy medium for Shannon...and the magic is in creating work that is authentic and pure.

Whether motivational, metaphysical, psychological thriller or surrealistic fantasy, Shannon's writing has her blood running through it, exploring consciousness and reality, grief and loss, and fearlessly delving into the existential. Of particular interest are the themes surrounding light, darkness and the space in-between, where we come face-to-face with an arcane and unrelenting force: our own mind.

Michael Mendiola is a developmental story and content editor as well as a playwright.

Table of Contents

Darkness shall light the way...

Although she’s descended from a long line of powerful Shaman women, Zoë Hall’s preference for a modern Manhattan life have left her disconnected from her heritage and her mother’s teachings. To look at her, you’d assume Zoë has the world at her feet. Intelligent, successful, and independently wealthy, she carefully selects those she lets into her life—mostly accomplished yet decidedly broken men—and with the exception of her live-in housekeeper, Lula, her relationships are strictly curated.

With the twentieth anniversary of her mother’s death fast approaching, Zoë begins experiencing nightmares that slowly erode the barrier between dream and reality. While walking amongst the Shadows of her dreamscape, she unknowingly attracts the attention of a preternatural presence that casts darkness into her psyche and pulls her deeper into the realms of her dreams. Uncertain whether she can trust her own thoughts, she inadvertently reveals her struggle to Bill St. James, a man with whom she’s forming a dangerously close bond.

As her dreamscape and real life become increasingly intertwined, Zoë fails to up- hold the weakening walls of her reality and instead uncovers the secrets from which her mother so desperately tried to protect her.

As she fights through the labyrinth of encroaching madness, searching for a way back to the life she once knew, Zoë unearths the betrayal and treachery that surrounded her mother’s untimely death. When she learns she may be able to re- claim the years she and her mother lost, she realizes she’ll kill—or give her coveted soul—to get them back.

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