Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas

Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas

by Emily McKay

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ISBN-13: 9781633758537
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/13/2017
Series: Creative HeArts
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 229
Sales rank: 609,257
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

Emily McKay is a life-long fan of books, pop-culture and anything geeky. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do baking cookies. She lives in central Texas with her husband, kids, two mildly-psychotic dogs, a three-legged cat and eleven chickens.

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Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas

Creative HeArts

By Emily McKay, Stacy Abrams

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2017 Emily McKay
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-853-7


It is a truth universally acknowledged that when your father is getting married to one of America's most famous actresses, family dinners will be painfully awkward.

Especially when your soon-to-be stepbrother is as undeniably hot as Finn McCain.

Tonight's dinner was not actually that bad. Mia — of the aforementioned acting fame — had really taken the pressure off by spending most of the meal babbling about wedding plans. She and my dad sat side-by-side, mere centimeters apart, on the side of the dinner table that overlooked a breathtaking view of Lake Austin. Finn and I sat opposite them, facing the rest of the kitchen, with as much room between us as the six-foot-long farm table would allow.

(And, can I just tell you how much fun Christmas dinner was ... not.)

When Dad first came home from his latest gig as a cinematographer and told me he was going to marry Mia McCain, I freaked. I'm not proud of it, but I'm woman enough to own it. I used to dread these twice-weekly family dinners. I used to resent Mia for changing my entire life. I used to resent my father for dating Mia without ever telling me.

I used to resent Finn, too. For a variety of reasons. Partly because he is both hot and completely unattainable. Partly because he's so smooth you never really know where you stand with him. And also, because I knew in my gut that he was not any more excited about the marriage than I was, and I never understood why he wouldn't just come clean about it.

Admittedly, these are not great reasons to dislike someone. But I am trying to be mature and sensible about things, and that means owning my mistakes.

And I am also trying — really trying — to be a good sport about the wedding, which is only three weeks off in late January.

They have only been planning the wedding since October. Less than four months is not long to plan the most glamorous wedding Austin has ever seen — even I know that. However, money and fame make miracles happen.

This is, once again, obvious, as Mia describes some snafu involving pavilion tents being shipped in from Dallas. I listen politely and eat my eggplant Parmesan.

Mia pauses in the story, and to show that I'm paying attention and excited about the wedding, I say gamely, "Thank goodness your wedding planner is on top of things. It sounds like she's doing a fantastic job."

Mia tips her head to the side and smiles mistily, as if I have just complimented the beauty of her newborn baby. "Thank you. She is doing a great job." Then, Mia unexpectedly hops up and scurries over to the desk. When she returns to the table she's carrying four leather-bound three-ring binders, each of our names embossed on the upper right-hand corner of the covers. She hands them around.

I pause, a bite of food partway to my lips.

"Oh," Dad says awkwardly. "Well, haven't you been the busy little bee."

I set the bite down and flip mine open. The first page is written like a letter of introduction from the wedding planner, Lucinda. I flip through a few more pages.

"They are individualized detailed agendas for the next few weeks," Mia chirps.

Dad clears his throat. "I can see that."

I know this tone. From the time my mom died when I was eleven until two months ago, it was just the two of us, Dad and me. Us against the world. He may have fallen in love with Mia, but in many ways I still know him better. And I hear the disapproval in his voice, the underpinning of rebellion.

Dad may keep to schedules at work, but in his personal life, he doesn't like being so regulated.

To smooth things over, I say cheerfully, "These are great! Absolutely fantastic!" I can hear the peppy exclamation points in my voice. They're clearly not going over well, because both Dad and Finn frown at me. Dad looks confused. Finn looks like he wishes he were close enough to kick me under the table. I dial it down. "I mean, sure, these will be useful the day of the wedding."

Dad's frown deepens as he flips through his folder. "I thought we said this was going to be a small wedding?"

Mia's smile stiffens almost imperceptibly. "It is small. Relatively."

