Witchful Thinking: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery

Witchful Thinking: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery

by Kristen Painter


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ISBN-13: 9781941695319
Publisher: Kristen Painter
Publication date: 09/14/2017
Series: Happily Everlasting Series
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 430,573
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Kristen Painter's writing resume boasts multiple Golden Heart nominations and advance praise from a handful of bestselling authors, including Gena Showalter and Roxanne St. Claire. A former New Yorker now living in Florida, Kristen has a wealth of fascinating experiences from which to flavor her stories, including time spent working in fashion for Christian Dior and as a maitre'd for Wolfgang Puck. Her website is at kristenpainter.com and on twitter on @Kristen_Painter.

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Witchful Thinking: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
More magical days in Everlasting, Maine where the most interesting people live. Can a witch and a witch hunter find happily ever after.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great sweet story, with some great plot twists - very enjoyable read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Easy to read ,fun characters, perfect for a rainy day.
BaronessBookTrove More than 1 year ago
Dark Magic can’t beat the true light of love. Witchful Thinking by Kristen Painter is the fourth but not final book in the Happily Everlasting Series, two of the other authors will be releasing their next installment soon. The story takes place in Everlasting, Maine a small town along the coast, “where there’s no such thing as normal.” OK, this book had me from the very beginning. I absolutely loved it. There is a dark underbelly side of Everlasting, Maine. It was so great to see the town from a different perspective. I have to say I did miss Hugh and his alternative swearing. We start with our female lead, Charlotte. She is a young librarian working at the local library. She meets lots of townsfolk and knows her regulars. She is kind of gullible. She is also a very new witch, who really hasn’t learned how to use her powers yet. She is sweet and lives a very modest life, with her cat Edgar Allen. Charlotte likes books, all books, it really doesn’t matter. Charlotte doesn’t have much confidence in herself when it comes to men. She considers herself plain and ordinary. She really doesn’t date much. She takes people at their face value. I did mention she is gullible, maybe a little naïve too. However, for me, her saving grace is her love of chocolate. She is really a sweet person. I liked her immediately. Walker Black is just visiting Everlasting, well actually is on an assignment. He is in Everlasting to find the spell book filled with dark magic. According to his employers, the spellbook will return to the Everlasting and he has been going there to look for the book. Where he runs into Charlotte. Walker is very good looking, a smooth talker and Charlotte is immediately drawn to him. Walker is many things but being witch-friendly isn’t exactly one of them. He is kind of the opposite. We meet a few new characters in Everlasting, not too many of the ones from the other books. Oh, the Sheriff, herself is actually in here a lot, personally and professionally. Then, of course, we have the deputies, too. There are a lot of dark characters, I won’t go into their details so I don’t spoil anything. You have to read this book, it is that fabulous, and my rating is 5 stars. Yes, I recommend it if you haven’t already got that. Coming Soon to the Happily Everlasting Series are: Total Eclipse of the Hunt by Mandy M. Roth (I feel a little 80s vibe coming on…) Curses & Cupcakes by Michelle M. Pillow This is a Guest Review for Baroness' Book Trove. Thank you for the opportunity to review this book on your site. ~Jen If you would like to see other reviews like this one, check out BaronessBookTrove.com.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is about Charlotte a fledgling witch whose mentor is Lola. Charlotte works at the library with a mean head librarian named Millie. Walker Black is from the Fraternal Order of the Light and his mission is to find a black magic grimoire that has supposedly returned home to Everlasting at the death of it’s last keeper. Millie is taking out the returned book bin and going through the books when she gets a old dusty beaten up book which Charlotte tries to get her to repair but Millie throws it in the trash claiming it’s garbage. When Millie goes to her office Charlotte takes the book out of the trash and puts it in her bag. She takes the book home and when she goes through it realizes what it is and finds the book turns less worn the more she touches it. Walker (the same day) goes to the library and strikes up a conversation with Charlotte because he suspects her of being the witch with the grimoire. He can feel the black magic taint at the library and decides to get involved with Charlotte so he can capture the book and Charlotte if necessary for safe keeping by the FOL. Things progress and Walker finds he is having feelings for Charlotte even though it’s strictly against the rules. Charlotte is feeling the same about Walker and Walker knows he is going to have to tell Charlotte about his mission when she asks him if he will appraise her book since it’s very old, which tells him where the book is. This story was fast paced and well written and had a lot packed into the pages. It was quite interesting and hard to put down. It is a mystery with a little paranormal thrown in not to mention a dash of romance.
Cherri-Anne More than 1 year ago
Welcome to Everlasting. 5 SPAMMY KISSES Books were the way to her heart. He was definitely under her spell. The whole thing was just surreal. this decadent example of the male species... Was stress-induced infatuation a thing? it was time to light this candle. The witch and the witch hunter. This was going to be fun. HOLD THE POE!!! Now THIS is one speCATacular book and then some! I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this book! This is my first time reading a Kristen Painter book - don't judge! We all have to start somewhere. - and now I can't wait to get to the chance to binge read my way through ALL of her books!! Witchful Thinking had me giggling, drooling over the baked goods, drooling over Walker, giggling some more, gasping, hoping, cursing, outright mad, laughing some more, shocked, and, well, you get the idea! Kristen's beautifully detailed & richly descriptive storytelling had me completely drawn into the story, feeling like I really was in Everlasting, seeing, smelling, hearing everything going on, living, experiencing it all, like I really was Charlotte and Walker! I confess that I am oh so very envious of Charlotte. I mean, come on! She gets to work in a library! As in, she gets PAID to be SURROUNDED BY BOOKS!! Walker keeps on chatting her up! And he reads too!! Although he DOES shed... She's mom to a pretty cool furbaby (*cough for a cat cough*). She lives in a great town that has great food AND a Cranberry Festival every year! *dreamy sigh* What's not to love! wink For some reason and in all of the best ways possible – like drawing me in immediately, wrapping me up all cozy-like - the first little bit of this book - both in the way it reads and the actions/behavior of a specific character - reminds me of a certain boy wizard's series, where a certain family member doesn't like anything being abnormal, everything in its place... I can't even say that this is like a grown-up version of it, because it's not! It's a "cozy" paranormal book meaning no high heat, only cozy, comforting warmth. And that is yet one more reason to love this book and series!! Everlasting is a town I am completely in love with and hope that new tails, errr tales, are to come so that I get the chance to visit again very soon!!
cherigCG More than 1 year ago
Charlotte loves her job. Her boss not so much. Still, she gets to work in the library with her beloved books. That love draws her to rescue a book discarded in the trash. A beautiful old book. She managed to sneak it out without her boss knowing. She soon realizes this book is special. Magically special she knows even being a novice witch. Walter, leopard shifter and protector from dark magic, knows all about this book. It's his duty to find it and the witch bonded with it. What he finds is not an evil witch but a sweet, kind, woman who draws him and his animal. Can he do his job and protect Charlotte? If not Charlotte--who wants to control this dangerous dark magic? The fourth book in the first (please authors) series in Everlasting is a true mystery. The bad guy or is it guys are well hidden. Some of the good guys are not so likable. You will love the couple and their effort to do right, yet get to know each other. Ms. Painter is a new author to me. However, I will sure be looking for more from her. A good read I recommend to all. I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way.
LisaB95 More than 1 year ago
Welcome to the town of Everlasting! This is a wonderful book by one of my favorite authors. Charlotte is a novice witch, and also a librarian. An odd looking book appears in the return chute one day. It looks really old. Only she can open it or see that it really has writing on it. It seems the book is a grimoire and has chosen her as it's new owner. However, there are others in search of this powerful book. Some with the right intentions and some wanting to use it for dark magic. There's a new guy in town who's really hot but also keeping a few secrets of his own. Can Charlotte trust him?