Your Powerful Prayers: Reaching the Heart of God with a Bold and Humble Faith

Your Powerful Prayers: Reaching the Heart of God with a Bold and Humble Faith

by Susie Larson, John Eldredge

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How to Reach God's Heart with Bold, Humble Prayers

The all-powerful God of the universe loves you and wants to talk with you! Drawing from thirty years of journaling, trusted author and radio host Susie Larson shares the secrets to effective prayer. She will help you put into action the powerful combination of a humble reverence before God and a tenacious hold on the promises he gives his beloved children, drawing you closer to God and changing how you see yourself and your circumstances.

Sharing personal stories and biblical insights, Susie shows how to:

· Pray specifically and persistently for God's promises
· Overcome common hindrances to effective prayer
· Move from begging and pleading to praying and believing

Discover your unique identity in Christ and confidently embrace his personal provision, power, and love.

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ISBN-13: 9781441265500
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/02/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 230,743
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Susie Larson is a popular radio talk show host, national speaker, and the author of 12 books, including Your Beautiful Purpose and Blessings for the Morning. She has a passion to see women and men everywhere strengthened in their faith and mobilized to live out their high calling in Jesus Christ. Susie and her husband live near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Learn more at
Susie Larson ( is a media voice, author and national speaker. She hosts her own daily live talk show, Live the Promise with Susie Larson, which airs across the Upper Midwest and in several other locations around the country. Active in local ministry, she is the author of 16 books, including Your Beautiful Purpose and Blessings for the Morning. Susie and her husband, Kevin, have three grown sons and three amazing daughters-in-law, and a new grandson and live near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Table of Contents

