Weekend Fling: A Crazy Love Novel

Weekend Fling: A Crazy Love Novel

by Stacey Lynn

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It’s just supposed to be a weekend fling. . . . “Stacey Lynn always knows how to perfectly balance sexy and sweet.”—New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne
Fresh out of a long-term relationship, Willow Parks is working two jobs and caring for her mother, whose husband left her with nothing but a pile of bills. That’s why Willow made a vow: no men until she figures out her own life.
But while she may not need a man, she could use a break. And a weekend away at a California beach to clear her head? That’s appealing. Even if the offer comes from Trey Collins, the irresistible tech-mogul millionaire who visits her coffee shop every morning like clockwork—and needs a date for his best friend’s wedding. With an adorable, occasional stutter, he refuses to take no for an answer.
Once the weekend begins, Trey is intent on proving how good they can be together. Willow’s even feeling tempted to break her vow—until reality rudely interrupts her well-deserved getaway. There’s no way she and Trey have a future, not with the colossal amount of baggage Willow has to offer.
But Trey is used to getting what he wants. He just has his work cut out for him convincing her that they want the same thing.

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ISBN-13: 9781984800282
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/26/2019
Series: Crazy Love , #4
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 206
Sales rank: 3,935
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Stacey Lynn is a simple girl raised in the Midwest. Over the long, frigid winters, she would read every book she could get her hands on, from John Grisham and Danielle Steel to Ann M. Martin and C. S. Lewis. She began writing poems and short stories long before she reached high school, and now, as a wife and mother to four children, she finds solace from the craziness of her life by creating steamy, sexy stories. After publishing her first book, what began as a hobby has now turned into an unending passion.

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Chapter One
Wiping sleep from my eyes, I trudge down the hall of my childhood home. If anyone had told me I’d be living back at home after years of living on my own I would have laughed in their face. Unfortunately, the world seems to enjoy having a great laugh at my expense, drastically upending everything about my life over the last six months.

Now, I’m exhausted, seeking the coffee I can scent like a hound dog, already brewed and waiting for me at way-too-damn-early o’clock in the morning. Working two jobs, keeping my mother in the only home I’ve ever lived in is zapping all my energy these days but there’s not a whole lot to be done to fix it except to keep trying.

I’m only hoping I don’t fail.

“Mom?” I call out when I register a faint light on over the microwave. She’s never awake before I leave for my job at Java Joe’s coffee shop in downtown Portland. Heck, these days, she’s rarely awake or out of her bed at all.

“Good morning, dear,” she replies and I’m so stunned I trip over the frayed edge of carpet that meets faded linoleum flooring.

“Hey.” I speak slowly, like she’s a wounded animal, although these days that’s not too far off. She isn’t exactly adjusting well since my father walked out on her almost a year ago. She’s continually lost motivation to do anything. “What are you doing awake?”

And dressed. With her natural blonde hair pulled back with a clip at the top of her head. And with make-up on. It’s been so long since I’ve seen her take care of herself I blink before she can see my tears.

“Oh, you know.” No, no I do not. She sips her coffee like this is a normal day conversation. Her voice is dull, though, almost as lifeless as her gaze currently fixed on the gardens she once kept in pristine condition. They’re overgrown with weeds now but it appears she doesn’t notice.

So she might be dressed, but it’s not exactly a great day for her.

I pour my own cup of coffee and check the time. Five o’clock. Too damn early, but I need to get moving to be at Java’s by six. “You look nice. Any plans for the day?”

Like job hunting, maybe?

She glances down at her pink buttoned up shirt with a ruffle collar and blinks like she’s surprised she’s clothed. Damn. That’s a no on the job search. “Oh. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go for a walk or work outside.”

Her focus goes back to the garden.

My shoulders slump as I take my first drink of coffee, black to match my mood. There’s no way she’s working in the garden in that outfit and while she might look well, which is a bonus, now is definitely not the time to bring up the stack of bills I left on the table last night.

Short. Always short. If I can manage to grab an extra editing client we might be able to pay everything this month, but I’m still barely able to make a dent in everything we’re behind on.  What I really need is someone to convince my mom she has to go back to work. Or she has to do something to get herself back to who she used to be.

