You Will Be Made to Care: The War on Faith, Family, and Your Freedom to Believe

You Will Be Made to Care: The War on Faith, Family, and Your Freedom to Believe

by Erick Erickson, Bill Blankschaen


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ISBN-13: 9781621574743
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Publication date: 02/22/2016
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 767,054
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Erick Erickson, a recovering lawyer and the former editor of RedState, is the editor of The Resurgent, a Fox News contributor, and the host of The Erick Erickson Show.

Bill Blankschaen is a speaker, writer, and blogger at Patheos, and the author of A Story Worth Telling: Your Field Guide to Living an Authentic Life.

Table of Contents

Part I First they Come for Your Faith

Chapter 1 The Audacity to Believe 3

Chapter 2 The Coming Wildfire 19

Chapter 3 Our First Freedom 33

Chapter 4 The Compassionate Bullies 47

Chapter 5 The Antireligion Religion 61

Chapter 6 Faith in a Box 75

Chapter 7 What the Hell are they Thinking? 89

Chapter 8 Pastors, Priests, and Powerless Pulpits 99

Part II Then they Make You Care

Chapter 9 Rainbow Stickers and Supreme Silliness 117

Chapter 10 What Difference Does It Make? 129

Chapter 11 Abolishing Marriage 141

Chapter 12 Redefining Gender 151

Chapter 13 Discriminating Against Truth 165

Chapter 14 You Have the Right to Remain Silent 177

Part III How to Win the War

Chapter 15 The Resurgent Community 193

Chapter 16 The Resurgent Believer 205

Chapter 17 The Resurgent Family 217

Chapter 18 The Resurgent Church 229

Chapter 19 The Resurgent Citizen 243

Conclusion: You Are Not Alone 257

Acknowledgments 261

Notes 265

Index 297

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You Will Be Made to Care: The War on Faith, Family, and Your Freedom to Believe 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Leigh Ann Bushey More than 1 year ago
The timing of this book could not have been better with Justice Scalia’s death and the battle for religious liberty raging in my own state. I admit I have been looking forward to getting my hands on it since first hearing about it last year, and it did not disappoint. As a fan of Mr. Erickson’s radio show and his website, The Resurgent, I’m very familiar with his phrase “you will be made to care”. Make no mistake, YOU WILL BE MADE TO CARE. I follow politics and current events closer than the average person, so I was familiar with some of the stories in the book. It is a chilling testimony of the road we are on and the determination of the militant left to destroy religious liberty and family values. Fortunately, Erick Erickson and Bill Blankschaen have provided us not only with a clear understanding of what is at stake and how it affects us all, but the knowledge of what we can do to fight back along with a comforting reminder - we are never alone.
Kilibob More than 1 year ago
From The Audacity to Believe to You Are Not Alone, this book will enrage, calm, and inspire you. It's not a castigatory or preachy read, and the style of writing has broad appeal and a strong narrative sense. By the time you finish, you will likely find yourself feeling more educated, better informed, and quite possibly somewhat enlightened. You may believe you can guess at the contents from the title, but it's more than that - more even than the liner notes hint at. This book makes a strong case that there is, in fact, an attack against Freedom of Thought, or of the Mind, currently underway in the USA. This premise is well-developed, and the introductory chapters do a great job of setting up the core freedoms and principles at stake, and in play. It's interesting to note which stories reach national audiences. Most people know about "those florists" and "that baker," of course "that Duck Dynasty fellow," maybe "that pizza place" and possibly a handful of others. Yet before the first chapter is through, you will have summaries of fully fifteen instances of similar attacks, and your "wait a minute" meter will likely be pinging like mad. Especially as these aren't just stories - these are ruined lives. This book will anger you, then calm you, then possibly anger you again (but differently), but it doesn't leave you aflame. Each chapter tends to be structured around one or more real-world cases or occurrences, using the specifics of each to refine and illustrate old and new points, building not just a strong sense of scope, but also of breadth. A strong, personal voice connects these info-dumps and recitations of facts into an honest narrative - no small feat considering the amount of sourcing here - and it's done quite well indeed. There was never a point where I felt like I was being lectured to, nor condescended to; I neither felt overwhelmed nor underwhelmed with facts and details. I don't find that as common as I might prefer in books of this nature, and it was a joy to experience and mandates my wholehearted recommendation for that alone. I do not self-identify as a Christian, despite having been brought up as such (and baptized of my own will), and this book chilled me to the core. It steeled my resolve against the predators infecting our culture - and make no mistake, they intend to stalk, kill, and utterly destroy their prey - but in a