A Whisper of Peace

A Whisper of Peace

by Kim Vogel Sawyer

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Tender Romance from Bestselling Author Kim Vogel Sawyer

Ostracized by her tribe because of her white father, Lizzie Dawson lives alone in the mountains of Alaska, practicing the ways of her people even as she resides in the small cabin her father built for her mother. She dreams of reconciling with her grandparents to fulfill her mother's dying request, but she has not yet found a way to bridge the gap that separate her from her tribe.

Clay Selby has always wanted to be like his father, a missionary who holds a great love for the native people and has brought many to God. Clay and his stepsister, Vivian, arrive in Alaska to set up a church and school among the Athbascan people. Clay is totally focused on this goal...until he meets a young, independent Indian woman with the most striking blue eyes he's ever seen.

But Lizzie is clearly not part of the tribe, and befriending her might have dire consequences for his mission. Will Clay be forced to choose between his desire to minister to the natives and the quiet nudging of his heart?

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ISBN-13: 9781441233790
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/01/2011
Series: Heart of the Prairie , #7
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 460,021
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About the Author

Kim Vogel Sawyer is the bestselling author of eighteen novels for the inspirational market. In her spare time, she enjoys drama, quilting, and calligraphy. She and her husband, Don, reside in Central Kansas and have three daughters and six grandchildren.
Kim Vogel Sawyer is the author of nineteen novels, including several CBA and ECPA bestsellers. Her books have won the ACFW Book of the Year Award, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and the Inspirational Readers Choice Award. Kim is active in her church, where she leads women's fellowship and participates in both voice and bell choirs. In her spare time, she enjoys drama, quilting, and calligraphy. Kim and her husband, Don, reside in central Kansas, and have three daughters and six grandchildren. She invites you to visit her website at www.kimvogelsawyer.com for more information.

