While My Soldier Serves: Prayers for Those with Loved Ones in the Military

While My Soldier Serves: Prayers for Those with Loved Ones in the Military

by Edie Melson


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There is nothing stronger than the power of prayer. While your soldier is serving their country, you want to pray for them, but sometimes it is hard to find the words. These rich, powerful prayers for protection, peace, strength, wisdom and faith are written from the heart. This book is perfect for the spouse, parent, friend or even prayer group who is praying for one special soldier or for all who may be in harm's way. There is also a special sect of prayers for the one who waits at home.

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ISBN-13: 9781617955891
Publisher: Worthy
Publication date: 05/12/2015
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 290,813
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

As the mother of an active duty Marine, Edie Melson lived this book before she wrote it. Edie understands what it is to face adversity and come out triumphant on the other side. Her years as a wife, mother, and ministry leader have given her a unique perspective to reach out to others facing the same struggles. She’s the Military Family Blogger for Guideposts.org, social media director for several writing websites, and a popular ministry and conference speaker.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xv

Foreword xvii

Introduction 1

How to Use This Book 3

Prayers for My Soldier 5

Wisdom 7

Help My Soldier Make Wise Decisions 8

Give My Loved One Your Eyes to See the Plans of the Enemy 9

Give My Soldier a Clear Head 10

Help My Loved One Choose Joy 11

Thank You for Your Steadfast Love 12

May My Loved One See Beauty 13

Give My Soldier the Tools to Deal with the Fear He's Facing 14

Help My Soldier Remember Why She's Serving 15

Grant My Soldier God's Perspective 16

Thank You for a Firm Foundation 17

Keep My Soldier Grounded in Your Truth 18

Make the Plans of the Enemy Obvious 19

God Please Intervene for My Soldier 20

Help My Loved One See God at Work 21

Help My Soldier Understand What He Sees 22

Give My Soldier Discernment 23

Let My Soldier Find Joy 24

Give My Loved One Clear Direction 25

Praise for My Loved One's Wisdom 26

May My Loved One's Homecoming Be joyful 27

Strength 29

Give My Loved One Courage 30

Strengthen My Soldier's Prayer Life 31

Let My Loved One Know God's Love 32

Give My Soldier Time to Laugh 33

Praise for My Soldier's Strength 34

Lift My Soldier's Spirits 35

Keep My Loved One's Hope Alive 36

Give My Loved One Refreshment 37

Keep My Soldier Spiritually Strong 38

Give My Loved One Physical Strength 39

Prepare My Soldier for Her Environment 40

Give My Loved One Your Courage 41

Give My Soldier Inner Strength 42

You Are Stronger than Any Enemy We Will Ever Face 43

Be My Soldier's Security 44

You Are My Loved One's Strength 45

Use My Soldier to Strengthen Others 46

Protect My Loved One from Despair 47

Faith 49

Replace My Soldier's Fear with Faith 50

You Are Worthy of Our Faith 51

Fill My Loved One with Hope 52

Let My Soldier See You at Work Around Her 53

Give My Soldier the Faith to Make It Through 54

Let My Loved One See Faith in Those around Her 55

Give My Soldier Faith in Times of Trouble 56

Don't Let Guilt Overwhelm My Soldier 57

Thank You for Strengthening My Soldier's Faith 58

Give My Soldier What She Needs to Stay Faithful 59

Wrap My Soldier in Your Love and Care 60

Give My Soldier the Courage to Believe 61

Show My Soldier Your Love in the Hard Places 62

Feed My Soldier's Faith 63

Let My Loved One See You Walking Beside Him 64

Help My Loved One Trust God's Character 65

Thank You for Your Steadfast Love 66

Let My Soldier See the Difference She Makes 67

Renew My Loved One's Faith in You 68

Instill Confidence in Those around Her and in Herself 69

Teach My Soldier to Rely on You 70

Give My Soldier Faith in the Midst of Evil 71

Protection 73

Protect My Soldier as He Leaves for War 74

Thank You for the Protection You Provide My Soldier 75

Be My Soldier's Shield 76

Protect My Loved One from Guilt 77

Protect My Soldier from Becoming Bitter 78

Protect My Soldier from Her Enemies 79

Send Your Angels to Guard My Loved One 80

Guard My Soldier's Rest 81

Provide Deliverance for My Loved One 82

Protect My Soldier's Faith during the Difficult Times 83

Protect My Loved One from Trouble 84

Confound and Confuse My Loved One's Enemy 85

I Know You Surround My Soldier with All the Protection She Needs 86

Go Before My Soldier 87

Be with My Soldier as She Sleeps 88

Make the Enemy Unsuccessful 89

You Are a God Who Is Mighty and Able to Save 90

Make My Soldier's Transition in Country Easy 91