I hastily flip through the pages in my folder. The first page is a master calendar. January twenty-eighth — the day of the wedding — is in bright purple ink. Each page after that is an event I am scheduled to attend. They have titles like Cake Tasting and Dancing Lessons, and list time, location, and expected appropriate attire. (i.e. trendy casual for the cake tasting and knee–length skirt, heels — at least three inches for the dancing lessons.) Also included is a list of family members expected to attend. I see my name and Finn's together a lot. This does not bode well.

It's not that Finn and I don't get along. We do. We live right across the hall from one another. It's rather that Finn makes me uncomfortable. In a top-of-the-roller-coaster-and-about-to-drop sort of way. I really, really don't want to have to spend this much time with him over the next few weeks. Really.

And, for the record, I've been known to throw up on roller coasters.

"Is this actually necessary?" Dad asks.

Finn, who has been quiet until now and is busy flipping through his own folder, gives a strangled sound that's somewhere between a snort of disgust and choked laughter. I can't tell if he's more annoyed or amused.

That's part of the problem with Finn. I can never tell what he's feeling. And I am always afraid that what he's feeling is amusement at my expense.

"Dancing lessons?" Finn asks. He flips his binder closed, leaning back in his chair and stretching his legs out in front of him. He's tapping his thumb on the armrest of his chair, the way he always does when he has too much nervous energy. Finn isn't the kind of guy who's made for long family dinners. "I can dance. That's not something you have to worry about. Trust me."

I keep my gaze pinned to the pages in front of me, hoping that no one will glance my way. I can make no such boast.

Oh, I can stand on a high school dance floor and shuffle around a bit. I am not, however, ready for celebrity-wedding-level dancing.

As she's looking at her son, Mia's smile softens. "Yes, I know you can dance. But if you look at the footnote at the bottom of the page, 'see Day of Wedding page twenty-three,' you'll understand why I want you to have lessons with Willa."

I hastily flip to page twenty-three myself. It's the page title: Day of Wedding — After Receiving Line — Dancing. Beneath is the following paragraph:

Immediately after the receiving line, Matt will lead Mia onto the dance floor for the duration of the song "At Last" by Etta James. Within five seconds of that song ending, Finn and Willa will join them on the dance floor for Dean Martin's "Ain't That a Kick in the Head." The two couples will remain dancing for a minimum of three point five songs or until at least 25 percent of the dance floor is full.

"What the —" I cut myself off, remembering that I'm trying to be open-minded about this. Really, really trying. When I realize Finn, Dad, and Mia are looking at me, I force a smile. "What a great idea. Dancing lessons! And lots and lots of dancing!"

Shit. I'm doing it again. That thing where I talk in exclamation points, hoping people won't notice I'm nervous. Or lying.

This time, instead of fumbling to repair the damage, I press my lips closed and say nothing. I don't know that there's any way I can fake thinking this is a good idea. If it means my dad will be happy, I am 100 percent up for dancing lessons. But dancing lessons with Finn? That is another matter entirely. Three and a half songs sounds like a very long time to dance in Finn's arms.

Then I see Mia looking worried. And Dad frowning.

"We never talked about a live band," he mutters.

"It is Austin," Finn points out. "You can't go to the grocery store without hearing live music."

This is actually true. The local Central Market has music all weekend. So Finn's argument is valid, but I see Dad's point as well. For someone who isn't any more graceful on the dance floor than I am, that's a lot of dancing.

"You're going to have The Derby create a signature drink?" Dad's voice has the faintest note of scorn in it. Before anyone can comment, he goes on. "This guest list has got to have over —" He drags a finger down a column on one page, then another and another. "At least two hundred people on it."

I haven't seen a guest list in my copy of the notebook, but when I glance across the table at Dad's notebook, the list is staggering. There is so much star power among the invited guests, I nearly go blind without protective eyewear.

