When the Lights Go Out: Ink Slingers' Halloween Anthology

When the Lights Go Out: Ink Slingers' Halloween Anthology

When the Lights Go Out: Ink Slingers' Halloween Anthology

When the Lights Go Out: Ink Slingers' Halloween Anthology



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A collection of twenty-five short stories just in time for Halloween. Enjoy thrills, chills, and mysteries. Meet ghosts, demons, vampires, and monsters everywhere from dark city streets to the English countryside. Scares lurk in the most unexpected places and, when the lights go out, no where is safe and no one will be spared.

Product Details

BN ID: 2940152377941
Publisher: Joleene Naylor
Publication date: 09/23/2015
Series: Ink Slingers Anthologies
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: eBook
Sales rank: 61,462
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Joleene Naylor is the author of the glitter-less Amaranthine series, a world where vampires aren’t for children. As a compliment to the novel series, she has also written several short stories, including the Vampire Morsels collection, and an Amaranthine Encyclopedia. In what little time is left she watches anime and updates her blogs, all from a crooked Victorian house in Villisca, Iowa. Between her husband and her pets, she is never lonely, and should she ever disappear one might look for her on a beach in Tahiti, sipping a tropical drink and wearing a disguise. Ramblings from the Darkness at www.JoleeneNaylor.com You never know what you’ll find in the shadows…..

Tricia Drammeh is a wife and mother of four children who lives in New Hampshire. Her published works include The Fifth Circle, The Seance, Better than Perfect, and the Spellbringers series. She is currently working on her seventh novel. When Tricia isn't writing, she can be found devouring books, interviewing up-and-coming authors, and drinking vast amounts of coffee.

To contact me, please send an email to: l.c_cooper@hotmail.com Twitter name: @LC_Cooper I live with my wonderful husband, our great kids, and our bratty cats in our cabin at the base of the smoky mountains. When not writing, I enjoy gardening, reading, vacationing in exotic places, and visiting family and friends. I have degrees in mathematics education and curriculum design, but with the fallout of that lousy system called common core, I prefer to write more than teach. My goal is to publish four novels every year, and I do enjoy writing short stories, so look for a few of those sprinkled in between the Novels. Novels will always have a price tag unless there's a freebie promotion. Interview: I sat down with Author, LC Cooper this afternoon for a quick interview on her latest book. I'm excited to bring it to you here on BeBee! CJ: LC, how has this new book come about? LC: Just Hold Me is my latest novel. It came about due to current events, recent elections, the increasing stories of extra-terrestrials in the news, the possibility of human-hybrids, and the U.S.-Mexico border. These issues on the news medias and social medias are of interest to many of my readers. CJ: Can you tell us about the genre? LC: The genre of this new book is a mash-up of Historical, Political, SciFi, and Romance. CJ: How are the characters creating the mood? LC: The protagonist, Ed McGraw, is a paranoid conspiracy theorist, who, as a world traveled photo journalist, must come to grips with his past to save the future of his marriage. CJ: Does this story have a meaning you wish to express? LC: Yes, I believe we will soon face the situation where humanity evolves, once again, as a result of extra-terrestrial intervention. CJ: Are you excited about writing for this Camp NaNo WriMo Contest? LC: Yes, because I love to write and the time pressure spurs me on. CJ: Do you recommend this type of contest writing to new writers? explain? LC: No, because writers who have already published their first novel have experience and have worked through much of the doubt that can come when writing. That being said, NaNo WriMo has a group for young writers, too. CJ: In closing, LC can you tell your readers what is next on the horizon for their reading pleasure? LC: Next on the writing table is a sequel to Just Hold Me, called T.H.U.D., followed by, Chocolate Barbells; which will be a Romantic Comedy sequel to Christmess (a John and Jennifer Adventure). Also, I intend to complete two more novels waiting in the wings; Fortune Island-- the third in the Collen Rogerro Adventure Series and Second Chance -- a medically ethical "What if?" novel. CJ: Wrapping this up, I'd like to thank you LC for sitting down with me today and giving your fans and followers a glimpse into this new Camp NaNo WriMo writing project! Good luck to you on this endeavor and keep us up to date when these next novels go to publish! CJD.Sign

Bonnie Mutchler has written hundreds of poems since her childhood, several of which have been published in anthologies. She lives in Missouri with her one eyed cat Blinky and her chihuahua Mo.

