We Met in December

We Met in December

by Rosie Curtis


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Following a year in the life of a twenty-something British woman who falls hard for her London flat mate, this clever, fun, and unforgettable romantic comedy is the perfect feel-good holiday read.

Two people. One house. A year that changes everything.  

Twenty-nine-year-old Jess is following her dream and moving to London. It’s December, and she’s taking a room in a crumbling, but grand, Notting Hill house-share with four virtual strangers. On her first night, Jess meets Alex, the guy sharing her floor, at a Christmas dinner hosted by her landlord. They don’t kiss, but as far as Jess is concerned the connection is clear. She starts planning how they will knock down the wall between them to spend more time together.

But when Jess returns from a two-week Christmas holiday, she finds Alex has started dating someone else—beautiful Emma, who lives on the floor above them. Now Jess faces a year of bumping into (hell, sharing a bathroom with) the man of her dreams…and the woman of his. 

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ISBN-13: 9780062964564
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 11/05/2019
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 60,420
Product dimensions: 5.31(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Rosie Curtis was born in the Highlands of Scotland, and now lives with her family in a 150 year old house by the sea in the north west of England. She loves travel, happy ever after stories, and daydreaming. Her favourite book character is a toss up between Anne Shirley and Jo March. Rosie also writes adult and teen fiction as Rachael Lucas.