Dad is shaking his head. "This isn't what we talked about." Flipping through the pages of his own notebook, he's too focused on what he's reading to notice Mia's expression. He is just being his normal, practical self. He doesn't see the spark of delight that's slowly dying in her eyes.

But I see it. Suddenly, I wonder what her first wedding was like. All I know is that she married young and that her husband ended up being a total ass. On-screen, Mia has had more beautiful, flamboyant weddings than almost any woman alive. Has she ever had that in real life? Something tells me no.

And if my dad has anything to do with it, she won't have her dream wedding this time around, either. It's not that he doesn't love her, it's just that he's too practical to realize this kind of thing is important to her.

If I'm honest with myself, it's weirdly important to me, too. Since my mom died, there are so many girly things I missed out on. Talking about boys, shopping for clothes, learning to apply makeup and style my hair. Having The Talk. (Do I even need to explain how awkward it is to have your dad buy you tampons and show you how to open a condom wrapper?)

It isn't that I want to do any of those things with Mia, either, but maybe having her hyper-feminine influence will ... I don't know, maybe balance out my geeky-awkwardness.

Not that I'm not proud of being a geek. I am. But even I can see I could benefit from a little stepmother/stepdaughter bonding time.

"Mia, I think this sounds like the perfect wedding," I say. Finn may be sitting too far away from me to kick, but Dad isn't. I give his shin a nudge. When Dad glances up I shoot him agree-with-me eyes. "Don't you, Dad?"

"Maybe if we had two years to plan it. Not two weeks."

"We have three and a half weeks." I have to resist kicking him harder. "Besides, I'm sure Mia has hired the best wedding planner in the city."

Dad leans back in his chair. "I'm just not sure we're going to have time to do all these things."

"We'll make time." Why is he fighting me on this? There was a time when Dad and I knew each other so well that he would have picked up on my cues by now. Since he isn't, it's time to pull out the big guns. To play the card he won't be able to resist. "Besides, we're going to be doing it as a family."

I'm not much of an actress myself — writing is my thing — but I haven't watched a gazillion movies over the years without learning a thing or two about timing. So I pause and let that sink in.

Dad looks surprised. Mia's smile instantly blossoms. Only Finn shows the faintest hint of suspicion. His steel-gray eyes narrow.

"Isn't that what you've said you wanted?" I ask cheerfully. "For us to spend more time together as a family."

"Yeah, kiddo," Dad says, as he and Mia exchange a look. I can tell she takes his hand under the table. "That would be great."

I don't worry that maybe I've overplayed my hand until after dinner when I'm loading the dishes in the dishwasher. Mia has a private chef who does most of the work in the kitchen, but he clocks out at five. We could leave the dishes for him, but as long as I didn't cook, I don't mind doing the dishes.

Mia and Dad are out on the balcony having a glass of wine, so I think I'm alone. Until Finn walks up behind me and slides a glass onto the top rack.

"So what's your plan?"

I glance over at him as I scrape food off a plate and into the disposal. "What plan?"

"With Mia. Why are you suddenly being so nice?"

"There's no plan."

"I don't buy it," he says. "For months you've resisted the idea of them getting married. Now you're suddenly all over it. What gives?"

I slide the last plate into the dishwasher, then rinse my hands as I think of an answer. "First off, it wasn't months."

"You hated the idea of our parents getting married."

I dry my hands, then turn to face Finn. "Yes, I admit it. I haven't always been a fan of them getting married." He snorts in derision, so I hold up a hand to cut him off. "And, yes, I'm aware that's an understatement. But —"

"You —"

"But —" I don't give him a chance to cut me off again. "I've changed my mind."

Finn quirks an eyebrow and presses his lips together in an expression that might have looked like a smirk on another guy. On Finn it looks smart and wry all at the same time.

"Our parents are good together. That's what's important. I want them to be happy. And if that means playing along with Mia's elaborate wedding plans, then so be it."