Writing is probably one of my favorite things to do. And not as a hobby. As fufillment. I think if I didn't discover writing, I'd be a very bitter, uber depressed, crabtastic butthead. It's just my calling. Being a writer, not a butthead.

My name is Anne C. Franklin. The ‘C’ stands for Curry, after my grandfather, Dr. J. B. Curry. I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, but I was raised in Miami and the Space Coast of Florida. I live with my husband in Cape Canaveral. I am visually impaired, as is my protagonist in my books. Every night I read audio books until long after my husband has turned off the light and fallen to sleep. My other passions are traveling and writing. I started writing my first book, A Winter Murderland, several times. I started, and I stopped, for years. When I finally decided to be serious about writing, I had to rewrite much of that book. There were no more German Marks, and no one went to currency exchange shops to get foreign money. How excited I was when I found my first ATM in Austria. I’ve combined my three passions, reading (mysteries and suspense), writing, and traveling, into something constructive. So, I plot suspenseful mysteries, which take place while my protagonist is traveling. I also love telling my friends about my trips. Every time I tell a story of an adventure I’ve had, I try to make it more interesting, don’t want to lose my audience. When I was confined to a hospital in Germany, to get my broken arm repaired, I laid in the hospital bed thinking of how I would make this experience exciting for my friends. To my friends: Don’t believe everything I tell you, just enjoy it. I have a license to lie. I am now the author of "The Meg and Janet Vacation Murder Mysteries" series. The first book, A Winter Murderland, has the protagonists Meg and Janet on their winter vacation in the beautiful town of Trier, Germany. They book into a curiously empty hotel. A wild blizzard isolates them in a hospital inhabited by a cloister of robed monks. When a murder is committed and they are victims of brutal attacks, the two travelers discover a puzzling tale of fear and greed. The second book in the series, 'The Kilt Killer', has Meg and Janet vacationing in the Highlands of Scotland, where they encounter a series of gruesome murders. When they become intended victims, they must once again use their wits to survive. I just finished and published the third book in the series, 'Evil Irish Lies', which has Meg and Janet touring Ireland, where they become involved in murder and intrigue involving missing art pieces, and are again forced to use their wits in a fight for their lives at a centuries old estate in County Kerry.

Jason is a reviewer of all things B-Movie and under. He runs a blog on Wordpress called Fail-Flix, and also has a book published called "Bad Movie Beware!", which is a compilation of over 100 reviews off the site. Jason also writes a Weird Western series called "The Rifle Chronicles." Both publications can be found in the Kindle Store on Amazon, while Jason can usually be found in front of his computer writing or playing video games when his brain just can't do it anymore for the night! He loves horror, cooking, and brainstorming new ways to drive his family crazy!

Barbara G.Tarn had an intense life in the Middle Ages that stuck to her through the centuries. She prefers swords to guns, long gowns to mini-skirts, and even though she buried the warrior woman, she deplores the death of knights in shining chainmail. She likes to think her condo apartment is a medieval castle, unfortunately lacking a dungeon to throw noisy neighbors and naughty colleagues in. Also known as the Lady with the Unicorns, these days she prefers to add a touch of fantasy to all her stories, past and present – when she’s not wandering on her fantasy world of Silvery Earth or in her Star Minds futuristic universe. She’s a writer, sometimes artist, mostly a world-creator and story-teller. Two of her stories received an Honorable Mention at the Writers of the Future contest. She writes, draws, ignores her day job and blogs every other day.

With eight books already on sale I have three more to be published this year. Old Geezers 3 (undecided subtitle as yet), Progeny of Kongomato, the final in my monster trilogy and Three Hoodies Save the World 3. I've also begun my newest project: an end-of-the-world novel with a topical twist. No details or spoilers since so far, I'm the only writer to have done it.

Nikki Hess writes twisted fiction. She lurks in the Philadelphia suburbs and is inspired by all things wicked and depraved. She's fascinated by your dark side (you know, the one you try so hard to hide). Come a little closer... Learn more about Nikki: www.nikkihess.com.

Rami Ungar is a student at Ohio State University who has been writing horror fiction for a number of years. He loves scaring people and writing, so marrying the two together only seems natural to him. When not writing, Rami enjoys reading, watching too much TV, and sneaking up on people when they least expect it.

