Walk to Beautiful: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way

Walk to Beautiful: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way

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Walk to Beautiful: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
JamiLynn More than 1 year ago
I just bought this book on my NOOK and can't put it down! Jimmy Wayne is truly inspiring and this amazing book has a message that everyone needs to hear. I plan on buying hard copies of the book so I can share it with my family, friends and coworkers.
quaintinns More than 1 year ago
A special thank you to Thomas Nelson--W Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Walk to Beautiful, The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way is a poignant and inspiring account of Jimmy Wayne’s journey, written by Jimmy Wayne and Ken Abraham—one which will forever change your life! Jimmy Wayne is known for his altruistic and giving heart. In the country music industry he is known for his song writing, and hit songs, while being supported by his many fans, worldwide. However, readers may not be aware of the horrific childhood and challenges on his way to stardom and adulthood. This is like “Job”; one hurdle, obstacle, disappointment, and challenge after another, and yet Jimmy possessed the drive, talent, determination, and tenacity, even in his darkest moments; to overcome his troubled past. He was fortunate to have some people along the way who took a chance on this remarkable young man, and he desires to give back and pay forward. I will be honest, I am not a country music fan (even though my sister who resides in NC is an avid fan). A great deal of Jimmy’s childhood took place in Gastonia, NC area, with some of the crazy people and backward views. Wow, I had no idea the power and impact of this beautifully written and extraordinary book. The more I read, the more intrigued, I became and began reviewing Jimmy Wayne’s website, and listened to all the videos and was highly impressed. Walk to Beautiful portrays the story of how Wayne was able to rise above his background with the help of supportive, adoptive parents as a teen, and become a successful country singer and in-demand motivational speaker. The book takes you from Jimmy’s early years as a boy, left many times on the street alone by his mother, bullied by his peers, to fend for himself; growing up being passed from one foster home to another, with neglect and abuse, tortured, with no food or place to live, or sleep. However, one woman and man took him in, and taught him about love, music and living. From 2010 when Jimmy walked from Nashville to Phoenix on his Meet Me Halfway campaign, he set out to raise awareness for foster youth who have aged out of the system. The walk in itself helped stem the idea to document certain thoughts and memories, which led to the birth of Walk to Beautiful. I highly recommend this beautifully written and inspiring book, and well deserving of 5 stars. It will change you. Nashville, and country music fans will love all the stars, names, mentions, and tidbits. Foster children and troubled youth, will find hope and joy in these words, for the future. Congrats, Jimmy, thanks for putting yourself out there, with courage and bravery to tell your story, and relive your past, forgive those who turned their back on you, and share with others while making a difference in lives across the world.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In his amazing book Jimmy Wayne shares IN DETAIL what he endured as a child at home and in foster care. Jimmy refused to give up and become a statistic of the foster care system. You will learn the PIVOTAL MOMENTS in Jimmy's life where it is clearly obvious that he was protected and guided by God's hand. You will be amazed as Jimmy tells of the genuine love shown to him by his angel Bea and her husband Russell, who took Jimmy into their home and hearts and changed his life and future forever. You will be inspired as you read the ways Jimmy is using what he learned from Bea's love to help the foster children of the world today. His love for Bea is even perfectly shown in Jimmy's chosen title of this book"Walk To BEAutiful." Read this book. You will experience emotions from one extreme to another. You will cry. You will get angry. You will laugh. Most of all you will be inspired to help make a difference in the lives of foster children and others.
NicInNash More than 1 year ago
This book is a must-read - you won't be able to put it down.  What a showcase of God's work and redemption!  It will break your heart, but then piece it back together again, leaving you inspired.   I will be gifting this book to many people this year.  It's my prayer that as they close the book, they will be moved to action - to jump off their couch with a renewed passion to go make a difference in their world.
PeggyA7 More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading this book, Walk To Beautiful by country music singer Jimmy Wayne. This is a true story, his life. Everyone needs to read this book, you will be inspired, amazed and want to make a difference in someone's life. Jimmy Wayne survived when at times it seemed impossible. You will see what God can do if you just put your faith in him. Even if you are not a reader buy this book. read it, and also give as a Christmas gift for someone. I know I have already done this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I came upon this book purely by chance, and will never think the same about foster children ever again. I pray that I can find my direction of how I can "Walk To Beautiful" and show God's love to those in need around me everyday. This life story has sure made me change my thought process about the word "beautiful", now I see the word "beautiful" as an action word, not merely a pose. Thank you for sharing your life walk, it is truely "Beautiful"!