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We Met in December 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
MamaHendo 9 days ago
On the verge of turning 30, Jess is venturing out on her own for the first time. Taking a chance with a new job she decides to move to London after a friend offers her a room in a house she just inherited in the sought-after Notting Hill neighborhood. Alex, one of Jess's new roommates, gives her instant butterflies when they meet for the first time just before the holidays. Jess can't seem to get him out of her mind but when she returns home from her New Year ski trip early one morning she finds one of her other roommates sneaking out of Alex's room. Not knowing she is aware of his friends with benefits relationship with Emma, Alex decides to become Jess's personal tour guide showing her around London and all its secret spots while the two become each other's confidants. Now Jess has to squash her feelings for the man of her dreams in order to keep living her dream life in the city in a house she can actually afford. As the book progresses over the course of a year this dual narrative will have you feeling all the warm and fuzzies. Rosie Curtis has written the perfect feel good story for the upcoming cold weather. Grab yourself a hot chocolate and cozy up with this book immediately.
Anonymous 12 days ago
Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this book but it felt like a mish-mash of ideas from various books and films with a plot that only had one premise. Jess moves to London from her home in Bournemouth after finding her boyfriend is cheating on her with a woman at work. She joins an improbable flatshare in Notting Hill where Becky, a college friend, has inherited a house from her grandparents and rather than sell it for millions she decides to rent rooms to a group of random friends and ex-colleagues at below-market values. Jess moves in to the house in December and is instantly attracted to one of the other tenants, Alex, but Becky has decreed no inter-house relationships. Alex used to be a lawyer working with Becky but changed career to train as a nurse. Having just come away from a broken relationship he isn't looking for a girlfriend, yet finds himself drawn to Jess. However, a one-night stand with another housemate seems to create an impenetrable divide - will Jess and Alex always be just good friends? Told over the course of a year in alternating points of view we see Jess and Alex becoming close, very good friends but never becoming involved romantically ... I have to say that this was Bridget Jones meets Notting Hill meets One Day - but not in a "If you liked that, you'll love this" way but more like I've seen this all before. Jess is in love with Alex practically from the first day and falls deeper in love as they get to know each other. Alex on the other hand has a friends with benefits relationship with their flatmate and doesn't understand why he feels upset that Jess is considering Tinder. Get a clue, mate! Overall, I felt this was a lovely advertisement for Notting Hill and walking tours of London but the romance left me cold, too many side stories about Jess' mum and nanna, Becky and Jess' friends Sophie and Gen and not enough guts to the Jess and Alex story. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
FCA 12 days ago
If you’re looking for a cute Christmas romance, look elsewhere. This book was bland, repetitive, and slow. I don’t mind slow-burns if the pay-off is worth it. But here, there is no pay off. You should be warned the two main characters spend most of the book in relationships with other people. And while that’s not an automatic deal breaker, the way the (mostly non-existent romance plot) played out in this book was so underwhelming I was left angry. The pacing was numbing, the characters dull, and the writing unremarkable. Honestly the best part of the books were the cool facts and descriptions of London. **Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an ecopy in exchange for an honest review.**
FCA 12 days ago
If you’re looking for a cute Christmas romance, look elsewhere. This book was bland, repetitive, and slow. I don’t mind slow-burns if the pay-off is worth it. But here, there is no pay off. You should be warned the two main characters spend most of the book in relationships with other people. And while that’s not an automatic deal breaker, the way the (mostly non-existent romance plot) played out in this book was so underwhelming I was left angry. The pacing was numbing, the characters dull, and the writing unremarkable. Honestly the best part of the books were the cool facts and descriptions of London. **Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an ecopy in exchange for an honest review.**
booklover_lexi 12 days ago
Two people. One house. A year that changes everything. 29 year old Jess is taking a leap and changing her career. Moving to London has always been her dream. The only way she can afford it is taking a room in a crumbling, but grand, Notting Hill house-share with four virtual strangers.On the first night Jess meets Alex, the handsome new roommate she will be sharing a floor with, at a Christmas party her landlord puts on. After a night of flirting, the connection is clear. But when Jess returns from a two week ski trip she comes home to find Emma, one of their other roommates, stumbling out of Alex’s room early in the morning. Now Jess must spend the year bumping into the man of her dreams, while he is dating the woman of his. When I read the synopsis for this title I got major Flatshare vibes! I was so ready to dive into this holiday read. The second line “ There’s a man on the street corner selling hot chestnuts by the bag, filling the air with the smell of cinnamon and vanilla” put me right in the holiday spirit! However, this is about as christmas-y as this book gets. This follows more Jess and Alex’s life after they meet in December. I did enjoy the alternating POV. This is most definitely sort of a slow building romance between Jess and Alex. The ending felt a little abrupt and I wish they would have gotten together a little bit sooner. If you enjoy Sophie Kinsella books, this novel is told in the same brittish/UK style which I loved! Overall, I did enjoy this novel, however I wouldn’t really put it in the Romance category, possible more Women’s Fiction.
Michele-G 12 days ago
3 1/2 Stars.... My feelings for We Met in December bounced back and forth as I read. I was really torn on how I wanted to rate it. I loved the cover and the title holds true because "they did meet in December." If people are expecting the entire novel to revolve around the Christmas holiday, they will be disappointed as it takes place over the course of a year or so. Fortunately, I didn't have a problem with this. I liked seeing Alex and Jess' friendship bloom over time. This novel is definitely a slow burn as Alex and Jess are both coming out of recent breakups and trying to get a fresh start. Neither is looking to get involved. When they all move into the house together, one of the rules is that none of them date. What develops between Alex and Jess is a gradual and sweet friendship. They explored London together and their friendship grows over time. What Alex didn't know is that Jess was harboring a crush on him. He also didn't know that she knew he was secretly sleeping with one of their other flatmates. I really struggled with this plot line. I had a real issue with the secret "friends with benefits" relationship that Alex and Emma had. Towards the end of it, Alex was insistent that he didn't want to continue it because he knew Emma was