Witch's Bounty

Witch's Bounty

by Ann Gimpel

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BN ID: 2940161762882
Publisher: Ann Gimpel Books, LLC
Publication date: 08/23/2018
Series: Demon Assassins , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 390,426
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Ann Gimpel is a USA Today bestselling author. A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago. Since then her short fiction has appeared in many webzines and anthologies. Her longer books run the gamut from urban fantasy to paranormal romance. Once upon a time, she nurtured clients. Now she nurtures dark, gritty fantasy stories that push hard against reality. When she’s not writing, she’s in the backcountry getting down and dirty with her camera. She’s published over sixty books to date, with several more planned for 2018 and beyond. A husband, grown children, grandchildren, and wolf hybrids round out her family.

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Witch's Bounty 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Topcho_Nina More than 1 year ago
The attraction between our main characters was evident from the very beginning and I began to wonder if I was going to like it, as I am not a huge fan of "alfa-males", "primal instincts" and so on. Oh, how I was wrong! I just loved, loved Duncan! I loved how he can be so dangerously sexy in one moment and cute in the next, how adorably old-fashioned and gentlemanly he turned to be. In this, Colleen was his perfect counterpart. I could imagine her so clearly, going "Whoa, whoa, wait a minute lover boy!" XD They formed a great couple. Jenna and Roz were very strong characters too. They weren't just supportive figures for Colleen, but stand for themselves in the story. Such an amazing trio of temperament, skilled - and very tall - witches! Their powers and they way they dealt with the demons were a nice surprize to me. How they got their Irichna stalking powers sounded a bit weird... I just can't imagine some Sidhe few centuries ago discussing DNA and "genetics" But it all fit well, and didn't bother me much, and the battles were sure impressive. Two more characters that need mentioning - well Bubba of course! May I say, just like the witches from the Coven - "I want one too!" . I knew I was going to like him from the moment I read the word "familiar", but this joyful and loyal creature went beyound my expectations. Love! And one more thing - Titania. I couldn't help but like her. The Queen cooking? Full of win. Things I didn't like that much - but still were not a big deal and didn't ruin at all my pleasure from the book: Spell names sounded just a bit silly.... I don't know, I was expecting something more... magical and witchy than a "forget me spell". Also, usually I am a HUGE fan of big and wrapped up happy endings - but here everything ended up so nicely and easily, it seemes almost unnatural - changelings are free, the Sidhe admitted their fault towards the witches, Titania gave her blessings, even Roz and Jenna had their eyes on some cute Sidhe. As I see that the book is noted as volume one from a series, it wouldn't have hurt to let some story lines to go on a slower pace. Then again, I am DYING to see more of Roz and Ronin... Ooh, those two would be a must read!:D To wrap things up, I fully enjoed this book. It was sweet and full with action and sexy in the same time, mixing mythology and supernatural in a way I truly appreciated; with great characters, nice touch of humour and very well written. A captivating and fast read that left me longing for more. I would def reccomend to fellow readers who enjoy paranormal romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A Sidhe called Duncan who is "drop dead gorgeous" shows up at Colleen Kelly's shop and wants her to help him/them with some Irichna demon problems but after realising his race are to blame for only three demon-stalking witches being left alive he decides he has to join and help them to fix the Seattle problem. Colleen decides to use his help although not really trusting him(nor are her two witch sisters Roz and Jenna) so she plants herself into his mind so she can read his thoughts. I was not very hopeful about the book at first but it did start getting interesting as it went on. It was nice to see the sparks between them and how quickly they knew they were made for each other. I did quite like his persistence with wanting to marry Colleen. They have to deal with a lot of trouble before they get to be together - but it seems to be all worth it - from dealing with demon possesed witch through the Sidhe council to his goddess Titania... The story did have some nice humour at parts too :). I'd want to know what happens so would read the next books!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great series by Ann Gimpel. Full of witches, sidhe and a changling, this is a must read for anyone who likes a little magic and mayhem. I look forward to the rest of the series!
KahlanMercy More than 1 year ago
Demon Assassins Book One. Colleen Kelly is one of the last witches with the demon hunting ability left. When a Sidhe male shows up and tells her the Sidhe need her help, she cannot believe his ignorance. Demons are in Seattle and her duty is to protect the humans who need her most, not the Sidhe who foisted their duty off on unsuspecting witches centuries ago. Duncan is shocked to find out only three demon hunters remain and insists that the Sidhe take back their rightful duty to contain the demons. When his people agree and request the witches' presence, he is relieved. Is it truly going to be so easy? If you're looking for a fresh take on demons, witches and the fae, this is the book for you! *I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
pammyl More than 1 year ago
Colleen is one of 3 remaining demon Assassin witches. They are the last of their kind. All the others have been killed. Colleen and her two friends Jenny and Ros all live in fairbanks alaska with Colleen's familiar who is a changeling named Niall but the have been calling him bubba. Lol While Ros is travelling she stops to visit some another witches and finds out there is an outbreak of Irichna demons and needs the other two. While they are making plans to come a Sidhe named Duncan shows up wanting their help also. Then he finds out there is only the 3 left he is shocked. Without their bloodline they can't control the demons and they will soon take over the earth. Duncan knows after meeting Colleen that she is his mate so he goes with them to help fight the demons. What they find out is shocking, Awsome! This is an action-packed , full of suspense and let's not forget get a spice filled story ! Wow. All 3 witches are kick butt women and are writen beautifully. I connected with all of them. I loved the character development between Colleen and Duncan, super hot. If your into magic, witches or the fae this is a great new adventure with tons of mystery. I can't wait to read the next book. Book given for an honest review and I honestly loved it. I think you will too.
Sue_H More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in the Demon Assassin series. The second book in the series has been released so you don't have to wait to keep reading. The book can be read as a standalone but it does end in a soft cliffhanger and the story continues in Witch's Bane. There is violence, this is a war with demons. The sex is hot and steamy so definitely 18+. Be aware that this is an "insta-love" storyline and events move extremely quickly. So you have to suspend your belief a little more than usual. I will continue to read more of this series, in spite of this. The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat all of that info here. The author did a great job of explaining about the demon assassins, and how the main characters ended up fighting them along with her witch sisters. Join Colleen and Duncan along with Roz, Jenna, and Bubba as they try to stop the Witch Coven in Seattle from all being killed by the demons. Why are the demons getting so much stronger and harder to fight? Who is on which side? The storyline will keep you guessing what twists and turns will be revealed next. It definitely kept me riveted. I look forward to reading the rest of this series, and seeing the witches and the Sidhe work together to save earth. I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Ralitsa_Ch More than 1 year ago
First of all I should say that this book definitely belongs to the “Erotica” genres (not that this is something bad, it just has to be established)! Which leads me to the moment that amused me probably the most – the first meeting of Duncan with the Irichna demon. The story is interesting, but it should probably have some more introductory details of the characters and of the species for somebody who isn’t very familiar with this mythology. However it was so captivating that it made me do my own research which drew me even closer to the story!  Something that bothered me just a bit while reading was the background inscriptions (about the copyrights) – they were too many and too colourful and they distracted me at first but I got used to that I guess.  Since I am a big fan of “witch stories” I was happy to come upon this one. At first it reminded me a bit about two TV shows I like – “Charmed” and “Eastwick”, with the idea of the three unique witches. In fact I wish I could watch this story on TV someday too! Naturally I liked Colleen most of the three of them – she has the great power of reading minds and healing, she is probably the most even-tempered out of the three and she has the loveliest changeling – funny, faithful and brave! (And when Bubba got sick, it was truly heart touching – she showed great compassion and caring). Together with Duncan they make a great couple. He is very sweet, unselfish and proved to be different than the others of his kind.  Despite the scary creatures I really liked the magical ”Dreamers’ Paths” – after all there should be balance in everything and nightmares are natural part of the dreams. All the descriptions were very vivid, including the ones of the action scenes – you could almost feel that you are part of the story!  The cover of the book is pretty good too, I like the colors and the font and it surely draws the attention. There’s a particular thought that I totally agree with: “Admitting we care about someone makes us vulnerable, because then we shatter if we lose them.”.  It is an easy reading book, it definitely has some potential and I would be glad to read all of the other parts of the story. In fact I found out a lot of titles by this author and I’ll make sure to read as much of them as I can get my hands on. I would recommend it to friends for sure! To sum up – this is a book I couldn’t put down until the end! If I should describe it with just 3 words: I want more! :)
Cherri-Anne More than 1 year ago
A spell-binding book         I really enjoyed this book.  It focuses on the last 3 remaining demon-stalking witches, a changeling, and of course the gorgeous Sidhe (you can’t have a great paranormal romance without one!).  However the demons are getting stronger as well as increasing in numbers so the witches task is not as simple as they first believed it would be.  I loved the variety of different magical & fantasy creatures/races/critters.  The romance part of the story is perfect!!  I love it when the heroes & heroines get together and STAY together!  There are also some really hilarious one-liners as well as a nice sense of humor throughout.  All in all, I liked the mix of magic, romance, humor, adventure, variety and uniqueness – it makes for a fantastically refreshing paranormal read.  Ann has done a wonderful job taking a witch story and creatively making it her own!  I have read a few witch books in my time, but this one stands out as the best one! (I am having a hard time explaining why I loved this book so much as I don’t want give anything away!!!  I am trying to leave out the spoilers or ruin the “surprises”!  I find that these parts are what helps to make this a great book in what I am hoping will be an equally great series.)
issapenay More than 1 year ago
loved this tale!! fantastic blend of romance, magic and adventure.