The woman who baked me chocolate chip cookies every week. The woman who smiled and laughed like life is one large, exciting party. The woman who held my hand and took care of me when things went rough. This current role reversal is neither one I’m cut out for nor was I prepared to take on.

And I wouldn’t, had Scott not walked into our townhome one day after his job at a bank where he’s a financial case manager and out of nowhere declared our relationship over, he’s bored, wants something different and essentially kicked me out. Five years of my life with someone, down the drain without warning. It shouldn’t have been a shock considering he’d stopped hinting at engagement two years earlier, but he was comfortable. And I loved him. At least I thought I did. Now I don’t think I have any idea what love is. Not the real, forever-lasting kind of love, anyway.

It’s nothing compared to the similar ending of my mom’s thirty year marriage so I can’t exactly blame her for it shaking her so bad she needs time.

She’s now had a year.

“Mom,” I start to say and think better of it. If she’s still in a decent mood, or awake, when I get home, I’ll bring up the bills then.

“Yes, dear?” She grins at me, and for the briefest moment I see a flicker of who she used to be. The happy woman I’ve always loved.

“Nothing.” I kiss the top of her head. “I need to get to work. Have a good day.”

She pats my cheek and her smile dims. “You work too hard, honey.”

Two jobs because she needs me to even if she’s become so oblivious she doesn’t realize it. Months after my father left her she decided she was too tired to go to her job as a customer service manager anymore. Too many days of not showing up after she exhausted her available PTO and she was fired. My break-up with Scott might have actually occurred at the perfect time because when I showed up at home needing a shoulder to cry on, I instead found a pile of bills and notices declaring she hadn’t been paying her mortgage.

“Love you, mom.” I spin, not wanting her to see the frustration. It’ll be enough to send her back to bed. I work too hard because she won’t and I don’t know how to get her to see she needs help. What’s my choice? Leaving her to suffer and lose everything? I can’t.

She’s my mom.

“You should go have some fun. You never see your friends anymore. Maybe a weekend away would be good for you.”

I close my eyes, shoulders slumping further. It’s a difficult reality to wake up one day and realize not only has your long-term boyfriend walked out on you, but then realize you spent so many years trying to please him that when you need a friend, you don’t have any left.

“I’ll think about it, mom,” I call out, heading to the bathroom. Shower, dress, forget about Scott and how I gave up everything for him like some stupid naive girl. Heck, my mom’s probably done the same thing for so much longer it’s no wonder she can’t find her footing now. If I ever see Scott again, I should probably thank him. His leaving taught me a lesson that’s better to learn at twenty-five than fifty.

It’s the first time since Scott left that these thoughts have crossed my mind, and it’s so startling, it takes me a moment to remember I’m supposed to be showering. Thank Scott? Six months ago I wouldn’t have imagined doing anything when I thought of him except crumbling into a ball of tears and sorrow.

Huh. At least one of us Parks women might actually be starting to heal.
Warm sun. Sandy white beaches. A daiquiri in one hand and a salacious book in the other. I can practically taste the salty air on my tongue, breeze whipping through my hair, getting it stuck in a fruity drink or blocking my view of the page.

Damn. I haven’t been able to stop thinking, dreaming…wishing my mom’s suggestion could be an actual possibility.

If only the pile of bills and her constant sadness plus looming deadlines weren’t a weighted blanket on my shoulders.

A fierce jolt to my shoulder pulls me to the present.

“Ow.” I rub my shoulder where Molly’s has just hit. Purple hair whips behind her as she turns to me, flinging hot pink tips at the ends into her cheek.

“He’s here. The hottie who worships you is back,” she sings and clasps her hands together. If she were any more excited she’d be bouncing on the balls of her feet.

I don’t have to look to know who she’s talking about but like a magnet my eyes slide from Molly’s manic smile to the man of the hour.

Trey Collins. Multi-millionaire. Looks as good in a suit as he does in his current attire of gray sweatpants and a wrinkled navy t-shirt.

Body built for illicit activities of which I’ve imagined plenty of in the months since picking up the barista position at Java Joe’s.

Dark chocolate eyes that seem to inspect me from the inside out every time he walks up to our counter. A stutter that occasionally appears which only notches up his sexy level to hot off the charts.

He’s also a wicked flirt, despite the fact he usually sits with a perky redhead for hours most mornings. Today, it appears he’s alone, glancing down at his phone as he strolls to the counter like he has the path memorized.

