Your Life Still Counts: How God Uses Your Past to Create a Beautiful Future

Your Life Still Counts: How God Uses Your Past to Create a Beautiful Future

by Tracie Miles


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God still has a plan for you--not in spite of your past, but because of it!

Do regret and shame over your failures, sins, and shortcomings make you wonder how you could ever be loved, much less used, by a holy God? Tracie Miles felt the same way until she discovered the path to healing, peace, and significance.

She helps you recognize that God not only has a purpose for you, but He has prepared you for your divine purpose based specifically on the experiences of your past.

Through her own story and stories from other women who have discovered God's purpose for their lives because of adverse experiences, Tracie helps you see how God can turn pain into purpose. You will find forgiveness and healing from the troubles of your past, discover the courage to step out of your comfort zone to help others find hope and strength, and be inspired to step into the beautiful future God divinely designed for you.

"No matter what you've been through or what's been done to you, if you're still breathing, God isn't finished with you yet! Let Tracie Miles help you discover your calling and the way you are uniquely equipped to make your life count!"
--Renee Swope, bestselling author of A Confident Heart and Proverbs 31 Ministries' radio cohost, "Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee"

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ISBN-13: 9780764211997
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/21/2014
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 789,363
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Tracie Miles ( is a conference speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries and a monthly contributor for the ministry's "Encouragement for Today" devotions. She also has her own active blog as well as popular Facebook and Twitter pages. With a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, she spent fifteen years in the corporate world before becoming a speaker and writer for God's kingdom. Tracie and her husband, Michael, have three children and live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

1 The Face in the Mirror 17

2 A New Reflection 27

3 God Always Keeps His Promises 38

4 Breaking Free from the Past 49

5 God Always Has Something To Say 63

6 Listening to the Right Voice 73

7 Never Too Broken 86

8 Your Pain Was Not for Nothing 99

9 It Starts at the Cross 112

10 But Where Was God When I Needed Him? 124

11 The You the world Can See 137

12 Believing in Your Hidden Potential 151

13 If It Were Easy, Everybody Would Do It 165

14 Called to Stretch 178

15 Called to Get Wet 188

16 Called to Move 200

17 Living the Proof 210

18 Let the Building Begin 240

19 The Power of One Life 240

20 You Can Go Farther Than You Think 248

Notes 261

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Your Life Still Counts: How God Uses Your Past to Create a Beautiful Future 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ShareeS More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed Your Life Still Counts so much that I did not want it to end which is a pretty rare thing for me when it comes to non-fiction books. Tracie Miles writes in sincere transparency focusing on God’s transforming conviction and encouragement. I absolutely loved this book because it wasn’t written with Pollyanna fluff. Rather, Your Life Still Counts is written in such a way that it promotes self-reflection and the challenge to look beyond the veil of the past. Tracie tells her own story of the sorrow of abortion. After years of denial of her past, she is drawn by God’s love to reveal her story in an effort to help other women. She goes beyond her own story and includes stories from many other women that are relevant to each chapter. Each chapter also includes thought provoking study questions making this book a great resource for individual or group bible study. One of my favorite quotes from the book states, “Our human minds can’t comprehend God’s timing because He is God and we are not! But we can rest assured, no matter what promise He has made, it will be met in His appointed time, not ours. Even if in our opinion He is waiting too long to answer our prayers or intervene in our situations, it may be immediate in His realm of sovereignty.” (pg. 43) Tracie reminds the reader that it is never too late to be obedient to God’s calling. She reinforces the truths of Romans 8:28 New Living Translation (NLT): And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Finally, Your Life Still Counts reminds the reader, “God sees our value, even if we don’t, because his perspective is much different from our own. He doesn’t see broken pieces and broken lives because He knows no one is ever too broken for Him. He sees us each as someone with great worth despite how we might see ourselves.” Pg. 87 I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion which I’ve provided here.
MelissaF More than 1 year ago
I love Tracie’s honesty in this book. I started this book crying as I read her story. So heartbreaking and one many women can relate to. Tracie is writing what I absolutely believe and she even quotes Genesis 5020 in her book :) Her story is definitely a Genesis 5020 story and she shares many other stories in the book that have that same hope. Tracie gives you practical steps to pursue God’s purpose for you from the pain of your past. This is a book I will be recommending to my group of ladies who go through my Wounded group. This book is the next step. Use the pain for God’s purpose. Your story for God’s glory. If you wonder if your pain can be used to help others, pick this book up and then go and share. A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Jani417 More than 1 year ago
Most people have a past that includes mistakes, sins, failures and mindsets that make them feel unworthy in some way.  This book dispels those misconceptions by asserting that no matter how damaged we feel by events in our pasts, God not only forgives, but plans to use those experiences to further His plans. Shame can be a factor that prevents people from believing that they can be forgiven, healed and can help others who suffer similar problems.  The first step seems to be overcoming the belief that one is not worthy or lovable.  Once healing has taken place, however, a person can use her own exerience to comfort another.  Painful experiences promote growth of compassion.  Only one who has felt the same level of pain, humiliation or hurt can bring understanding and healing to another.  It turns out, then, that God uses our past hurts to enrich our lives so that we may reach out to others. The book has exercises to help readers identify problems and obstacles to healing and developing healthy self-esteem.  These are supported by Scripture and readers will feel a great sense of relief by letting go of destructive thinking and moving forward to serve God by serving others. I was given a free copy of this book for the purpose of honest  review and recommend it to adult and teen readers, especially those having trouble overcoming a difficult past.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of YOUR LIFE STILL COUNTS: HOW GOD USES YOUR PAST TO CREATE A BEAUTIFUL FUTURE by Tracie Miles from Bethany House. As always is the case when I receive a book from Bethany House, it was top quality. The book is what I would call “self-help.” I enjoy those types of books, as they encourage me to think about my life and the deeds of the people around me. I urge friends to talk to me about their lives, and if I can relate any part of a book I’ve read to them, I am quick to contribute advice. Sometimes this advice is unwarranted – no, they never show anger – but I like to think that it does help. YOUR LIFE STILL COUNTS escorts you on a journey where the author proves you can still be loved no matter your past. Real world examples mingle with Biblical quotes. Tracie Miles uses real life examples and examples from other women. This is not just a “female” book although that is the main focus; men will find enlightenment as well. I recommend this book to those who feel haunted by their past or for anyone hoping to help someone who feels that way.
GCWineholt More than 1 year ago
YOUR LIFE STILL COUNTS How God Uses Your Past To Create A Beautiful Future By Tracie Miles Does your past haunt you? Do your think your past will stop God from loving you? This book will help you understand that God still has a plan for you, not in spite of your past, but because of it. Tracie Miles shares things from her past and a story from others who have had pasts that haunt them. She shares how God can and will use those things to make you into the person He wants you to be. She explains how His great and forgiving love will strength you if you will only let Him. In each chapter, Tracie shares things from the past that would bother anyone and will show how God has helped. At the end of each chapter she shares a story, entitled Her Story, from others who gone through some rough times and how God helped them, also included is a section titled Purpose Pondering, that includes some questions to answer. This book is written with women stories but I think it can be for anyone who is in need of help with their past. A very easy reading and it contains a lot of information about dealing with your past. I received this book free from Bethany House for purpose of this review, I was not required to write a positive review, the opinions I have expressed are my own.