"What's in it for you?"

I shrug. "I don't know what you mean."

"I know how busy you are at school right now. If you're suddenly playing the part of the perfect daughter, it must be because you expect something in return."

"What?" I'm so indignant it takes me a while to think of anything else to say. "You think I expect Mia to ... what? Give me things?"

"Do you? She gave you a car already. She's offered to take you shopping. Buy you expensive clothes. The other night at dinner, didn't you say something about needing a new computer?"

"I was just talking. With my dad. Mia wasn't even in the room." I'm practically sputtering now. And then I take a breath and I remember who I'm talking to. This is Finn, who is always suspicious. And who is super protective of his mom. All the time. "Look, I know you come from a world where everyone wants something from you because you're Mia's son. And where everyone wants lots of things from Mia. And that you feel like you have to protect her. I get that. Because I feel the same way about my dad."

Finn's gaze skitters away from mine and I can practically hear the "Yeah, but —" in his head.

I don't give him the chance to finish the thought, to dismiss me. Instead, I do something neither of us expects. I step up to him. I get close, right in his face. I ignore the buzz of electricity that skitters across my skin every time I'm near him. This isn't about that. This is about convincing him. Still, I keep my tone gentle.

"You don't have to protect her from me. I just want this wedding to go well. For both of them. I don't expect anything in return. Not a car or computer or clothes or money. I just want them to be happy."

He still doesn't look at me. Which irritates me. Because if he's going to accuse me of manipulating Mia, he should at least look me in the eye when he does it.

So I reach up and nudge his jaw until he looks at me. "Got it?" In my mind, when I do this, it comes out sassy and clever. Spunky, even.

I don't know how it sounded in real life, because when Finn does look at me, standing this close to him, my brain sort of short circuits and I'm instantly lost in his stormy gray eyes.

Abruptly, I drop my hand and take a step back, before whirling around toward the kitchen sink. For a second, I just stare at the dishes. Then I attack them with such ferocity you'd think doing this chore would solve world hunger.

I scrub the dishes and try not to wonder what I've gotten myself into. I want to help with the wedding for Mia's sake, but Finn is right. School is a nightmare right now. I'm the lead writer for the web series our entire senior seminar is working on. A lot of people are depending on me. And that's just one class in a schedule where I can't afford to let anything slide.

Of course the wedding is only a few weeks away. The problem is, even a few weeks feels like a lot of time to spend having quality family time with Finn.

Sure, Finn is about to be my stepbrother, but being around him makes me feel crazier than any other guy I've ever known — including my boyfriend, Damien.

When I'm with Finn, I do not feel sassy. I feel weak-kneed and silly. Because I should know better.

Finn is not the kind of guy mere mortals can toy with.