Perhaps he does. He’s in here almost as often as me.

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Weekend Fling: A Crazy Love Novel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous 3 days ago
I really liked this book. Willow is very busy, trying to juggle work and family. Trey is very sweet, though he's used to getting his way. I really liked that he had a stutter and was determined to make things work with Willow. A weekend get away with Willow being his date to a wedding? Sign me up.
NadineBookaholic 9 days ago
Weekend Fling was a great addition to the Crazy Love Series, it can be read as a standalone if you haven't read any of the other books in this series but be warned the couples from the previous three books do make appearances in this one and you may want to read their Crazy Love stories first but that is totally up to you. Willow is having a hard time right now, she has recently broken up with her boyfriend of five years and moved back in with her mother after her father left, she is caring for her mom while holding down two jobs to support them, the last thing on Willow's mind is men. Trey, oh Trey, I got to know him quite a bit in previous books and I have to say I really, really like him. He is what I would call a quite giant, he is over 6' of yummyness and a bit nerdy. He gets lost in his work and needs to be reminded to eat and shower which to me is endearing. But when Trey sees Willow for the first time in the coffee shop he is pulled to her. Trey needs a date for one of his best friends wedding and he wants to take Willow, Willow doesn't agree so easily but she does go away with him. The sparks fly whenever they are together so it's no surprise that this was a steamy read. However, this book was a little heavier than the other books in the series but definitely not as heavy as Stacey Lynn’s Fireside series. This is an easy book to recommend to anyone that is looking for a good steamy read that can be read in an afternoon or two. Happy Reading!!! **I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**
Anonymous 10 days ago
The romance in this novel is built on a very shallow foundation. Trey, a sexy tech millionaire is attracted to the sexy and pretty Willow who works as a barista in the coffee shop in his building. But Willow is cynical about romance and men having been thrown over by her ex while she has to help her unstable mother after her father walked out. But they’re both sexy so they have sexy times when he convinces her to go away for a weekend. She has to leave to take care of her mother and freezes him out. But he’s good-looking and nice so we know it will all work out. I just couldn’t bring myself to care about either of these people. It’s not clear why they are together except that the other one is sexy. It’s like a fairy tale where the prince takes one look at the heroine and that’s all he needs. I would have liked more. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.
IrishEyes430 10 days ago
In reading the synopsis of this book, I thought it would be a light fluff story. I was wrong as this book has much more depth to it. Willow is recently out of a bad relationship, living with her mother who is depressed after Willow’s father left her. Willow is working two jobs to try to make ends meet. She meets Trey who has been attracted to her, although she has been putting him off. She hesitates when he asks her to go away for a weekend to his best friend’s wedding. She makes arrangements to have someone look after her mother and takes off with Trey for a well deserved break. She has to return early as there is a crisis with her mother. The author tackles the subjects of mental illness and depression with understanding and compassion. Making this a part of the story is very well done by the author. I highly recommend this book!
ljtljtljt 13 days ago
​​​​​Weekend Fling is another winner from author Stacey Lynn. In fact, the entire Crazy Love series should not be missed! This is a terrific story, with well-defined characters and a fast-paced plot. I could not get enough of this engaging romance. Willow Parks is a barista and freelance editor. She is working two jobs in order to take care of herself and her mentally ill mom. Due to a failed relationship with a man who did not appreciate her, and her father's quick exit from both her and mother's lives, Willow has no desire to find a soulmate. She is exhausted from working and worrying about her mom. Luckily, billionaire and coffee house customer Trey Collins never gives up on asking Willow out. He needs a date for his best friend's wedding in San Diego, and Willow needs a break from life. So a weekend fling it is. Together, Willow and Trey are an attractive couple. Willow is quite weary of Trey's interest in her, but she likes him well enough to get to know him better. Trey has been interested in Willow for months, and never gave up pursuing her after being turned down time after time. Their time together is replete with fun, flirtatiousness and amazing sex. Unfortunately, their weekend comes to an abrupt halt when Willow's mom is hospitalized. Willow's emotional baggage prevents her from accepting Trey's help and support for a while. Luckily and overtime, Trey is able to break down her barriers and give her the love she so desperately deserves. I totally enjoyed this book. It is a bit emotional at times and Ms. Lynn's meaningful words brought tears to my eyes. Trey is an amazing character. His warmth, persistence, and sexiness is every woman's dream. Trey's friends were entertaining and fun, while his parents were hilarious. Due to great writing, Willow's ups and down were tangible. This is the fourth book in the series and it can be read as a standalone. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
