5 Revelations from the Forthcoming Final Sookie Stackhouse Book!

Charlaine Harris's After Dead

In all of my 25 years in the book business—as a bookstore manager, author, book reviewer, and blogger—I have never seen readers as pissed off as they were last May, when Dead Ever After, the final installment of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse saga, was released. Some fans of the iconic series were upset because the storyline didn’t end as they had hoped. (I thought the ending was the absolutely perfect way to wrap up the series.) While I was disappointed by these reactions, I understood the sentiment. Readers LOVE these books. It’s been a big part of many lives for more than a decade, since Dead Until Dark was released in 2001. Sookie and her friends are almost like family members to some readers, and Bon Temps, Louisiana, is like a home away from home—reading Harris’s words, you can almost taste the iced tea and fried pickles.

One of the biggest criticisms of the last Sookie novel was that the futures of all of the major (and minor) characters were left largely unexplored. Readers desperately wanted to know what would happen to Sookie, Sam, Bill, Alcide, Eric, and the rest.

Well, now they can!

The soon-to-be-released After Dead (October 29) offers the ultimate conclusion to the Sookie Stackhouse saga. Featuring highlights (and lowlights) from the futures of almost 150 characters, Harris has called After Dead “my coda to the books that have dominated my professional life for over a decade.”

Ever wonder what happened to Sookie and her Bon Temps friends? All of your questions will be answered in this laugh-out-loud collection of “where are they now?” updates!

Here are just five revelations that you’ll find within After Dead:

ALCIDE HERVEAUX finally stopped being foolish and impulsive where women were concerned. When his rogue werewolf lady turned out to be a poor match, he became interested in a surveyor who worked for one of his business rivals, a werelynx named Callie Brown. Callie, a short, compact, no-nonsense kind of woman, kept Alcide in order for the rest of his life. She had five children with Alcide, and she went to work at Herveaux and Son, which after a period of time became Herveaux and Sons when the three boys started to work there. Of their two daughters, one became a beauty pageant contestant and eventually Miss Louisiana, and the other became a social worker. Alcide and Callie had fifteen grandchildren. They both passed away at advanced ages.”

“The vampire short-order cook ANTHONY BOLIVAR became a celebrity chef and appeared on the Food Channel several times. After he was arrested for picking up a prostitute and overdrinking from her, the Food Channel asked him to pack his knives. He began traveling again and occasionally takes a night shift at a restaurant… maybe one near you.”

JASON STACKHOUSE had a surprisingly good marriage. To everyone’s amazement except Michele’s, he never cheated on her. Michele stayed on at her ex-father-in-law’s car dealership until she retired, though the dealership had long since passed into other hands. Jason kept his job with the parish. After miscarrying once, Michele bore two children, Marie and Corbett. Marie was sweet natured and telepathic (that damn essential spark), but not too bright, and the combination led to Marie’s having many problems in school, though she inherited the Stackhouse good looks. Corbett, a year younger, spent a lot of his school years defending his sister…”

HANK CLEARWATER contracted gonorrhea.”

BUBBA continued to be passed from vampire kingdom to vampire kingdom, but while he was in Tennessee, he escaped from his minder to visit his gravesite, causing a near riot. After that, the vampire council censured Tennessee and ruled that Bubba couldn’t enter the state for fifty years. He is in Canada now. He hates the winters.”

There are tons of funny anecdotes in this book—and more than a few bombshell revelations! The updates on Sookie and Sam, Eric, and particularly Bill will have fans of this series picking their jaws up off of the floor. Readers will undoubtedly cherish this thoughtful and utterly satisfying glimpse into the futures of Sookie and crew—an unforgettable ending to an unforgettable series.

  • Debbie Khaldi

    Can’t wait to read this..loved the Sookie novels, they actually helped me through some tough times..Love Charlaine as a writer..she makes you a part of everything, its all happening around you like you’re there, and these characters are real living breathing people..

  • Heather Crooks

    LOVE IT :)

  • Heather Goulette

    Can’t wait!!! Too excited!!

  • Maddi Stone

    This is great news. Can’t wait to read it.

  • Monny

    You spelled “shafted her readers” incorrectly.

    • andreana mccann

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  • Connie Jennings

    I also liked her other series/s. I wish there had been more of those. Can’t say I blame her, though. She was kinda busy being successful. :D

  • Lindsey

    I love these books and can’t wait to pick this one up. I loved the last one and thought she ended it well. It was her vision of how it was going to end. I just can’t wait to read about what happened next.

  • Amanda Lauren

    My only complaint with the last few books was the overuse of incidental things. Sookie goes to the library. Sookie goes to Dairy Queen. Sookie read a book and took a shower. From these activities nothing interesting occurs. There’s character development and then there’s filler. While the big occurrences outweighed these, they were still quite annoying.

    • Shoe Kabam

      I love all of the incidentals, it’s what I relate to…using Bon Ami to clean her sink, wearing a Garth Brooks t-shirt to bed, reading, going by the library, all of these things make Sookie come alive. I love when she does something that I do, not that I do all of the same incidental things, but because I can relate. I feel like I know her and I love Charlaine Harris for writing that way. It makes me wonder if Charlaine, herself, does any of the things she writes about. “Clean with Bon Ami? Hey! Something we have in common.” Maybe she doesn’t, but I like to think that we have things in common, too.