way quite unexpected. I didn't come away with a burning hatred nor anger nor "must move NOW...honey, where's my powder" feeling. I did, however, experience a quiet, focused, centered resolve. I felt as if I had a stronger understanding of "right" and of the stakes at play in these, and upcoming, battles for the very sanctity of our thoughts. I felt inspired and happy, along with all of these things. Erickson frequently (okay, maybe periodically, of late, but still) talks about being a happy warrior: of not allowing yourself to be consumed by anger and hatred and stress and bile and other toxins, but of finding that peace and center to approach the World, so that you might simply do what you may towards what must be done and sleep at night on the balance. This book embodies that spirit: the Spirit of the Happy Warrior.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
[Note: This book was provided free of charge by the author in exchange for an honest review.] In order to understand this book, and its author, a bit of context is important. Erickson is a well-known blogger and political commentator and radio host, among other interests, and as a longtime follower of the website he used to edit, RedState, as well as his current Resurgent Morning Agenda, he would have a regular discussion of the way that leftists in our society (and in other Western nations) have an abiding interest not only to oppose godly ways among the general body of citizens, and to punish people for speaking or acting according to biblical truth in the public, but also to oppose even those who silently and quietly oppose such matters. His statement about the following issues, which he has used frequently in the years I have read his material, is “you will be made to care.” Either one will succumb to the incubus of the progressive left and adopt their misbegotten worldview, or one will be motivated to direct and open opposition to that worldview. And it is in light of that reality of our culture wars that Erickson writes this work of current events political journalism. In terms of its contents, the author aims for a thematic organization. Various chapters examine the history of progressivism, the abuse of governmental power that shows a marked similarity to Hitler’s Germany, and various social and cultural issues ranging from education to business to the leftist obsession with “pelvic issues” like abortion, homosexuality, and gender identity [1], as well as the simultaneous demonstration of hostility to Confederate history, which the author views to be related [2]. The author writes passionately and in a detailed fashion about all kinds of disastrous Supreme Court decisions, selective enforcement of laws, hostility to Christianity on college campuses and the official abuse of power against those who think and behave, even quietly, according to that which is right in any public fashion, yet the call is not a call to arms as much as it is a call to repentance and also a call to unity in a broad coalition that seeks to defend religious freedom and preserve culture, and also to recognize that however Progressives may be deluded about the inevitably of success, they will eventually fail because they act contrary to nature and truth and because God is sovereign over all. The book has a sort of postmillennial Calvinistic optimism about it, showing the author’s own religious beliefs even as it points out the obvious evils of the spirit of our age. In looking at what is aimed at here, we see a consistent approach to nonviolent but persistent resistance to progressive oppression—refusal to apologize for believing and behaving rightly, refusing to accept second-class status, and refusing to be silent and self-censor, thus conceding the town square to contemporary leftist idiocy, while retaining love and concern for those who oppose, and seeking their repentance to God and to His ways. In order to oppose the evils of the left, the author promotes a vision of community of like-minded people, an individual commitment to honest and genuine faith, a revival of family concern and faithfulness in marriage, a revival of the Church, and then a revival of Christian citizenship, an appealing and worthwhile vision even for those of us who, like myself, tend to be easily isolated.
Thomas Jaros More than 1 year ago
Many people scoff at the idea that Christians are being persecuted against in this country. True, Christians aren’t being murdered for their faith but persecution takes many forms. Persecution takes the form of harassment, insults, bullying, and stealing. If persecution is understood in this way, then the persecution of Christians in America is actually happening at a surprising rate and in a very pervasive manner from liberal states like California and Illinois to even conservative states like Georgia and Kansas. In You Will Be Made to Care: The War on Faith, Family, and Your Freedom to Believe Erick Erickson and Bill Blankschaen document the early systematic persecution of Christians by homosexual behavior-embracing consumers, patrons, politicians, and judges. If you don’t believe Christians are being persecuted for their belief you need to open your eyes and read this book. Consider that in 2015 a Colorado State Court of Appeals ruled a Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, was required