singneon 13 days ago
Wow, this is so much deeper than a weekend fling. Absolutely love Trey, he is very patient and compassionate with Willow. Willow is a tailspin, she got on my last nerve at times but I also felt sorry for her because she is so burdened down with her lack of control of her circumstances. She's a very realistic character though and her reactions are very thought-provoking. She has a great supportive friend & Trey has a great support circle as well. The plot really takes a surprisingly serious emotional turn that touches the heart, yet there are humorous times & steamy moments, through it all Trey is constant and determined that Willow is his one and only. Very well written, I got so caught up in this story that I read it straight through not realizing it was past midnight :) I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Lori-Gonzo 14 days ago
When I first read the blurb and saw the cover, I was thinking this was going to be a lighthearted, sexy, fun book. But it is that and so much more. Willow and Trey meet in a funny way. She is working at a coffee shop and he comes in everyday, asking her out each time, and she refuses. He is astounded by this. These scenes are quite entertaining. Trey is charming, determined, and hands down sexy. I like him throughout this entire story. He proves what a gem he is over and over. Throw in an adorable stutter from time to time and the man is downright lethal to a woman's libido. Willow was very least about getting involved with someone and it is easy to understand why. But I liked her growth through the book. She has her walls and Trey does a fabulous job of breaking them down. They are so cute together during their weekend fling. Having a glimpse of their friendships and his family only adds to the beauty of this book. Now I must read the others in the series. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
kandksmom5912 14 days ago
This was the first book that I have read from this author and it is book 4 in the series but could be read as a standalone. It was a good and quick read. Their story will keep you wanting more. Trey and Willow were so good together and their chemistry was just as good. I need to go back through her backlist so I can read more of this series. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
AthenaMae 14 days ago
Another fantastic story by the wonderful Stacey Lynn. This is the fourth installment in her Crazy Love series and in this book we finally get the story of Trey. I absolutely love the character of Trey. He deserved to get his own book. It's probably a good idea to have read the other books in the series before reading this one because the characters from past books make an appearance, which I loved. Trey finds himself interested in a waitress from the coffee shop he goes to named Willow. Willow has had an easy go of it, which is why she keeps turning Trey down. Trey coming into her life is the best thing to happen to her in a long time. Her boyfriend of five years dumped her and her dad left her mom, which leads her to stop caring about life. Willow has to pick up two jobs to pick up the bills. Willow finally gives in and goes away with Trey for a weekend getaway. They end up falling for each other in a beautiful way. Also, she fits in well with Trey's friends. This story has a lot of depth and the characters were well-written. I can't recommend this book enough! Excellent read! “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
MP40 14 days ago
I received an advanced reader copy to leave an honest review of this book. I have read all the previous books in this series (each can easily be read as a standalone) and have loved all of them. I randomly decided to give the first book a try and have now found another favorite author. The book is very well written and was a quick read. This book follows Willow, who is recently single, caring for her depressed mother, working two jobs and all around just is not in the best place right now in her life. Enter Trey, a multi-millionaire tech mogul who wants a chance with Willow. Trey is absolutely adorable and I don't know how anyone cannot fall in love with him. Even though he is rich, he is super down to earth and caring. He finally convinces Willow to get away for a weekend and go to his best friend's wedding with him. Originally Willow turns him down flat but eventually just realizes she needs to get away for a weekend. All things seem to fall into place nicely for both Willow and Trey on the weekend. They have a great time and are both thinking the relationship could be more. Then tragedy strikes and Willow's world goes into a tailspin. She already has issues because of how her dad left her mom and from her last relationship so she pushes Trey away. Not one to give up, Trey pushes right back until he gets what he wants. I kept the review pretty high level as this book does touch on some pretty heavy issues (depression, suicide, etc.). I thought the author did a great job with that as that is definitely a hard subject to write and deal with. It was a great book and I was surprised by how quick of a read it was. I loved seeing all of the characters from the previous books even if it only was briefly. The only thing I did not like is that we did not get more of Trey's perspective throughout the book; it mainly dealt with Willow and her issues. It makes sense when you read the book but I just loved Trey so wanted more of him.