  • Josie Polhemus

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but you know the old saying, opinions are like butts, everyone has one and some are nastier than others.

  • Joyce Kralik

    Thanks so much for the update. I Love this series. I share all my books with family and friends, except my Sookie books. Couldn’t you do a series
    about Sookie’s lost little Sister?


    Should be fun! Thanks! I too was a little disappointed in the ending but hey – not my characters – I’m a guest in Ms Harris’ wheelhouse – and I’m not Team Eric either – just sayin’!

  • Valerie

    If she doesn’t bring Sookie and Eric together, than this book is as pointless as previous one.

  • Sally Kate Ford

    The “particularly Bill” part really got me interested. I really, really want a satisfying happily ever after for my favorite vampire. Sookie and Sam can go straight to hell for all I care. I want to know about Eric and Pam too. since Dead Ever After was literally worst book ever written, I’m kinda terrified to pick this one up but I will do it nonetheless.
    It better be good, or Charlaine will never hear the end of it.

  • Melanie Miro

    The five revelations I least care about. Thanks for absolutely nothing. And I’m STILL not buying this book, so Paul: reader-wanna-buy fail.

  • Toxic Boy

    Honestly… If readers wrote the books then they would be writers. The consequence of reading a series in development is that instalments yet to be considered are criticised by their past entries. The conclusion therefore can only be written with integrity by the author and their original vision. So what if the conclusion didn’t fulfil the selfish needs of the individual. The Sookie Series was riotous fun and shook up the literary world both before and beyond the twilight series. I really don’t understand why fans would be disappointed by the conclusion to this marvellous series.

  • Nancy Turnbough

    Nah, I never saw Sookie as a vampire-and being with Eric would suck if she wasn’t. Remember all that time in the sun? And all those tense moments with Sam? They were fleeting but repetitive. Eric shuffling off was done in a lame way, but he never would have left her alone to be with Sam….

  • Lulu S

    This makes me want to read the book. I can compare what I would envision with what Harris has decided for them. Thanks Paul. :)

  • Sandy Shemansky

    sorry charlaine not getting anymore money from me……i wasn’t a happy camper on the last few of your books of sookie stackhouse novels because you made so many errors i think more so you was after the money and not for your readers at all or for your book even thought you can change it up in this but i dont think so i rather not hear sookie and sam yuck good luck on the reader you do get

    i said after dead ever after i was done i meant it less money for you

  • TheLadySissi

    Bubba in Canada? Well… I can’t imagine how CH is going to describe Eric’s 200 years as a sex slave to the Queen of Oklahoma… Anyway, will not bother to buy it, CH will never get more money out of me!

  • Kay Lawrence

    Big writing giant spaces. The books are formatted so a pre schooler can read the print. All of the information could have been written into the last book. If that had been done maybe readers wouldn’t have felt so ripped off.
    I know the large format has left me upset being able to read the whole book in a couple of hours.
    I bet all the stuff was already written back then and could have been added to an epilogue in Dead Ever After.

  • iamtrue2bill

    Not a bookie myself. I’m a Truebie, all the way. But I’d love to read excerpts from this just to see how she envisions the end game for these fascinating characters that inspired my favorite TV series. Whether one considers Ms. Harris a literary figure or not, she has certainly made a splash in the world of serial novels, and kudos to her for engendering such passionate responses!

  • Angie Pugh

    I was neither pissed off by the book, nor did I enjoy it. It was obvious who Sookie was going to wind up with, and I didn’t have strong feelings about that. The conflict in the story wasn’t very good, though. Carmichael was resolved through deus ex machina, making him somewhat pointless. It really could have been much better.

  • Gramma Char

    Loved all Charlaine’s Sookie series.
    Those who didn’t– get a real life!

    An Author gives us a gift of her imagination–if you feel yours is better–go write your own book.
    Will get the new book as soon as it comes out.

    • MapleLeif69

      Yes, because one must write their own book before being able to critique another.
      Wonder if Siskel and Ebert made their own movies before giving the thumbs up or down?

    • Lyn

      ummmm yeah because vampires are real “eye roll”

  • Amanda Higbie

    It ended the way I expected and wanted it to(She never wanted to be a vampire, this was stated many times. She’d of hated it, no more self hating vampires please), my problem is she left a giant hole where the Devil/Demon is… whats up with him? At least there was less plot holes than ‘The Series of Unfortunate Events’ though. Just the one with Sookie.

  • Lionors

    I was actually pretty pleased with the way the series wrapped up. I did get ‘After Dead’, and while it wasn’t as long as I’d hoped, it did wrap up the stories of characters I’d completely forgotten about over the years. Once I did read ‘After Dead’, I could see why Harris chose to wrap it up in the way she did; getting all those characters into one book would have completely spoiled it.

  • Lyn

    Not buying the book. 192 reviews and one and half stars…