ReaderForeverJE More than 1 year ago
In my opinion, this is one book that anyone with concerns about the lives of foster children in the United States should read. Told with honesty and passion, this young man's story provides insight into the difficulties foster children face as they "age out" of the system. In addition, there is a sense of hope for a future in which foster children are as valued and respected as any other young person, especially as they become young adults. I found Jimmy's story to be disturbing, compelling, and definitely well worth the time to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jimmy- I had to keep reminding myself through the gasps, smiles tearing of my heart and all the tears that this is your true story. You have showed us all how the power that one person has in this world is a miracle that only through God can come to be. This is absolutely the best book I have ever read. If you are reading the reviews pondering a purchase please do not hesitate. Thank you for sharing your remarkable story and courage. Bea is so smiling and waiting for you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the book. Jimmy Wayne was very open about his troubled life. He is a true inspiration on the power of forgiveness. One person can  make a difference. I highly recommend this book.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Couldnt put the book down! Very devastating what he had to live.
lydiao More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book. I would give to a higher rating, except for at times it rambles on. His story is moving and very sad. How he kept his sanity is admirable. His music is good, and I think would have done better if it wasn't all based on his religious beliefs and his past. If this is the path he chooses then become a gospel singer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jimmy is an inspiration!
Boundlessbookreviews More than 1 year ago
I grabbed this on Audiable for a road trip without knowing anything about the story, or who Jimmy Wayne is. Well, I know all about him now; I’ve heard all his songs, and read everything I could find about him online. As a foster parent, Wayne’s story really touched my heart. I had no idea a “hero” like this existed for my kids; I’m happy to have found one. I’m sure I will own all his CD’s soon; these kids really need someone like Jimmy Wayne to look up to, and I will be honored to get to introduce them to him. I will be purchasing this book is paperback and audio book for the kids that come through my home. This story was written and narrated beautifully; I didn’t want it to end. My husband and I always listen to books on our road trips; but Walk to Beautiful, made a 10 hour drive from Georgia to Ohio, quicker than it has ever been. I rate it with 5 HUGE Boundless stars for, “I absolutely loved it!” I wish I could give it 10 stars....Beth
Rakhi_Jayashankar More than 1 year ago
I generally don't post the review of books by legends. I feel that I am not qualified to judge them. Here I am in a dilemma. Should I review this book or not? Since I got the review copy, I ought to. Hence I am posting this review. Autobiography of Jimmy Wayne. With this single sentence, the review could be done. Great language, touching events and what not. The book made me realize that truth is stranger than fiction. If it were a fictional story I would have written off as a story with too much of drama because I would not have believed that these much can happen in a single lifetime. I salute the singer's will power and fighting instinct. If you think that your life is not worthy, grab this book. More than an autobiography, this is a self help book, inspirational and touching. I had tears running down my face. Very few books do this to me. I am not dragging the review. The book is one of the best reads. A five star from me. Thank you book lovers for this book. My review came late since I have been thinking that I am not qualified to review this book. Since I got a review copy I am posting the review. Else I would have just given a five star without much explanations because the book doesn't need one.
ShannonTeal More than 1 year ago
Jimmy your book just goes to prove that there is a still small voice in all of us that softly and continuously says no matter your circumstances, “You can, and you will”.  All we have to do is be still and listen.  No matter what the worlds screams at us from every direction. That voice is constantly and steadily saying, “You can, and you will”.  Our parents do not define us. Their words and actions speak volumes as to who we think we are, what we are worth, how we believe everyone else perceives us, and who, if anyone, can we trust.  However, that voice is stronger, and more powerful in shaping our path and future than anything else.  All we have to do is be still and believe that there is something more.  No matter where life takes us, or how poor our choices are along the way, it is not our sins or mistakes that matter, but what we do after those choices are made that define who we are and our character.  Do we own them? Do we learn from them? Are we so ashamed that we cower and hide, or can we give ourselves enough Grace and Mercy to rise above it and share our stories with others? Then after all of that can we be humble enough to maintain a sense of compassion for others to take the time to listen and understand their story.   This book has so many layers that spark a multitude of thoughts to consider and reflect upon.  I personally would love to hear Patricia’s story, or even more intriguing would be Bea’s.  Who or what circumstance in her life inspired her to give of herself the way she did?  I also lived with a 90 year old lady for 2.5 years of my life in my early 20s. Her life story was unbelievable.  I was forever changed by her willingness to open her home and her heart to me. I am a better woman today because of her.  It just goes to show you are never too old to give, inspire, change, and make a difference.  Sometimes we see the frailties on the outside of the elderly and forget to ask about their journey.  We see their beautiful, glowing white hair as a sign of age and time more than a crown of wisdom, and strength that was earned.