Tanja_OMGReads 15 days ago
Ok I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now. I could identify with Willow on so many counts that it was scary. My heart was breaking with how much life was beating her down and I loved Trey for trying his hardest to make her life a bit easier. The banter at times made me cry ugly tears but mostly it had me smiling especial when he was willing to do just about anything to help her and to keep her in his life. Truly beautiful story about how much one can take before it gets ( HOPEFULLY) better. ***Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog***
ViperSpaulding 15 days ago
Willow and Trey have some serious chemistry, but her life is overly complicated by her parents' split and she's overwhelmed with taking care of her out-of-touch mother. Trey's suggestion of a weekend getaway for his best friend's wedding is just the break she needs, and gives their slow-burn attraction a chance to ignite. The story was well-developed with terrific characters, and the part of the book set in San Diego was a lot of fun, and perfectly written. For me, however, having more than passing familiarity with her mother's obvious yet unnamed diagnosis refocused my thoughts on all that was wrong with the author's depiction of that situation and pulled me from the heart of the romance and Willow's reconciliation with Trey. Ultimately, though, Willow and Trey do find their HEA while the most inexplicable character was barely addressed in the epilogue. Strictly as a romance, this book is exactly what you'd expect, and very well done at that. The only distraction for me was the mishandling of the parents' relationship and how it was used as an impediment to the focus romance. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
cgarr 15 days ago
This book was fun and steamy! The connection between Willow and Trey was undeniable. Trey and Willow cross paths and he wants to know more about her, so he starts asking her out. Willow has a lot going on her life and is struggling with it all, so she keeps turning him down. He even asks her to his best friend's wedding out of town. Surprising them both she says yes. The connection between the two characters is undeniable. The book travels the whole spectrum of emotion. It handled a serious topic well in the middle of a fun romance read. I laughed, cried and was thrilled with the HEA ending. I received an advance copy from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
PennieM 15 days ago
This one was just a great escape romance and worth the afternoon it took to read it. Willow has a full plate with two jobs and a mother who needs taking care of and she escapes to the gym for a few minutes of me time. One of her jobs at the coffee house is where she meets Trey, a tech mogul who flirts and consistently asks her out but she refuses. That is until he finally proposes a weekend trip for his friend's wedding because he needs a date. Oh, this was just plain fun even with life breaking in. Trey is patient and determined to win her over. Even if you have not read the rest of the series you should not be lost even with the previous characters involved in this one, though I do recommend the entire series. **Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
Laura_F 15 days ago
I have been dying for Trey's story since reading 28 Dates. This series has been fun and light but Trey's book is quite a bit heavier than all the books before it. I loved all of the emotion and Trey is my favorite of the series. I did want more of Trey and Willow and felt like the end was kind of abrupt. Overall, I enjoyed their story and this series a lot.
Caroldaz 15 days ago
I Just loved this book! It had lots of steamy sex, romantic scenes but also had a lot of depth which is what I liked the best. Willow works hard at two jobs to take care of her mother. Willow’s Dad walked out on them some years ago with no explanation. So Willow grew up hating her Dad and her Mom fell into what seemed to be a deep depression, not able to cope with day to day living and not taking care of herself. Her Mom lives in the hope that Dad will return, even though he is waiting for her to sign divorce papers. Trey is a handsome rich guy who comes daily into the coffee bar where Willow works. He is attracted to her and she to him though she will not admit that. She has learned not to trust anyone, not even herself. The story touches on suicide and mental health but does not dwell on those aspects. I thought the story was beautiful and realistic. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
SherriBabb 15 days ago
I love this series and all the characters that we have meant in each book. From the moment I meant Trey I loved everything about him and this is his book. I have to say that he is the sweetest and kindest man. He is also hot! He has had a crush on Willow ever since he first saw her. He is a very nervous person and it took him a while to get up the courage to ask her out. At first Willow says no because she has so much going on in her life and she just does not need the complications that would come with it. She is worried about her mom and leaving her alone. Her friend conveniences her to go with him for the weekend. What a weekend it was! Real life gets in the way of the weekend and Willow goes home to help her mom. I loved the chemistry between them. I love the story line and all the side characters in the book. Stacey Lynn did a great job with the real life issues that Willow has going on. I am really hoping that this book is not the last book in this series. Thanks to Net Gallery and the publisher. I voluntarily reviewed this book in exchange for an honest review.
