When They Speak Israel: A Guide to Clarity in Conversations about Israel

When They Speak Israel: A Guide to Clarity in Conversations about Israel

by Alex McDonald


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When They Speak Israel is a guide for better understanding one's own and others' association with Israel. It is a guide written primarily for people who oppose racism and stand for human rights yet want to build relationships and conversations with others who may have different views. When They Speak Israel responds to talking points that we hear in the press and from politicians about Israel, Palestine, and everyone in between. The guide offers queries to unpack these talking points offering potential bridges for thinking, caring, and conversations where they would otherwise be almost impossible.

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ISBN-13: 9781954221017
Publisher: Green Tree Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 01/25/2021
Pages: 156
Sales rank: 274,188
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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments


Israel/Palestine: The Difficult but Necessary Conversation

Different Facts, Beliefs, and Narratives

Differences in Language

Getting Clarity with All These Challenges

This Guide's Format

How to Use This Guide

Group 1: Attacking You

1. "That Comment Is So Anti-Semitic."

2. "Why Are You Singling Out Israel?"

3. "This View Is Not Balanced; It Is Pro-Palestinian."

Group 2: Pressuring Acceptance of a Jewish State

4. "Do You Believe Israel Has the Right to Exist?"

5. "The World Community (UN) Gave Jews Israel because of the Holocaust."

6. "But God Gave Jews the Land."

Group 3: Justifying Israeli Actions

7. "Doesn't Israel Have the Right to Defend Itself (against Palestinian Violence and Terrorism)?"

8. "Israel Has Always Had to Defend Itself from Aggressive Arab Nations."

9. "The Security Fence/Wall/Barrier Is Needed to Protect Israel."

Group 4: Demonizing or Criticizing Palestinian Actions

10. "Not All Palestinians Are Really Refugees."

11. "Demanding Palestinians' Right of Return Is a Ploy to End the Jewish State."

12. "Palestinians and Other Arabs Are Taught to Hate Jews."

Group 5: Describing an Alternative Reality

13. "There Is No Occupation; All of Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria Are Part of Israel."

14. "Gaza Is Not under Occupation; It Is under Hamas Control."

15. "Jerusalem Is the Capital of Israel."

16. "Israel Just Wants Peace."

Group 6: Claiming That Israel Is Like the United States

17. "We Should Support the Only Democracy in the Middle East."

18. "We Need to Support Israel. They Are Like Us; They Have Judeo-Christian Values."

Now What?

Appendix: Why Call It When They Speak Israel?


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