NadineTimes10 More than 1 year ago
"When, Jimmy?... When will you do anything to help someone other than yourself?" If it takes nothing else, it takes courage to write something like Walk to Beautiful, country music star Jimmy Wayne's personal account of childhood hunger and homelessness, abuse and neglect, his experiences in foster care, and his (oftentimes humbling) rise in the music industry. I couldn't read Wayne's story without reacting physically at times, whether that was gasping, cringing, laughing, or blinking back a few tears. "The Crazy Years" of Wayne's childhood are just that, with enough tumult to make the reader's noggin spin, and conversely, the compassion Wayne runs into in "Saved by Love" is a relief to come across. I take it I'm not familiar enough with country music, its artists and songs, for most of the names and titles peppered through Wayne's career accounts to have made much difference to me, but the highlighted events kept me reading. What I find most compelling is how the author comes to himself, that he evidently doesn't want to be famous just for the sake of being famous, but he uses his platform to further a cause his life has made him genuinely passionate about. Here's an engaging memoir, a call to action, and an inspiring read. _________________ BookLook Bloggers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.
KSA1 More than 1 year ago
This book is a must read!  It is so much more than just a story of a young boy that endured a horrible childhood and raised himself up to become the man he is today.  This book inspires by teaching us that all it takes is one simple act, one person to care, one idea and the willingness to decide that you can make a difference in the world. With love and compassion - anything is possible.    This is not a book you will read and put on the shelf and forget about but a book that will change you forever and get you thinking what can I do to make a difference in this world! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There are so many things a person can take from this book. For me, I feel it's perspective. No matter how bleak things may seem in your life, someone else out there has it worse. No matter how dark the day is now, brightness can be right around the corner. I think it is easy for people to fall into the woe is me state of mind. But do you have the strength and conviction to "Walk To Beautiful"? Jimmy's vision of beautiful is helping foster kids, especially those about to age out of the system. He has been in that darkness and wants to help bring the light that his foster mom Bea brought to him. I think there are so many causes and needs out there, that everyone's "beautiful" could mean something different. But imagine how great a world it could be if everyone was on their "walk". This book is inspirational, emotional, and engrossing. I look forward to meeting a really special person on Sunday, and asking him to autograph this book for me. Read the book and try everyday to walk the walk, whatever your walk may be.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
tvez More than 1 year ago
I could not put this book down.  It was heart wrenching to read about a child who did not have even the most basic level of care. A child who saw things that would scare and scar most adults.  This precious child endured so much.  No child should ever see such things or experience that much torment!  Thank God for Bea and Russell! Thank God they saw the kind heart and need in Jimmy and followed their heart!  I loved Jimmy Wayne's music before I knew his story.  Then I knew he was a foster child, but that was all I knew.  To learn about the extreme hardships he overcame and miraculously has such a kind, caring heart, despite all he has been through, now I love him even more.  He is such a talented artist, but he is so much more!  This book has changed me and I hope somehow I can make a difference.  Jimmy Wayne, you are so deserving of every good thing you are blessed with.  This is such an inspiring book.  I am so glad Jimmy and Ken came together to let the world know about lives we might never imagine exist otherwise.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have always respected Jimmy Wayne more than any other music artist or person for that matter because of his passion to help youth in the foster care system and him bringing awareness to mental illness and sharing his life story with all using his beautiful voice and God-given talent. I worked with youth similar to those Jimmy speaks of in his book & those that had to endure what Jimmy did throughout his life. If only they had a Bea in their life as Jimmy finally did or someone like Jimmy to bring them hope that maybe their life can turn into something beautiful besides feeling as if they are a nobody, will not account to anything, would end up dead before they were an adult, etc. Maybe they will read this book or happen to hear of who Jimmy is and will feel “light in their darkness.”Author Ken Abraham assisted Jimmy in sharing his life story in a way that makes you feel as if you are right there in the story with Jimmy, feeling what he feels, seeing everything through his eyes, seeing the traumas uncover but also being there for the good that he was able to experience. Your heart will ache for Jimmy as he often is left hungry for days, left sleeping outside in the cold or inside a trailer with no heat, power & electricity, having to move numerous times which then leads to having to change schools, leave his friends, be ridiculed by new peers, be abandoned by his own biological mother over & over again only however to continue to wish she had changed each time she would come back for him with a new man in her life, to have to face so much trauma in such a young life. He recognized that she had an illness, except unfortunately there is so much shame and stigma attached that so many like Jimmy’s mom do not seek assistance nor utilize resources, or self-medicate using drugs and alcohol. She did love her son as he so did her, but she was not able to be the mother Jimmy and his sister so deserved and needed. Due to being abandoned so many times in his life, it was difficult for Jimmy to attach to others, to tell others he loved them, to trust because so many times Jimmy as well as so many in the foster care system or those who have faced similar life situations and abandonment are scared to attach. I do however know Jimmy is one of the most loving people that there are. It is prevalent throughout this book. Jimmy was able however to love again thanks to the BEAutiful Bea Costner.I truly believe that Bea was brought into Jimmy’s life for a reason and he into hers just as so many characters throughout the book were that you will read about. I am so glad that Jimmy was able to have closure with Bea before she died.Jimmy was saved that day he grabbed the non lethal antibiotics vs others that were lethal and most likely would have killed him the day he tried to commit suicide. He was saved for a reason. He was saved to be brought into Bea’s life to be there for her after her husband Russell she so loved died after decades of marriage. He was saved to become the “Bea” for so many others in this world who need to feel the love, hope, and encouragement, that Bea gave to Jimmy by sharing his life story through music and this book “Walk to Beautiful!” The voice that speaks often to Jimmy throughout the book is one that brings him closer to his faith and one that places him on his life journey showing him the way..the walk to a beautiful life.