Foreword John Eldredge 11

Introduction 13

Section 1 God, Your Fortress

1 Dare to Pray Like You're Loved: You're Secure in Jesus 25

2 Dare to Pray for Perspective: You're Part of a Bigger Story 35

3 Dare to Pray With Endurance: When Your Heart Breaks 49

4 Dare to Pray and Say What's True: When You Forget Who You Are 63

Section 2 God, Your Father

5 Dare to Pray Like an Heir: You're Royalty 77

6 Dare to Pray Without Condemnation: You're Forgiven 89

7 Dare to Pray God's Promises: You're Anchored 105

8 Dare to Pray From Victory: You're a Warrior 121

Section 3 Jesus, Your King

9 Dare to Ask: With Humility 137

10 Dare to Seek: With Passion 153

11 Dare to Knock: With Confidence 167

12 Dare to Dream: Expect to Persevere 181

Sample Prayers 199

Acknowledgments 211

Notes 215

Customer Reviews

Your Powerful Prayers: Reaching the Heart of God with a Bold and Humble Faith 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
LieslIrwin More than 1 year ago
This book is such a game-changer and I promise you won't regret checking this one out. Susie's gift for writing has shone through, and her ability to pour herself into this book in obedience to the huge purposes God has for it, even during some pretty trying times in her own life, has been such an inspiration to witness. "Your Powerful Prayers" has been like a training manual for me and I pray God uses this book in the lives of my friends and family, just has He's used it in my own life. God is so faithful and as we step back and think about what a privilege it is to have such intimate conversation with the One who created the It's awe-inspiring. Hard to even grasp, to be honest. It really changes our focus from inward to upward as we think about the awe-inspiring, powerful God we have the privilege of knowing and trusting. The same awe-inspiring God that loves us more than we can even imagine! This book will transform, re-ignite, or even kick-start your prayer life and I can only imagine the mountains God will move as that happens. Let's let Him do His amazing work in and through us! We sure know our country (and world) needs it! I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. The opinions stated above are completely and 100% my own...loved this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found this book to be an honest, real life look at prayer. I often wondered if there was more to prayer and I found answers and encouragement in this book. Susie's conversational tone is like a friend leading you through it all. She has a wonderful way of weaving stories from real life with scripture and honest talk. This book will give you new insights and will change the way you pray. I was given a pre release copy from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this book!! Susie writes from a heart of reverence to Christ. Her compelling words reminded me of my identity as God’s daughter! As I read each chapter, I was excited about each new truth my Father was speaking to me. My main takeaway from Your Powerful Prayers is that, when my identity is found as an heir to Christ, then I realize nothing can shake me. When we reach for the promises God has in our lives, then no matter what the difficulty or storm, He will sustain us. We are called to ask bold requests of God, who delights to give us His Kingdom! I pray now for new perspective to face current and oncoming trials. I am praying for Jesus’ strength to rise within me. And I am asking for a heart that cares about what breaks God’s heart, even in my immediate surroundings. This book has helped me grow more intimately with Christ. I pray you, too will be strengthened in your prayers! I received this book from Bethany House Publishers for free in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Transparent and Real Want a life changer...learn to believe who you are In Jesus...learn to believe who He is. God's Spirit will breath life changing transformation in and through you as you open up your heart to the pages of Your Powerful Prayer. Susie Larson is so amazing, so transparent. I tell you when you read her book it is like reading her heart. Her heart leads you to understanding God's heart on the matters of life that matter most. She meets life's challenges head on and does not give up. She meets life with the tenacity of a bulldog as she sinks her claws into Gods plan and purpose behind all of life's circumstances. You will feel Susie cheer you along with all of heaven as you grapple with life before Jesus who sits on the throne of grace. Troubles in life are the door that blocks or releases you to the next level of understanding. Prayer is the key that opens that door and releases Angel armies into your atmosphere. The Holy Spirit is knocking on your hearts door to open up to Him, His ways and understanding. I encourage you to read and hold to the truths Susie shares with you. I challenge you to pray and ask the Lord to lead your life. He may even lead you to lead others in a study on Your Powerful Prayer transforming others one small group at a time. Blessed and grateful to have received an Advanced Read Copy through Bethany House Publishers and to post this review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has impressed me from beginning to end. Nearly every page has thoughts that are highlighted, underlined and/or starred. In the book, Susie shares struggles, joys and parts of her life that have taught her the valuable lessons she writes about. She know of what she speaks. Each chapter gives the reader a "dare" that brings them closer to the heart of God with humble faith. I have read many of Susie's books and consider this to be her most powerful and life changing one. Susie reminds us that "to stay powerful in prayer, we must stay in step with Jesus". She encourages the reader to remember that "the more time you spend with Jesus, and the more time you spend pondering His great and personal love for you, the more you'll find that His love heals your soul, makes you whole and makes your heir status actually believable. What a gift He's given us! And when you pray from that place, everything changes." This book has challenged me to pray audacious prayers and to live with expectancy as I wait on God. "To live with expectancy is to live with an ear bent toward heaven. It's to repeatedly look above our circumstances, knowing that God is involved in our everyday lives. To pray with passion and conviction, to cultivate humble contentment in our current circumstances, while at the same time tenaciously believing that my prayers matter. The expectant heart passionately believes that any day now, God just might break through." I received the book from Bethany House Publishers for free in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book!!! From the very first chapter it became a personal invitation. It was like having Susie sitting across from you sharing her heart. Susie exposes the lies of the enemy and draws you into your purpose with Christ. It will be a book i will regularly visit to stay sharp in my walk with Christ. Each chapter left me feeling encouraged and victorious!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok, this book is going to blow your socks off! Susie does an outstanding job explaining what prayer is and how to use it most efficiently in our walk with God. She gives a Biblical explanation of the power of prayer and breaks down reasons why we as believers struggle praying at times. This book is written in such a way that makes sense, easy to understand, and points to God in it's entirety. It will help free your mind from the things that keep you from getting the most out of your time with God. Your Powerful Prayers is a definite must read!! I received this book from Bethany House Publishers for free in exchange for my honest review. Paul Holway