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Whisper of Peace 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Forgiveness sounds so simple to do yet so often becomes the hardest act for some of us to perform. Striving to show people what God's love is all about, Clay Selby and his step sister, Vivian set out for the Alaskan frontier in the late 1800's, as missionaries to the native people of the Athabascans, who have seen many white people by fear what their ways will bring to their small village. Fueled by a desire to follow in his father's footsteps, Clay begins to build a school house within the village with the help of some of the people, that will not only help them learn English, but teach them about God in the process. The native people believe that learning English will help them in the ability to deal with other white people that pass through the village and with those that they trade furs with in the town of White Horse. Upon entering the village, Clay and Vivian meet a young native woman, named White Feather but goes by the name of Lizzie, living alone just outside the village. She is curious to the music that Clay plays through his accordion and soon finds friendship with Vivian. Working together Vivian vows to teach Lizzie how to be more of a white woman and Lizzie promises to teach her how to trap animals and cook for her brother Clay. Lizzie's father Voss Dawson has left her behind at the age of 12, to make a life for himself in the white man's world. After her mother's death, Lizzie was left alone and ostracized from her mother's family in the tribe of the Athabascan people. Until she can find a way to bridge a gap that keeps her separated from her grandparents, Lizzie has vowed to remain an outsider with her only friends being a pack of sled dogs. In the latest novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer, A Whisper of Peace, is the story of dealing with the loss of relationships and how actions can be perceived to mean far more than they were intended. Clay must find a way to reach the village with God's redeeming message of forgiveness and hope as well as show that same love for Lizzie, when the village asks him to choose between her and his church. Will Clay make the right decision? What is the true purpose in his calling to share God's love, does it mean to pick and choose who is more worthy? I received this novel compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and LOVED how Kim got this message of redemption across the generations of people affected by the choices people made in the village. It also shows how the impact of waiting too long to make amends can alter how we live our life today. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars and this makes the 4th book, I've read by Kim and anxiously await her next book. I am so excited when I am offered the opportunity to review anything she has written, because I know it's going to be GREAT!
texicanwife on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When Clay Selby and his step-sister Vivian travel to the frontier of Alaska to be missionaries to the Athabascan people, one wonders just how they will make it in the rough wilderness.Clay has a heart for winning the native people to the Lord. Vivian wants to teach.When Vivian is befriended by an ostracized native girl, their mission almost comes to a screeching halt. But when God has a plan, Man need only hold on for the ride!This is a must read for good Christian historical novels. It is also a love story, of the very tender and sweet kind. Be sure to have a hanky on hand. You WILL be touched and warmed through and through by A Whisper of Peace.****DISCLOSURE: This book was provided by Bethany Publishers for an independent and non-biased review.
CharityU-Austenite More than 1 year ago
Sadly, this book didn’t grab me as much as some of Kim’s have. She’s had some books (like “Courting Miss Amsel”) that I’ve absolutely loved. This wasn’t one of them, but I don’t regret reading it. For one thing, I absolutely loved the Alaskan setting! Right in the shadow of Denali (aka Mt. McKinley). It was awesome – cause I’ve been there! All in all, this was a good book, just didn’t grab me as much. Definitely worth my one-time read though.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's a good book, liked the story layout.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow this book was amazing. The authur does a great job at keeping the story moving and keeps the reader interested through out the whole book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a good book. Great love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gee, I don't have to shell out $12 for this book, all I have to do is read hearts to hearts review. Is this person being nice or rude telling the story before you have a chance to read it. Maybe we should just pay her the $12. If I were the author, this would upset me, give the people a chance to read the story. May people misunderstand the word REVIEW.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SharonALavy More than 1 year ago
How true to life is the work of the Missionary in the story A whisper of Peace. To travel so far to reach a people for God, surely He will understand if we have to sacrifice the good of one person. What is one against the chance to win so many? For Him? And yet . . . when it comes right down to it . . . God will show us the worth of one sole is more than the whole earth. Every time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JamesEverett More than 1 year ago
A Whisper of Peace¿.by Kim Vogel Sawyer¿..Bethany House Lizzie Dawson is in Alaska taking care of herself because she is not welcome among the Athabascan tribe since she is half white. Her mom married a California guy who decided to leave them and go back to his home in California; after all he was only in Alaska as a trapper. What a jerk he was! One good thing though, he did teach Lizzie how to trap and take care of herself so she is able to survive on her own. Clay Shelby shows up in Alaska to build a school and church, ministering to the Athabascan tribe, following in his dad¿s footsteps. He brings his sister Vivian along and hopes she is able to survive the rough life Alaska has to offer enough to stay and help him out. While there, he meets Lizzie and the two are attracted to each other. The only problem is, if he has anything to do with Lizzie, the Athabascan tribe will block him out of their lives, not listening to him and not helping him with anything. Kim Vogel Sawyer weaves an awesome story of love, abandonment, survival, forgiveness and grace with well developed characters that the reader will grow to love. The research was well done leaving the reader to feel they were living the story right along with the characters. I recommend this book to historical fiction lovers and those who enjoy a good ole Alaskan Story. This book was provided by Bethany House. I was not required or expected to give a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only.
AAR More than 1 year ago