getting the wrong idea. Then he has a weak moment involving alcohol and wakes up in bed with her again?! This was a little too much for me to be able to trust him for Jess. At this point he's supposedly starting to wonder if maybe he has feelings for Jess. So, how does he just land in bed with Emma again? I think I was okay with Alex and Emma's tryst until the last time he "accidentally" sleeps with her. Then my patience with was simply gone. There was so much about Alex's character that I liked and respected that I really had a difficult time reconciling it with these actions. I liked the inner strength of Jess' character. She'd been through a bad experience with her ex boyfriend and was looking for a fresh start when she moved to London. The friendship that she and Alex developed during their explorations was important to her and not something she wanted to risk. Even though she was crushed when she realized he was secretly sleeping with Emma, she didn't want to lose his friendship. She tried to busy herself by spending time with two of her long-time girlfriends and periodically making trips home to check on her grandmother. One of her girlfriends gets her to go on a blind date with a co-worker. Jess and James hit it off for a bit. Seeing Jess with someone else definitely makes Alex think twice about what he wants from his relationship with her. Over the course of the book, Jess' confidence in herself grows. She lamented her single status a great deal, but in the end realized that being single was better than being with the wrong person. James also comes to peace with his breakup with his fiancee during this same time. He realizes that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore and that he's probably fortunate things happened the way they did. By the time we get towards the end of the book, these two have evolved into "healthier" individuals than before.. Of course, it also seems as if they can't ever get their timing right. You have to wonder if they'll eventually make something romantic work? Or will they just remain friends? Or will they lose touch altogether? Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
JW88 12 days ago
Jess is a 29 year old embarking on a change in career and location. She moves to London, a place she’s always wanted to live, to begin a job in the publishing field. She leases a room at a bargain rate from a friend in a Notting Hill home which she will share with four others. The only house rule, however, is that there is to be no couples formed between the housemates. One of her housemates, Alex, has also made some recent changes in his life having just broken up with his fiancee when he decided to change his career from law to nursing. The relationship between Jess and Alex truly begins when Alex offers to go on walks with Jess in order to orientate her to London. The book is written in a dual narrative between Jess and Alex which in my opinion works well. I appreciated the personal growth each of the protagonists went through over the course of the year in which the book was set. I enjoyed the description of London locations throughout the year which provided a romantic setting for the book. I felt engaged throughout the book and finished the last third in one sitting. Thank you to Edelweiss + and William Morrow for the ARC of this book in exchange for the honest review provided here.
AmyM43 12 days ago
We Met in December follows a year in the life of Jess who has just moved to London to follow her dream of working in publishing. To help make ends meet, Jess is sharing a house with four other people. Right before the holidays, on the first night's meet-and-greet between the roommates, Jess meets Alex. The two seemingly hit it off from the start, but when returns from her holiday away with friends, she discovers that Alex and their other roommate Emma have started seeing one another. Despite their undeniable chemistry, Jess is resolved to not dwell on the fact that Alex is with someone else. In the mean time, they both enjoy each other's company as friends including the exploration of London through various walks and lunch dates. And as the year moves forward and onward so do Alex and Jess, both experiencing their new lives and continuing to circle around one another. Will they let another year go by before they're both in the same place at the same time? Or are they forever fated to continue circling? In We Met in December, Rosie Curtis gives readers a sweet look at an almost- maybe- couldbe- romance. You could almost seriously hear the click when Alex and Jess first meet. What I liked most, however, is the fact that their romance is built up as friendship first. Who knows where the story would have gone had Alex and Jess immediately started something. Instead the build up of the friendship is probably the most important aspect of their relationship. The whole idea that two people could be absolutely perfect for each other, but you also have to take into account where they are in their lives. Alex had just gotten out of a serious long-term relationship and, like Jess, decided to switch careers. He wasn't ready to jump into another serious relationship. So with all the extenuating circumstances surrounding Alex and Jess getting to be together the circling around one another did start to feel a bit repetitive. Just a bit, not too bad, but definitely something that made me wish things would speed up a little in spots. I did enjoy the fact that we get both Jess and Alex's points of view. It's an interesting dynamic seeing things from the man's perspective and then from the woman's. How they are similar and how they're different. And again just hitting home the idea of where each of them are in their lives at each moment. Overall, We Met in December is a really sweet read. A nice read for a wintry day, but not too overwhelming on the holidays. I'm certainly going to be on the lookout for the next book by Rosie Curtis.
KWeldon 12 days ago
We Met in December by Rosie Curtis is a sweet about true friendships. Jess and Alex are both moving to London and starting new careers. They have a mutual friend and end up being roommates. The first night they meet there's chemistry but Jess goes on holiday and when she returns Alex has started something with another roommate. As time goes by they become really good friends and spend quite a bit of time together. They both have feelings for each but the timing is never right. It alternates between Jess and Alex telling the story. I loved the characters in this book even when I was shaking my head and wondering why would you do that. The descriptions of the walking tours of London were fun. This is a great holiday or any time read that covers friendship, family, starting over, and, of course, love. Thank you to Netgalley and Harper Collins Publishers (William MorrowPaperback) for the opportunity to read and review this book. Romance Release Date: November 5, 2019
MKF 13 days ago
Told alternately by Jess and Alex, this is the story of two people remaking their lives and circling one another. Jess was dumped by Neil and has moved to London to take a job in publishing. She moves into a mansion (geez) in Notting Hill where Alex, who is now training as a nurse, lives. There might have been a spark except that Alex is seeing (friends with benefits) their other flatmate Emma. Ah the triangle. There are some lovely scenes of London as this moves through the year. Fans of the genre will also find there are few surprises. It's got a nice sensibility but would have benefited from an editorial tightening. Thanks to the publisher for the ARC. Not really a Christmas book but it's a good romance.