CCholger 15 days ago
4.5 stars Oh man, my heart breaks for Willow through this whole story. That woman has the weight of the world on her shoulders. So much so that she doesn’t know how to trust when people are sincere in offering her help. Trey isn’t the nicest guy on the planet and wants to climb Willow’s walls to help her break them down, but she doesn’t believe she would be what a guy such as him would want or want to help. Of course, as with the other books in this series, Trey and Willow have great chemistry. Thankfully, Willow eventually gives into that chemistry. In fact, the build up to the pair connecting is very sweet and sexy I loved those “almost” scenes. Willow sometimes confuses me with they way she’ll push Trey away, but seem upset that he actually went away. On an intellectual level, I understand where she’s coming from because of her past issues. But, because I love Trey to pieces, I would get upset with Willow. Fortunately for her, Trey seems to understand to a certain extent and doesn’t let her push him away. Trust me, it is worth the minute or two it will take for you to read the dedication in this book. It is really touching. I’m glad the author found a way to turn tragedy into something that may help others. While I love the romance aspect of this story, the story of Willow’s family really touched me. I got mad at her mom, hated her dad, and didn’t understand either of them. I rooted for Willow and appreciated that she struggled with how to deal with all of her issues because that is much more realistic than her being confident and sure she’s doing the right thing when it comes to her parents. Once again, Stacey Lynn hits a home run and kept me riveted to my Kindle. **I received an ARC of this book courtesy of Net Galley and the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own and given freely. **
Momma_Becky 15 days ago
Weekend Fling is a terrific mix of sweet, funny, angsty, and well, it's just plain good! Trey and Willow are so good together that it's impossible not to root for them. Willow has more than her fair share of problems to deal with, and Trey is one of those good guys who is genuinely just that, a good guy. He's also got just the right amount of stubborn to keep going after what he wants. The story does have its emotional moments and not just with the romance. It touches on a hard topic for many to discuss, and the author handled it very well while still keeping this couple and their love story at the forefront. This newest addition to Stacey Lynn's A Crazy Love series does stand on its own while still giving readers a chance to catch up with some past favorites. That said, this couple is my favorite in the series. The story is well-written, the romance is sexy and sweet, and the characters are engaging and thoroughly lovable.
floraljoy 15 days ago
Taking a chance on love: Another enjoyable read by Stacey Lynn. This is a steamy romance yet I appreciated that it also had substance and was not just a light and frivolous read. It deals with some difficult issues surrounding mental health but it was done in a sensitive and respectful way. However I did think Willow would not have been quite so clueless about her mother's condition. Willow is rather vulnerable after suffering abandonment and hurt in the past and is reluctant to open her heart up to love again. Trey is dreamy and it was lovely to see how he persisted and supported Willow. There were highs and lows throughout the book and it was a real emotional roller coaster at times. You could feel the chemistry and the emotional connection between the characters felt authentic. Overall a lovely read. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.
arlenadean 15 days ago
Title: Weekend Fling Author: Stacey Lynn Publisher: Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: Four Review: "Weekend Fling" by Stacey Lynn My Rationalization: I found 'Weekend Fling' a sweet standalone love story about Willow and Trey. The characters were very well developed that sometimes put a smile on your face from some of there antics. The two main characters were quite an interesting pair where I really liked Trey but Willow well at times got on my nerves., however, I do realize she had lots of trust issues for a reason. I liked how this author was able to bring into the story about the suicide issues dealing with Willow's mother. But all in all, this was a fun, sexy read and in the end, the readers are given a good read.
Susanmc81 15 days ago
This is a great addition to the Crazy in Love series. Willow is having a really tough time, she is holding down two jobs, just out of a bad long term relationship, and taking care of her depressed mother. Her part-time job is in a coffee shop where Trey frequents. From the first time the successful tech entrepreneur laid eyes on Willow, he was smitten. After months of asking her out, and being rejected, Willow finally says yes to a weekend as his date to his best friend’s wedding. Things are going great until Willow’s life crashes around her. Trey is the perfect guy, smart, kind, loyal, rich and handsome. Willow is a great person who is just hanging on by a thread, and needs a nice patient guy like Trey. Together, they are a really likable couple. I was given an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.