Excerpted from Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas by Emily McKay, Stacy Abrams. Copyright © 2017 Emily McKay. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Weddings, Crushes and Other Dramas 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love both books and can't stop reading them both
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just bought the book and all of my pages are blank! I've tried just about everything to try and fix it but nothing has worked.
KittyKat4 More than 1 year ago
*This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review* *Actual rating 2.5/5* I enjoyed this book but found both Willa and Finn to be quite annoying. The plot also seemed to drag a bit and I had to physically leave the book and come back to it because I was getting so annoyed with Willa and Finn's actions. Overall this was a light read that was fairly enjoyable.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Willa’s father- Matt was marrying Mia who was one of America’s most famous actresses and known as America’s sweetheart. Mia had a son named Finn that would also be with them he was a couple months older than Willa and ready to graduate in five months just like Willa. Finn was hot and Mia felt attracted to him and resented Finn because he was so hot and unattainable. m even though she had a boyfriend named Damien. Willa’s father was a cinematographer. Mia’s mom had died when Mia was eleven and until a couple months ago it had been pretty much just Willa and Matt even if Matt was gone a lot with his job. Finn felt an inexplicable pull come over him whenever he was near Willa. Finn excited Willa more than her boyfriend Damien did so they stayed away from each other as much as they could. Finn thought he was falling in love with Willa but fighting it every step of the way. Willa’s best friends were Himesh and Mariely since freshman year. Willa was the lead writer for the Senior Seminar - a web series. Damien is the male lead and horrible as the love interest but Willa doesn’t know what to do about it. Then Willa decides she wants to break up with Damien as he isn’t what she really wants. She goes to Finn for advice and he kisses Willa and it is her very first kiss. They are now staying at home while their parents are on their honeymoon for the better part of the next three weeks. Finn was excited that Willa had kissed him back. I absolutely loved this story. The plot was absolutely great. I loved the way it was written. Willa going out with Damien to protect her heart. I felt bad the Willa was so scared of loving and being let down as she basically had been all her life. I felt like i was there with Willa and Finn and everyone else. I loved how Mariely pointed out to Willa about why she went out with Damien and made Willa reexamine why she did the things she had. I can’t think of anything i didn’t like about this YA story. It was the best one I had read in a long time and my new favorite. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend
Wicked_Reads More than 1 year ago
Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas most definitely cannot be read as a standalone. The Creative HeArts series features four couples written separately by four different authors, all intersecting in the same universe. Willa and Finn are couple #2 in the series, with the first book of theirs being book #2 (this is their conclusion, but also the 6th in the series). Complicated? Yes. So if you're picking this book up to read as a standalone, don't do it. Go back to the beginning. As a big fan of the series, I've been patiently waiting for more of Willa and Finn's story. Finn has been a large focal point by all the authors in all their books – he's a heartthrob, but also a strong friend to have in your corner. The reader can feel how appreciated Finn is by the creators of the series. Willa was lying just beneath the surface of the other books, seen and often times discussed, but never a scene-stealer. The couple are the perfect balance for one another. Truthfully, this book had me wanting to reread their first novel before this book, in order to get the full impact, as they are my favorite couple of the series. May do that soon. Enemies with a push-pull romance, mixed with the taboo of the impending doom of becoming step-siblings. Their relationship is the height of forbidden romance. Angsty deliciousness. If you're reading this review, debating if you wish to buy a copy, you either didn't heed my warning to check out book one in the series, or you're a series veteran. Either way, I'm not going to spoil the plot points. If you're reading this series, by book six, you know all the major players and their stories. In a nutshell, Emily McKay has a fluid writing style, with characters that exhibit the emotional maturity befitting their age group, with realistic reactions/actions. Dual-POV, we hear both sides. Finn is our brooding, tortured artist, struggling with a conflict of conscience. Willa is basically in denial, closing herself off because it's easier to think Finn a player. As a grown woman, I wanted to shake Willa a few times, give her a piece of my mind, and set her straight. Then I wanted to give Finn a hug and some advice on how to deal with a teenage girl. Both had realistic reactions to the situation they were placed in, which makes for yummy reading. As a big fan of the author and series, the reason I couldn't hand out a perfect 5-star is two-fold: I wished the