Faith76 More than 1 year ago
Another FANTASTIC book by Susie Larson! In my opinion, there is no one who can deliver truth in such a gentle/firm way as Susie. She has an uncanny ability to cut right to the heart of an issue without judgment or condemnation. Susie authentically shares her struggles AND (more importantly) the way God has revealed His heart to her in the midst of these struggles. I am giving this book five stars because it's one I know I'll return to (as I have with her other books!) Each chapter provides a blessing specific to the chapter topic, a beautifully written prayer the reader can pray over him/herself, a challenge to personalize a passage of scripture as a prayer, and reflection questions - both for personal use and for group use. I valued the content of each chapter just as much as the "extras" I just described. In addition to the heartfelt message that Susie gives to encourage her readers in a more passionate prayer life, she has also included a bonus section in the back of the book to help jumpstart our prayer life. She provides sample prayers that readers can personalize in a variety of topics - from our identity in Christ to a prayer for a prodigal. I plan to incorporate these into my daily prayers! I highly recommend this book as a tool to grow closer to God. *I received a copy of the book from Bethany House Publishers for free in exchange for your honest review
Kris_D More than 1 year ago
I was blessed to receive an advanced copy from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. This is not the first book of Susie's that I have read. I loved this book! As I turned the pages I felt so many times like we were sitting across the table talking and praying together. Susie reminds us that we can talk to Him through prayer and that nobody loves us more than He does. We are heirs of the kingdom of God. One of the lines that stuck out to me as I read Susie's book was: "We're most powerful in prayer when we pray God's Word and rely on His promises." Another line that stuck out for me was: "Nobody loves you like God. Nobody keeps his or her promises like God does. And nobody has the wisdom to intervene at just the right time like God does, and like God will." I love how she ends each chapter with a prayer and a blessing! This is a book I will definitely use in making my prayer life better.
Mia_Koehne More than 1 year ago
I finished an advanced reading copy of Susie Larsons new book, Your Powerful Prayers that I received from Bethany House Publishers for free in exchange for my honest review. And yes, I said I finished it, which is a pretty amazing fact as I am not someone that enjoys curling up and reading a good book or any book for that matter. It tends to be a chore for me. So, this review comes from someone that has not enjoyed reading in the past. However, I found this book to be extremely powerful and easy to read. Susie was able to get right to the point in every chapter. There was great content, powerful encouragement, and practical steps to help me dig deeper in my prayer life. The layout of the book made it, for me, to be non-intimidating. I could pace myself knowing that I could get through a chapter easily, gain great insight and not become overwhelmed. The book was filled with easy actions steps that I was able to assimilate into my daily prayer life. After the first chapter, I found myself hearing Susies voice in my head. This book truly changed my prayer life and the way I go about my day and time with the Lord. Your Powerful Prayers was used to remind me and point me to the One who hears my prayers. I appreciated how she used the actual Word of God from the Bible throughout the book and also quoted many other writers. Susie got real, vulnerable, and transparent with us as she shared her joys and struggles. All of this, together, gave the book a well-rounded approach and I came out stronger because of it. I have already encouraged my friends to make sure they get a hold of this book to read on their own or as a small group Bible Study. It has a great layout for group study at the end of each chapter. I loved this book and highly recommend it! Mia Koehne
KathyPeterson More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for a new perspective on prayer, Susie Larson's newest book, Your Powerful Prayers - Reaching The Heart of God With a Bold and Humble Faith, will give you the ingredients you need to stir up "fierce faith and humble expectancy." Throughout this book she shares how God worked everything for the good in the ups and downs from her own life journey. You won't find instructions on how you can get God to give you what you want, or how to access Him as a gumball machine, but you'll discover how all-encompassing His love is for you and how to come boldly and confidently into His throne room because of our status as joint heirs with Christ. It's about nurturing a deeper relationship with Him - learning to pray according to His will by weaving he promises of His Word into your prayers. Susie graciously gives us the opportunity to practice this at the end of each chapter, including a beautiful Holy Spirit inspired blessing and reflection questions for both personal and group study. Prepare to be awed as you hear God's voice and as the truths in this book hit home in your personal prayer life. You'll want to definitely keep this book on hand so make a space in your home library for Your Powers Prayers! I received this exciting new book from Bethany House Publishers for free in exchange for an honest review.
KathySchwanke More than 1 year ago
This book is for you if you are looking to fan the flame of your love for Jesus, and see transformation in your life and the lives around you as you approach the Throne of Grace with confidence. Your Powerful Prayers is a robust, encouraging book about not only prayer, but also the heart of love that our Father has for his children. It might best be described as a mentorship in prayer. Susie Larson, a woman full of both hard-won, and Spirit-revealed wisdom, encourages you as you dive into the deeper waters of fellowship with our Savior. Drawing from her own rich journey with Jesus in prayer and abiding in His word, she not only teaches, but offers her own prayers and prayer-writing exercises for the reader. As a teacher of Bible studies for women, who often walks through chapter-books rather than formal “Bible Studies,” I am thrilled with the questions Susie uses to engage the reader at the end of each chapter. There are both personal reflection questions for the ‘at home time’ and group discussion questions that engage the heart and wont let you leave without gleaning lasting value from the content of the book. Susie Larson’s words move her readers to keep our eyes focused on eternal things and encourage our hearts to pray with expectancy as we lean on the love of Jesus and the promises that are ours as heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ.