Wedded for the Baby

Wedded for the Baby

by Dorothy Clark

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Wedded for the Baby by Dorothy Clark

His Family of Convenience

For widower and ex-doctor Trace Warren, a fresh start in Whisper Creek comes with a catch: to save his home and apothecary shop, Trace must remarry. While making Katherine Fleming his wife is simple enough, he refuses to fall in love again. But keeping his distance from the kind, beautiful woman and the infant she brings with her is dangerously difficult…

Katherine promised to protect the baby left in her care, and a marriage of convenience to Trace is the only way to do that. But all too soon, Trace possesses Katherine’s heart, even as he still carefully guards his own. With hopes of turning their arrangement into a true love match, can Katherine convince Trace to forgive himself for his past mistakes and embrace his new family?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781488017766
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 08/01/2017
Series: Stand-In Brides
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 87,011
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Award-winning author Dorothy Clark enjoys traveling with her husband throughout the United States doing research and gaining inspiration for future books. Dorothy values our American heritage and believes in God, family, love and happy endings, which explains why she feels so at home writing for Love Inspired Historical. Dorothy enjoys hearing from her readers and may be contacted at or 

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Wedded for the Baby 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I loved this story! Kathleen marries to help care for the helpless, orphaned baby, but ends up finding love when she least expected it. As with all of Dorothy Clark's books, I could notput it down. I know you eill love this story too!
joyful334209 More than 1 year ago
Wedded for the Baby is a sweet romantic yet stirring story of a man who needs to marry someone before a certain date and Miss Fleming was in the right place and the right time with something he didn't want or did he? They went through a lot together - there is obstinace and patience but most importantly there is GOD who is being turned to and when HE is involved HE can fix all things . Make all things right. Amen? He is being called on but will they listen? Will things work out for those two or will he drop her like a hot potato like he said he would in the start? I could not believe how that baby grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go - so I had to read and read and find out what happened to him. So will you? I received a copy of this book from the Publisher and Netgalley; all the opinions expressed in this review are all my own.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
Wedded for the Baby is a marriage of convenience story that had some unique twists and choices in the plot that made it enjoyable. I like the marriage of the convenience stories, where the love grows as the couple gets to know each other. This story had the twist of a baby - a baby that wasn't either of the protagonist's biological child. Katherine Fleming was a soft-hearted, kind woman who was willing to go to extreme lengths to keep her word and take care of a baby she just met. She had lost the love of her life several years ago and was certain she would be a spinster. Trace Warren was a wounded man by his past, a bit dramatic, yet kind-hearted and considerate. His self-pity went a little too far for me, as a doctor, he should have known the realities of life as they were at the time. I liked how his character developed, how the new possibilities downed on him, how he slowly but surely opened his heart to Katherine and the baby. The challenges of the time period, the new frontiers and the demands of the life back then, the culture, the lifestyle, it was told with authority and in a believable matter. The story was enjoyable to read, the characters growth and advancement as people, and as parents were entertaining and appealing. The Love Inspired stories are Christian novels, and as such, I expect a message of faith and/or faith development, especially if it is pointed out that the main characters have been struggling with their beliefs and convictions. I felt that that part of the story was not carried all the way through. Since the authors have been given this amazing platform, I wish they used it more thoroughly. Overall an interesting and heartfelt story, where the characters are challenged not only by the environment they live in, but by each other, and the wounds of their past, and the hurt life sometimes bring us. ~ Three Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
lsnlj More than 1 year ago
This is book two in the Stand-In Brides series, however it is a stand alone book. You do reconnect with people from the first book but it is not necessary to read to enjoy this one. Katherine Fleming is a loving, caring woman who just happens to be in the right spot at the right time to help a dear mother in need. When she makes promises to the dying woman she never dreams where her life will take her. Trace Warren is a little harder to read, while just trying to keep his business and home he agrees to a in-name only marriage to a woman he has never met. When things go topsy turvy he does the only thing he feels he can to save what he has built. But will this turn of events be to his best interest? I loved the sparks, communication and sometimes lack thereof between Trace and Katherine. Both have past that they need to overcome to finally find the peace God has in store for them.