story was slightly longer, and I'm well-written novella's biggest fan. A few more pages to tie up loose threads to create solid character building. Also, the adult in me appreciated that this is a young adult novel, keeping it clean for the younger readers. However, the ex-teenager that I used to be, knows that teenagers are not saints. So my only complaint on the not-so-realistic front is the lack of hormonal responses from our kids. Nothing explicit, simply true-to-life. We have a pair of step-siblings in love, living in the same house, so the reader missed out on a lot of tension buildup without any payoff. There was an opportunity for a few heart-pounding moments, which would have been comical. But that's just what I felt was 'missing' from the story. I look forward to book 7, as well as Emily McKay's next book. Young Adult age-range: 14+ ~ Erica received a free copy of this book to read & review for Wicked Reads. ~
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
So. Much. Adorableness. Here. I am really enjoying the Creative HeArts series, and Willa and Finn are possibly my favorite couple in the group, so when I heard that their book 2 was available? You'd better believe I jumped right on that! I'm happy to report--it did not disappoint. Once again we have all kinds of angsty chemistry going on--a forbidden romance (Willa's dad is still dead set against her dating Finn), tons of will-they-or-won't-they drama, awesome secondary characters (as usual!), and so many truly funny moments (the personalized three-weeks-to-the-wedding to-do binders? Just OMG) Gah! I ship these two so hard. Loved every second of this book. My only complaint? It took 90+% of the book for the two of them to finally get together--which is fine--but I really, really want me some more Willa and Finn together time. Instead, they come together and wham! Bam! we practically fast forward to the end of the school year's over. I really, really was hoping for a book 3, but it doesn't look as if I'll get one. Sigh. I would have loved to (slightly spoiler-ish comments to follow--skip to the end if you don't want to read them) have seen their talk with Willa's dad, Willa's college admissions drama, and how their senior seminar project turns out (though fingers crossed we'll get more on that from the other series books). Still, though. Willa and Finn. Can't go wrong. Plus, they're sure to pop in and out of the rest of the series books, so it's all good. Rating: 4 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Sarah_UK1 More than 1 year ago
(I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to Entangled Publishing, LLC and NetGalley.) “Of all the girls in Austin, why did he want the one he could never have?” This was a YA contemporary romance featuring the Willa and Finn from How Willa Got Her Groove Back. I liked Willa and Finn in this book and it was nice to see how tortured Finn was over Willa, and how in denial Willa was! The storyline in this book was about Willa and Finn trying to hide their feelings from one another, and concentrate on their parents wedding instead. We got a slow burning and very forbidden romance though, and Finn and Willa were really sweet together. I also loved the tension of the ‘will-they-won’t-they’ storyline. The ending to this was pretty good, and I was pleased with the way things worked out. 7.5 out of 10
EmilyAnneK17 More than 1 year ago
It has been several months since Willa’s father announced his engagement to celebrity Mia McKain, and the wedding is only three weeks away. Mia has everyone on a tight schedule…which means that Willa and Finn will have to stop ignoring each other long enough to make Mia happy. That would be fine if they actually thought of each other as step-siblings, but the chemistry between them is getting harder to deny—despite their parents’ marriage, senior year, Willa’s boyfriend, Finn’s bribe, and every other obstacle in their way. Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas by Emily McKay is the cute conclusion (or is it?) to this high school romance. Willa’s spunk drew me in from the first page, yet again. I really adore all of her funky thoughts and comments in her narration; it speaks of a well-written book. And Finn is as hot, caring, and irritating (to Willa) as ever. I mean, he was a great guy who truly cares for Willa, but he had a hard time showing it. Willa was still as clueless as ever when it came to the men in her life and facing her challenges. It irritated a little, but those were the lessons she learned in this book, making her a true dynamic character. And let’s not forget that the adorable romance and the fantastic prose easily made up for any leftover annoyance. Both of the characters made huge mistakes in their relationship, but it was great to see Willa and Finn overcome those mistakes and move on. The literary comparison at the end of the story was perfect—I’m not giving it away, though! In case you wanted to know, Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas contains swearing, kissing, sexual innuendos, and a gay couple. I enjoyed this novel very much and would gladly recommend it to lovers of high school romance. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley, through Chapter by Chapter blog tours. All opinions are expressly my own.
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