Booksiflove 15 days ago
I started this book last night and finished it this morning. I had a hard time putting it down. I enjoyed reading this book immensely! It kept me entertained from the first to the last page!!! Willow is working two jobs to help out her mother financially. She works as a barista, and everyday there’s Trey, sexy self made millionaire, who asks her out on a date for months . Until one day she accepts to go away for a weekend. Is it all just a weekend fling?! Like I said, I really enjoyed reading this book. It was funny in the beginning, but also went really deep in between! Willows mother deals with depressions, and I think everybody who knows someone with depression knows how hard that can be. Loved it, and totally recommend this book!!!
Jolie 15 days ago
I have had a love-hate relationship with Stacey Lynn’s Crazy Love series. I loved the first book in the series. But, with the next two books, I was “meh.” Those two books didn’t impress me too much. So, when I saw that Weekend Fling was up for review on NetGalley, I decided to give it ago. I figured with two “meh” books in a row that I would like the next book. And I thought right. I enjoyed reading Weekend Fling. It was just the book I needed to read, and it reignited my interest in the series. The plotline for Weekend Fling had an excellent flow to it. Having a good flow to the plotline makes the book so much easier to read. The pacing of the book was medium, which I enjoyed. I go back and forth on how fast I like my romances to be. Sometimes I like them slow. Other times I want them fast. And still other times, I like the medium-paced. There were no dropped storylines or characters who mysteriously disappear. I wasn’t a fan of Willow when Weekend Fling started. She rubbed me the wrong way with the way she treated Trey. But, as I got involved in the book, I began to see why Willow treated him the way she did. She was burning the candle at both ends. Willow was resentful that her father could leave and go on with his life. She also was becoming resentful that her mother couldn’t pull herself out of her depression. I was surprised when she agreed to go away with Trey for the weekend. By that point, I started to like her. She had an inner strength that most people don’t have, how she acted in the events after the wedding showcased that perfectly. I loved Trey. He was everything that Willow needed and then some. I loved that he wasn’t pushy. Trey let Willow set the pace of their relationship. I also loved how he was there for her, and he didn’t let her push him away during the last half of the book. There was a point in the book where I thought Trey needed to be a little more pushy with her. Almost as soon as I felt that, he took charge. Loved it!! There are some triggers in Weekend Fling. The author touches upon mental illness and suicide during the book. The author’s note at the end of the book broke my heart. I started bawling my eyes out when reading it. Weekend Fling can be read as a stand-alone book. It is the 4th book in the Crazy Love series. What I enjoyed is that the author was able to bring the previous characters from the previous three books into this book but keep them in the background. Trey and Willow had insane sexual chemistry. The author chose to let it build and build throughout the book. When they finally did have sex, it was a flipping explosion. I loved it!! The sex scenes after that weren’t as hot, but they were still good. The end of Weekend Fling was bittersweet. I thought that Willow’s father’s explanation was weak AF, but it still worked. I loved the epilogue!!!
mamalovestoread22 15 days ago
Willow Parks' proverbial plate is overflowing, her days are spent working two jobs, caring for her ailing mother, and trying to squeeze a few spare minutes in to go to the gym for some "me time." She is also just coming out of a long term relationship and her heart is still weathering the effects of the break-up, so needless to say she does not have time for anything else... and that includes a sexy tech mogul named Trey. Everyday he comes into the coffee shop, they share a few flirty glances, small conversation, and then he goes his way... not before trying to convince her to go on a date though. She has told him no several times, but this time he makes her a deal she can't really refuse, a much needed weekend away. She just has to agree to be his date for the weekend while they attend his friend's wedding... seems innocent enough! That is until he turns the charm on.. The pages of Weekend Fling come brimming with heartfelt emotion, family drama, sweet romance, and steamy exchanges...the perfect makings for a satisfying literary escape! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the romance unfold between these two, Willow had her doubts about giving love a second chance, uncertain that her heart could handle another heartbreak. But Trey wasn't anything like the man that came before him, his sweet demeanor and caring nature made it easy for her to fall for him. This was a wonderful addition to the series, the characters were amazing and the words were enthralling! Highly recommend! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.