JenDMiller More than 1 year ago
Walk to Beautiful is the powerful life story of country singer Jimmy Wayne. This book takes you through the ups and downs of his life from the horrors of Vance St to the high of playing Madison Square Garden. No child should ever have to endure the things Jimmy went through and witnessed. It's by God's grace he survived his childhood. When Jimmy was 16 he met Bea and Russell Costner. They took him in, and changed his life. Jimmy's now using his platform to tell his story in hopes that people will be inspired to get involved and meet these kids halfway. And, you will be inspired and encouraged when you read this book! Ken Abraham is a very talented writer, and told Jimmy's story in a way that captivated me even when I was reading parts of Jimmy's story I already knew. Walk to Beautiful is a must read!
KellyFry More than 1 year ago
I had the wonderful opportunity to read Jimmy Wayne’s book "Walk to Beautiful" through an Advanced Reader’s Copy. For me, reading isn't always easy. I find that when I can "hear" the author's voice, I connect to the story in a deeper way. Having heard Jimmy speak and sing on several occasions, it was the beauty of his writing that allowed me to hear his voice on the page. During the chapters of Jimmy’s life as a 12-13 year old boy, it was his pre-adolescent voice that impacted me the most. SO POWERFUL, and I say that from a mother's prospective, having raised a son myself, and remembering what life was like for him during those particular years. Those are the years of emerging…from a boy to a young man…defining years, to say the least. I can only imagine how hard it was for Jimmy to write this book. I’ve gotten to know him as a friend, and I know how HUGE his heart is. NO CHILD DESERVES to grow up with stories like his, and the ones we hear about every day. Jimmy has done a POWERFUL thing by writing about his life. It not only brings awareness to those who are unfamiliar with the struggles many children face each day, but it can also bring a sense of healing, inspiration and hope to those who have lived it. "Walk to Beautiful" has a rhythm...a tempo...and a melody that is much like Jimmy’s music...simply BEAutiful!
trishoneill731 More than 1 year ago
To say Jimmy Wayne is an extra- ordinary man  is an understatement. Jimmy speaks and WALKS the WALK – to Beautiful – truly. His life story as it unfolds in his book, is heart wrenching, his experience digs deep down to your soul and somehow – through all the many adversities, Jimmy endured –  your soul connects to the scarred humanness and compassion of his soul. The encouragement and love of Russel & BEA- u- tiful BEA, shined a radiant brightness on the atrocious darkness that was the author’s life experience. Bea was truly a candle  that lit the way and comforted a precious child  and encouraged Jimmy to be all he can be.  Sharing his experiences, the author, takes you on a ride, & hold on, because there is always another twist around the next corner and in the end – your heart in full of the radiant, BEAming light and love her candle shone – on Jimmy’s soul and how that empowered soul, of said author- shines intensely and BEAmingly and connects to your soul and incalculable souls through his book, music and driving determination to help Foster Children. Triumphantly, in the course of the book and Bea’s nurturing love, Jimmy’s soul awakens to her compassionate and fervent care that children should know that they are God’s gift and deserving of such Love and Caring.  His book describing his life’s journey and his walk halfway across America - empowered his soul and showed the way for others to care and give. In this story – God’s gift was Loved this Much and truly this diamond (Jimmy) was made between a rock and a hard place. He shows you his heart, his souls & his dreams. The book may have an ending BUT the next chapter of the author’s life, for sure will be one of harmonizing & BEAming, as she continues to light his way.  BEA shines brightly, today,  in the life and radiant, compassionate, caring soul that is Jimmy Wayne’s!