I write fantasy/romance stories and new age/spiritual/fantasy/romance poetry. I'm also addicted to reading and am an obsessive crafter. I dance in the clouds where my stories take shape and then I weave them into imaginative and loving tales. Dream above the clouds and believe in yourself. I do and I believe in you.

About the Author Russ lives with his wife in Campbell, California. They’ve been married since 1979 and have three children and three grandsons. In addition to enjoying his family and friends, and his dual passions for investing and writing, Russ loves to spend time in nature, especially near rivers and streams that run through giant redwood groves, and near beautiful beaches. He enjoys watching classic movies, reading, and tending to his small fern garden and redwood grove. Russ manages the investments of the wealth management firm he founded in 2003. He has published fourteen books, eight of which are children’s books. Russ’s books can all be found on Amazon.com. His Amazon Author Page can be found at https://www.amazon.com/author/russtowne. The titles of the books he has written or compiled, published, and released include: Non-Fiction From the Heart of a Grateful Man Reflections of a Grateful Man Slices of Life An anthology of the selected non-fiction stories of several writers. Fiction Palpable Imaginings An anthology of fictional short stories by several writers in various genres. Touched Short stories and flash fiction Poetry Heart Whispers An anthology of the selected works of over 20 poets. Books for Young Children: V. G. and Dexter Dufflebee The Grumpadinkles Ki-Gra’s REALLY, REALLY BIG Day! The Duck Who Flew Upside Down Clyde and Friends Clyde and Hoozy Whatzadingle Clyde and I Help a Hippo to Fly Rusty Bear and Thomas Too Clyde and I Children’s App Based on Characters from His Clyde Books: Clyde and Friends children’s app developed by Gail Nelson using characters from Russ’s series of Clyde books: www.clydeandfriends.com Russ has four blogs: A Grateful Man (nonfiction uplifting posts) http://russtowne.com A Grateful Man’s Poetry http://agratefulmanspoetry.com Imaginings of a Grateful Man (fictional short stories) http://imaginingsofagratefulman.com Clyde and Friends (writing children’s stories) http://clydeandfriends.com

Yawatta Hosby enjoys connecting with other writers through blogging. With a desire to escape every day life, she creates novels, novellas, and short stories. She's always had a fascination with psychology, so she likes to focus on the inner-struggles within her characters. Yawatta is also an avid reader, favorite genres: mystery, thriller, horror, and women's fiction.

Maegan Provan is a New Adult Urban Fantasy author working on her first series The Night Touched Chronicles. She is currently based in Texas with her husband and her dog. When not writing, she spends a lot of time watching old shows on Netflix, goofing off on Facebook and playing PC games, like Guild Wars 2 and Minecraft. Maegan is a huge fan of the works of Joss Whedon and Cassandra Clare, drawing a lot of the inspiration from their work.

I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and still call this eclectic city my home. I have a strong and firm stand in my faith and a passion for music. Animals have been a large part of my life and I've owned many dogs, cats, fish, birds, and mice. I love all animals and would love to own a dolphin if it was legal to do so. I love dragons and would definitely have one if they actually existed. I enjoy learning about the roles dragons play in oriental cultures. Dragon Quest was my first experience in the realm of role playing. Role playing has been a part of my life for more than 20 years and I've always had a knack for creating unusual characters. Branching into writing is something I've thought about doing for some time and this has been a fascinating journey for me.

Terry Compton has raced stock cars, rode horses across the Scapegoat Wilderness, fished and hunted most of his adult life while working at several different jobs. He is an Air Force veteran and served in the Air National Guard for several years. He is currently the owner, chief welder and installer for an ornamental iron business where he has made several award winning metal creations and is now turning this creativity to writing. Terry loves to read science fiction, westerns and mystery stories. Some of his favorite authors are Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, Andre Norton, Poul Anderson, Robert Heinlein, Louie L'Amour, Zane Grey and Anne McCaffery. He is currently learning about 'indie' authors who are publishing e-books. Terry currently lives in Montana with his wife and a dog who thinks she is a short furry people.

I'm a former government employee and a modern day Archie Bunker. I'm still wondering how life passed me by. I'm based in Atlanta, GA. Besides writing, I enjoy music and hiking.

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