Guard My Loved One's Mind 92

Bring My Loved One Home Safely 93

Peace 95

Teach My Loved One to Pray 96

Put My Soldier's Mind at Rest 97

Comfort My Soldier with Your Presence 98

I'm So Thankful for Your Peace 99

Finding Peace in the Midst of War 100

Grant My Soldier and His Companions a Sabbath Rest 101

Let My Loved One See Beauty Every Day 102

Reassure My Soldier 103

Keep My Loved One from Worry about Her Children 104

Thank You for the Peace You Provide 105

Grant My Soldier Peace when She's Exhausted 106

Don't Ever Let the Loneliness Become Too Much 107

Give My Soldier a Like-minded Companion 108

Comfort My Soldier So He Can Comfort Others 109

With You I Know We Have Nothing to Fear 110

Protect My Loved One from Being Discouraged 111

Give My Loved One a Word from Home 112

Protect My Loved One from Despair 113

Those Close to My Loved One 115

Give My Loved One Strong Friendships 116

Give My Soldier Commanders of Character 117

Give My Soldier's Commanders Wisdom 118

You Are Always with Us 119

Protect My Soldier's Spouse 120

Surround My Loved One with a Group of Believers 121

Protect Our Marriage 122

Don't Let My Soldier Worry about Those at Home 123

Care for My Loved One's Children 124

Bless the Friends My Loved One Left Behind 125

Help My Soldier Be a Friend to Those in Need 126

Keep My Soldier's Friends at Home Safe 127

Relieve My Loved One of Financial Worries Back Home 128

Grant My Soldier Unity with Her Comrades 129

Give My Soldier Freedom to Worship You 130

Guard My Soldier's Marriage 131

Thank You for My Loved One's Family 132

Use the Friends of My Loved One to Encoutage Her 133

Prayers for Me 135

Fear 137

Staying Strong 138

The Dark Pit of Fear 139

Give Me Rest from My Fears 140

Thank You that You Are a God Who Never Rests 141

Late-Night Burdens 142

Bring My Loved One Home Safe 143

Peace 145

Your Perfect Peace 146

Help Me Be joyful 147

Help Me to Continue to Move Forward 148

Restore My Sense of Fun 149

You Provide Hope to the Hopeless 150

Overwhelming Loneliness 151

Relieve My Guilt 152

Fill Me Up with Hope 153

Patience 155

Thank You for the Changes I See in Me 156

Patience for My Loved One's Return 157

Make Me Willing to Wait 158

Help Me Beat Back the Loneliness 159

Let Me Cling to You 160

Trusting God for Everything 161

Help Me with the Small Stuff 162

Help, I'm Totally Overwhelmed 163

Faith 165

Help Me Hang On 166

Strengthen My Faith 167

Grow My Faith 168

Give Me the Faith to Pray and Believe 169

Thank You that You Hear and Answer Our Prayers 170

Running Low on Faith 171

Give Me the Faith I Need to Stand Firm 172

Lead Me into Hope 173

Strength 175

Show Me How to Be Strong 176

Thank You for Sharing Your Strength with Me 177

Carry Me When I'm Weak 178

The Power of Prayer 179

Help Me Take Care of My Health 180

Lend Me Your Strength 181

I Don't Know How to Be Strong 182

Help Me Financially 183

Anger 185

Don't Let Me Resent My Loved One's Service 186

Give Me Assurance about My Loved One's Safety 187

You Will Be Found by Those Who Seek You 188

Take Away My Anger at the Enemy 189

Help Me Not Meet Ignorance with Anger 190

Take Away My Anger at You 191

Help Me Channel My Anger into Something Good 192

Help Me Overcome Anger 193

Reaching Out to Others 195

Lead Me to Help Others 196

Use Me to Help Others Who Are Hurting 197

Help Me Encourage Others 198

Help Me Develop Joyful Anticipation 199

Thank You that You Are a God of Joy and Blessings 200

Give Us Unity Across the Miles 201

Protect Our Conversations While We're Apart 202

Lesson Learned 203

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While My Soldier Serves: Prayers for Those with Loved Ones in the Military 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
AlenaT More than 1 year ago
Having a loved one or friend in the service during times of war is so stressful. This was a book I could pick up and help me pray what was in my heart.  A true comfort during time of need. Thank you Edie for writing this.
Castaldo More than 1 year ago
My soldier hasn't deployed yet, but I wanted to get this book of prayers to be prepared when he does. I LOVE it. I wasn't planning to even start reading it until he leaves, but once I picked it up and got just a few prayers in I started thinking of people I want to gift this to, and quickly realized I wish I could get one for everyone I know. It really is powerful and we all know someone who is already serving or has a loved one serving. Thank you for opening your heart and leading us in these prayers. I know my soldier will be reluctant to share his fears while he serves in effort to keep me from worrying. These prayers will help guide my prayers and focus my time to find comfort for myself and blanket my soldier in Gods protection.