Weddings, Crushes and other Dramas by Emily McKay......This was a great fun quick read. It was enjoyable to watch the stories be told for Willa and Finn be told. They are both likeable and relatable characters. Emily McKay sucks you into the story and has you flipping pages to find out what is going on. I highly recommend this book and series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book from publisher via NetGalley.
BookishThings More than 1 year ago
Weddings, Crushes and Other Dramas is one of those feel good books. You know, the ones that you go into and know you’re going to smile, or laugh, or get little butterflies. I missed Willa so much. She’s such an amazing character. She may be a bit naive at times, but she’s also loyal, geeky, and full of awkwardness. Basically, I can relate to her on so many levels. Finn is guarded, as per usual, but he begins to open up a little bit. He let’s Willa in a little bit more. And don’t get me started on Damien. Just...ugh. But I do love all of Willa and Finn’s friends. They call them on their crap and let their voices be heard. Even if they don’t want to hear what they are saying. If you want something light and fun, this is a great book to pick up. You’ll be laughing, swooning, and falling for the characters with each word you read.
TheThoughtSpot More than 1 year ago
Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review. Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Weddings, Crushes and Other Dramas by Emily McKay! Finn and Willa are soon becoming step siblings because Willa's father, Matt, asked Mia, Finn's mother, to marry him. The parents get along well, but the paparazzi make life difficult for Willa. Mia is a famous actress and Finn helps Willa deal with the publicity since he feels used to it. I think Finn's protectiveness of Willa is cute and I'm very happy about the references to Harry Potter, the wizarding world and quidditch; they made me smile and added to the list of commonalities between Willa and Finn. This is a cute, charming story about two teens trying to figure out their relationship with each other in the scheme of all that's occurring around them. I give 4.5 stars for a book that turned out to have more depth than I expected and for the sweet romance that grows throughout the story!
onemused More than 1 year ago
“Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas” is quick, fun, romantic story about Willa and Finn, who are seniors in high school and soon to be step-siblings. This is a continuation of an earlier book in the series, but I read this as a stand-alone and it would fit as a stand-alone easily (you are caught up on the previous book in the first few pages/don’t need any history to enjoy this one). As a “Crush” book, it’s meant to be read in one sitting, and thank goodness it is short enough to do so- as I don’t think I could have put this one down. Willa describes Finn as her nemesis, while Finn is pretty sure he’d like to describe Willa as his girlfriend, but at least as a friend. The book flips back and forth between their viewpoints. The back-drop of their stories is their parents’ wedding and preparations plus their school project that Willa believes may allow her to get into the best colleges. Willa and Finn are both easily likable- Willa is adorkable and sweet, and Finn may seem like a playboy who never lets anyone get too close, but he’s super mushy and romantic on the inside. The question is really if Willa will allow him to get close enough to open up. Predictable and cute, this was a great story that went by too fast! I loved the writing style and all the characters- we get to hear some tidbits about some of Willa’s friends and they are all fun characters. I am very curious to read more from this delightful series! Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
sm0120 More than 1 year ago
He wanted more than just the occasional excuse to touch her. He wanted to be with her without needing an excuse to do it. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted her to smile at him. It's not weird that I'm a grown woman who completely melted into a puddle of feelings after reading this quote from Finn, is it??? Because I did, I so did! And that wasn't the only time. He'll have you swooning and pulling for him, as he grapples with his feelings for Willa while she does her best to keep her distance. As soon to be step-siblings Willa and Finn have a lot of obstacles they're facing, but that doesn't stop Finn from taking a chance to show Willa how much he cares about her, in hopes that maybe, just maybe, she'd be willing to get past her issues and take a chance on him. Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas is such a cute book! I haven't read the first book focused soley on Willa and Finn, How Willa Got Her Groove Back, but I don't feel as if I've missed out on a whole lot, although I do plan on going back to read what started all the animosity between them in the first place! There's quite a bit of push and pull in this book, especially on Willa's end- poor girl's torn between who she thought would be the perfect high school boyfriend, and the one who really is! (At least in my opinion!) Add in the stress of the wedding between their parents and you have all the makings of one fun read. I'm not even ashamed by the fact that I'm older than the parents in the Creative HeArts series, I'm here to tell you I love these books! If you're a fan of YA this is one series I would definitely recommend. You can enjoy all the fun and stress of high school without actually having to relive it!