to make a cake for a gay couple. The baker was willing to sell the gay couple a cake he had already made, but they turned him down. They demanded that he make a cake customized to celebrate their (unholy) union. Phillips may still end up facing jail time and his whole staff, including his 88-year old mother, was forced to be re-educated on the state policies. The case of Phillips is but on of tens and tens of examples of the systematic persecution of Christians in our country chiefly (though not exclusively) with respect to the issue of homosexual “marriage.” As the title of the book aptly puts it: You Will Be Made to Care. The odd part about these well-documented cases (with ample references to news sources) is that they by and large against Christian people. You don’t hear or read about many gay couples suing orthodox Jews or conservative, traditional Muslims. The reason for this is because these homosexual couples are specifically targeting Christians. It’s clear that there are other bakers, photographers, bed & breakfasts, etc. in nearby but these truth-suppressors choose to pick on the Christians, costing them in many cases, their livelihood. Erickson and Blankschaen attempt to identify and undercut the existing philosophies that support this persecution. They consistently demolish the poor foundations of postmodernism and secularism and in its place encourage the reader to know what she believes, live it out, and express it. We need to have a resurgence in our society of the Christian individual, the family, and the church and in doing so we’ll create a more just society.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Four, not five stars merely because I wanted more details on what we can do, every day, in our own towns. Erickson and Blankschaen are correct, we will be made to care. Many of us already have. What struck me most about the stories, besides the number of them, was how they often tell of a livelihood destroyed for someone refusing to do something, which runs contrary to long-established general Anglo legal theory. Common law does not hold individuals accountable for an act of omission unless one had a duty to act. By these stories, American law is leaning toward finding that individuals have a DUTY to violate their religious beliefs. Truly eye opening stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You Will Be Made to Care is an important book for all of us who are concerned about the direction of our culture. In this book we are introduced to many examples of how the secular society is enforcing a worldview on us that is incompatible with Christian belief as we'll as what most Americans would have accepted as normative Americanism, at least until very recently. It is depressing, and anger inducing to read these examples. However, Erick Erickson and Bill Blankschaen then describe how we can fight against this truly evil ideology. The ideology is not new, it has been with us for all of recorded history. However we have been fortunate in America to live in a society that for many years lived by Biblical, principles even though many, if not most, were not believers. Now this has changed. We have exhausted our store of Biblical knowledge in the greater society and will have to reinfuse it into the culture. While difficult, they have given us a path forward. I highly recommend this book for all who wish to return our country to an honorable path.
Strident_Conservative More than 1 year ago
In their new book, Erick Erickson and his co-author, Bill Blankschaen, describe how our religious liberties are under attack in America and how our “freedom to believe” may not last much longer. In an age when we should be arming ourselves to fight this culture war, too many men and women of faith have elected to surrender without firing a shot under the mistaken belief that tolerance equals peace. Erick and Bill prove that this thinking couldn’t be more wrong. Or as they say to those who think otherwise: “The Left will not let you stay on the sidelines. You will be made to care.” If you'll allow it, this book will shake you out of your stupor, and it will challenge you to get out there and fight for our religious liberties!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have just completed what I believe will be an extraordinarily consequential book for both the culture and the Church - "You Will Be Made to Care" by radio host and political commentator Erick Erickson and Bill Blankschaen. The book systematically shows the crisis our nation is facing in the realm of religious liberties - how people of faith are being literally shouted and shamed out of the public debate on issues like life, marriage and family at the hands of "progressive" voices of "tolerance." It's not a pretty picture, but this book is the exact opposite of a prolonged whine. Importantly, Erickson and Blankschaen don't portray the Church only as innocent victims. Rather, the Church has played a part in the coarsening of our culture by failing to uphold the values that matter most to us in the public square, assuming that they would always be there despite a hostile progressive movement. This is ultimately a hopeful book that prescribes steps for individual believers and churches to take to steer our homes, communities and nation in the right direction. It's quite a feat to take such an adverse situation and find hope in it, but Erickson and Blankschaen have done it. I highly recommend this book.