A WHISPER OF PEACE by Kim Vogel Sawyer is an interesting inspirational historical fiction set in 1898 Near Fort Yukon, Alaska.This is the story of ostracized Lizzie Dawson,an Athabascan Indian with a white father and missionary Clay Selby. It has romance,faith,missionaries, reconciling with one's relatives,Alaska,mountains of Alaska,natives,love, life's choices and finding a way a bridge a gap between a Lizzie and her tribe. This is a complex,compelling story of the differences between the natives of Alaska and the non natives.Their traditions,behaviors and life changes and the missionaries involved. This story will appeal to any historical,romance,Alaska,inspirational readers.A great story that will have you turning pages as you watch these characters grow, learn new roles and accept their faith. Received for review from the publisher. Details can be found at Bethany House Publishers,a division of Baker Publishing group and My Book Addiction Reviews.
Sian More than 1 year ago
The book A Whisper of Peace is set in Alaska in 1896 and the setting is vital to understanding the plot. Kim Vogel Sawyer builds up the scene of rugged beauty in the early pages as she brings into it one woman called Lizzie. But Lizzie is not only alone; she is isolated and has to provide for herself. Into this situation come two keen missionaries who have to learn new skills and build themselves a home and a school. They do not understand the strict social rules and blunder into problems. Meeting Lizzie is a bonus for the younger woman, Vivian. Her brother Clay is also enamoured. The scene is now fully set for further developments and, without giving anything away, I can tell you that there are more conflicts and some progress in relationships that hold one's interests to the end. The characters are well drawn and developed through their actions. The tension is maintained to the end. I enjoyed the book and found it an interesting read. I also learned about the wilderness life and Indian customs which was a plus. I am grateful to have received a free copy from Bethany House to review.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
A Whisper of Peace by Kim Vogel Sawyer Clay Selby and his stepsister, Vivian, are heading to Alaska to become missionaries among the Athabascans Indians. Clay is trying to be the man is father is and Vivian is trying to earn forgiveness as she blames herself for her father's death. Clay becomes so focused on getting the mission building built so they can begin the school and so that he can stand behind a pulpit and preach that he loses sight of just ministering to people. A bit of pride in the building comes into play as well. Vivian surprises herself by enjoying the people and getting to know some of the children. Most of all she feels useful when she becomes friends with a village outcast by the name of Lizzie Dawson. Lizzie was never bothered living outside the village when she had her parents with her but now she only has herself and her dogs. She hunts, cooks and tans the hides of what she catches. Lizzie does not realize the extent of her loneliness until she meets Clay and Vivian. Lizzie's father left them when she was twelve. He went back to San Francisco but said her mother would not fit in there. When her mother became ill, Lizzie promised her she would make peace with her grandmother and than go and live with her father. Vivian and Lizzie become friends as she teaches Vivian to cook and Viv teaches Lizzie how to behave like a white woman for when she leaves. When her grandparents find out that Vivian and Clay have befriended Lizzie, who had been excommunicated by her tribe, they must make a choice; never speak to Lizzie again or leave their village. They could not disappoint the church that sent them to the mission field but they also struggled with giving Lizzie up. I enjoyed this book and felt the story line was unique. Kim wrote to where you it was like you were cleaning the moose pelt with Lizzie or petting her dogs. I could imagine the dogs with their tongues hanging out looking as if they were smiling at you. Clear and descriptive writing and at parts it could draw tears. **Book received through Bethany House for review.
KarenLange More than 1 year ago
Lizzie Dawson is determined to fulfill her mother's dying wish - that Lizzie reconcile with her grandparents. Once peace is made, Lizzie plans to go to California to live with her father. The mountains of Alaska have always been her home, though. She is concerned about fitting into 1898 society in San Francisco. Surely it will differ from the wilds of the Yukon, won't it? No matter, she must join her father. Clay Selby and his stepsister Vivian are headed to minister to a native tribe near Fort Yukon. Visions of converting the masses swirl though Clay's mind; he'll start by starting a mission school and church. Vivian makes the trip to assist him, hoping to redeem herself for past sins. In any other world, Lizzie, Clay, and Vivian might not be friends, but they forge an interesting bond out of need and loneliness. The natives tolerate the Selbys, curious about their ways. When the head of the tribe learns of their alliance with Lizzie, he orders them to break ties with her. Lizzie has been long ostracized from the tribe because of her mother's so called transgressions. Faced with the ultimatum, Clay and Vivian must make a hard choice. Does this book contain action and adventure? Yes. A bit of romance? Yes. Surprises? Oh, yes! Sawyer weaves yet another wonderful story that will engage most historical fiction fans from beginning to end. Vivid detail, unexpected twists and turns, and fabulous characters all add up to a heartwarming and entertaining tale. I always look forward to new books by Ms. Sawyer, and this one did not disappoint. I finished it in record time; it was a great read.
Janna6 More than 1 year ago
Kim Vogel Sawyer has won my loyalty as a reader with her sweeping stories of life and love in an array of settings with a variety of characters. This book is one of my favorites with the diverse characters of Clay and Vivian Selby, missionaries to Alaskan natives who have stumbled on an interesting situation. Lizzie is a native that is an outcast and lives by herself not far from the people that should be her family but won't accept her. She is outside their protection and yet her grandmother and grandfather are the leaders of the group. Her mother's dying wish was that Lizzie could repair the relationship and move on with her life. The problem is that Lizzie doesn't even know the whole reason she is an outcast. Clay and Vivian want to help restore that relationship but if they try and intercede on Lizzie behalf they may be sent away from the village for good and ruin their chances as missionaries forever. It is a beautiful story of forgiveness and redemption and love under any circumstances. Another keeper from Kim Vogel Sawyer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like KVS books, you will enjoy this one. She blends romance into the structure of the times with this story. The characters are "real" and the difference in the cultures was well researched. I'm sure you will enjoy this book.
CanTuckeee More than 1 year ago
A Whisper of Peace
PattiJoM More than 1 year ago
Author Kim Vogel Sawyer continues to be one of my VERY favorite authors, and her book A WHISPER OF PEACE has given me another reason to love her writing! Set in Alaska in the late 1800s, this story never became dull. The characters and their actions kept me wanting to know what would happen next, and the message of redemption woven in completes the story. I've NEVER been disappointed in a book by Kim Vogel Sawyer, and this book was no exception. Highly recommended with FIVE STARS!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would say this is her best novel yet!