Why Don't I Have a Daddy?: A Story of Donor Conception

Why Don't I Have a Daddy?: A Story of Donor Conception


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As the little lion cub notices all different types of families, he starts to question his own family. His family consists of his mother and him. The little cub learns that while there is no “daddy” in his family, there is a donor lion who made his life possible. Through his mother’s love and nurturing, the lion cub understands how special he and his family are.

This book, winner of the Mom's Choice Silver Award for children's picture books, presents the basic facts of anonymous donor conception in a simple but loving manner. By reading this story with a child who was conceived through the help of an anonymous donor, the child will start learning about and understanding his or her family and his or her origins, just as the lion cub does in the story. The delightful illustrations of various animals and their families make the subject accessible to small children. It is a book you can share with your child over the years, and with each reading your child will gain more insight and appreciation for his or her family - for his or her own special story.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781425995874
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/24/2008
Pages: 36
Sales rank: 965,635
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

About the Author

As a single woman who chose to create a family through the help of an anonymous donor, George Anne Clay sought to educate her small child about their family and the way he was conceived in a positive, truthful and accessible manner. Believing in the power of children's books to address sensitive topics, the author worked closely with a therapist and an illustrator to create this book. By sharing this book with her own son, she has helped him understand and appreciate his family and how he was conceived. Perhaps more importantly, the book has helped him respond to questions about his father in a positive way. This in turn has given him greater confidence and pride in who he is. George Anne Clay and her son hope this book helps others with a similar story discuss the topic of donor conception and celebrate their own special families.

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