JacquelynLynn More than 1 year ago
As I read the first few chapters of You Will Be Made to Care: The War on Faith, Family and Your Freedom to Believe by Erick Erickson and Bill Blankschaen, my emotions were a combination of fear, hopelessness and anger. Those were the chapters that focused on what is happening to Christians in the U.S. who refuse to compromise their values to meet the demands of social progressives who preach—but do not practice—tolerance. But after clearly defining the problem, this book goes on to outline a solution. Not an easy solution by any means, but specific steps we can take to protect our religious liberty. And at the end, I knew—as the authors wrote—I was not alone. Even if you pay attention to the news, you’re likely to be shocked by all of the examples an organized progressive force in America that seems determined to not just silence people of faith but to stop them from practicing their faith in the public square and ultimately even in the privacy of their homes, houses of worship and even their hearts. And that force is frighteningly effective. You’ll finish this book with a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian in today’s world, of what we need to do to truly live out our faith (and staying silence isn’t on that list) even as we respect the right of others to not share our faith (something progressives who preach tolerance don’t seem to be inclined to do), and of the progressive strategies that have brought us to where we are today. This book goes beyond opinion. With nearly 400 footnotes, every point and story is documented. I realize the term “must-read” is overused in book reviews—but You Will Be Made to Care is a must-read not only for Christians, but for people of all faiths who value the freedom to believe as they choose and openly practice their faith.
qatharms More than 1 year ago
In 19 chapters anchored to 392 citations Erick Erickson’s book “You Will Be Made To Care” says that Christians and secularists do not see the same thing when they look at reality. The citations are rich resources if you really want to understand contemporary culture. These shocking truths are reshaping our culture, our government and our legal philosophy. If you are a Christian who is reeling daily at such shocking developments on the moral, social and political front in the USA, you are not alone. “You Will Be Made To Care” is comforting if there is comfort in shared misery. If you have suspected that Christians are in the crosshairs of the media, the culture and maybe even the government, you will find confirmation of your worst fears in this book. If you have struggled to make cogent, coherent arguments to support your view when you are accused of being a bigoted, homophobic Neanderthal who is on the wrong side of history, this book will give you helpful material to use in self-defense. 392 endnotes will point you to many other resources in your search for help to survive the onslaught against moral principles and social standards you thought were absolute. Perhaps more importantly, Erick’s book will feel like a dinner-table conversation with a good friend. While the book is a tremendous resource, it is also powerfully inspiring. In 2012, during the campaigns and on election day, many good, moral, hurting people sat out the whole process, because they could not see any hope in any of the options available to them. This book will surely inspire many of those people to believe it is worth the effort to enter the fray. Readers will meet people who are deep in the struggle, suffering yet standing strong for the principles of their faith, living their faith when it is costly. The people you meet in this book will prod you to believe that it is worthwhile to go ahead and live by your principles, because the potential to influence the nation for good is worth the price you will pay in personal pain. These people’s statements resonate with faith and confidence in God, not themselves, and if Christian people are to begin to speak, to act and to vote with confidence, they must put their confidence in God. This is a key principle of the book. Erick is not rousing the rabble; he is calling out the faithful. Many who see standards they once regarded as bulwarks of civilization falling before a Satanic onslaught in the name of progress feel bullied and defeated before they take a step or speak a word. Readers of Erick’s book will be pointed to the heavenly food that energizes Christ’s followers, the Bible, Christ’s weapon against Satan when he pointed out that our most important food is “every word that comes out of the mouth of God.” You cannot sit this battle out and wait for the dust to settle before you stand up. This battle is coming for you. Erick documents the truth that every person, the ones who stand up and fight, and the ones who hope not to be noticed, every Christian will be made to care about the progressive social and political agenda. If you don’t care about Christ’s kingdom, then you will be made to care about Satan’s. I received this book with the single request that I write an honest review. This review is my own opinion. I received no compensation or benefit in expectation of a favorable review.