Always the Bridesmaid

Always the Bridesmaid

2.8 5
by Sarah Webb

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It's bad enough when your love life is going nowhere fast — it's worse when everyone else's is soaring!

That's the personal tragedy that appears to have befallen Amy O'Sullivan, asshe careens toward the "Big Three-O" with what she laughingly refers to as a "career" at a dead end. Amy's little sister has come home with her "Golden Delicious" Australian fianc&


It's bad enough when your love life is going nowhere fast — it's worse when everyone else's is soaring!

That's the personal tragedy that appears to have befallen Amy O'Sullivan, asshe careens toward the "Big Three-O" with what she laughingly refers to as a "career" at a dead end. Amy's little sister has come home with her "Golden Delicious" Australian fiancé in tow. Amy's girlfriend Beth is also planning on tying the knot with her own Mr. Right in the near future. And another "friend" has just slept with the man Amy figured she herself might end up marrying! So what's a perennial bridesmaid to do . . . after she's spent more than enough time and energy lying in bed, wallowing in self-pity? Why, move on, of course! She's needed (sort of) at the bookstore where, as"Story Princess," she's expected to enliven young lives, even as her own sinks deeper in the mire.

Then again, perhaps there are actual Prince Charmings out there in the real world. And a pitiful princess never knows what — or who — is going to come walking in the door holding the hand of an eager little girl . . .

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About to turn 30 and still single? Here are all your favorite chick-lit stereotypes once again, complete with heaps of exclamation points! Brace yourself for lots of trite dialogue and complaining about clothes! Laugh at standardized mishaps! The Dublin setting may be the only new wrinkle here, though this sanitized and prissy Ireland seems not even remotely real. Amy's well-groomed mum is a retired Aer Lingus hostess, and her dad runs an architectural salvage business. Naive but nice Amy works in a children's bookstore-Winnie the Pooh always makes her smile-and she often dons a pointed hat to read fairytales aloud to adorable little customers. Other than that, her life is ordinary, lacking only a Prince Charming. Hmm-any likely candidates? Amy wouldn't mind meeting Stevie J. It could happen. But maybe not. After all, he's "one of the most famous children's book personalities in the world. His books, based on the adventures of a young wizard called Henry, had sold in the millions and Spielberg was filming the first one." How amazing! He just popped in and he wants to talk to her! Stevie couldn't possibly be serious, of course. Besides, Amy is preoccupied with wedding plans for her baby sister Suzi and gorgeous, rugby-playing Matt, who's from Australia and is so, so tanned. Life just isn't fair. But brave Amy soldiers on through minor plot complications toward her very own, very special happy ending: she becomes the star of a children's TV show and gets engaged to-oops! That's a secret! Cloying tone, unoriginal story, published previously (2001) in England.

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First Edition
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Sarah Webb lives and works in Dalkey, Ireland. A children's bookseller for many years, she now writes books for children and adults, including the novel Three Times a Lady, which was a bestseller in Ireland and Great Britain. She currently works part-time as a marketing manager for children's books and appears regularly on Irish television.

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2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The heroine is a depressing, emotional, needy drunk for so much of the book! Please, would you stop drinking, crying and whining over everything. She broke up with her boyfriend, then wants him back. True everyone was hooking up around you, but could you please stop with the pity me scenes. And everyone tiptoes around her instead of telling her to 'woman up!' By the end I agreed with her ex and sympathized with her new man Steve.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love easy reads like this one seemed to be...however the main character was so irritating and there were so many inconsistencies...for example, one of the bridesmaids was said to be the grooms sister, but later the groom didn't even know her! I love books and hate critizing any of them...but this one was just so hard to read...If you want a book about bridesmaids, read Always the Bridesmaid by Whitney Lyles, and definitely skip this one!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really wanted to like this book and I think it had great promise; however, the author made Amy the most whiney, complaining, negative, irritating, pessimistic main charachter I have ever run across - it was a draining chore just to get through the first 50 pages before I had to give up from sheer annoyance! Read Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes instead, at least you will laugh instead of wanting to scream!
Guest More than 1 year ago
As she closes in on thirty, Amy O¿Sullivan wonders how she failed at life. It is bad enough that she just broke up with her boyfriend who is sleeping with an ex friend of hers, but she now lives in her parents¿ home. Adding to her despondency is her younger sister Suzi has brought an Australian fiancé Matt Street to live with the O¿Sullivans and Amy¿s best friend is engaged too. Perhaps her only satisfaction is her place of employment as the ¿Story Princess¿ telling tales to children, but depressingly to Amy none of her own................................ Alcohol fails to take the edge off her jealousy that her sibling and buddy are both getting married while she will play second fiddle as a bridesmaid. Her dejection makes her miss a real opportunity with a hunk of a children¿s author who likes Amy even though she acts nasty towards him. Will she overcome her sad fog to see the light of love or will she remain a melancholy loser?........................... Sarah Webb enables the audience to see very deeply inside the soul of Amy, but that is a two-edged sword as the audience feels empathy towards her, but they will also dislike her destructive behavior especially how she treats the men in her relationships. Fans of a serious chick lit character study will enjoy this tale in spite of detesting Amy¿s behavior and hope she will find happiness...................... Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
I must say I liked this book. It was an easy read and I liked the main character, Amy a lot. If you like your fiction light and frothy this is a great read. I can see why it was a bestseller in England and Ireland. I'll look out for any of Webb's books in the future.