What Do I Do If...?: How to Get Out of Real-Life Worst-Case Scenarios

What Do I Do If...?: How to Get Out of Real-Life Worst-Case Scenarios

by Eric Grzymkowski


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Easy solutions for life's toughest scenarios

When there's a 1 in 12 million chance of a shark attack occurring and a 1 in 5 chance of bed-bug infestation, it's easy to see which scenario is worth preparing for. What Do I Do If...? helps you solve the far more common, but no less devastating, of life's little curveballs. From accidentally dropping your ring down the drain to blowing out a tire at 65 mph to dealing with a friend who won't pay you back, each entry offers practical advice for fixing or getting out of just about any situation. With these handy instructions, you'll finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief when your boss comes onto you, your brakes fail, or you get trapped in an avalanche.

Filled with 120 valuable solutions to life's toughest problems, this book is there to save the day when you run into some bad luck and have no idea what to do next.

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ISBN-13: 9781440587351
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 04/03/2015
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 1,198,142
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Eric Grzymkowski was born in 1984 in Fair Lawn, NJ. He spent his formative years mastering the Nintendo Entertainment System, before discovering the Internet in 1995. Since then, he has devoted most of his free time to expanding his knowledge of all things useless and obscure.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Chapter 1 Matters of Life and Death 11

I've Been Kidnapped 12

I'm Having a Heart Attack 15

There's a Deadly Pandemic 17

I'm Attacked by Killer Bees 20

My Ship Is Sinking 22

I Can't Find My Child 25

A Volcano Is about to Erupt 27

I'm Outside During a Flash Flood 29

I'm Driving Into a Tornado 31

A Hurricane Is on Its Way 33

I'm Stuck in a Rip Current 35

I'm Trapped in an Avalanche 37

I'm Trapped on a Chairlift 39

I Fall Through Ice 41

I Drive Into Water 43

I See Someone Drowning 44

I Get Lost on a Day Hike 46

I'm Being Robbed at Gunpoint 48

I'm Choking 50

I'm Caught in a Lightning Storm 51

A Car Hits Me While I'm Walking 53

I've Been Shot 55

I've Been Bitten by a Snake 57

The Power Goes Out in Winter 59

My Tire Blows Out 61

My Car Breaks Down in Winter 63

I Wake Up to a Fire 65

There's an Earthquake 67

A Riot Erupts Around Me 69

Chapter 2 Loss of Limb, Serious Injuries, and Not-So-Serious Injuries 72

I've Been Stabbed 73

I Think I've Been Drugged 74

I've Stepped on a Nail 77

I Cut Off My Finger 79

I'm about to Have a Car Accident 81

I'm Developing Frostbite 82

I'm in a Bar Fight 84

I Have a Nasty Sunburn 86

I've Been Working in Poison Ivy 88

I Get Jalapeño Oil in My Eyes 90

I Hit My Head 92

I Break My Nose 94

I Break My Leg Hiking 96

I Threw My Back Out 98

I Get Doored on My Bike 100

I Think I'm Being Followed 101

I Am Stung by a Jellyfish 103

I Have the World's Worst Hangover 105

I Spill Hot Coffee on Myself 106

I Cut Myself While Cooking 108

I Encounter a Stray Dog 110

I Get Food Poisoning 112

Chapter 3 Expensive Mishaps You Wish Had Never Happened 115

I'm Drowning in Credit Card Debt 116

I Get Injured Without Health Insurance 117

I Put a Hole Through My Wall 120

My Landlord Raises the Rent 122

There's Mold in My Bathroom 124

I Am Caught Speeding 126

I Get Into an Accident During a Test Drive 128

My Home Is Vandalized 130

I Struck a Deer with My Car 133

My House Is Robbed 135

I Lose My Cell Phone 137

I Lose My Wallet 139

A Tree Falls on My House 141

My House Is Flooded 143

I Drop My Wedding Ring Down the Drain 146

My Identity Is Stolen 148

I Lose My Job 150

I Start a Grease Fire 153

My Bike Is Stolen 155

I Get My Smartphone Wet 157

Chapter 4 Obnoxious Hassles and General Pains in the A** 160

I Can't Sleep 161

My Car Is Encased in Snow and Ice 163

My Car Battery Died 165

My Neighbor Won't Return Something 167

My Hard Drive Failed 169

I Move to a New City and Don't Know Anybody 172

My Relative Is a Hoarder 174

My Cats Don't Get Along 176

I'm Lost in a Foreign Country 178

There's a Mouse in My House 180

My Houseguest Just Won't Leave 183

I'm about to Miss a Flight 185

My Tattoo Artist Screwed Up 187

My Dog Ate Chocolate 189

My Significant Other's Parents Hate Me 191

I'm Trapped in an Elevator 193

My Air Conditioner Fails in the Middle of Summer 195

I Locked My Keys in My Car 197

I Lost My Passport in a Foreign Country 198

My Pet Goes Missing 201

I Need to Break Into My House 203

My Home Is Infested with Bed Bugs 205

Chapter 5 Embarrassing Events That Make You Want to Crawl Under a Rock 208

I Have Adult Acne 209

My Period Strikes Suddenly 211

My Sex Life Is Dead in the Water 213

I Sexted the Wrong Person 215

I Made a Drunken Fool of Myself 217

I Forgot My Anniversary 219

I Forgot What's-His-Face's Name 220

I Have a One-Night Stand with My Coworker 223

I Step in Dog Poop 225

I Forgot My Wallet on a Date 227

My Boss Comes On to Me 229

I've Uncovered an Affair 231

I Run Out of Toilet Paper 233

My Child Is Throwing a Temper Tantrum 235

I Have to Throw Up in Public 237

My Children Catch Me Having Sex 239

I Have Unexpected Guests and My House Is a Mess 241

Something Gets Stuck "Up There" 243

I Clicked a Not-Safe-for-Work Link at the Office 245

I Clogged Someone Else's Toilet 247

Index 249

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